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"Easy Kaa-san, easy. Don't push yourself." Vader said putting a hand on his mother's shoulder as she walked around getting used to moving around after being bedridden for years

"I'm fine Naruto-kun, trust me, I'll be up and about in no time, so need to worry. After all Uzumaki heal quickly." Said Kushina

Vader didn't say anything to her using his former name, as she was the one who gave it to him he's letting her use it.

"I'll always worry about you." Said Vader

Three days have passed since Kushina woke up in that time Vader hasn't left her side, having sent a clone to continue Hanabi and Tayuya's training. He's made sure she was comfortable and helping her get used to being awake again. They also did there best to get to know each other and make up for all the lost time together.

One thing Vader was hesitant to talk about was his past, given he didn't have the happiest childhood, but eventually Kushina managed to get him to tell her about his life.

Safe to say Kushina Uzumaki was beyond pissed when she heard how her baby was treated.

Kushina was angry at how the villagers treated her son, at her husband for sealing the Kyuubi in him, the masked bastard who caused all this, and any one else responsible for hurting her baby. She was also devastated when he showed her his mechanical limbs and told her he had recently been healed from being burned alive, even more so when she was told Mikoto's son was responsible for burning him.

And she had hoped they would be friends!

She would have instantly gone after the little bastard had Vader not told her he had already killed the Uchiha, making Kushina hug her son tightly. Though she still vowed to hunt down Orochimaru and rip that snake apart piece by piece for cutting her sons legs and arm off.

Vader also told her about the people who were kind to him, namely her former students Izumi, Yugao, and Hana, with Kushina planning to thank all three of them for being there for her child.

Suddenly both Uzumaki were pulled from their thoughts when the medbay doors opened and an arguing Tayuya and Hanabi walked in.

"Sensei said he wasn't to be disturbed!" Hanabi said trying to stop Tayuya

"And I said I don't give a shit you half-pint brat, that stupid clone isn't even paying attention during training and I'm sick of it!" Retorted Tayuya

"Ahem." Vader said getting both their attention and both froze for different reasons

Tayuya because of the fierce glare aimed at her, while Hanabi froze because Vader wasn't wearing his armor or a hood and she was seeing his face for the first time and she knew who he was, given her sisters obsession with him.

"What part of I'm not to be bothered was unclear." Said Vader looking between with a sulfuric eyed glare

"Well uh, the clone you sent to oversee our training wasn't paying attention and I wanted to see what was keeping you so busy." Tayuya said quietly looking anywhere but her irate cousin

"Naruto-kun who are these ladies?" Asked Kushina with a sickly-sweet smile and a dark aura around her thinking her son was a deviant for having two attractive girls around

"The redhead is Tayuya Uzumaki, my cousin, or our cousin I suppose. And the other is Hanabi Hyuga my apprentice." Vader introduced

"Oh well it's nice to meet a fellow Uzumaki and you must be Hitomi's daughter." Said Kushina politely her personality doing a complete one-eighty

"Sup." Tayuya said

Hanabi was still frozen before finally snapping out of it and pointing at Vader.

"Your Naruto Uzumaki!" Hanabi said shocked the orange wearing loudmouth her sister was obsessed with was her dark and brooding teacher

"Fuck my life." Muttered Vader before Kushina smacked him

"Language young man!" Kushina scolded she didn't care how old her son was he would not curse in front of her

"And fuck my life hard." Vader said getting another smack

*Council Chamber*

"That monster needs to be executed, not only has he killed the last Uchiha but now a council member! How much longer until he starts killing the rest of us!" Shouted a member of the civilian council the other civilians and remaining elders nodding

"Agreed, not only that but he's killed dozens of Anbu." Koharu added

Though really the civilians and elders were angry because Danzo helped cover up some of their more illegal actions to benefit themselves. With the Warhawk dead there's no telling when the Hokage will find out and it'll be their heads.

"Enough Lord Vader was acting on my orders after discovering numerous charges against Danzo, all of which would have resulted in him being executed ten times over!" Said Sarutobi slamming his hands down glaring at them making them all shut their mouths

Suddenly the chamber doors slammed open revealing a beaten Jiraiya and an angry Tsunade.

