Runaway_Alphas Part 11

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" Nina asked as she sat up in the hospital bed.

"I'm more than okay with it," Rachel replied, sitting beside her. "You and I both want…we need a fresh start and even though the world knows about Alphas now, you are still considered a bigger threat than anyone else, which I admit," Rachel smirked playfully, "is kind of hot, when I think about it." She laughed, seeing a rare blush on her usually self-confident girlfriend's face.

"You can't say things like that when I'm still trapped here and can't reply the way I want to," Nina pouted, earning a lingering kiss from Rachel.

"Better?" Rachel asked, licking her lips as if to grab that last little taste of Nina.

"Not when you do that," Nina laughed, almost giddy by how demonstrative Rachel had become.

"Sorry," Rachel lied. "But, as I was saying, the DoD wants to put you in Binghamton and the Red Flag wants to use you for their own agenda and I don't plan on letting either of them have their way."

Nina really did love the new assertive Rachel, but it wasn't really the time to bring that up. "But you want me to push people in order to erase almost everything about ourselves and create new lives."

"I know and if it's too much or if you don't want to, I understand," Rachel assured her. "I just…I'm tired of people hurting you."

Nina smiled and she placed a hand on that very sweet face. "You have become my little protector, haven't you?"

Rachel covered Nina's hand and placed a kiss in her palm. "You were mine, long enough," she reminded the other woman.

"I'm more than willing to do this Rach. I'm tired of this life and all it's brought me. I would love nothing more than starting a new one. With you."

"Well then, I think that we have plans to make, but first…we need to tell Lee and the others we're leaving."

"They're going to try and talk us out of it," Nina pointed out.

"Probably, but they can't stop us. We could try pushing them, but it doesn't work on Gary and he'll always be able to find us if he put his mind to it. "


"We'll figure out something Nina. I'm tired of living the way I have been and chasing after people who just want to be left alone and you and I have more than earned the right to our own happiness."

"Have I told you lately, that I adore you?" Nina smiled.

"Nope," Rachel replied happily. "But you can tell me after we get you home."

Telling Rosen and the others that they were leaving, was far easier than either Nina or Rachel expected. Cameron had, of course, reminded them unnecessarily, just how dangerous Nina could be, but Rachel quickly shut him down, reminding him that all of them were dangerous in one way or another.

Bill and Kat tried reminding them that they were needed to help stop the criminal Alphas from hurting people and save the innocent ones from the Feds, but Lee surprised the two women by saying that, while their abilities were valuable, they've have done more and sacrificed more than their fair share to help people and they have every right to find happiness for themselves. Nobody is there against their will and anyone who wanted to leave could do so, though Rachel and Nina were the only ones who wanted to.

It was a little more difficult explaining why they would not be telling the others where they were going. Rachel attempted to be diplomatic and just said that it was safer, while Nina flat out told them, she no longer trusted them and that even if she did, they were so closely watched by the Feds that no matter what they did, eventually they'd track them down.

After they finished packing their things and were preparing to leave, Nina and Rachel pulled Gary aside.

"Gary, you know that you're my friend, right?" Nina asked.

"Well I did, until you said you didn't trust me."

"I'm sorry about that, and I do trust you," Nina assured him. "In fact, you're the only one in the group that I do trust."

"Really? Cool."

"So, if I wanted to let you know where we are, could I trust you not to reveal that to Rosen and the others? Not unless it's necessary, and I mean 'end of the world' or 'deadly threat' necessary."

"I'd be lying," Gary frowned. "I don't lie."

"We know that," Rachel said quickly, "and that's part of the reason we love you, but we aren't asking you to lie. We're just asking you not to offer information. You know, like a secret."

"I'm pretty good at keeping secrets," Gary replied thoughtfully.

"Yeah you are." Nina agreed. "So, can we trust you with this?"

"Sure," Gary shrugged. He didn't like lying, but he understood loyalty and he liked having special jobs.

"Thank you," Rachel smiled, and knowing it made the young man antsy, she kissed his cheek, Nina kissed the other, both women chuckling at the way he instantly wiped at his face.

"And Gary, if you ever need to get away from all this, you will always be welcome to come stay with us."

Gary frowned. He loved being an FBI Agent, but he had to admit, sometimes he did wonder what it would be like to just have peace, away from all the things he was asked to see and do.

"Thanks," he said, a rare warmth in his voice.

And with that, the two women left the office for the last time, feeling lighter than they had in months. The only thing that kept them from complete excitement about their future was the upcoming visit with Rachel's parents.

"Your heart just sped up," Rachel commented as she placed her box of personal items into the trunk of Nina's car.


Six months later…

"I can't believe this is real," Rachel sighed, snuggling up to Nina on the sofa that looked out at sunset over the snow-covered mountains.

"It does seem almost too good to be true," Nina agreed, placing a kiss on the soft brown hair tickling her chin.

