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Orochimaru was annoyed.

It was supposed to be a simple objective, track down Sasuke Uchiha taunt him for not being as strong as Izumi, mark him with his Curse Seal tempting him with power, and when Sasuke came to him he'd take his body.

But of course, Orochimaru hadn't accounted for one thing, that thrice damned Kyuubi brat, Naruto Uzumaki! Not only had he somehow escaped the snake he sent to deal with the boy but he prevented him from marking Sasuke, but also destroyed his other snake with the Kyuubi's chakra.

Orochimaru swore he will find out whoever told him the boy was supposed to be a failure as a ninja and torture them.

'He's an even bigger nuisance than his father.' Thought Orochimaru

Orochimaru was one of the few people privy to the boy's heritage, and while he'd love nothing more than to kill Minato's son, the Snake Sannin knew he couldn't have the Akatsuki after him for killing a Jinchuuriki.

'Doesn't mean I can't cripple him.' Orochimaru thought a plan already forming, while Naruto jumped at the Sannin

Instantly snakes shot out of Orochimaru's sleeves wrapping around Naruto and holding him the air. Holding up his hand as purple fire lit on his fingertips Orochimaru slammed his hand into Naruto's abdomen where his seal was.

"Five Pronged Seal!" Orochimaru said effectively sealing the Kyuubi preventing it from helping the boy

'Step one, now step two.' Thought Orochimaru pulling his sword out from his mouth while the snakes moved revealing Naruto's legs and left arm

With a single swing Orochimaru had cut off Naruto's legs at the knees and his arm at elbow. The Snake Sannin would be lying if he said he didn't a large amount of pleasure in the boy's screams at the loss of his limbs.

'Now for Sasuke-kun.' Thought Orochimaru before sensing a build-up of chakra

"Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu!" Sasuke Shouted right at Orochimaru and Naruto

'What!' Thought Orochimaru surprised Sasuke was putting his teammate in danger

While he can respect sacrificing your comrades to kill an enemy, it still surprised him, from what his spies reported they were supposed to be friends and rivals.

Acting quickly Orochimaru threw Naruto into the attack, making the boy scream even louder as he was burned alive.

Orochimaru would admit he was momentarily stunned, he'd admit he's done several inhumane things in his life and never regretted it, but even he has to think burning your own comrade alive is crossing a line.

Naruto fell onto tree branch moaning in pain, his entire body was covered in burns, that combined with the pain of just having three limbs cut off it's a miracle he's still conscious.

"Sakura let's go now!" Ordered Sasuke

Naruto painfully tilted his head seeing Sasuke and Sakura about to jump away, as he raised him remaining arm slowly reaching towards them.

"Sas…uke, Saku…ra, help." Naruto said pleading and hoping for them to help him though their next words crushed that hope

"Forget it loser you're on your own." Sasuke sneered

"Yeah Naruto-baka, we have to save ourselves, besides your dead anyway!" Screeched Sakura

Naruto was shocked and hurt, they were leaving him alone, they weren't even going to try and help him. Though his hurt soon gave away to anger, he thought they were friends, a team, he guessed he was wrong, they only saw him as the deadlast. Gritting his teeth Naruto said something no one ever thought would ever be spoken by the normally happy boy.

"I HATE YOU!" Shouted Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura being thrown back by some force

*Unknown Location*

In an endless white void, a man looked up sensing something, frowning the man vanished to investigate.

*Forest of Death*

If one were to look they'd have seen Naruto's normally cerulean blue eyes turn a sulfuric yellow. Shaking off the sudden dread they felt Sasuke and Sakura both ran away leaving only Naruto and Orochimaru.

Snapping from his shock Orochimaru cursed at Sasuke escaping, not that it mattered. Looking to Naruto, Orochimaru was surprised the boy was still alive, let alone still conscious, he'd be impressed if he didn't consider the boy a thorn in his side.

