Roman Sanders walked out of the coffee shop with a sense of pride. "Finally that cute barista used my proper name. Calling me 'Ramen' for so long! The nerve!" He sighed as he brought the cup to his lips. "He sure was cute though. I wonder if he got my hint?" Sipping his coffee the "Prince of Pretty" caught smudges on the side of his cup underneath his name. Turning his cup he saw the note left behind by Virgil. He took a sharp inhale with a smile. "Well well well what has this Prince caught?" he questioned himself excitedly before being hit in the back with the door for standing just outside the shop's doors. "Sorry! My bad" he said as he went back to his apartment.

As he got there he began to hear shouting coming from the room. "Noooooo! Remus give that back it's not yours!" Groaning Roman inserted the key into the door opening it, seeing his cardigan clad clod roommate Patton fighting with their dog Remus who had stolen yet another bottle of deodorant. "Roman help me out here he keeps taking it! That is not for eating mister!" Patton shouted at the dog who spit the deodorant container at Romans feet.

Picking it up with a disgusted groan, Roman closed the door to the apartment and set it on the table as he walked in. "Has Remus been like this all day? What am I saying? Of course he has, he's Remus. Anyways I apologize but I think you may have to watch him yourself tonight." Roman said happily, twirling into the main room.

"Awwww but he's so difficult! Why do I have to watch him?"

"Because this Prince has found a dashingly handsome Barista who's given him his own number.~"

Gasping Patton brought his hands up to his face quickly. "Oh. My. Goodness. Roman has a date!" he shrieked as he began to run around the rooms, gathering clothing options, discussing how he should dress and act before Roman finally grabbed his shoulders.

"Easy there Padre! I think I have this handled so don't you worry about me. I'm supposed to give him a call tonight at 6 so I guess we'll see what happens then."

"Ahhhhhhh I'm so excited!" Patton cried out with glee. "Hey do you think he's got a roommate too who's he's talking with before you're date?"

Roman was too busy checking himself out in the mirror to notice or care about Patton's question. Zipping his lips Patton chuckled. "It's alright I'll be quiet now." Roman would proceed to spend his time doing this, or similar ways to boost his confidence, until 6 rolled around. Picking up his phone he called the number on his cup and listened to the ring, waiting to hear that Barista's voice.

"Hey...this is Ramen right?" Virgil said on the other line when he picked up., intentionally trying to break the ice because of his own nervousness.

"It's Roman and you know it Virgil!"