Chapter 3

Virgil paced around his appartment quickly. I cannot believe I gave that pretntious, aarogant, stuck up Prince my phone number. And told him to call me after six! What the heck was I thinking?! he thought to himself. His roomate sighed and put his book down. "Virgil can you please stop pacing? You're worrying me."

"S-sorry Logan. I'm just a bit nervous I guess," Virgil said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Why should you be? Perhaps it's your complex, icky emotions for this young man who comes into the coffee shop everyday," Logan said without missing a beat.

Virgil was absolutely stunned. "How did you know that?!" he practically screamed at his roomie.

"You talk too much to yourself in the shower. So what did you do Virgil? Give him your phone number on a coffee cup telling him to call you at a specific time?" Virgil's jaw dropped. "Oh you actually did? I would laugh if I had a sense of humour," he said looking at something that Virgil couldn't comprehend. The audience, the readers, however could comprehend it.

"Uh Logan? What are you staring at?" Virgil questioned.

"Huh? Oh nothing much. Don't think too much about it. Instead let's talk about your boyfriend," he said. Virgil turned a deep, beet red.

"He's not my boyfriend!" Virgil shouted.

"From the way you talk about him he may as well be," Logan inquiered. "Look Virgil all I'm saying is you gave this guy your phone number so obviously something is there. Why not give it a shot?" Virgil looked at Logan defeated.

"Alright ya. I guess you're right Logan," he said with a sigh. At that moment the clock struck six o'clock. Virgil turned to it, then to his rining phone.