"Sebastian, our finest guard of the royals! Up against Kirito, the finest swordsman in our army; the only wielder two swords to grace our army!"

The two men - well, man and boy - bowed with respect towards each other.


Immediately, several silver kitchen utensils were flying towards Kirito. Kirito, faster that the eye could see, drew his sword and cut the sliver out of the air. Sebastian charged at Kirito, still sending shining projectiles across the arena. Kirito continued to slice them out of the air in a lackadaisical manner. Then, a smirk grew on his face. He ducker the remaining utensil - a spoon, oddly enough - and ran at Sebastian. As he sped towards his opponent, he drew a second sword from his back. Sebastian frowned lightly and pulled out a hunting knife. He barely blocked the first attack and had to launch himself backwards when a second jab was sent at him.

He threw another fork and then charged in an attempt at districting Kirito before striking. Kirito, of course, predicted this and swung his leg backwards into Sebastian when he closed in on him. Sebastian dropped to the floor heavily with two swords at his neck. The audience was sat on the brim of their seats.


"I don't yield."

"I said, YIELD!"

"Never! Or else what kind of royal guard would I be?!"

"One that's unharmed and healthy!"

"Ah yes, but see; I'm simply one hell of guard. That means I don't yield!"

Sebastian kicked Kirito off of him and attacked with renewed vigour. Until Kirito, once again, had the upper hand. This time, as he was slashing at Sebastian's stomach, he other hand dropped his sword and swung at Sebastian's head. Thud!

Silence... then a deafening uproar of cheering from the audience! Sebastian is unconscious and Kirito is panting.

"And the winner is Kirito! Now, onto a long awaited battle! Kirito versus Valerie!"

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