"Poor Kyuubi brat abandoned and forgotten by his own teammates, it must hurt, though probably not as much as being burned to a crisp." Orochimaru taunted, Naruto glaring weakly at the Sannin feeling light-headed

"If you're going to finish it, then just get it over with." Said Naruto, Orochimaru chuckling darkly

"Kukuku, oh no I won't kill you. But tell you what how about I tell you a secret, consider a last gift before you die." Orochimaru said jumping down and crouching down next to Naruto

Orochimaru whispered something in Naruto's ear causing his eyed to widen, but before he could say anything darkness overtook him.

'Now to hunt down Sasuke-kun.' Thought Orochimaru grinning creepily he enjoyed the hunt


Anko Mitarashi curse repeatedly jumping from tree to tree, she couldn't believe her ex-sensei was here, right under all their noses as if to mock them how easily it was for him to sneak into the village. Which is the reason she was jumping through the Forest of Death to confront him, and hopefully kill him even if it cost her life to do so.

Suddenly Anko stopped sniffing the air, instantly gagging when she smelled burning flesh. Covering her nose Anko looked around to see where it was coming from, soon finding source though she went green at what she saw. A burned body with three of its limbs cut off, slumped on a tree branch.

'Kami, I said killing was allowed not this shit.' Anko thought wondering what sort of sicko did this

Almost as soon as the thought crossed her mind, she already knew Orochimaru had a hand in it, making her curse once again. Jumping down to the body, they at least deserved a proper burial, but she then noticed the burned remnants of the bodies clothes, bright orange clothes.

Anko gasped when she got a better look at the body, it was the Uzumaki brat! Not only that but on closer inspection she saw he was still alive.

'Damn kid, your tougher than I thought.' Anko thought her respect for the loudmouth brat rising a couple notches

Anyone who can live after three limbs cut off and being burned was a badass in her book.

Gently lifting the kid up onto her back, hearing quiet groans of pain escaping him.

'Don't you die on me.' Thought Anko taking off towards the tower

*Timeskip-three days*

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage, looked mournfully at the medical bed in the Central Tower. The person on the bed was Naruto Uzumaki, someone Hiruzen considered a surrogate grandson, several machines were hooked up to the poor boys severely damaged body trying to keep him alive.

Sarutobi lowered his head knowing this was another of his mistakes, if he had just killed Orochimaru all those years ago this wouldn't have happened.

'I don't intend to make the same mistake twice.' Thought the Hokage vowing the next time he saw his ex-student he will put him down for good

Sarutobi's anger only increased when he learned just how Naruto was burned, having Inoichi looked into the boy's mind without risk of Kyuubi retaliating. Learning Orochimaru cut his limbs off but it was Sasuke Uchiha who burned him.

It reminded Hiruzen of the conversation that happened after he learned what happened.


"What do you mean we're disqualified!" Sasuke demanded glaring at the Hokage

"It's like I said boy, you and your teammate are disqualified from the Chunin Exams." Said Hiruzen a stoic expression on his face

While he really, he wanted nothing more than snap the boys neck along with his pink banshee.

"But we got the scroll and arrived on time!" Shouted Sakura, the Hokage luckily wearing ear muffs blocking out the shrieking voice

"Yes, but it's required all members of a team be present, tell me where's your third teammate?" Sarutobi said, both instantly going quiet not willing to reveal they abandoned him to die

"Hokage-sama be reasonable, I'm sure Naruto's just out goofing off somewhere." Said Kakashi not really worried about his third student

Hiruzen took a deep breath closing his eyes. Instantly all three people were forced to their knees as the Hokage unleashed all his killing intent on them, while giving them a look that could kill.

"Kakashi Hatake, if you speak out of turn like that again I will demote you back to a genin doing D-ranks for the next three years, along with burning your entire book collection! Not only that I will tear that Sharingan from your eye socket and crush in front of you!" Sarutobi said, Kakashi paling at thought of not only losing his precious Icha Icha but his last connection to Obito

"And you two!" Continued the Hokage rounding on the two pale Genin idly noticing the puddles forming under them

"Be thankful I'm only disqualifying you and not having you both executed for attempting to murder your own comrade and then abandoning him!" Shouted Sarutobi, the two paling further that he knew both knowing how close the Hokage and Naruto were

"What're you talking about Hokage-sama?" Said Kakashi wilting under his leader's glare

"I'll tell you what. These two pieces of garbage, abandoned Naruto in the forest with Orochimaru, but not before the Uchiha burned him alive!" Shouted Hiruzen the room now shaking under his pressure

Breathing deeply the Hokage reigned in his killing intent, but still glared at three.