"I honestly never thought that I'd wake up one day living in some big, sprawling log ranch house in the middle of Wyoming, and with you of all people," Rachel laughed.

"Rude!" Nina protested, but with a smile.

"You know what I mean," Rachel retorted, with a playful slap on the arm. "You just never seemed like the horses and 'wide open spaces' kind of girl."

Nina shrugged. "You're right. I wasn't. I loved the activity of the big city and how much there was to see and do. I loved the rush and all the distractions that were available."


"But I finally realized that's all it was. A distraction. The constant activity in the city kept me from dwelling on how empty my life was and it provided me so many nameless people I could use when I was at my lowest, without knowing who I was hurting. Now that I have you, I don't need any of that."

"Are you sure?" Rachel asked, a sudden self-consciousness coming over her. "There aren't any big nightclubs here, no fancy stores or anything, and lets face it. You're the one who paid for all of this, with the sell of your home. I'm boring and didn't contribute much of…"

"Stop right there Rach," Nina ordered firmly. "First of all, you could never be boring. Ever and for another, please don't ever worry about whose money did what. You already know that most of the money I have, and the house I sold, were not exactly acquired legitimately and besides, everything I have is yours. Using that money to build our home and buy enough land for us and any other Alphas who need protection, was the best thing I've ever done."

"I know, but still…"

"Still nothing," Nina interrupted firmly. "I know you want to do something because you aren't into being a slouch like I am," she grinned, "but in a couple of months, things will change. Skylar, Kendra and some of the others are coming out here and we'll be building safe houses for them and any other Alphas we find on the more secluded part of our land and then we're going to come up with a plan to make money so we can pretty much have our own little safe haven. Until then, I say we just enjoy ourselves, yeah?"

"Alright," Rachel sighed, cuddling back into Nina's warm arms. The two women were silent for a while as they watched the sun go down, Nina savoring the completeness and feeling of home that she'd never had, while Rachel savored the strong, steady beat of Nina's heart beneath her cheek.

"I'm still expecting Rosen and the others to show up here and force us to go back," Rachel finally said.

"I know, but I think Lee finally realized that neither of us was happy there anymore and he saw what happened the last time he tried to force me to stay and conform to what he wanted."

Rachel nodded. "Do you believe him that they won't look for us?"

Nina snorted. "No. At the very least, Gary won't be able to help himself, but I believe they won't deliberately do anything to lead the bad guys to us."

"It helps that you 'persuaded' one of the DoD guys to delete everything they had on us," Rachel laughed, but Nina didn't.

"Does it bother you? That I pushed him?"

Rachel sat up and met Nina's worried eyes. "Of course it doesn't," she assured her. "You didn't hurt him and you were trying to protect us. Besides," she smiled, even as her blood heated at the memory, "with that very short skirt and tight, low cut blouse you were wearing, I'm pretty sure he would have done it anyway."

Nina saw the flash in Rachel's dark eyes and she swallowed. "You noticed that, did you?"

"Uh, yeah, I did," Rachel replied with a grin that was half leer. "How is it, I never really noticed how sexy that look could be on any other woman but you?"

"Cuz I'm just that hot," Nina grinned with an arrogance that had Rachel laughing.

"Cocky much?" Rachel teased, once her laughter had stopped.

"It's another of my gifts," Nina grinned as she reached out to touch one of Rachel's captivating dimples.

"Mm-hmm, but you have so many other gifts I like better," Rachel purred, sliding a hand across Nina's flat abs, enjoying the way her muscles clenched beneath her touch.

"Yeah? Like what?"

"Oh, I don't know," Rachel nipped once at Nina's jaw. "You're pretty good with your hands," she said as she nuzzled Nina's ear, letting her senses absorb the unique scent that belong only to Nina.

In response, Nina's hands reached out and pulled Rachel over until she was straddling her lap. "Is that so?"

A thought crossed Rachel's mind and she pulled back. "That night at the club…"

"Rachel" Nina groaned, wishing they could put that mistake behind them.

"It's not that," Rachel was quick to assure Nina, "It was… when I found you, there was a blonde woman dancing for you and you seemed to be pretty into it."

Nina frowned. She vaguely remembered the blonde and some of things they'd gotten up to that night.

"Can we not, Rach?" she muttered uncomfortably.

"I'm not judging your actions Nina, I swear, I just…I wanted to know if you've been with other women."

Nina blinked and then laughed. "Really Rachel? We've been together almost a year and you're just now asking me?"

Rachel blushed. "So?"

Nina shook her head, thinking she'd n ever understand her lover and she was glad of it. "Yes, I've been with a few other women before. I've always been attracted to pleasure and gender never had anything to do with it. I was drawn to whomever attracted to me at any particular moment, but I never knew what love was, until the first day I looked into your big brown eyes."

"Oh Nina," Rachel sighed, cupping her sweet face in her hands. "Nobody in the world has ever cared for me the way that you do."

