Oh...my...goodness! It's been almost a year since my last update? For realzies?! I am so sorry about that. I could talk about why I haven't updated here, or I could make a video and explain it on my YouTube channel Samson Caldera, which is what I'll probably do. Anyways I should be getting internet today (totally not stealing my schools wifi) and I will write write write until I can put out the next chapter for ya'll, which will be from Roman's perspective by the way.

For those wondering chances are I will not be including Deceit or other Dark Side characters that Thomas may be introducing. For what I'm planning they don't really have a place as a physical presence and Deceit will probably act more as an annoying voice in the back of Virgil/Roman's head. Anyways expect a new chapter by next Monday and take it easy Guy's, gals, and non-binary pals! Peace out!