Vile shuffled a bit in his sleep, feeling his head was resting against something hard. He slowly opened his eyes and blinked rapidly at a brightness of his surroundings. He rubbed his eyes a bit and looked around once he adjusted to the light, realizing he was back in his realm. A slight breeze rolled through, slightly moving his hair against it as he the leaves and grass rustle with it. His mind was a bit fuzzy on what happened and it was mostly a blur, but he remembered most of what happened before he touched Barbas's head. Right now, he was just glad he was home.

He looked back to see what he was resting against that was so hard and saw the back of his stump chair. Vile wondered how he ended up sleeping here. He looked down and saw he was dressed in his usual white toga, but with Barbas resting his head in his lap. He was in his dog form and his nose twitched slightly as he was still sleeping. Vile slowly started to pet Barbas, causing him to perk his ears and slowly open his eyes. Vile heard the thump of his tail against the grass as a slight smile creased on Vile's face. Despite all that happened, he felt extremely calm and relaxed.

"Morning Barbas…" Vile whispered out.

"Morning master…" Barbas whispered back with a yawn as he lifted his head slightly.

Vile kept his smile for awhile till it faded to a shocked expression when he looked in front of him. Barbas turned his head to see what Vile was staring at only to the freeze and stare as well. There in front of them was Umbra, sitting down with his legs crossed and the Umbra sword in his lap. He was wiping it a white cloth, making its metallic surface shine. Vile's memories started to mostly clear up and he finally realized what happened first last night.

"Heh, good morning to you two as well~! You both slept like mortal babies once I took you back here~!" Umbra snickered slightly as he looked up at them.

Vile didn't respond as he just stared at Umbra. He still looked the same as last night but he pulled the back of his hair up in a ponytail, letting long bangs drape down on his chest. He was still shirtless but had a black and gold shawl on his upper chest.

Barbas nodded to him, "Yes morning to you as well and… thank you for last night for helping me."

Umbra finished cleaning the blade and placed it on one of his ebony kneepad armors. He slowly got up, using the blade as leverage to help him up. He loose dark grey pants sagged a bit over the knee but were held up by his waist from a black belt. He stood up tall as he looked down at them, flowing behind him is a small black and gold waist cape.

Umbra tapped his blade against his ebony boots as he spoke, frowning, "At least someone is grateful...!"

Vile frowned back in response and rolled his eyes, "Expect me to be thankful after all the things you did to me before? If anything, this is payment for that! And I even allowed you to gain back a physical form! You should be grateful!"

Umbra was silent for a bit before speaking again, "Fine. Thank you for letting me gain a body again! There! Happy?"

"Yes. I am~! Now that wasn't so hard now was it?" Vile sneered.

"Tch! Anyway, Barbas… don't forget our deal~!" Umbra glanced over at Barbas as he spoke.

"Ah! Yes… how could I forget…" Barbas huffed and sat up.

"Deal?" Vile questioned as he raised an eyebrow at Barbas.

"Yes. You see, Umbra was the one to break me free from Boethiah's snare… and I started to panic when I couldn't find you. But I had a feeling that since I saw Molag Bal here last that you were in Coldharbour. Umbra offered to help but only if I could be a negotiator between you two." Barbas explained.

"Heh… your skaafin aren't exactly good at keeping quiet so I finally investigated to find your dog in that position…" Umbra added with a mumble.

"And you accepted…?" Vile asked as he gave Barbas a blank look.

"Y-yes master… I was so worried and facing Molag Bal… I would've needed help." Barbas replied.

Vile took a long, deep breath before looking at Umbra and saying, "Then what did you want Umbra? What kind of negotiation are we talking about?"

"Well~! As much as I would love to completely free…" Umbra started.

"Aaannnd no. That's not happening." Vile answered abruptly.

"Tch! I figured that's what you'd say! So this is my trade-off! I'll stay here and be under your command for the most of an era but…! I'm allowed to be free from your command for at least a single year! What do you say?" Umbra continued.

"Hmmm…" Vile hummed as he tapped his chin, thinking.

"I don't think it's a bad deal master… Seems pretty even." Barbas whispered to Vile.

"And how is it decided when you're free for your year?" Vile asked as he stood up, holding onto the back of his stump chair.

"I'll decide that." Umbra crossed his arms as he answered.

