Different chapters about different people

Chapter 1

Ste and dogger

Ste:Hey dogger how's it going

Dogger:So how's it going to you,I mean it's going alright

Ste:Well I'm just here on a Saturday when I could be at home fucking men but instead I've come to a pub.

Dogger:Well I'm not busy

Dogger points his eyes to the door

Ste and dogger go outside

Ste wanted to both kiss and punch Dodger. "Ew, girl talk,. Let's not talk about pussy, thank you very much" Ste stated as he continued to work Dodger's dick with his talented hands. He then leaned his head down a bit, sticking his tounge out and working it all over the tip of Dodger's tool, with the hunky barman letting out a groan of apprectian at the gesture.

"You like my dick, don't you? You dirty slag" Dodger spoke filthily as Ste continued to rub his tounge all over the sensitive tip of his cock. "Dirty, dirty, dickwhore".

Ste ignored Dodger's dirty talking despite the fact that his own dick was straining to be released from his jeans. He slowly opened his mouth and took Dodger's dick into it.

"Yes, suck my dick, you fucking whore. Make Dodger groan, bitch". Ste did not appreciate being called a bitch, so he bit into Dodger's dick which left the hot barman groaning in a different way. "Holy fucking mother of christ!" he wailed "Don't do that again".

Still with Dodger's cock in his mouth, Ste looked up at the wailing hunk and shrugged. Dodger grabbed Ste's head and pushed his head further down on his dick, letting Ste take a good half of the impressive size dick.

"Make me feel good" Dodger groaned "Dirty slut, your such a cock worshipper, take all of my dick!" Dodger pressed hornily "Go on, take it all".

Accepting Dodger's pleas, Ste pulled Dodger's monsterous erection from his mouth, and harshly wanked it off. Dodger ripped off his t-shirt in three short moves, and if Ste could be bothered to be impressed, he would have been. Opening his mouth, Dodger groaned fiercly as Ste's willing and waiting mouth wrapped around his member once again, this time he took the dick all the way, his throat nearly gagging at the harshness and thickness of Dodger's cock. Dodger let out a satisfied growl as Ste continued to worship his throbbing dick.

"Holy shit" Dodger groaned. He threw the t-shirt on the floor, not caring about the mud. "Your gonna have to stop or i'm seriously gonna cum!".

Ste continued to suck on Dodger's appendage, whilst he hands fingered on the buttons of his Diesel jeans. He pulled them down slightly, mouth still firmly wrapped around Dodger's cock, and unleashed his own aching cock from the zip of his boxers. As he continued to impress Dodger with his insane cock sucking skills, Ste slowly tossed off his own cock, which would never have forgave Ste for leaving it untouched in his jeans.

"Fuck yes, you have a gorgeous cock!" Dodger shuddered as he felt himself about to explode. "Gorgeous cock for a gorgeous slut".

Ste stopped sucking on Dodger's cock, and wandered briefly if Dodger felt the freezing cold air. He must have, his nipples were insanely hard. He stood up, grabbed Dodger's dick and slowly wanked it off whilst licking Dodger's right nipple, before taking said nipple into his mouth and sucking it slowly.

"Holy shit, fuck fuck fuck" Dodger groaned as the sensation from the wanking and the nipple sucking became too much "I'm gonna ex explode.. fuck" he didn't even finish his sentence before Ste felt warm liquid on his hand. Some of Dodger's spunk flew and covered Ste's jeans in the white stickiness, but most of it was on Ste's hand, which was still harshly wanking Dodger's cock which was still leaking cum onto his hands. "Shit" Dodger said, sated.

Ste grinned, looked at the spunk on his hands and slowly raised it to his hands. Sticking his tounge out, he slowly and teasingly licked some of Dodger's spunk. "You taste good" Ste noted as he licked his hands free from Dodger's hot, white spunk.

"Holy shit, Ste, are you trying to kill me?" Dodger groaned, his dick groaning soft from the porno show that was Ste licking his spunk. "I wanna fuck you so badly".

Smiling, Ste groaned "Good. Because I needed you inside me like 10 minutes ago".

Walking over to the nearest bench, Dodger sat on it and pulled his trousers down to his knees. Ste followed and sat on the bench next to it. Wanking his dick, it didn't take long for Dodger to become harshly hard again, and Ste licking his tounge all over Dodger's rockhard body was certainly helping things. Dodger didn't think he'd ever been as hard as he had been in the last 15 minute he'd been shagging Ste. "Wanna see you with your top off" Dodger stated and Ste just shrugged. Pulling off his t-shirt, Dodger was quite impressed. Obviously, he was quite skinny. But he had some muscles on his arm, and the brief outline of a 4 pack. "You need to start going to the gym more" Dodger stated as he continued to wank himself. "Build some muscles up. I'll train ya".

"I don't have much money" Ste grinned "But I can pay you with my mouth"

"Deal" like Dodger would even have to think about that for a minute!

