"Well," Buffy said. "At least there's no body to clean up."

Willow stared at the glitter still shimmering in the air, watching as it dissipated. Okay, Aaliyah had been a demon, which was bad, but Willow'd never felt so sure of herself. It'd been sort of nice, being part of the cool crowd. Being only herself again, she felt … bereft, as if she'd lost half her soul or her puppy or something.

She heard Buffy come up next to her. Oh, good, maybe Buffy'd put a comforting arm around her. It was what Aaliyah would have done, but Buffy wasn't Aaliyah. Buffy gave her a nudge. "Willow, don't you have something to say to Cordelia?"

Something to say? Like you took away my best friend? Like I'll never feel I'm special ever again? She turned toward Buffy who rolled her eyes toward Cordelia. Oh, right. "Uh, thank you for killing or um, you know, getting rid of the … the demon."

"Right, like I did it for you."

Sure, of course Cordelia hadn't done it for her because who noticed her anyway?

"You know, Willow, if I'd known you were that desperate to be popular … Who the hell am I kidding? I still wouldn't have let you in, but since you are Xander's best friend, not that I get what he sees in you, and you did look almost presentable when dolled up by that demon, I guess I could make room for you but only as low man on the totem pole. You'd have to prove your worth before you could officially join us. And you'd have to lose that softer side of Sears look. Don't worry." She took Willow by the arm. "We can go shopping after school and pick you out a whole new wardrobe. Now come on. We have to talk Harmony out of allowing Billy boy to take her to the dance and that's going to be hard because he is sort of cool but anyone a demon hooked her up with can't be good for her so start thinking of reasons why she should dump a guy who is obviously too good for her."

Willow thought over the previous two days. All that talk of boys and clothes. It'd been amazing. Everything she'd done with Aaliyah had been amazing. At the time. Now that she thought back on it, everything she'd done with Aailyah and the Cordettes? It had been sort of boring. Dull really. Let's face it, helping Buffy save the world was a lot more interesting.

Cordelia took two more steps without Willow before turning back. She stared, looking Willow up and down. "You've got to be kidding me."

Oh good, she didn't have to explain.

"Right, whatever. I was just being kind anyway. I thought you'd appreciate tips on makeup, clothes, and personal hygiene but if you don't, well, I have better things to do."

"Oh, sure, of course. We get that."

As Cordelia walked off, Buffy turned to Willow. "Do you think we should follow? Just to make sure she's okay."

"It would be the friendly thing to do."

The Cordettes were still standing where Aaliyah had left them. The girls didn't seem to know how to treat Cordelia. "Hi Cordy, um, Cordelia I mean," Harmony said. "Taking a break from your geek boyfriend?"

Cordelia just stood there and stared. Harmony looked down at the ground and then anywhere but directly at Cordelia. "Harmony, are you trying to take me on?"

Harmony glanced at their friends. None would meet her gaze. "Um, no?"

"Good, because you'd lose." Cordelia turned and walked off. After a half-dozen steps, she turned back. "Are you coming or not?" The Cordettes glanced at each other before trailing behind like geese in flight, following their leader.

"Uh," Willow asked. "Are we sure she's not a demon?"

Buffy gave her an amused glance. "Come on. Let's tell Giles the Marr e'Zu demon is dead."

"The queen is dead." Willow muttered to herself but Buffy heard.

"Yep, the queen is dead. Long live the queen."