March 1990

"You mean a lot to that's why it's going to hurt so much more."

He whispered, knowing perfectly well that the nurses wouldn't be doing rounds for another half an hour. That gave him plenty of time. It was a private room, and he had overheard that Ms. Horne had just been taken out of surgeries and wasn't being allowed visitors for the remainder of the day. Sneaking in, he knew if he was going to hurt Agent Dale Cooper, it would be more than murdering one of the few men who understood Project Blue Rose, or taking this man's body, having a true chance unlike his ride with Palmer, and really get to do some damage.

Yes, this would be worse than driving that innocent little bitch out of town, or starting what he expected to be a very eventful life while that idiot was trapped in his own personal Hell. He couldn't wait. Slowly looking down at this young girl's body, he instantly felt a throbbing erection begin to stiffen against his leg. This was different than with Laura. No, he expected this to really be a treat. Cooper would know exactly what it was like to take innocence , to use his body to fuck, and enjoy the true pleasures in life. Since his own soul was damned, he planned on making Cooper's as well. Audrey laid back, half of her head bandaged, her eyelids closed, oxygen going into her mouth by a tube as monitors beeped and clicked.

Smirking, he stared down before looking around. He wouldn't have long, but he needed to make this quick. Quick images flashed before him of Laura screaming in that train car, screaming and bleeding up at him. As much as he wished that Audrey was awake for this, to stare up helpless and frightened, to look into her eyes of her special agent as he fucked her would have been absolutely amazing. Still, this would have to do. Unzipping his fly, he reached in and took Cooper's cock before carefully crawling into the narrow hospital bed. He knew her body was fragile, but he didn't care. If he killed her, he killed her. Pulling out his erection, he reached down and pulled up her hospital gown, spreading her creamy light thighs. Glancing down at her bandages and stitches, he grinned, licking his lips. Laying down, he adjusted himself, and slid his cock straight up inside of her. Instantly Audrey made a light moan from her sleep. Her face slightly turned to the side, as the beeping continued. Smiling, he took a second and allowed himself to sink down further inside of her.

Taking a second, his hands reached down, grabbing into her breasts, and began to roughly cup them. His thumb went over her nibbles, rubbing them, as he bucked down his hips and began to roughly thrust down inside of her. Her hospital bed creaking beneath them. Audrey moaned, her bruised eyelids fluttering open for a second as he continued raping her. He wasn't sure if she was awake or not, but she stared at him with unfocused eyes for a second before staring up. He pushed himself down, feeling himself pump inside of her. She stared up in horror, as he bucked his hips down. Seconds later, her eyes fluttered closed, and she remained still. Pressing his forehead against her, he laughed before suddenly he felt Cooper's balls ache as he emptied himself down inside of her with a powerful climax. Groaning, he grabbed a handful of Audrey's hair, stiffening before finishing completely. After a few seconds, he panted, catching his breath before roughly pulling out of her. He saw she wasn't bleeding, good. That was good. Slowly climbing off her, he tucked himself away, zipping his fly, and smoothing out his hair. Reaching over, he moved her legs together again, and slowly pulled up her sheet.

He knew he had planted his seed. She was pregnant now. Good, that was good. Smiling, he turned, and walked out completely unnoticed by any of the nurses. Turning, he knew he had a visit to pay with Major Briggs, then off he would go. Turning, he started down the hall when he noticed the doc standing on the other end of the hallway. They met eyes for just a brief second before Cooper smiled. The doc stared at him, before stepping back. With that Cooper knew his business here was done for the time being, and walked down the hall towards the stairs. He knew his evil spawn was planted, and would grow safe and sound in Ms. Horne's womb. Until he had use for his child, he would remain there.

October 2017

Linda laid upstairs in her canopy bed. It had been a cool autumn so far, and tonight had actually truly officially felt like the crisp chilly weather was finally taking hold. Dressed in shorts, and a faded black T-shirt, she laid on top of her comforter, her quilt that her aunt had made her lightly draped over her smooth long bare legs. On her nightstand sat her cell phone charging, three framed photographs. One of her late mother. Taken the night she had won Miss. Twin Peaks. She stood in her black velvet gown, her beautiful golden hair curled and draped down to her shoulders, her stunning blue eyes sparking as she stood on stage smiling, looking lovely, and mysterious. Linda had heard a great deal about that night, mostly from her aunt.