"All of you get out of my sight before I kill you." Ordered the Hokage, all three instantly running out the room

The hidden Anbu couldn't help but gulp in fear, it was moments like these they were reminded why the Hokage was known as "The God of Shinobi" and the most powerful Kage alive.

*End Flashback*

The Hokage's anger soon faded with sadness returning.

'I'm sorry Minato, Kushina.' Thought Hiruzen wishing there was something he could to help

"I believe I can help." A male voice said

Sarutobi's head shot up eyes widening at what stood before him. He could only describe the apparition as a ghost of a young man. The man had roguish good looks that Hiruzen was sure had numerous women fawning over him, sandy blonde/brown hair, blue eyes, wearing black robes, and a scar over his right eye.

"Who are you?" Questioned Hiruzen

"My names Anakin Skywalker, and I'm here to help." Anakin replied looking at Naruto a sad frown

Nobody this young should experience this kind of pain, Anakin still had phantom pains from his mutilation on Mustafar, having your limbs cut off then falling in a river of lava, not fun, not fun at all.

"And how can you help Naruto?" Demanded Sarutobi

"I went through the same thing that happened to him, losing my limbs and being burned. By all rights it should've killed me but I managed to survive and now I want to make sure he survives as well." Said Anakin

Hiruzen wasn't sure why but he felt he could trust this man.

"What do I have to do?" Hiruzen asked

"First, you'll have to contact someone, anyone you trust that has experience in mechanical prosthetics. Take Naruto to them, I'll take care of the rest. But I also have some requests to make in exchange for my help." Said Anakin

"Name them." Sarutobi said if it meant saving Naruto he'll pay any price

Anakin sighed running a hand through his hair.

"During my life, I once went by the name Darth Vader. I became something that was feared throughout the galaxy, I was symbol of fear and destruction, where I went entire planets fell." Said Anakin, Sarutobi's eyes widening at that

Someone having the power to crush entire planets, that's a scary thought

"My request is that Naruto takes on my old name and wears my Dark Armor, I want him to make it a symbol of peace and strength, rather than fear and destruction. That and I along with several of my associates wish to train him." Said Anakin

Sarutobi thought it over, the requests were simple and weren't too difficult to accept.

"I accept Anakin." Said the Hokage

"Great, also it might be best that once Naruto dons my armor that as few people know he's the one wearing it. Just make up a story of who he is." Anakin said as he faded away

Soon Sarutobi was alone once more.

"Neko." Said Hiruzen, as an Anbu wearing a cat mask and long purple hair jumped down bowing

"Hai Hokage-sama." Neko said

"Prepare a message, to the leader of Iron Country." Sarutobi ordered

"Hai Hokage-sama." Said Neko shunshining away

The Hokage sighed glad that he had a favor to cash in with Mifune.


Naruto laid in his mindscape looking up at the ceiling a dead look in his eyes, he still had all his limbs and wasn't burned to a crisp but he knew it wasn't real. He remembered everything Orochimaru cutting his limbs off, Sasuke burning him alive, his team abandoning him, and finally what Orochimaru had told him.

The snake had told him who his parents were.

At this point Naruto's only waiting to die, no longer caring if he survived, his parents are dead, his team left him to die, and the old man's been lying to him for years.

"Hello Naruto." A voice spoke

Tilting his head Naruto saw Anakin had appeared in his mind.

"Who the fuck are you?" Asked Naruto, Anakin frowning at the dull tone he spoke with

It reminded him of his early years as Vader when he believed he had killed his wife an unborn children.