"Ah Tsunade glad you are back to accept the position of Hokage." Hiruzen said

"Like hell I will you old monkey! I'm taking that stupid job even for all the Ryo and Sake in the world, and don't think you can make empty threats against me to try and take it!" Shouted Tsunade glaring at her sensei, Sarutobi nodding for a moment

"Anbu please fetch Lord Vader for me, I believe I have another criminal for him to execute." Ordered the Hokage


That made Tsunade pale, while Vader had altered her memories he made sure to leave the fear she felt for him.

"Wait, wait, wait let's not do anything rash!" Tsunade said not wanting to see that monster Vader again

"So when we expect your inauguration?" Said Hiruzen pleasantly, Tsunade looking down in defeat

*Timeskip-five days*

'Well it's official this village is going to be buried in debts before the months out.' Vader thought from his spot in the back of the large crowd with Hanabi, Tayuya, and his mother, the latter of whom was now able to walk and stand on her own

After making it perfectly clear to Hanabi that she could not tell anyone about who he used to be things went back to, or as normal as a Sith Lords life could be.

That is until he received a message from the Hokage to attend Tsunade's inauguration, while he could care less about such a thing it was made mandatory. Though just by looking at Tsunade's bored and angry expression he could tell she'd have liked to be anywhere else than here.

While Tsunade was giving her speech about being Hokage and protecting Konoha, likely written by someone else given she gave it through gritted teeth, Vader couldn't help but notice Sarutobi had slipped away without anyone noticing, making him narrow his eyes behind his mask.

'Where do you think you're going old man?' Thought Vader slipping away to follow

*With Sarutobi*

'I have made many mistakes in my life, letting Orochimaru escape, letting Danzo live, putting Naruto on a team doomed to fail and look where it got him, and now leaving Tsunade as Hokage. Too many mistakes and nothing I can do to fix them. I can only find my own repentance.' Sarutobi thought folding the letter he had just written and placing it on the table in front of him

Right next to a tanto which he grabbed and unsheathed.

'I can only hop to find redemption in the next life.' Thought the Sandaime closing his eyes and holding the tanto up

Though before he could bring it down to impale himself it flew from his hand right into Vader's.

"Lord Vader, I was not expecting you." Sarutobi said surprised at his appearance, though the Sith remained silent for moment before finally speaking

"You think… you think after everything you've done I would let you take the cowards way out. That your death would wipe the slate clean." Said Vader lowly as the tanto was reduced to a ball of useless scrap

"You will not die until I say you can, your life is mine after everything you've done to me. It was your failure to kill Orochimaru that ended with me losing three of my limbs, your desire to give dozens of chances that lead to my mother being a prisoner for Danzo, and your weakness to control your people that lead to me being seen as lower than dirt by everyone including my former team who had no trouble leaving me for dead. So, no you will not die, not until you've seen the full consequences of your weakness and then and only then will you have my permission to die." Said Vader before leaving the former Hokage to wallow in his grief and shame

*With Vader*

Vader walked through the Forest of Death with annoyed expression beneath his mask, that fool dared to think he could simply die and he would simply be forgiven?

'No after everything he kept from me, all the pain his mistakes caused me, he will not die until I say so.' Vader thought

As he walked towards his castle Vader couldn't help but think it'd be best to build a proper path from the entrance to the castle, better than trudging through the forest to get there when he didn't have a speeder or ship.

Vader soon stopped where he stood and shook his head.

"You are good at suppressing your chakra, I'm sure most trained Jonin would have trouble sensing you. But sadly you cannot suppress your emotions or the hatred you feel towards me. Now come out before I make you." Ordered Vader looking where he could sense someone hiding

Out stepped a white-haired youth with two red dots on his forehead wearing a loose fitting white kimono and a large purple belt, one Vader recognized as the same one Orochimaru wears.