Standing up, Ste pulled his own jeans down and stood crosslegged on the bench. He lent down a bit so Dodger had access to his dick, and for the first time in his adult life, he tasted another man's dick for the first time. And yes, it felt weird. Like, insanely weird. But it was good. And Ste had a good size, so Dodger could get accoumsted to the shape and girth. It wasn't as big as his, but the thickness was near identical. Still squatting over Dodger's lap, Ste thrust himself forward and Dodger gagged as Ste's dick hit the back of his throat. Obviously he wasn't as good of a cocksucker as Ste! "Spit on your hand, lube me up" Ste demanded as he growled from the awesomeness that was Dodger's mouth. Doing as he was told, Dodger abanded Ste's dick, spat on his hand and rubbed it around Ste's arse, before sliding a finger into the gaping hole of Ste's anus which sent the twink into meltdown as his dick hit Dodger's face as he leaned forward. "No time for that!" Ste groaned "Fuck me, right now!" Dodger grinned, but accepted that Ste probably just needed to cum really badly. Lowering himself down, he sat on Dodger's dick and felt his arse cling onto Dodger's thick dick. Dodger slowly thrusted himself up in Ste's arse, going really slowly as Ste was really very tight.

"Holy shit Ste, your really tight" Dodger groaned as he slid in further into Ste's willing arse. "It's so hot".

"Fuck me you dirty manwhore" Ste groaned. God, it felt god. Dodger's dick inside his arse felt amazing. But his legs were starting to hurt from the squatting position.

Sensing Ste's uncomfortableness, Dodger lifted the twink off of his dick and put him on the ground. Rushing over to where he left his t-shirt, Dodger placed it on the ground, before grabbing Ste's t-shirt and putting it on the floor underneath it. Laying down on the ground, his back felt highly uncomfortable from the rocky ground, but seeing Ste's rockhard dick and thinking "I did that!", made him forget about the pain, and instead focusing on making the drunk businessman cum harder then he has before. Ste grinned at Dodger for being so quick thinking and then he proceeded to lower himself onto Dodger's dick again, his own dick pulsating in front of him. With his head raised, Dodger licked the tip of Ste's sensitive red-tipped dick, making the man groan ever louder as he felt his arse closing around Dodger's dick again.

It didn't take long for Dodger to get things growing, thrusting harder into Ste's tight arse, as he groaned and cursed loudly. "Fuck, fuck, yes, fuck me you piece of shit! Fuck me harder you fucking pussy!" At that, Dodger raised his hips and slammed into Ste's willing and gaping arse, making the lad moan harder. Grabbing onto his dick, Ste hastily wanked himself off whilst simultaneously riding Dodger's thick tool.

Groaning loudly, Ste picked up the pace on his dick and it didn't take him very long at all to shoot a generous amount of spunk all over Dodger's face. Ignoring the hot, sticky liquid on his face, Dodger continued to slam and thrust his way into Ste's arse, groaning loudly. "Fucking slag, you came all over me, dirty whore, does my dick feel good inside you?".

Ste answered the question by diving forward and kissing Dodger passiontely, his tounge sliding into the hunks mouth whilst the hunk in question continued to pound his arse like he was hammering a nail into the wall, it felt fucking amazing.

"Wanna cum in your mouth" Dodger stated.

Taking the hint, Ste slid off Dodger's dick with the help of the musclebound Savage lad. Then he pulled Dodger up, impressed that he could manage such a wait. Sitting on the bench, Ste waited as Dodger walked over to him, his massive dick pointing forward with a vegence. It took all of six long strokes for Dodger's dick to give away, and for the second time that night he felt himself explode, as Ste's willing and open mouth wrapped around the dick and he spunked a huge amount of his manjuice into the occupied mouth.

"Holy shit Ste, you did good!" Dodger groaned. He collapsed onto the bench next to Ste, not caring that he was naked and the bench was ice cold on his buttocks. Wiping sweat from his face, he looked over to Ste and said. "You still drunk?"

"Not on beer I'm not" Ste stated "But I may be drunk from spunk!".

The two lads laughed heavily as rain started to pour.

"I think that's our cue" Dodger said. He stood up and collected his clothing, pulling up his boxers. "I'd offer you back, but you know, Texas is waiting for me.. " he spoke.

Ste shrugged, standing up. He placed a single kiss on Dodger's cheek before he collected his own t-shirt and put it on. "It's all good. I need to be up in the morning for the kids" Ste confirmed "But I will be taking you up on that offer of a trainer"!

"I wouldn't have it any other way!" Dodger laughed.

Standing behind a tree, with his hands wrapped around his rock hard dick, Rob Edwards nearly came on the spot from seeing Ste riding Dodger's dick like a pro.

Damn, he was good. He wanted to feel his dick close around that tight, tight arse. And he wanted Ste to ride his dick whilst calling him a whore.