"My names Anakin Skywalker and I'm here to help you." Said Anakin, though Naruto just looked at him blankly

"Look I don't who are you, and I frankly don't care, you're probably just a figment of my imagination so do me a favor and piss off." Said Naruto looking away and closing his eyes

Though they instantly shot open when he felt something grab hold of him lifting him to his feet.

"I assure you I'm very real." Said Anakin now standing next to Naruto

"How did you-"

"-lift you up without touching you, and how do I know what you're thinking. A little trick I learned in my life, that and we're currently in your mind makes reading your mind easier." Anakin said smirking

"Okay so your real, then what do you want?" Questioned Naruto

"Like I said I'm here to help you. I've already spoken with Hiruzen Sarutobi and while he works to repair your physical body I along with several of my associates will train you in your mind, plus someone I'm sure your familiar with… Kyuubi." Said Anakin turning around as a giant cage appeared behind him and Naruto while two giant red eyes stared down at them

"And what makes you think I would ever help the boy human?" Demanded the Kyuubi glaring at them both

"Well for starters neither me nor my associates know of this Chakra that the people of this planet use, while I'm sure you are knowledgeable in it and Naruto could perform with one hand. That and as your host Naruto not only represents himself but you as well, and wouldn't you want a strong representative." Anakin said smoothly

While he wasn't the negotiator Obi-Wan was, he did know how to play on people's pride, as he could see the fox was mulling over what he said.

"Of course, you if you don't want to help that's fine, that is if you want people to think your host is weak and by proxy you as well." Continued Anakin inwardly counting down

The Kyuubi roared slamming it's claws against the cage.

"I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune, strongest of the Tailed Beasts, I am a force of nature itself, and I am not weak! Fine if you want to help to train the brat then I'll help, but only to show everyone my host is the strongest!" Kyuubi roared

'All too easy.' Thought Anakin

"Now that that's taken care of let me introduce you to the other people who will be training you." Anakin said as nine other people appeared beside him

"Meet Grand Master Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Galen Marek, Revan, Count Dooku, Darth Maul and Darth Marr. From now until your body is repaired they and I will train you in the Force, while Kyuubi trains you in how to use your chakra with one hand. Also for everyday in the real world a year will pass in your mindscape." Anakin explained, Naruto's eyes widening

"Now shall we begin." Said Anakin smiling

*Timeskip-a week-Real World*

"Thank you once again Mifune-dono." Sarutobi said as he and the leader of Iron Country walked down a corridor

After his meeting with Anakin, Hiruzen had ordered a message sent to Mifune to all in a favor the man owed Sarutobi for saving his life during the Second Great War. Afterwards the Hokage with a team of trusted Anbu travelled with Naruto to Iron Country, a stasis seal having been placed on Naruto to keep him alive during the travel.

When they arrived Mifune, a squad of Samurai, and a team of medics had been waiting for them. While the medics took Naruto to the hospital Sarutobi and Mifune went to discuss what the Hokage needed help with.

Hiruzen knew that Iron Country was one of the leading countries in technology having been able to create mechanical prosthetics, the only reason they didn't offer these prosthetics to other Countries is because they were firm in keeping neutral and if they gave out these items to one country they'd have to give other countries them as well. In fact, the only reason Mifune was helping Sarutobi was because of the favor he owed him.

Though when he had heard of how Naruto had been injured Mifune would have offered his help regardless, being attacked and abandoned by your own comrades, cowards both of them.

"Think nothing of it Hokage-dono. Though I must admit your timing is strange." Said Mifune, Sarutobi looking at him

"How so?" Hiruzen asked though feeling he already knew the answer

"Before your arrival I had received two strange packages, the first appeared to be a silver sword hilt, and the second was a suit of armor that doubled as a life support system." Said Mifune

'Likely the armor Anakin spoke of, though what could the hilt be?' Sarutobi wondered

Both leaders soon arrived in a chamber where several medics were running around with different machines around the room, while in the center Naruto laid unconscious on a metal operation table.

