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Reverse Falls Episode Guide

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven

Season Eight

Season Nine

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Season Thirteen

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Season Twenty


Season One

Episode One – Gaggling Gleefulness: Salem and her family moves into Reverse Falls. She meets Pacifica and Gideon and hears about the Tent 'o' Telepathy along with the Gleeful Twins Dipper and Mabel Gleeful. The new trio decide to see what the hype is all about with the twins and see the show. This is where Salem officially catches Dipper's eye. First appearance of Salem, Gideon, Pacifica, the Salvatore Family, Dipper and Mabel.

Episode Two – Gobblewonker Chase: Salem, Pacifica, and Gideon travel to Lake Reverse Falls and try to find the legendary Gobblewonker. Salem officially begins working at the Mystery Shack and official meets the Gleeful Twins, Mabel and Dipper. First appearance of Bud, Wendy, Soos, and several Reverse Falls residents.

Episode Three – Waxy Moon: The kids discover a secret wax museum in the shack and decides to open it. Pacifica decides to create her own wax figure…of Bud! But when someone chops off his head it is up to the trio to figure out who done it and why. First and only appearance of the Wax figures with the exception the decapitated wax head of Larry King in the vents.

Episode Four – Constellation Misinterpretation: Dipper asks Salem on a date, unfortunately, things are not all as they seem, and we learn that Dipper has become infatuated with Salem. And we learn some interesting things about Salem's background. First appearance of the Cards, Kero and Spinner.

Episode Five – Ghostcatchers: The group finds themselves locked inside of an abandoned convenience store in the dead of night. Unfortunately, they are proved to be not alone. First appearance of Ma and Pa Dawnerson. First appearance of the Freezer Creature.

Episode Six – Nymph Island: Salem becomes trapped inside of an abandoned sea cave with the Twins. They have only their abilities and each other to save them. Meanwhile Gideon and Pacifica try to get Bud to see that Reverse Falls is no ordinary town. Also the Twins find out that Salem also has magic, when she seals away the card responsible for trapping them in the cave.

Episode Seven – Cloning Chaos: When Gideon finds a copy machine in the Shack, things turn into chaos, and Salem begins to look for a good boyfriend. Dipper becomes insanely jealous when she refuses to acknowledge him after their trip through the sea cave incident. First and only appearance of Gideon Clones.

Episode Eight – Ye Olde Pioneers: When the group discover that a real-life conspiracy is hidden within the town, they set out to unravel it. Meanwhile the twins come up with ways to get the Journal away from Gideon and to get Salem to join them.

Episode Nine – Jewels Are a Girls Number One Fan: Someone has been leaving mysterious and expensive gifts in Salem's room when she leaves. Pacifica and Gideon decide to find out who and why.

Episode Ten – What Came First: The Mystery Shack is holding a carnival, when Pacifica wins a chicken [Clucky], things take a turn for the weird as the group discover a time traveler is spying on them. Meanwhile Dipper is repeatedly asking Salem to go to the carnival with him, but with little success. First appearance of Slendin Slandin and Clucky the Chicken.

Episode Eleven – Rumble Time: When a video game character comes to life, things keep going from bad to worse. It wasn't until the character starts to flirt with Salem is that Dipper decides that she will only have him and his sister as her friends. First appearance of Rumble McSkirmish.

Episode Twelve – Height is But a Number: Gideon, feeling self-conscious when Uncle Bud points out how short he is compared to the girls, decides to use a special type of crystal to make him taller.

Episode Thirteen – Summerween is Coming to Town: Reverse Falls loved Halloween so much that they invented their own version of the holiday during the summer. But, when the Summerween Trickster comes out to play all bets are off. During the confusion, Salem gets kidnapped by the twins; offering her an ultimatum: either leave Gideon and Pacifica and her other friends or have them suffer if she does not join the twins. First and only appearance of the Summerween Trickster.

Episode Fourteen – Flashback Lane: Here we look from the twins point of view of Salem's appearance in Reverse Falls. First appearance of Stan and Ford Gleeful, Will Cipher, and the twin's parents.

Episode Fifteen – I'm the Boss: When Pacifica makes a bet with Uncle Bud, after she questions his work ethic. Chaos is on the menu.

Episode Sixteen – There Are No Lights at the End of This Tunnel: The group visits the Bottomless Pit, which so happened to be located on the Shack's property. The group tells stories to pass the time as they wait for the end. Meanwhile the twins, using Will; break into Salem's house and into her room where they find that she has two rooms.

Episode Seventeen – Eeriness in the Pool: After Pacifica befriends a merman at the Reverse Falls Public Pool, things continue to heat up between Salem and the twins. First and only appearance of Mermando.

