"4:30, two birds one stone, Richard and Linda."

In all the years that Richard and Linda were together, she never brought the one time she truly knew beneath it all, that Richard was in fact a good person. That whatever was wrong with him was mental, and simply something he couldn't help. His violent temper, his jealously, his fits of rage. All of this were tragic factors in his DNA as well as being brought up by his grandparents who refused to believe that anything wad actually truly wrong until it was too late. It was a few years back after they were 'officially' dating. Linda had another relapse, and was forced to be hospitalized. She was there for almost a week, hooked up on oxygen, heavily medicated, and sleeping all the time. One rainy night Richard had come to visit, and found she was all ready asleep. Promising the nurses he would just sit with her for a few minutes before leaving, he sat there with his temples pounding as he stared down at her. He hated seeing her like this, and had been on edge ever since he found out that she had collapsed at her aunt's and had been taken here.

She laid there, eyes shut, her long lashes gently resting against her pale cheeks. Her arms hooked up to tubes, wires, and machines that clicked and beeped. Staring, Richard suddenly knew the horrible reality of it all. He was losing her. He was losing his Linda. This killed him since he very well knew that Linda was the only person that would ever give a shit about him. Thinking back on how long they had been together, he just wanted to wake her up and tell her what an idiot he had been all these years. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her. How he should have told her this when they were just kids. That from the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew she was the one. Sitting there staring, he slowly bowed his head, and fought back tears.

"Please, don't let her die...take me instead. Make her better please..."

He softly prayed under his breath. Unknown to him, Linda was awake, watching him as he stared down at the floor, hands slightly shaking. Never knowing that Richard prayed, or even believed in anything, she laid back feeling weak watching him. He stayed a bit longer as she shut her eyes, pretending to sleep. He gently petted her hand, kissed it, and then left. The next morning when he came bright and early to see her, she pretended that she didn't even know he had come to see her the night before. Instead she sat up, the same terrible ache in her chest as she allowed the oxygen tubes going up her nose to breath for her. She knew how horrible she looked, but found her spirits slowly starting to lift as he pulled his chair close to her bed, and made her laugh, taking her mind off everything. When she was brought into whatever afterlife she was wandering in, she wanted so badly to beg mercy for Richard's soul. Instead she knew instead of both of their life's being completely wastes, she wanted to beg for the life of the young child Richard hit. She wasn't certain if it was possible to bring him back, but if there was...she wanted to at least try and make things right. Not for her, but for Richard. She had been wandering for what seemed like hours, yet her feet and legs didn't hurt. In fact nothing hurt. She had no pain, so fainting spells, or sudden waves of exhaustion. No, she never felt so good before in her whole life.

She suspected that was because she was dead. She carefully walked, making her way over moss covered rocks, up and down dirt trails, passing trees, and going through the shadows. Finally she stopped at the edge of the tree line, finally exiting the forest. She stood there, not knowing where she was supposed to go. Still, she stood there bracing a tree, looking out with her wide blue eyes. It was a field. In fact, it was the field she had been murdered in. Shutting her eyes, she saw flashes of what could have happened... That man Cooper, if he had been her father grabbing hold of her violently and throwing her down into the tall milk grass. How she screamed, slapping him away as he knelt down pinning her against the ground before unbuckling his belt and yanking down his fly.

She saw his dark eyes glaring at her before... She saw him slit her throat from ear to ear, letting her fall.

Touching her own unharmed throat, she felt a chill and sighed. There it had happened, and now she was dead. She knew if she hadn't been sick he would have raped her, just as he had raped Richard's mother. In some senses, she had been lucky. Standing there, tears filling her eyes, she stared up at the massive rock that Richard had been killed on. Staring at it, her face crumpled.


Linda stared ahead, hearing crickets chirp in the darkness. Looking, she blinked and couldn't believe it. Across the way, a hundred or so yards away as Richard. His baggy coat on, his black jeans, his hair a mess. Staring, she couldn't believe it.



Taking off running, Linda didn't even care if it was a trick. Arms and legs pumping, she ran as fast as she could, determined to reach him. Running through the grass, she saw him and she felt a fluttering in her chest that actually felt nice. Reaching him, she jumped up as he caught her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and her arms around his. Instantly both if their mouths found each other as they began to kiss like wild people. Mouths opening and closing, Linda tasted him, smelled him, and knew it was him. Her hands went all over, running through his hair before he lost his balance and both fell gently into the soft grass. Rolling on top of her, Richard stared down in disbelief before his hand cupped her breast, and his mouth plunged down onto hers again, wanting to devour her. Both moaned, before finally he broke away, staring down breathless.

"I die..."

Linda said staring up at him. Richard looked down at her before shaking his head.

"I don't know what happened. There was a bright light, and then pain...and then I woke up in this weird room..."

"I think we're dead Richard."


Linda nodded, not quite understanding how she got Richard back. Still, she never thought she could feel any happier seeing someone. Staring up at him, she felt tears fall from the sides of her eyes.

"He slit my throat after you vanished..."

Richard stared down before Linda took hold of him.

"Listen, It doesn't hurt..."

She brought his head down to her breasts, laying his ear against her chest as her heart pounded in a regular rhythm. Lifting his head, he stared down at her in complete disbelief.


Linda laughed shaking her head.

"I don't know..."