"Huuuh, now that's unfair!"

"How so?"

"Now the deal is just in your favor! How about this then, I'll let you decide your break if…! You call me master from now on and have to protect me when you remain here~!" Vile snickered.

"W-What?!" Umbra blinked and bit his bottom lip.

"It's only fair Umbra…" Barbas tried to reassure him.

"...Oh fine! Do we have a deal then?" Umbra sighed out and extended his hand.

"Hmmm, only if you take your break once this whole ordeal is over~!" Vile added with a giggled.

"Fine! But I'm breaking right when it's done!" Umbra hissed out.

"Fine by me~! Then we have a deal~!" Vile smiled as he shook Umbra's hand.

As they shook hands, Barbas wagged his tail happily and cheerfully spoke, "There! Now that wasn't so bad now? We can all get along now just fine…! Rig-"

Umbra suddenly whipped the blade next to Barbas, pointing it at something behind him. Vile and Barbas turned around to see what he was pointing at. A backdrop of black was there with a grotesque mass of tentacles and eyes with one large one in the middle. It slowly blinked and looked down at the blade.

"My, my… am I… interrupting something... little brother?" A slow, deep voice spoke as a tentacle slowly pushed Umbra's blade down.

"Maybe… but why are you here Hermaeus Mora?" Vile blinked and tilted his head at Mora.

"Awww… don't wanna call me... brother anymore?" Mora teased.

Vile frowned and didn't respond. They weren't actually brothers but he looked up to Mora like a brother. He would give him advice on certain deals he did or were coming up. Mora also came to Vile for deals on certain things, mostly to gain knowledge of a secret someone was hiding from him.

Mora cleared his throat and spoke, "Well anyway… I am here because… I was surprised to find… that you cursed me…"

"What? I… did… oh…" Vile trailed off, remembering finally the last thing he did before he fell asleep.

"Ah yes… your curse on the princes." Umbra whispered.

Barbas nodded, "You remember, right master?"

"Why did… you curse me… though? I didn't.. touch you at all…!" Mora tilted his eyes as he spoke softly, placing tentacles one Umbra and Barbas's head as he started to pet them.

"I-I know! But so many did! I was mad and… it sorta… just came out like that!" Vile stuttered as he watched his two companions kinda flinch at Mora's touch.

"Will you... lift it now that you… realize what you… did?" Mora questioned.

"What? No! Now not only are they cursed by me, but the other princes will get mad at them for having to suffer consequences for something they didn't do!" Vile blurted out, scrambling for an excuse to not lift his curse.

"Hmmm… I wonder… if you'll keep that same… rationalization once this all… pans out to fate…" Mora mumbled, rubbing a tentacle under his eye and narrowing them as he looked at Vile.

Vile blinked as Mora looked him over quickly than closed his eye in a friendly matter and patted Vile's head with a free tentacle, speaking, "Well then… we will see... little brother~! I'll leave you to continue your…. Business with these two~! Goodbye~!"

He watched Mora fade away into his backdrop of black and turned to his companions, saying, "Barbas, Umbra… did you think I made the right choice? For cursing them all?"

"I don't know the whole story of what happened but… from what I gathered and saw. Yes. They did." Umbra answered, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Agreed! And don't worry master! We'll be here every step of the way!" Barbas added.

Vile smiled a bit and sighed in relief. He looked down and pat Barbas on the head before looking up at Umbra with his smile. Umbra just nodded at Vile and sheathed away the Umbra sword. Vile walked to the front of his chair, sitting down in it with Barbas laying down by his spot on the left and Umbra standing on the right. For once, Vile felt completely whole and this brought him a great sense of satisfaction. Now he could cause as much mischief as he wanted too with this and his curse. All of Oblivion better watch out for Clavicus Vile isn't done yet with the princes.

Author's Notes: I'd like to thank you all for reading this story and its series! It was a great pleasure to rewriting it once more and I hope you all enjoyed it! The last story in this trilogy is called , Sour Devil. It should be coming out in a week or two! It's more comical with a bit of violence but there is less smutt in it. I wasn't fully aware of what 's rules on Nsfw material was and I will have to cut back on some. Don't worry though! There still will be at least one sexy smutt scene in the story! ;) Any updates to this story will be on grammar errors and sentence structure fixes! Till next we meet~!