Episode Eighteen – Djinn You Hear: Its Salem's birthday! The group throws her a surprise party that turns into a disaster. Dipper finally makes his move and forces her into a heated make-out session whilst zombies flood the area. First appearance of Grenda and Candy.

Episode Nineteen – Boyband Fever: When Pacifica discovers her favorite boyband are clones, she enlists Gideon and Salem to help them get a normal life. First appearance of Several Timez.

Episode Twenty – The Butterwoman Strikes: A mysterious set of insect shavings turn up in the oddest places, thanks to the Journal the group learns about the infamous Butterwoman and the path of destruction she is said to bring wherever she goes. First appearance of the Butterwoman.

Season Two

Episode One – Archaeology is for Nerds: When Clucky is taken by what seems to be a Pterodactyl it is up to the group to save her. The twins unfortunately decide to tag along, causing high tension within the rescue team. First appearance of the Dinosaurs.

Episode Two – Dream Another Dream: Ordered by the twins, Will Cipher goes deep within the recesses of the groups minds with warnings to stay away from Salem and to give the Journal to the Twins. But he is unable to enter Salem's for an unknown reason, and she's not happy.

Episode Three – The High Life: When the Gleeful Family offer two million dollars for the Mystery Shack, Uncle Bud didn't waste time in handing over the deed, much to everyone's shock and horror. Now it is up to Salem to get the deed back.

Episode Four – Bunking It Out: Gideon finds a hidden bunker deep within the woods that might lead to a clue to the author, and Salem accidently falls down ditch and breaks her leg. Dipper and Mabel hear her cries for help after going for a walk through the woods. First appearance of the Shape Shifter.

Episode Five – Putt-Putt Pride: Salem suggests going to Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt, there they find a race of little people. The twins soon show up much to everyone's surprise and once again try to get Salem to join them.

Episode Six – Nightmare of the Socks: The twins order Will to make a deal with Gideon from the laptop recovered in the bunker. Soon chaos appears when a Gideon possessed Will destroys Pacifica's sock opera. Salem's current boyfriend also shows up from attending Princeton University; this in turn makes Dipper insanely jealous. Also, a Card shows up and adds more trouble to mix. First appearance of Brian King [Salem's Current Boyfriend].

Episode Seven – Virtual Nightmare: Gideon, Pacifica, and Salem try to set up Soos with a date. Salem finds a virtual reality dating game for Soos' PC, which later turns into a nightmare when the lead female is an out-of-control A.I. yandere. Things also heat up after Salem's tests it on her own computer, and finds a male version of the character from Soos description. Now it's a battle of wits and survival between Soos and his yandere, and Dipper versus her own yandere for her affections. First appearance of GIFfany and GIFfery.

Episode Eight – Turning a Blinded Eye: The normal people of Reverse Falls soon start to notice the supernatural/paranormal aspects of the town, and the hidden Society of the Blind Eye tries to get it under control. On another note, Salem is playing a high-stakes game of Cat and Mouse between herself and Dipper; in which if she loses, she must leave her friends permanently. First appearance of the Society of the Blind Eye.

Episode Nine – The Game of Time: Slendin challenges the trio to a game with the consequences being stuck forever in Time Jail if they lose. They also learn that Salem revered as a deity in the future. First appearance of Time Baby and the citizens in the future and past.

Episode Ten – Eros Through the Heart: The twins steal several love potions from the traveling Love God and slip them into Salem's food. Now it is up to Gideon and Pacifica to get the antidote before the effects become permanent and Salem is chained forever to Dipper Gleeful. First appearance of the Love God.

Episode Eleven – Neighborhood Ghoul: The old abandoned manor atop of the hill is rumored to be haunted. The trio decide to check it out, the unwelcome arrival of the twins also shakes things up. Dodging several murder attempts whilst fighting off the twin's actions, Salem is in for a very rough night.

Episode Twelve – Expect the Unexpected: It's the Fourth of July! And the town of Reverse Falls are having a huge celebration, Dipper and Mabel blackmail Salem into spending the day with them, but when an uninvited party crasher soon arrives it is up to an unlikely trio to stop them.

Episode Thirteen – Double Vision: When the trio corner Bud underneath the Mystery Shack, he is forced to tell the story that started it all. First appearance of Ben Pines and Bud and Ben's parents and others in the past.

Episode Fourteen – Dungeon Trippers: Gideon has found a new obsession: a board game. Ben decides to have a bonding time with his nephew, however things take a turn for the weird after the twins switch the original dice to an Infinity-Sided Die [which is illegal] to get them out of the way when they kidnap Salem from her job.