Just then Richard stared up, his eyes wide. Linda turned, looking upside down and saw a man big enough to be a giant. He stood there staring at them. Instantly Richard lifted himself off her, taking hold and bringing her up against him in such a protective manner, Linda knew even in death, he wouldn't let anyone touch her. The giant smiled.

"You shall live again."

Linda stared.

"But I said the little boy..."

The giant nodded.

"An unselfish choice you picked. You shall live again, together."

Just then a beautiful woman walked behind him. She wore a stunning gown, and held two blowing sparking balls, the size of bowling balls. One ball flickered, before straightening out. Linda and Richard both rose together, still holding onto each other as the woman approached them. Holding the balls in her arms, she came over warmly smiling before showing them. The balls had their faces, hers, and Richard's.

"His was broken, un-pure until will be sent back for a purpose, to live again together."

The girl spoke softly before lifting both of them and allowing the balls to lift up into the air like balloons. There they floated up high, glowing in the dark night sky before continuing to rise up into the starry night. Grasping Linda's hand, Richard stared up at them, before the woman smiled and reached over gently cupping Linda's face. Linda smiled at her before the woman nodded.

"Keep an eye on him, he needs you. Only half of his soul is damned...keep it that way. You won't remember, but you shall live."

Linda nodded before the woman smiled and turned, joining the giant. Both stared at them for a moment longer before turning and walking away through the grass. Watching them with a mixture of confusion and wonder, Linda and Richard continued to hold each other before they stared up and saw the balls had disappeared into the night sky. Standing there, both held onto each other before a blinding flash of light appeared...


Audrey and Cooper arrived in what was Twin Peaks, knowing very well that things must have changed in this new time. Both stood together, side by side looking into the RR. It was a crisp fall night, and dried leafs blew past their feet on the sidewalk. The RR looked almost exactly the same. They looked in through the giant bay window at the warmly lit booths as people at at the tables and counters. Soft music played, as they spotted her. Linda. Cooper sighed staring. His daughter. She looked about the same age, but somehow she looked more beautiful. Her skin was flushed and healthy. There was no illness here. She wore a RR uniform, her hair in a messy bun as she poured coffee for several truck drivers at the counter. She had big hoop earrings, and red lipstick. Shelly Johnson was there as well, older but still just as beautiful. Cooper and Audrey noticed at the counter was Bobby Briggs, his hair silver. He wore a sheriff's uniform jacket, and a wedding band. He was smiling as Shelly brought him pie and leaned over kissing his cheek. Just then a pretty girl, around Linda's age with big blue eyes sat down next to Bobby and waved to Shelly. Even outside Cooper could tell she had just said "Hi mom!" as the three began chatting. He wasn't sure if this was what really happened to Shelly and Bobby, but in this reality they looked happy. Cooper's eyes traced over to one of the booths and couldn't believe it. Harry, and his brother Frank sat there. Both much older, but not ill either. They were sharing coffee with Hawk, all having a good laugh. Seeing his friend after all these years made his heart want to burst. Somehow as different as everything was, this reality seemed better, safer. Somehow just by looking in, he saw people still alive, healthy, happy, and together. Audrey then grasped his arm.


She whispered...

Just then they watched Richard, Audrey's son, looking exactly the same besides his hair slicked back, and instead of a baggy over sized jacket, a navy blue dress shirt and leather jacket on top. He strolled on, the bell jingling over the door as he smiled and saw Linda from behind the counter. Eyes lighting up, Audrey smiled as she came around and instantly revealed something. A seven or so month pregnant stomach from behind her uniform. Cooper and Audrey watched as Richard leaned over and deeply kissed Linda, their kiss lingering before he smiled through it and placed his hands on her round stomach, leaning down kissing it as well. Cooper nudged Audrey's arm as she smiled. Inside... To Richard and Linda, they didn't remember. No, they just woke up in this new reality, and to them...this was Heaven. Linda's aunt Norma had married Big Ed and left her to RR diner where she happily worked with her friends. Richard wasn't the troubled young man he was before and was slowly learning the ropes of his grandfather's business, slowly taking over the hotel and making his family proud. They had married shortly after high school, and both lived between Richard's quarters at The Great Northern, and Linda's aunt's house, who moved to Florida and left her the house. Linda wasn't sick, and Richard wasn't disturbed. They have no memory of who their fathers were, nor did care. In fact, it was just the two of them, as always, and that's all that mattered. Richard had been determined to get Linda pregnant that year, and after a good deal of trying had been successful.

She was expecting a baby boy, and so far both bother and child were healthy. Smiling, Richard felt his unborn son flutter a series of kicks from inside his wife. Smiling, palm pressing against the frabic of her uniform dress, he frowned staring down at her.

"How's my boy doing?"

"Kicking up a storm..."

"You really shouldn't be on those feet too long. How about you tell the girls to close up and I treat you to a slice of cherry pie?"

Linda smiled, reaching up on her tip toes nuzzling her nose with his. Unknown to them, another family came in. A woman and her young son. Both were seated at a booth and the little boy instantly took the menu looking at the ice creams. The little boy Richard had hit was alive in this reality, and well. Outside both Cooper and Audrey stared, knowing they couldn't stay along in this reality. No, they would have to go back home where both Richard and Linda were dead. Where Laura was dead, Harry was sick, and so many people were filled with pain or loss. But at this exact moment they stayed in this private little Heaven, staring in at their two children, happy and trapped together. Unaware of anything else.

Just as always, just the two of them.

The End. Wild Wild West - Lissie.