Broody and harry

One day harry out all by 's been so upset recently as he and syte broke up with him for fucking james and warren and not to forget ryan.

Broody:R u ok

Harry:No i broke up with harry suddently shouted go away.

Broody then noticed that when harry left he left his wallet and his phone.

so he ran to catch up with him

broody shouted harry

harry noticed broody calling his name

harry:Whats up

Broody:Im sorry about earlier,but you let your phone and your wallet.

Harry:Well thanks

Broody:You know your not alone yh

Harry then leads in for a kiss to broody

broody then pushes back ,he then tells harry not her.

Harry then invites broody back to the house.

as theygo back to the house harry cant keep from snogging broody.

Broody begins to take of harry top and then asks harry where is thd bedroom.

Harry then takes broody intot he starts to take of his chloths so that hes just in his boxers and so that harry is to.

Harry is wearing calvin klein and so is broody.

they then start to fall back onto the bed and the harry starts to pull of broody boxers of and broody does the same and then they start to have sex.

the next morning broody cant keep his hands of harry

They both get out of the bed with them in their broody is cooking brekafast harry begins to pull broody boxers down and fucks him on the floor and the couch.