By the way, all three seasons of Danny Phantom happened but Danny didn't reveal his identity. They are all 17 in this story.

Danny and Sam ran through the school corridors as fast as they could. They had just fought box ghost again. They ran into the classroom just as the late bell rang and rushed to their seats. Mr. Lancer, at the front of the class sent a disappointed frown their way before announcing that they would simply watch the news this lesson. The TV in the corner of the room was turned on.

"Box ghost made yet another appearance this morning and was sent back to the ghost zone by Danny Phantom and the Plant Princess. Here is the battle."

Danny and Sam smiled, remembering the easy battle they took part in. Sam had gotten powers too. They had no idea why. They only found out when she was in her green house and one of her plants started growing extremely fast before her. In her ghost form she wore a skin tight green dress. She wore multiple long thin bracelets that dangled off her arms and gave her an ancient queen look when paired with the black beaded headdress that was made of the same material as the bracelets and dangled down her forhead. Her hair was wavey and tumbled down her shoulders with darkly coloured flowers laced in with the black curls. Her eyes in that form had green eye-shadow and her eyes were a glowing yellow. Her skin was even paler in that form. The dress flowed at the bottom over her feet, which were bare. She was know as Plant Princess for her regal looks and power over plants. She had all of Danny's powers but she was left powerful and had plant powers rather than ice ones meaning her ghost sense made her breath out green air instead of ice blue.

She had changed in her human form too. Her purple-black hair was always up in a messy bun with two wavey pieces of hair framing her face on each side. She was more tan and her lipstick was black as ever. She had ditched the skirt to hide her battle scars but the combat boots remained. She wore white jeans and a black long sleeved T-shirt, both baggy to hide muscle and hide her identity. She wore on her ring finger a gold band with the Danny Phantom symbol on it, something worn in both identity's.

The gold band was because she was married to Danny who wore the Ring of Rage in place of his own wedding ring. Danby too had changed. His normal outfit, as Fenton was similar to how it used to be, but now his red and white t-shirt was long sleeved. It was also baggier along with his dark blue jeans. His hair was longer and he used gel to make it seem shorter. He now wore combat boots too.

As Phantom, he wore a long brown jacket over his suit and wore black fingerless gloves. He now carried a black sword that had a glowing white aura. He also had a third form. In his third form he had the crown hovering over his head in a fiery blaze and he wore the attire of a king. He was more powerful in that form and used it to address the residents of the ghost zone. He never fought in that form and the public didn't know of it.