Still, there weren't many photographs of her mother, and this candid snapshot, taken by somebody randomly before all Hell had broken lose was one of Linda's most treasured possessions. Still, she didn't find comfort whenever she stared at it. Instead she stared at it curious, wondering what this beautiful young woman had really been like, and the fact that even after she was born, it didn't make any change in her decision to end her own life. The second photo was smaller, in another plastic frame. It was taken at the RR. It was taken about a year ago. She had been feeling better, and had actually been showing a great improvement. She loved her aunt's restaurant and had practically grown up there. She had visited, sitting in one of the back booths sipping milkshakes, and nibbling on pie. That day Shelly, one of her aunt's good friends and waitresses had insisted on them all cramming into the booth and taking a photo. All three of them, Shelly, herself, and her aunt were making silly faces. All of their eyes crossed, tongues sticking out, and smiles painted across them all. This had been a much better year. The doctors were hopeful, and she actually started to feel like a human being again. No longer in constant pain. The third and last photograph had been taken that same year. Her best year...

It was of her and Richard. He rarely liked having his photograph taken, but on this rare occasion he rolled his eyes and humored her aunt when he was visiting. This was before the big argument, and when her aunt banned him from ever stepping foot in the house again. They had known each other practically their whole life's, but last year was when Linda truly saw how much Richard loved her. For the longest time she hated to admit that she believed everyone else with thinking he was incapable of ever loving anyone. That this deeply disturbed young man could never care about anyone else.

But then it happened, and soon Linda saw that Richard wanted to possess her, own her, rule her. He saw her as his other half, and soon it seemed too much, too fast. The young boy who had been fascinated with her, who had grown up beside her, and only showed his other side to, had changed. She still knew she might very well be the only one who saw this side of him, and could honestly reach him. Still, she knew this kind of love was dangerous, and it would kill both of them someday. Everything fell apart just months following this photo being taken. Still, it was one of the few photos she had of them. Her aunt had taken it when he visited her during Thanksgiving. He had been banned from his grandmother's, as well as his grandfather's.

They had gotten into a huge fight, something over money, which she knew deep down inside she had been responsible for. She had sensed that Richard knew she was dying, and despite what the doctors said, no money could buy her extra time. As her health started to sway, so didn't that horrible temper of his, as well as his grasp on reality. She knew he was using drugs again, and so he began drifting off into that dark abyss, which landed them up here. Still, when she needed comfort, she would look at this photo. Her aunt had taken it when he was sitting in bed with her. She couldn't eat since she had gotten so sick. This was the beginning of her decline again. She had laid in this very same bed, hair in a ponytail, dark circles under her eyes. Richard had come over and spent the whole day with her, he sat on her bed, rubbing her legs, before her aunt had come up offering them pie. Both barley touched their plates, but she had her phone and begged them to smile for one nice photo.

Richard didn't seem exactly thrilled, but Linda had stared up at him with her own sparking blue eyes and said please. Shrugging, half embarrassed he put his arm tightly around her rolling his eyes and said whatever. Her aunt took the photo and sent it to her afterwards. When she showed Richard, she saw that rare twitch of a smile appear on his face as he stared down at the photo. That was one of the last good times they had before she began getting sicker, and he started to lose his mind. Looking at the photo, her heart ached. He had truly gone off the deep end. Just a few days ago he caused such a scene, she was left devastated. She had heard what had happened earlier by listening in on her aunt talking on the phone. If it was indeed true, she knew this was simply the beginning of the end. The only other object she had on her nightstand besides her phone, and framed photos was silver necklace Richard had given her. It Every night before bed she slipped it off her head and laid it there.

It was pure silver, given to her the day they first had sex, where she believed his obsession had truly reached the point of no return. It was a long necklace, with an owl pendent with a strange symbol imprinted on it's belly. Usually whenever she was stuck in bed, she would play with it as it laid against her chest. Laying there, listening to the wind outside, her mind raced a million miles a second. Richard had shown up two days ago, he acted unstable, and her aunt had been forced to call the police. She had heard all of this, and weakly came to the first landing of the stairs to see what was happening.

She got there just as her aunt had slammed the door, and pressed her body against it. She watched as Richard broke the side window, screaming horrible things at the top of his lungs before they heard a siren, and he left. She had tried to hurry down the stairs before her aunt demanded she went back upstairs. Confused, and more than a little scared, Linda tried to ask what was happening. She had heard him screaming her name, what was wrong? That's when for the second time in her whole life with her aunt Norma, she had raised her voice telling her to get upstairs. Shortly after she thought she heard deputy Hawk downstairs talking with her aunt.

She stayed upstairs, half expecting him to come upstairs and ask her questions. Instead nothing. She did notice his police cruiser stayed outside for most of the day, going well into that evening, almost as if he was watching the house waiting for Richard to return. She waited for a text or call, but instead nothing. That's when she heard her aunt talking to someone downstairs on the phone. Richard had been involved in a hit and run earlier that morning. A young child had been killed. That's when the world stopped. Her aunt wanted to talk to her, but she said she wasn't feeling well. She knew her last relapse hadn't been good, and this would serve as the perfect excuse not to talk to anyone. Laying there, she wonders if it was indeed true. She had heard him screaming downstairs, demanding to see her.