Episode Fifteen – Candidate of Lies: Bud decides to run for mayor of Reverse Falls, an unlikely alliance soon forms between the trio and the twins when they decide that having Bud as mayor even for a day is a recipe for a disaster. Especially when one of Ben's inventions comes into play.

Episode Sixteen – Journey of False Fantasies: After the twins ordered Will to pay a visit to Ben in his dreams, and giving a dire warning of convincing Salem to becomes Dipper's girlfriend and Mabel's best friend, he orders the trio to find a unicorn in the forest and get its hair for a device to prevent Will from dropping into their dreams.

Episode Seventeen – Attraction Like Magnets: Uncle Bud takes the trio with him to sabotage the other attractions in Oregon. The twins are right on their heels though.

Episode Eighteen – War of Eons: Pacifica and Salem are planning Gideon's thirteenth birthday! Everything goes exactly as planned, except for one little thing…

Episode Nineteen – Reality Bites: After Ben, accidently knocks over a reality-dimensional stabilizer, the group finds themselves living different lives everytime they eat something. The group also contains the twins…. oh boy. First appearance of several counterparts of the citizens and the group.

Episode Twenty – Fighting Back: The group finally manages to stop travelling through different realities and dimensions, unfortunately they run into Will's counterpart Bill. First appearance of Bill Cipher and different versions of others.

Season Three

Episode One – Wendigo Willfulness: Something or someone is eating all the meat in town. And it is up to the trio to find out why. We also see how Dipper and Mabel are planning Salem's sixteenth birthday, much to Salem's horror!

Episode Two – Rotting Candy: Salem gets into a cyber war against one of Mabel's friends Candy.

Episode Three – The Mailbox: The trio discover a lone mailbox in the middle of the woods.

Episode Four – Who is Lefty: Gideon tries to find out why a Reverse Falls resident never faces the right. First and only appearance of Lefty.

Episode Five – Giant Teeth Are Not Cool: A giant tooth is soon found on the shore of Lake Reverse Falls. The trio try to find out where it came from…without getting eaten in the process. First and only appearance of the Giant Island Head.

Episode Six – Where is the Hide-Behind: Upon hearing an Urban Legend of the local lumberjacks. Gideon decides to find out if it's true, meanwhile Salem is forced on a date with Dipper. First and only known appearance of the Hide-Behind.

Episode Seven – Theatre Mishaps: The group goes to the movies.

Episode Eight – Why I Hate Spiders: Several giant spider-webs around town start appearing out of nowhere. Although Pacifica's arachnophobia seems to have gotten worse.

Episode Nine – Weirdo Zoo: The group goes to the local petting zoo, although it's not a normal zoo.

Episode Ten – Rise of the Gremloblin's: Gideon finds a new species to study and Salem is forced to go on a state-wide shopping spree with Mabel.

Episode Eleven – Messing with Witchcraft: Uncle Bud pisses off the wrong person and is now cursed by a witch.

Episode Twelve – Searing Flames: After nearly setting the Mystery Shack on fire, Gideon and Pacifica are forbidden to use fire. But in a dire situation that their only chance is the blaze, how can they save the day when their forbidden from using the thing that could save them?

Episode Thirteen – Ogre of a Problem: An Ogre somehow makes its way into town causing problems for everybody.

Episode Fourteen – Shimmering Away: Due to an accident with a teleportation device, Gideon now randomly shivers in and out of reality.

Episode Fifteen – Don't Open That Door: A hoard of monsters is destroying the town, and the only thing that's stopping them is this weird door in the middle of town from keeping them out.

Episode Sixteen – Snowy with a Chance of Righteous: It's snowing in Reverse Falls! Only one little problem with that picture though…its Summer. And to make matters worse, an Abominable Snowman is spotted in the snow!

Episode Seventeen – Shaving Problems: Uncle Bud teaches Gideon how to shave. Much to the hilarity of the girls.

Episode Eighteen – Cooling Off: The ice creature from the haunted convenience store has escaped!

Episode Nineteen – Woochucking Contest: When a lumberjacking contest is held, a flock of giant woodpeckers crash the celebrations.

Episode Twenty – Faster Than the Wind: When a travelling salesman comes to town, Bud and the salesman duke it out…with a race! First and only appearance of James S. Amson.

Season Four

Episode One – Colder Than Ice: Winter has come early to Reverse Falls. Along with a mischievous spirit who plans to turn Reverse Falls into an Ice Town! Luck would have it that the twins kidnapped Salem and the group is having trouble stopping him. First appearance of Jack Frost.

