The wind blew through the curly hair of a twenty-two year old Leo Valdez. He grinned, and with good reason. He was going to see his friends again after over seven years! Aaand they probably thought he was dead too. The look on their faces was going to be priceless! Had he not had his secret weapon, the others would kill him again and this time, his death would be more painful and much more permanent.

He looked back to see Calypso, his wife, sitting behind him on Festus the bronze dragon, holding their month old son. Leo still sometimes wondered how he ever got so lucky as to get a girl like Calypso. This brought back memories of the day they left Ogygia. The escape from Ogygia had not been pleasant. It had drained most of Calypso's strength to break the island's magical barrier. Crash landing in Iceland wasn't very pleasant either. After the repairs which took a month, they had to fight monsters of more mythologies than Leo would like to count. They had been attacked by several gods across Europe, Africa, Asia, and even Antarctica (Apparently, Skadi, the Norse goddess of ice and snow did not like metal dragons crashing into her palace) and Leo would have died every single time had it not been for Calypso (A titan is really handy while fighting gods.) and the fact that he had saved every pantheon from annihilation.( Turns out, immortals can be grateful)

Right now, they were flying over Texas, and would reach camp in a matter of hours. Leo was actually, for once, returning to his home, a feat which he had not performed since he was eight. The sky was cloudy, but Leo was over the clouds, emotionally as well as literally. There were the occasional bouts of turbulence, but with Festus' new and improved gyroscopic stabilization mechanism, they had nothing to worry about.

Well, at least until Festus was struck by a massive lightning bolt. Leo flipped open the control panel. All the circuits were fried. There was no time to perform such extensive repairs.

"Well?" Calypso asked calmly without raising her voice, yet he could hear it clearly "Can you repair him?" She had to divert her attention to the baby which was wailing. Leo shook his head. "Grab on." Calypso said, extending her hand towards him, while holding little Samuel Valdez in the other.

As soon as her had a grip on her, Calypso jumped off Festus. She stayed in a headfirst freefall. When the ground was about a mile away, she began to slow down, landing gently on her feet. All three of them were unharmed. Leo walked towards Festus to assess the damage. Festus' left wing was quite damaged, apart from the fried control circuits. He shifted his gaze to Festus' underbelly. In the exact centre, there was an ugly scorch mark. Leo was surprised. He had rebuilt Festus to be strong enough to survive an ordinary lightning strike. Thor had tested it by hitting Festus with lightning ten times stronger than natural lightning, and Festus had survived that just fine. This had to be the work of an immortal. And this far into America, there was only one lightning-wielding immortal that Leo knew. It had to be….

"Lord Zeus" he said before turning around. And indeed, Zeus was there.

Zeus stood seven feet tall in front of the five foot eight demigod and the six foot nine titan.

"To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?" Calypso asked, not bowing, still trying to silence Samuel.

"The pleasure's all mine" Zeus said "It is truly an honor to meet the savior of the world." He glanced at Calypso, and the baby in her arms. "That is a lovely son you have there. May I see him?" Zeus snapped his fingers and Samuel was instantly transported into his hands. Leo and Calypso visibly flinched. They immediately changed their postures, ready to fight at a moment's notice.

Zeus inspected the baby. "Yes. Powerful indeed. I can sense that he was destined for greatness." he said. Neither parent missed his use of the word 'was'. Samuel started wailing again.

"May I have him back, lord Zeus?" Calypso asked. Her voice was neutral, but Leo could sense the dangerous tone in her voice. Zeus continued talking as if Calypso hadn't spoken.

"A prophecy was made two years ago. It says that the child of the savior of the world and the wronged daughter of a titan shall be very powerful. So powerful, in fact, that he is destined to become king of the gods."

Leo's brain went into overdrive. Last time there was a prophecy about someone taking over from Zeus, he had swallowed the mother of the child who had yet to be conceived ( the titan who was pregnant with his daughter, Athena. Annabeth's stories from the Argo 2 were still stuck in his mind). "Give him back." Leo growled. Zeus ignored him once again.