What had happened? Did he really do it?

That's when she heard the faint click of a pebble hitting her slightly opened bedroom window. For a second she thought it was just the wind, before it happened again. Lifting her head, she stared at the window before another tiny rock clicked against the glass. Rising, she threw her quilt back, and walked barefoot across the hardwood floor to the window. Staring down, she looked down and saw Richard in his baggy brown jacket standing there, looking anxious, and wired. Her breath catching, she slowly lifted the window up and looked out. The backyard was empty, and the neighborhood dark.

Looking down, she could't believe her eyes.


She harshly whispered. Ignoring her, Richard began climbing the chimney as he had done a thousand times before, using the jutted out bricks to make his way up. Within seconds, he was in front of her window, climbing carefully through. Turning nervously, looking at her closed bedroom door, she hoped her aunt was fast asleep down the fall. Still, after today she wasn't too sure.

"What are you doing?"

She whispered again. Instantly Richard stood, towering over her and stared down with that same crazed hunger that had overtaken him in the last few months. Grabbing her firmly, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her arms, he pulled her close and roughly covered his mouth with hers. Devouring her, his mouth opened, as he tasted her, tongue snaking deeply into her, as he moaned, pressing her body close to his. Pulling away, gasping, Linda looked at him with wide eyes.

"Is it true?" Richard looked at her, wanting to grab her again. His chest was heaving, and he looked insane with anger. Stepping backwards, Linda held him at arm distance, making sure her voice was still down low. "Did you kill that little boy?" Richard's face crumpled in complete outrage.

Glaring, he shook his head and began to pace.

"That fucking little shit ran out into the road, it was a fucking did you hear?"

"I heard my aunt talking on the it true what you did to Miriam that preschool teacher?"

"How the fuck did your aunt know that?"

"She said Miriam was found nearly beaten to death, she's in it's true?"

Linda stepped back, looking frightened as well as disgusted. Instantly Richard glared down at the floor, his hands curling into fists. He mumbled something she couldn't quite understand before he shook his head.

"That bitch Miriam has always had it out for me remember, this whole police force is fucked..."

"But did you do it?"

"Do what?"

"Kill the little boy..."

"It was an accident Linda, Jesus I told you!"

He whispered louder, stepping closer. Linda this time didn't step back, she knew if there was anyone to confront him without getting hurt it would be her. Staring up at him, she took a deep breath.

"Did you beat Miriam? Did you hurt her?"

"Of course not, they are all lying because they are trying to gang up on me. This was just a huge misunderstanding..."

"Then why not go to the sheriff's?"

"Are you fucking kidding me? That sheriff and his stupid fucking brother have had it out for me for years. They have been waiting for something like this to happen..."

"But if you go down there, maybe with me and we explain..."

"No, there's no time. Listen...I have money, lots of money. I made sure of that today. I tried coming to get you earlier but your fucking aunt called the cops and I had to run. I have these connections a few states over, there are good doctors...better than these hicks we have up here. Doctors who can help you. We can get free. If I stay here they are going to lock me up...I'm not leaving without you."

Lina stared at him as if he was crazy.

"What are you talking about?"

Richard reached forward, squeezing her hand.

"I can take care of you...but we gotta go tonight, come on."

Linda pulled back, slightly unsure.



Richard and Linda both froze, looking towards her bedroom door. Unsteadily Richard darted towards the open window, climbing out. Frantic, Linda knew her aunt was up, and coming in. Hurrying to her bed, she laid down before Richard looked at her through the window.

Frustrated, he stared at her before shaking his head.

"I'll come back for you, in a week...don't say anything..."

Before she could try to call him back, Richard disappeared and climbed out of sight. Just then her bedroom door opened, shinning in light from the hallway. Her aunt stood there in her bathrobe, looking tried, and more than a little worried.

"Honey are you okay? I thought I heard you up?"

Linda pretended to look clam, blinking as she sat up slightly.

"I was just listening to my I-pod, I couldn't sleep...I guess I started to drift off, sorry if it was too loud."

Her aunt gave the same warm comforting smile she was so used to before shaking her head.

"I'm about to turn in. You need anything?"

"No I'm okay..."

"Listen, I know today wasn't great. We'll talk in the morning okay?"

Linda nodded before her aunt blew her a kiss and softly shut the door, leaving her in darkness. Waiting a second, she took a deep breath before carefully climbing out of bed and slowly creeping towards her window. Looking out, she saw the empty backyard, and no Richard in sight. Feeling uneasy, she slowly reached up, lowering and closing her window before locking it. Pulling down the shade, she took a step back, feeling her heart hammer deep in her chest.