"Hmm? Others besides Hircine tried to get in you?"

Barbas tilted his head curiously as he sat next to Vile's stump chair. Vile sat in his chair, tapping a clawed finger on the armrest while his head in his right hand. His fingers entangled themselves in his curly orange hair. He just pointed out to Barbas that it wasn't just Hircine who did something and that other princes have tried too as well. Just only Hircine was successful in deflowering him. His earrings jangled against his neck slightly as he twitched his pointed ears twitch in annoyance for remembering such a night. His gold eyes fixated on Barbas moving around the chair to his spot by the protruding branch. He reared up and placed his front paws on that armrest, pinning part of Vile's toga on it but kicking his arm off it slightly.

"Hey..!" Vile whined, already slightly annoyed.

Ignoring it, Barbas pressed his nose onto Vile's left cheek and asked, "What about the injury that was here? What was that from?"

"From Molag Bal…" Vile answered, rubbing off the wet snot Barbas's nose left.

"Even Molag Bal tried too? I didn't think he'd be interested…" Barbas spoke with a curious tone.

"He wanted to strike a deal. Most of them wanted to make a deal with me for… you know…"

"Hmph! Figures… but that shouldn't be a problem anymore! I'm here now!" Barbas chuckled out playfully as he wagged his tail and nudged Vile's hand.

Vile rolled his eyes as he pets Barbas's head, speaking sarcastically, "Oh yea that makes me feel soooo much better…"

Barbas frowned, responding, "Oh come on now Master! Think about it! Since I came back you've been looking and feeling so much better! I can tell!"

"How so?"

"Well for one your wounds healed over faster since I'm here… You also seemed more relaxed and happier as well! Plus you seem less weak!" Barbas hummed happily almost proud of himself about this.

"Hey! Don't look so proud! You're the same way! With you returned to me, your paw and tail healed faster too! Plus you don't look so broken and guilty anymore…!" Vile snapped back.

"But you were still worse than me!" Barbas snapped back.

"Hmm, I guess so… still, I wonder why I was feeling such mortal emotions…" Vile mumbled, petting Barbas still.

Barbas pouted, "What's so wrong with feeling mortal emotions, Master?"

Vile frowned and with a bratty tone responded back quickly, "Cause! I'm a daedric prince! Not a mortal, Barbas! How is that hard to understand, huh? And why do you like mortals so much all of a sudden?! You didn't care when you made that ploy against Vivec!"

"Well, I changed my opinion on them after I met Cyrus-"

"Blah! I don't wanna hear anymore about that outdated mortal!" Vile spat in disgust.

"Oh, he wasn't that bad!" Barbas whined.


"What Master?"

Vile sighed, "Sometimes I wonder why I sheared you off me in the first place…"

Barbas giggled and responded cheerfully, "Because you're too social, Master!"


"You're a very social being! Without me, you'd be bored stiff! Probably would've gone crazy too! Your sphere requires you to be social and it's proven on how you love to toy with mortals but never truly destroy them." Barbas spoke with glee as he wagged his tail.

"I can destroy them!" Vile blurted out.

"Yes you do have that power with the snap of your fingers but you wouldn't! You would have no one to toy with then afterwards…" Barbas barked out back.

Vile groaned with annoyance but he knew Barbas was right. If he killed all the mortals, he would be bored for an eternity. Same with if he didn't make Barbas. He was starting to see what Barbas was saying. He was actually very social.

"I guess I see what you mean…" Vile said calmly.

"See? But subsequently, after you made me… you never really socialized with the other princes as much. As in got to know them, but now you've attracted their attention to you. This also means though they don't know you as well either… this is dangerous and I fear for your safety master! Especially after what happened with Hircine!" Barbas whined.

"Safety is the least of my concerns! You're here and that's all the safety I need! What I want… is revenge!" Vile spoke with a great dark urge in his tone as his eyes filled with desire.

"Revenge? On…?" Barbas question, raising an eyebrow.

"On Hircine, idiot! Who else?!" Vile spat, frowning.

"How then?" Barbas snapped back, looking unamused.

"Hmmmm… Ah! I know! We'll ask her!" Vile giggled out maliciously.

Barbas tilted his head, very confused. Vile just patted his head and stood up, throwing his arms behind his head. He was grinning sinisterly as he kept giggling. Barbas got his front paws off the armrest and trotted up next to Vile, looking up at him.

"Who's her?" Barbas curiously asked.

"Boethiah!" Vile replied quickly.

"Boethiah?! Why Master! Are you trying to get killed!?" Barbas gasped.

"What do you mean dog? She'll help me!"

"By help you mean she'll help you get killed by stabbing you in the back!"

"No! She has the title of 'Lord of Plots' for a reason!"

"She also is the prince of deceit…! And treachery mind you! Why not ask Malacath? He is the prince of vengeance! Maybe ask him to put a curse on Hircine? He's also the prince of curses after all and that would save us the trouble of fighting…" Barbas whined, wishing his master would reconsider.

"Nahhh! That would be boooring! Besides, Malacath is just Boethiah's-"

"Ahhh! I don't wanna hear that… I get it! I get it!" Barbas shook his head, flopping his ears and cutting off Vile not wanting to hear the rest of that statement.

"Pfft! It's a true statement! Besides, Malacath would probably be very direct about it… As for Boethiah, she'd probably be more tactical…" Vile snorted.

"What makes you say that, Master?"

"Well by the way s-she… w-well uhh…" Vile stuttered.

"She what?" Barbas stated quickly as he nudged Vile's side.

"She uhh…"

"She what, Master?"

"Gah! Just trust me on this Barbas! She'll think of a good strategy on how and toy with him! Unlike that wannabe god prince Malacath who'd just be so boringly blunt!" Vile arrogantly blurted out.

Barbas blinked and spoke calmly, responding, "I'm surprised that you actually thought this through, Master… Instead of being compulsive about it…"

"Hey! What do you mean 'compulsive'!?" Vile looked down at Barbas, narrowing his eyes.

"It means that you never thought really hard on your decisions before Master…" Barbas answered back, rolling his eyes.

"Yea I have! You're just too thick to get it!" Vile pouted.

"I think you're the one too thick, brat…" Barbas mumbled.

"What was that, dog?"

"Oh, nothing Master! Whatever you wish then… to Boethiah we go…!" Barbas sighed but spoke with obedience.

"Good! Then off to Attribution's Share we go!" Vile sneered.

"Wait! Why there?! Isn't her tournament going on there now?!"

"Yea! That means we'll just find her quicker!"

"But that also means we'll run into her worshipers fighting! Plus her daedric servants! Hungers are something you wouldn't want to deal with, Master…"

"Oh but I have you, Barbas! You can take them!" Vile giggled and gave Barbas a fake innocent smile.

"Oh, great thanks…!" Barbas huffed.

"Oh, no problem! See? I thought ahead!" Vile grinned and tapped his head.

Barbas frowned at Vile's comment and gesture. Vile petted Barbas to reassure him as he opened a portal up. A thick, hot air poured out of it along with slight ash. A place of red dirt, lava and tall twisted towers decorated the background as a flight of stairs laid before them. Vile walked through with Barbas closely by his side. Vile couldn't wait to start his plan of revenge.

"Now it begins Barbas~! Let's get our revenge~!"