In this one naruto is blind and can only see with pulses of chakra or saturating the air with it, all the rookies except naruto are 16, naruto and team gai are 17 and nearly everyone is in their early shippuden outfits. I firmly believe anyone taking the time to look up a fanfiction already knows what the characters look like, so I will not describe appearance unless it's a different look or to put in a specific version of the cannon outfits.

Ch.1 Sight

A deep veil of darkness.

That is all that has ever been known. It has been said before, that a regular person would go mad should they be subjected to total and complete darkness for long periods of time. These people have never been in the veil from the moment their first breath was taken.

Its is a life of constant struggles.

A light pulse of chakra was set off slowly going forward as a haze into the darkness.

Suddenly shapes started to form as a dim white light. The bed on which I lay came into shape. A dresser stand next to the bed with a cane leaning on it came to be as well. As the lights dim back to darkness, I sit up and take ahold of the cane. Once I finish my light morning stretches, I slowly stand up.

Taking a moment to compose myself, I send out another pulse. Everything lights up once more and this time a large shape forms in the corner of the room to the right and a large rectangle lights up on the wall ahead, to the left near where the two walls meet.

As the lights dimmed, I made my way to the large shape while using my cane to watch out for any obstacles on the ground until my cane hit the side of the object. I wave my hand along the surface and find the handle. Opening it I reach up to the side of the shelf and feel along the bumps on parts of it until I find the right set. Reaching below the shelf and grabbing the clothes, I set my cane against the closet and get dressed.

Once done, taking ahold of my cane, I let loose another pulse and make my way to the dim rectangle in the wall. Taking ahold of the handle, I open the door and step out. Closing the door another pulse showed me the hallway and the chair at the end to the left. Making my way down the hall, I went over the inventory of food in my head. It would seem a trip to the store will be needed.

Hitting something with my cane I send a pulse out. The chair glommed into existence along with a long couch, with a stand to the right of it, a long table in front of it, and a large square hole in the wall to the left side of it. The window to the balcony by the warm feeling coming from that direction. Turning to the right I walk a bit down a small hall and make a left into the kitchen.

Another pulse showed the kettle on the counter next to a square box. Sliding my hands along the box, I find the knob and turn it on. Soft music comes on as I take ahold of the kettle and slide my free hand along the counter to the sink and turn on the faucet. Leaning the cane on the counter I slowly open the top of the kettle and set it under the running water. Placing a finger in the opening I waited until I felt the water reach my finger before moving the kettle and turning the water off.

Sending out a pulse and taking my cane. I hold onto the kettle and make my way to the now dimly glowing rectangle and set the kettle on top. Sliding my hand to the lower left I find the stand and set the kettle on top. Bringing my hand down the front I grab ahold of the dial and turn it all the way to the right. The sound of fire starting greeted my ears as I turned the dial the other way a bit to bring the sound of flames down. A quick pulse showed the cabinet above and, upon opening one, a few cups.

Bringing one down and finding the tab, I opened it and inhaled the smell of prepackaged seasoning. I leant against the counter and waited, listening to the soft music and the occasional sound of just opening up stores and stands, as the village starts to wake up. Many a days I wish I could see what it looks like, to see the village and the sun rise over it. To see these "clouds" I would often hear someone mention as I pass a park, to see what rain looks like instead of just hearing it.

…..I long to see my own face.

A loud whistling brought me out of my musings as the kettle reached a boil. Releasing a pulse the kitchen glew into life and I turned off the stove. Another allowed me to pick up the kettle by the handle and pour as the shapes returned to darkness. Setting a finger into the cup I pour slower until the liquid touches my finger and I set the kettle down. Grabbing my cane and the cup, a pulse allowed me to make my way out of the kitchen and into the living room. Another pulse helped me quickly find the couch and sit down.

Setting aside my cane, I slide my hand into my other sleeve and pull out chopsticks. Letting out small continuous pulses, let me get a continuous glowing image of the portion of couch I sit on and the cup and chopsticks in my hand. Making sure to keep the pulses going I start eating and finish in 5 minutes before drinking the liquid in the cup.