"I'm afraid there is nothing he can do for his burns, we can only give him the replacement limbs. Luckily the armor I told you about will be able to keep him alive until he's able to see a skilled enough medic that can repair the rest of the damage." Explained Mifune, Sarutobi nodding

They watched as the medics went about attaching the mechanical limbs to Naruto's body, before moving onto to putting the black armor on him. When the mask and helmet descended on his head everyone in the room had to suppress a shiver at the sound that reverberated from the mask.


The table slowly rose until it was nearly vertical.

"Lord Vader can you hear me?" Sarutobi questioned

"Yes, Hokage-sama." Replied Darth Vader this time everyone shivered at the emotionless synthesized voice

Darth Vader turned his head towards the Hokage, Hiruzen gulping as those red tinted eye pieces locked onto him.

"You lied to me old man." Vader said, the Hokage now confused

"Lord Vader what did I lie about?" Asked Sarutobi before he noticed that the machines began shaking along the tubes filled with colored liquids

"My parents, you said you never knew them you lied to me!" Said Vader, much to Hiruzen's shock as the room began shaking more

With a single tug Vader ripped free from his restraints while the machines began sparking and the tubes exploded. Stepping off the table Vader struggled for a moment getting use to the robotic legs. Looking to the Hokage Vader took a step towards while holding out his hand as the silver sword hilt flew into his waiting grasp, everyone gasped when a red blade made of light emerged from the hilt.

"You had no right to keep their identities from me!" Shouted Vader

"Na-Naruto please calm dow-"

"No! Naruto Uzumaki is no more! He was killed and left to die by his own team in the Forest of Death! My name is Darth Vader!" Vader said

Suddenly the room stood still once more while Vader deactivated his Lightsaber clipping it to his belt.

"If I find out you kept anything else from me, once I finish Orochimaru and the Uchiha I will come for you Hiruzen Sarutobi. Lord Mifune I require the use of your facilities, I only have three weeks to the finals and I have preparations to make." Vader said turning to the leader of Iron Country

"Of course, Lord Vader, Iron Country is open to you." Said Mifune after taking several deep breaths

Nodding once Vader turned around his cape fluttering behind him. Once he left the room all the medics promptly hit the floor in a cold faint, while Sarutobi had to steady himself, in all his life he's fought against and beside several powerful men, his own teachers Hashirama and Tobirama Senju, other Kage, even witnessed the destruction caused by Madara Uchiha himself, and in all those times Hiruzen picked up a very useful skill.

He knows when someone is holding back.

What he felt from Vader just now, Hiruzen knew that was just the tip of the very large iceberg.

'I pity those who stand in his way.' Thought Sarutobi


Hiruzen looked at the gathered crowd with a neutral expression, people were excited to witness the Chunin Exams final. Gazing to his side Sarutobi looked at the Kazekage who sat in his chair with his guards.

"A lot of people have gathered to witness the finals Hokage-dono." The Kazekage remarked

"Indeed Kazekage-dono." Replied Sarutobi

"It's a shame that the Last Uchiha won't be competing I've heard great things about him." Said the Kazekage

"I wouldn't worry too much." Sarutobi said

The Kazekage, really Orochimaru in disguise, couldn't help but curse inwardly. He had no doubt that the reason Sasuke wasn't competing was due to his sensei finding out what happened to the Uzumaki brat.

'No matter there will be other opportunities to grab Sasuke-kun.' Thought Orochimaru while still planning for the invasion to happen

Standing up Hiruzen walked over to the balcony to address the crowd.

"Welcome, to the Bi-annual Chunin Exams!" Said Hiruzen, the crowd cheering

"Here we shall see which of these promising Genin can attain the title of Chunin!" Sarutobi continued

"But before we start the matches, we shall be having an exhibition match!" Announced the Hokage, getting the crowds attention along with Orochimaru's

"This exhibition match shall be between Sasuke Uchiha and my very own secret apprentice whom I have recently taken under my wing, Darth Vader!" Said Hiruzen, the crowd cheering at getting to see the Last Uchiha fight not really caring who it was

"I was unaware you had taken an apprentice Hokage-dono." Orochimaru said

"Yes, I met him during the month break and saw plenty of potential in him, potential I couldn't let go to waste." Said Sarutobi

"Well I'm sure it will be an interesting fight." Said Orochimaru silently cursing at this unknown variable

Sarutobi shook his head as Sasuke practically strutted into the arena, wearing an all-black attire, and soaking up the crowd's cheers.