"So the snake sends someone to try to kill me. Revenge for decapitating the Uchiha I take it, along with destroying his eyes." Said Vader activating his saber

"You will not speak of Orochimaru-sama in such a way!" The youth said reaching behind him and pulling out, to Vader's surprise, a bone sword

'Hm, a Kaguya, their Kekkei Genkai allows them to use their skeletons as weapons, utilized in their dances. This will be interesting.' Vader thought

"Very well but may I have the name of my opponent." Requested Vader

"I am Kimimaro Kaguya, leader of the Sound Five. Now enough talk it's time to fight." Kimimaro said jumping down from his perch his bone sword ready to slash Vader

The Sith retaliated by deflecting the blow with his saber before pushing Kimimaro back with the Force.

"It was foolish of your master to send you to fight me, even more foolish of you accept the task." Said Vader

"Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets." Said Kimimaro aiming his fingers at Vader as the tips shot out at Vader

With a gesture Vader stopped the speeding bone pieces before shooting them back at the Kaguya at double the speed. With another gesture lifted the Kaguya off the ground and held him against a tree.

"Like I said it was foolish to try and fight me, an unknown opponent. Now while normally I would just kill you, you must have some of Orochimaru's trust if he sent you to kill me, so you'll be interrogate for anything you may know. Now sleep." Vader said making Kimimaro fall unconscious

Picking up the Kaguya, Vader continued his walk back to his castle.

And all we wanted was to spend time with his mother today.

*With Sakura*

'Die, die, die, die you monster!' Thought Sakura as she continuously threw kunai at a training post imagining it was actually that black wearing monster that took her Sasuke-kun from her

Darth Vader!

Just thinking of that bastard filled Sakura with a maddening rage and hatred for what that bastard did to her Sasuke-kun.

'No, no, no, no! Sasuke-kun is still alive he's just hiding from that monster until he's strong enough to kill that freak and then we'll run away together and living happily ever after! YES!' Sakura thought madly with a manic glint in her eyes

Or maybe she could kill the freak herself and then Sasuke-kun will come back and they can finally be together!

All the while three people watched from the tree line more than a little disturbed as they heard Sakura begin muttering to herself.

"Are we sure it's a good idea bringing her to Orochimaru-sama?" Kidomaru asked

"Yeah, she doesn't seem… right in the head." Agreed Jirobo

While no one in Oto could claim to be sane, even they could see this girl was tittering on the edge of sanity.

"It doesn't matter Orochimaru wanted us to get the girl. And remember he doesn't care about girl herself just that she could prove useful against Darth Vader, if not then she's just another experiment." Sakon said with a shrug

But unknown to Sakura and the Oto Ninja a small round drone flew above them with a lens zoomed in on them.

*With Vader*

Nodding once to the droids Vader dismissed them once Kimimaro was significantly restrained.

'Not let's see what secrets you possess.' Thought Vader preparing to enter Kimimaro's mind

But he stopped when he noticed something on the back of the Kaguya's neck. Tilting his head to the side Vader saw it was a seal, a memory seal.

'Now what reason could Orochimaru have to put a memory seal on someone who's clearly fanatically loyal to him? Let's find out shall we.' Vader thought putting his hand over the seal and a small burst of the Force caused it to deteriorate

Kimimaro's face screwed up as memories flooded his mind, ones he didn't remember, though one stood out.

"Are you positive Kabuto?" Questioned Orochimaru

"Absolutely Orochimaru-sama. Kimimaro's affliction isn't an illness it appears that his unique body structure is a double-edged sword. While he can regrow the bones he removes instantly it appears that each time he regrows his bones they are slowly killing him, with the continued use of his Kekkei Genkai. It's an easy fix, just a few weeks of treatment and he'll be back to a hundred percent. Shall I proceed with the treatment Orochimaru-sama?" Kabuto said, Orochimaru thinking for a moment

"… No, leave Kimimaro-kun as he is. If he's returned to peak condition he may not be as loyal as he once was." Orochimaru denied, Kabuto nodding

Kimimaro's eyes opened filled with betrayal.