"That's because the world is stupid."

Rachel chuckled at the childish reply, but her smile faded as she studied the face so close to hers. She traced the smooth skin and for a long moment, she lost herself to her ability, her sense of touch intensifying the feeling of the silky skin beneath her fingers as she examined the creases beside her lips and each freckle she encountered.

Nina recognized the expression on Rachel's face and knew the other woman had temporarily given over to her senses. Instead of feeling uncomfortable or trying to bring her back, Nina simply sat perfectly still as Rachel's fingers caressed her face as if she were memorizing her features, humbled that the skittish woman trusted Nina enough to let her guard down.

"You are so beautiful," Rachel finally said, as she returned to herself.

Nina's first instinct was to shrug off the compliment. She'd heard it so many times before, it had lost it's meaning, but when Rachel said it, the words seemed to have a different, deeper meaning as if she meant all of Nina, not just her face.

"You're the one who's beautiful," Nina replied sincerely, and meaning it. "And you are the one who makes me beautiful. You make me better, Rachel. You make me want to be better."

It was all Rachel could do not to cry at the beautiful words. How anyone could have ever hurt such a warm gentle heart, she'd never know, but all she could do was make sure Nina knew every single day, just how much she was loved.

"I love you Nina," she said softly. "I mean, that doesn't even begin to cover what I feel for you, but I do. I love you with all my heart."

"I love you too, Rach."

With that, Rachel dropped her head and captured Nina's lips. It didn't take more than a heartbeat for gentleness to be replaced with passion. Rachel instantly deepened the kiss, sliding her mouth over Nina's almost desperately.

Nina had kissed many, many people, but she'd never been kissed the way Rachel kissed her. It was far more than lust and desire. It was as if Rachel was trying to consume her while pouring her own heart and soul into Nina and Nina had never felt so wanted and loved in her entire life.

Moaning softly, she slid her hand up Rachel's back and deep into her hair, clutching tightly as Rachel shifted seductively on her lap while the kiss continued and continued.

"You taste so good," Rachel murmured as her lips trailed across Nina's jaw, nipping lightly before moving down the long throat. Nina could do nothing but drop her head back and whimper as Rachel nipped at her pulse point before licking gently at the mark that was certain to be left behind.

"And your scent," Rachel panted against Nina's skin, barely aware of what she was saying. "Nobody smells like you. Didn't you ever wonder how I could find you alone in a loud, crowded nightclub full of hundreds of sweaty, over perfumed, drunk people?"

Nina could feel the tension in Rachel's body, she could hear the breathlessness in her voice and knew that Rachel's senses were on overload and that turned her on more than anything she'd ever experienced.

"I did, now that you mention it," Nina panted, her fingers going to the hem of Rachel's sweater, desperate to remove at least one layer between her hands and that soft, tanned skin, "and maybe later, you can tell me more about it."

"Much later," Rachel agreed, lifting her arms so Nina could slide the sweater over her head.

"So beautiful," Nina whispered as her eyes fell to the now exposed, silky smooth skin and perfect full breasts draped in a plain white bra. She leaned in and placed a kiss between Rachel's breasts, thrilling at the hiss of pleasure that came from Rachel.

She knew Rachel would always be far more responsive than any person Nina had ever been with, and that sometimes it embarrassed Rachel, but Nina would continue to show her with every touch, every kiss, every word, that it was more than okay to respond in any way she needed and Nina would never, ever shame Rachel for her reactions or abuse her trust.

"Nina," Rachel breathed as Nina's lips skimmed over her breasts and then up to her neck.

"I can't get enough of you," Nina whispered, sucking lightly at the juncture of Rachel's neck and shoulder, before trailing her tongue up the long throat and nipping at her chin. To her surprise, Rachel shuddered in an all to familiar way and then she pulled back, her face turned away in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry Nina," Rachel muttered, still breathless from the sensations still shooting through her body.

"Jesus Rachel, you never have to apologize for letting go with me," Nina rushed to assure her, gently forcing her eyes back to hers. "Never. I'm just grateful that you trust me enough."

Rachel brushed her hands over Nina's beautifully flushed face. "I love you enough," she said, thanking every God she knew of for bringing this woman into her life and in a flash, her desire was sparked again, but, the chill in the air was a bit distracting.

"I…can we go inside?" Rachel asked.

Nina instantly stopped her kisses. "Sure Rach," she said warmly. She was more than okay with Rachel's innate shyness but she still couldn't hold back a sigh of regret when the smaller woman slid off her lap, but then Rachel flashed her dimples and everything was forgotten.

"Those are ridiculously dangerous," Nina muttered playfully, poking lightly at one.

"I know," Rachel, agreed with a rare cockiness that had Nina laughing. "Now, you coming?" she threw over her shoulder as she headed inside the large house.

"Absolutely," Nina grinned, feeling a completeness and a true happiness that she'd never felt before.