"Well where is this "Vader" is he going to show himself or is he too scared to face an elite Uchiha like myself." Sasuke mocked

"He's already here." Said Hiruzen looking up

Everyone looked and their eyes widened when they saw some flying metal contraption descending from sky, with three protrusions coming from it one pointed up and two pointed down. When it got close to arena roof the two downward protrusions folded up while a ramp lowered down. From the ramp came four metal sphere's that unfolded into strange metal contraptions, with only the creator know they were called Droidekas.

Soon everyone heard heavy metal footsteps followed by a raspy breathing sending shivers up everyone's backs. Darth Vader descended the ramp, scaring more than a few people by his intimidating appearance.

When he reached the edge of the roof Vader gazed down at the arena looking straight at Sasuke, making the Uchiha gulp in fear at the skull like mask staring at him as if he was an ant, but he quickly buried his fear and gave an arrogant smirk.

"Well are you gonna stand up there all day or are we going to fight." Mocked Sasuke

Without saying anything Vader stepped off the edge shocking everyone thinking the fall would kill him. But everyone was shocked further when Vader landed in a kneeling position, forming a small crater before standing up.

The proctor, Genma, looked between the two combatants, having a feeling this was more than just a fight.

"Are both combatants ready?" Asked Genma getting nods from both

"Hajime!" Genma said jumping away

From a moment neither moved until Vader spoke.

"My Master told me what you did to your teammate." Said Vader, Sasuke scoffing at that

"What of it." Sasuke sneered

"Do you regret burning him alive and abandoning him to die?" Vader questioned a small part of him, the part that was still Naruto Uzumaki held onto the hope that his team regretted leaving him die

With Sasuke's next words the last remnants of Naruto Uzumaki vanished.

"The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner, that loser got what was coming to him acting like he was better me! He was nothing but talentless no name orphan, while I am an Elite Uchiha! His whore mother and drunk father probably abandoned him so they didn't have deal with a worthless son like him!" Shouted Sasuke

For a moment Vader remained silent before speaking.

"I see now. I see you for what you truly are Sasuke Uchiha." Vader began

"You are nothing but a sniveling worthless coward, with an inferiority complex. You believe yourself above everyone simply because of your last name, that the Uchiha are the greatest in the world. Let me tell you something Sasuke Uchiha, the Uchiha are nothing, they were always nothing, all it took was a single night before they were butchered like cattle, all by a single person. And you Sasuke Uchiha you are nothing but a spoiled brat with nothing special about you, if it wasn't for your eyes you would be nothing, just a sad pathetic little boy desperately crying out for mommy and daddy to love you, it'd be funny if I didn't find it so pathetic." Vader said, Sasuke glaring at him being red in the face

"You… you…" Sasuke growled

"What's the matter, did I touch a nerve, I guess that's to be expected from such a spineless fool. I can see why Izumi didn't consider you worth killing." Continued Vader

Sasuke roared in anger charging recklessly punching and kicking at Vader, who avoided all his attacks with ease and using the Force to redirect them. This continued for several minutes with Sasuke growing tired and Vader not even feeling winded.

"Is that the best you can do Sasuke Uchiha, I had expected more but I can see this has been nothing but a waste of my time." Said Vader

"Don't you dare mock an Uchiha, you pathetic loser! Witness the power of the Uchiha! Fire Style; Grand Fireball Jutsu!" Shouted Sasuke launching a massive fireball at Vader

Vader did nothing as the fireball approached before it overtook him.

"Hn, guess was just a talentless freak in a mask after all." Sneered Sasuke

Suddenly the fireball stopped midair, then to the shock of the audience began getting smaller revealing Darth Vader unharmed. Soon the fireball was held in the palm of Vader's hand before it was extinguished.