"Orochimaru-sama, he knew how to cure me of my illness and yet he did nothing." Said Kimimaro

"It's not surprising, that snake is greedy and fearful of all those he perceives as stronger than him, if he believed any of his subordinates were growing to strong he'd likely terminate them before they can try betraying him." Vader said, Kimimaro remaining silent

"If you wish I believe I have a way to cure you, but in return for this you must pledge your loyalty to me." Offered Vader, Kimimaro turning his head to him

"If you do have a way to cure me of this pain I will swear my loyalty to you Vader-sama." Said Kimimaro willing to serve the Sith Lord if it meant he could be cured and after learning of Orochimaru's betrayal to him

"Good, and if I'm right the method should be able to stabilize your skeletal structure so there will be no fear of this illness returning." Vader said pleased at both robbing Orochimaru of a powerful asset and gaining a strong ally

*Unknown Location*

Izumi and Konan entered a dark cavern standing in the center for a moment waiting, until a holographic image appeared of the Akatsuki Leader, Pein.

"Report." Ordered Pein

"Leader-sama we failed to recruit Darth Vader to the Akatsuki, we attempted to eliminate him but he proved stronger than we thought along with the appearance of Jiraiya forced us to retreat." Konan said, Pein frowning, not that either women can see

"That is regrettable, he would have proved a useful member for the Akatsuki. You both are dismissed." Pein said

Izumi and Konan bowed before exiting the cave. Once they were gone Pein looked to the side as in a swirl of distorted air a man wearing an orange swirling mask with a single eye hole appeared, along with a half-black half-white plant creature rising out of the floor.

"Madara, Zetsu what do you believe we should do to combat Darth Vader should he become a threat to our plans?" Pein questioned

"For now do nothing, Darth Vader is an unknown variable, not to mention we still do not know the full extent of his abilities. See if we can find out who's inside the suit, if we find out his identity we may discover his weaknesses." "Madara" said, Pein nodding before moving onto another important topic

"What about the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, we cannot seal the Kyuubi with it following it's Jinchuuriki into death." Reminded Pein annoyed that Orochimaru ruined their plans by killing the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki

"I believe I have solved that problem. I've located a boy in the Fire Temple that seems to have part of the Kyuubi's chakra sealed inside him. While it's not the real Kyuubi he has enough of the beats chakra to act as a substitute." Said Zetsu in his dual voice, "Madara" and Pein nodding

"Good, see to it that he is watched and make sure nothing happens to the boy. If he dies so does all our plans, also see if you can locate the bodies of the Gold and Silver Brothers, they should possess some of the Kyuubi's chakra as well, and the more we have the better chances we'll have of it being enough." Ordered "Madara"

Nothing would stand in the way of his Moons Eye Plan, nothing.

*With Vader*

Vader frowned as he sat on his bed looking at the recording one of his spy droids picked up, of three Oto Ninja speaking with Sakura and all of them leaving together. He would say he's surprised bu truthfully he had expected something like this.

After he killed Sasuke he saw how unhinged Sakura had become, well more unhinged than she already was, as he read her surface thoughts before and she apparently had another voice in her head. Vader knew it was then only a matter of time before she either tried to kill him, and die trying, or go rogue in an attempt to get stronger to kill him in revenge for killing Sasuke.

'Even though she's apparently in denial of the Uchiha's death, it's a wonder that they don't have mental examinations for Ninja, though considering they allowed the Uchiha to go on without one after his clans destruction it's not surprising.' Vader thought

Suddenly his door opened and in walked his mother with a determined expression.

"Get dressed, we're going." Kushina said, Vader raising a brow in confusion

"Going where might I ask?" Questioned Vader

"I don't know, somewhere, anywhere. Just get ready and no armor." Said Kushina

"But you're still not at full health, what if something-"

"I told you Naruto-kun I am perfectly fine. Nothing will happen." Kushina said sitting next to her son wrapping an arm around him pulling him close

"I've missed fourteen years of your life, your first steps, first words, birthdays, entering the Academy, getting your headband." Said Kushina choking on the words at having missed so many moments before quickly wiping away tears that were about to fall

"Anyway I've already missed to much and I don't intend to miss another moment. So, we are going to spend some time together as mother and son, and nothing you say will change my mind understand." Said Kushina, Vader's eyes softening

"Alright Kaa-san." Vader said softly

"Good not get ready and don't worry we'll go somewhere, where you won't be recognized." Kushina said happily leaving the room

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