"There is an unfortunate problem, though. I cannot allow anyone else to become king of the gods. So, I'm sorry, but he must die."

Zeus raised Samuel to the sky, and Leo and Calypso reacted instantly. Leo shot powerful flames at the lord of the skies. He didn't even flinch, and let the flames wash over him. This provided cover for Calypso, who dashed forwards and punched Zeus in the gut. He was sent flying, and Samuel dropped safely into her hands. Zeus instantly teleported back, and unleashed lightning straight at Calypso. But Leo leapt in the way of the lightning, and caught it in his right hand. Tracing a path through his body, he channeled the lightning through his body and shot it back at Zeus through his left hand, Avatar style. Zeus was blasted back a few feet by his own lightning. He roared in anger and teleported right in front of Leo. He punched him, and Leo was thrown aside like a ragdoll. He drew out his master bolt and aimed it at Calypso. Lightning washed over her, and would have killed her and Samuel, had she not created a force field at the last second. Zeus kept increasing the power. Calypso felt her shield being overloaded. She couldn't keep this up much longer.

Zeus' lightning finally broke the force field. Calypso screamed as she was hit with lightning, her body burning up from the billions of volts of electricity. Zeus once again teleported Samuel into his hands. With both parents incapacitated, there was no one to stop him. He threw Samuel into the air, and aimed the master bolt at him. There was thunder, a sizzle, and then the nauseous smell of charred flesh filled the air. Leo and Calypso gasped in horror as their son was turned to ash. Tears filled Leo's eyes as he let out a scream of rage. He hadn't felt this much pain since his mother died. Flames licked at his skin, hotter than the ones he had used against Gaia. Shooting flames from his palms, he propelled himself at the king of the gods and punched him in the face with a flaming fist. Zeus was blown back by the sheer explosive force, his face half burnt off.

As soon as she had sensed her son die, Calypso had felt immeasurable grief. For three thousand years, she had suffered losing lovers over and over again. Then there was Leo, who was the first one to truly care about her. He had freed her from her prison. Then came their son, the one person Calypso was sure she would never lose. But she had. And it was all Zeus' fault. He had cursed her. And now he had killed her son. She felt rage boiling up inside of her, pushing against an invisible barrier. The containment spell Zeus had placed on her powers. He might have been the king of the gods, but she was a titan. She pushed, and the barrier fell, her titanic power exploding from her body.

Zeus barely had time to recover from Leo's attack to see an enraged Calypso flying straight at him. She thrust her hand forward, stopping her open palm an inch away from Zeus' chest. A blast of pure titanic energy burst forth obliterating everything in its path. When the light from the blast faded, Zeus was left with a massive gaping hole in his chest. However, he regenerated almost instantly. He knocked Calypso off her feet with a burst of lightning. He ran forward faster than Leo could see and punched him, breaking half his ribs. Leo coughed up blood.

Zeus took a second to charge up, and then fired a one megaton blast of lightning at Leo. There was a massive explosion, and when the dust cleared, there was nothing left, just a big hole in the ground. However, Calypso wasn't affected. She charged Zeus again, but he blocked her easily and sent her crashing into the ground. Calypso may have been a titan, but this was the first time she had used her powers in battle. Zeus, however, had much more experience. And, the magic that kept her powers contained had left its mark. Calypso was unable to use even 10% of her power at the moment. It would take years before she was back to full strength.

"Alas, I can't allow a full-fledged titan to run around the countryside. Good-bye, Calypso." he said, raising his master bolt, hitting the spot where Calypso was with fifty megatons of explosive force. Everything within thirty miles of the spot was eradicated. Luckily, they were in the middle of a deserted wasteland, so there was no collateral damage. Zeus waited for the dust to settle. There was no trace of anything left. Even Festus had been vaporized. Zeus smiled at his handiwork and flashed back to Olympus.

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