"You call that power Sasuke Uchiha. That was nothing." Vader said

"Now then let me show you the difference between YOU and ME." Continued Vader

Throwing his right arm up Vader sent bolts of lightning shooting towards Sasuke, when the lightning came into contact Sasuke dropped to the ground screaming in pain and agony.

"Power! Unlimited power!" Vader said loudly, as Sasuke continued to scream in pain

Everyone watched in horror as their precious Uchiha was tortured by this monster. Sakura was screeching for someone to do something to save her precious Sasuke-kun, with no one listening.

The only one not with a look of horror on his face was Hiruzen, though he did look grim as he knew this wasn't just a match.

It's an execution.

After a few minutes Vader stopped his attack, as Sasuke weakly glared at him from the ground.

"This is the difference between you and me Sasuke Uchiha. I could kill you now if I wished. But no, you're not even worth the effort." Said Vader turning his back on Sasuke who gritted his teeth in anger

"Don't you… turn your back… on me!" Sasuke shouted getting up and going through handsigns as lightning crackled to life in his left hand

"Chidori!" Shouted Sasuke charging towards Vader intent to drive the attack through his heart

Unknown to anyone Vader smirked beneath his mask.

Quicker than anyone could follow Vader grabbed his Lightsaber, activated it, twisting his upper body and cut off Sasuke's arm at the elbow.

Sasuke dropped to his knees gripping his cauterized stump in agony, while everyone shouted in horror at the Uchiha being mutilated.

"Fool, you had the chance to escape with your life, now there will be one less Uchiha in the world." Said Vader holding his Lightsaber at Sasuke's head with Sasuke now feeling fear for the second time in his life he was going to die

No, he couldn't die now, he still had to gain his vengeance, restore his clan, he couldn't die!

Sasuke's thoughts were cut off when with a single swing Vader cut straight through his head.

For a moment all was deathly silent, as everyone stared in shock at having witnessed the Last Uchiha die. Suddenly the silence was broken by a loud shrieking voice

"NO! SASUKE-KUN CAN'T BE DEAD, HE CAN'T BE! SASUKE-KUN GET UP, GET UP AND KILL THAT MASKED FREAK!" Sakura shrieked trying to jump down into the arena but was held back by the other Genin knowing if she did anything stupid she'll probably die as well

Though a few felt she deserved it after what the Hokage told them she and Sasuke did to Naruto. Ino while saddened by her crushes death couldn't deny the satisfaction that he got what was coming to him, while she didn't know Naruto that well, and admittedly a bit of a bitch to him, he still didn't deserve to be burned alive and abandoned by his own teammates. It made Ino shiver in fear really, if Sasuke had been willing to abandon his own teammate, someone they all believed he considered a friend, what would he have done to any of them?

Kakashi looked on with a neutral expression but inside he was filled with anger and sadness at his favorite student's death, one of the last things connecting him to Obito, and it's gone.

'No, no, NO!' Orochimaru thought angrily

Now he could never gain the Sharingan, he couldn't even harvest the eyes for study because Vader had cut straight through them! Breathing deeply Orochimaru used every ounce of willpower he possessed to calm himself and not blow his cover. But he swears he will make Vader pay for robbing him of the Sharingan.

'It was his fate to perish like the rest of his cursed clan.' Neji thought smug satisfaction at the arrogant Uchiha's death

"Did you see Hanabi." Said Hiashi Hyuga with his Byakugan activated

"Hai, Tou-sama." Hanabi with her Byakugan activated as well

When Vader had unleashed that torrent of lightning they and several other Hyuga had activated their Byakugan and were shocked that the entire time Vader hadn't been using any chakra, whatever the lighting was it wasn't a jutsu. Another thing was they couldn't see who Darth Vader was inside the armor, that somehow blocked their all-seeing eyes.

'Who are you?' Wondered Hanabi curious of the enigma known as Darth Vader

"Call the match." Vader said looking at Genma snapping the proctor out of his shock

"Wi-winner by death, Darth Vader." Announced Genma

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