Setting it down and taking the cane. I release a large pulse and make my way to the bathroom to take care of my morning routine before making my way to the front door. Fumbling for the doorknob and opening it feeling the rush of fresh air wash over me. The various smells lingering in the air rushing to my nostrils. Taking a deep breath of freshly made food, metal and oil, and the natural scent of nature, I close and lock my door.

Taking ahold of the guard rail I make my way forward until my cane touches the first step. Keeping a firm hold on the handrail, I slowly make my way down the steps. Mentally counting to 10 the skipping the missing step. Counting to 4, I skip the next missing stair, and continue down the rest of the way to the ground. Taking a moment to straighten out my shirt, I use my cane to feel for any obstacles in front of me and make my way towards the noise coming from the bustling market district.

I am very grateful that my current home is on a direct route to the market district. Just a straight walk with no turns.

Sending out a pulse of chakra to make sure I don't bump into anyone, and looking around I noticed something to my left. Stopping and turning my head to the left, I just managed to see a bright blob with legs before it crashed into me.



I heard footsteps as I tried to regain my bearings coming from the same direction as the object that crashed into me.

"Kiba! Look what you've done!"

The distinctly female voice called out to the now identified "kiba" currently on top of me.

"Guh! Oh shit man, I'm sorry about that, didn't see you there." the male voice of "kiba" said before suddenly, his weight disappeared from ontop of me, and I felt myself being brought up to my feet. The female spoke again, this time directed at me.

"I am so sorry about my team-mate, he doesn't pay as much attention as he should, here is your cane."

"Hinata-chan, you're so mean!"

Taking hold of my cane. I stabilize myself and dusted off the dirt that's sure to be clinging to my shirt. Figuring it to be rude to face someone with closed eyes, I willed my eye-lids open before turning to where I heard the female voice come from.

"Its is quite alright, I am not hurt so it is fine. I had no way of knowing he was heading toward me anyway so it's partially my fault." Giving a short chuckle, I became concerned at her strange response, and tilted my head to the side slightly.

"Gebiha, b-b-b-b-b, h-h-ha-..."

"Um...Madam? Are you okay?"

"Do not mind her response too much, she is a naturally shy person, and, although sometimes getting random bursts of confidence, tends to freeze up sometimes."

A deeper and stoic male voice announced the presence of another person, assuming him to be another team mate, I turn to address him. "Ah I see, I do hope she recovers soon."

There was brief silence before he asked a question.

"If you do not mind, may I ask you a personal question?"

"Of course, I do not mind."

A light shuffling was heard indicating his uneasiness in asking his question. "Um….Judging by the cloudiness of your eyes, would it be safe to assume you are...blind?"

Ah so that's why. I gave him a slight nod. "Yes, you are correct. I am in fact, blind. Have been since the day I was born."

"Holy shit, I am so sorry! Is there anything i can do to make it up to you?" Kiba exclaimed upon hearing my response.

"Hehe, it is fine, if you could just turn me to the direction of the market district, I would be greatful, I seem to have lost the direction in the tumble."

"Are you sure? It would not be any trouble for us to escort you and help you shop. It is the least we could do." The other male voice responded sounding slightly concerned. It's understandable though, not everyday you stumble upon a blind person heading out to do some shopping. There is always the chance someone will use their blindness to their advantage and sell spoiled or expired items or old and tattered items. Though there are strict laws against this, especially severe when it comes to the impaired and disabled, it hasn't stopped people from trying in the past.

Before I could respond, a familiar voice rang out from ahead of us.

"Ara? Naruto-kun?"

"Oh? Armory-chan! It's good to hear you again."

The annoyance was clear in her voice when she responded with "It's Tenten! TEN-TEN! Would you please stop calling me that and call me by my name?!"

A bright smile stretched across my face as I turned to my long time friend. "But Armory-chan is my nickname for you, it fits you so well."


A thud came from behind me followed by hurried footsteps going to the sound.

"Hinata! Hinata! Stay with us! Snap out of it! HINATA!" Kiba shouted out dramatically.

"Um...what just happened?" asked Tenten.

"Hm…. I honestly do not know."