Episode Two – Hotter Than Fire: Mysterious fires are cropping up in town, meanwhile Salem is forced to spend the week with the Gleeful's after her house needs fumigation.

Episode Three – Stronger Than Earth: Wendy's father is going against the strongest lumberjack in the state!

Episode Four – Elemental Showdown: A high-stakes game of cat and mouse occurs between Salem and the twins. The winner is whoever can create the most out of the elements. If Salem loses she is forced to become the fiancée of Dipper Gleeful, but if she wins they leave her alone forever.

Episode Five – Shifting of Time: When Slendin Slandin declares war upon the trio, they are once again in a life or death situation.

Episode Six – Scamping Away We Go: The group goes camping, tagging along with the twins as well. Finding herself in several situations between herself and Dipper, Salem needs severe relaxation. Too bad it's not happening on this trip…

Episode Seven – Birds of a Feather: Reports of dinosaurs during the night peaks the trios interest, but then Clucky gets kidnapped…again! Now, it is up to the group to save her.

Episode Eight – Valentine's Forever: Robert confides in Salem about how to ask Wendy out. First known appearance of Robert Valentino.

Episode Nine – Memories are Forever: Pacifica doesn't want to move away from Reverse Falls. She most certainly doesn't want to leave her two best friends in the world. But when she is approached by Will [on orders from the twins], she makes a deal.

Episode Ten – Terror on the Way: Pacifica's deal with Will is far from over. An epic showdown between the not-so-friendly supernatural/paranormal creatures in Reverse Falls decide to wage war upon the unsuspecting town.

Episode Eleven – Food for Thoughts: Salem goes down memory lane after some of her old friends pay a surprise visit. Especially from her ex-boyfriends. First and only appearance of Salem's friends and ex-boyfriends.

Episode Twelve – Rifting Through Space: Ben's clumsiness has done it this time. After accidently destroying a space-time balancer, everything goes topsy-turvy.

Episode Thirteen – Quantum Leaps: After destroying the balancer, it is now up to the only magic-users in town to stop the apocalypse from crashing down their heads. The only problem is that the users in question are the twins and Salem!

Episode Fourteen – Dimensional Mix-Ups: After the fiasco with the almost-apocalypse, things are seeming to be back to normal. Well, almost. But the biggest thing Gideon and Salem are concerned about is that Pacifica is staying…permanently!

Episode Fifteen – Truth is for Liars: Pacifica, fed up with Bud's lying all the time. Decides to fix it, with horrifying results!

Episode Sixteen – Perception of the Eyes: Gideon is fed up with people questioning his intellect, so he decides to fix it. Unfortunately, things do not always turn out the way we want them to.

Episode Seventeen – Universal Armageddon: The wall that keeps this reality and the others is cracking! And it is up to Salem and her counterparts to find out the cause of it. First official appearance of Salem's counterparts.

Episode Eighteen – Chaos of Life: During Salem's mission, the twins devise a plan to get Pacifica and Gideon out their way of Salem's attention…permanently.

Episode Nineteen – Celestial of Death: Salem and her counterparts have seemed to have found the problem. And it is big!

Episode Twenty – Falling Up: When Salem and counterparts turn up in Reverse Falls looking as if they've went to war, the town is prepared for the worse.

Season Five

Episode One – Voiceover: After the war between Chaos and Celestial, things have finally calmed down. Somewhat, after making fun of his voice cracking from puberty, Gideon goes to Old Man McGucket and finds a solution to his problems.

Episode Two – Bots of Love: It's Valentine's in Reverse Falls, and everyone is feeling the love. After being abducting from her own room by the twins, Salem is forced to go through Valentine's with Dipper being even more of pest than usual.

Episode Three – Lawless Love: Sheriff Durland and Deputy Blubbs' romance life is well known throughout the town, but when a huge fight erupts between them [and man is it STUPID!] Salem has to put up with Blubbs' presence in her house.

Episode Four – Crescent Place of My Life: Dipper tricks Salem into going on a moonlight date with him when he pops the question that still gives her nightmares.

Episode Five – Danger of the Disappearance: Everyone in town has disappeared except for Salem, Mabel, and Dipper [who were out of the town's boundaries]. And now not a day later, they reappear. But, something is off with them all.

Episode Six – The Final Gambit: When strange things begin to happen at Greasy's Dinner, it is up to the trio to figure out what it is.

Episode Seven – Sweet and Spice: A bright flash of light erupts over the town skyline, engulfing everything and everyone within it. The light had swapped everyone's personalities to their absolute opposites of their true ones. The only one's not affected by it happen to be the twins and Salem thanks their own personal magic.

Episode Eight – Silence is Golden: An earthquake rocks Reverse Falls, unleashing a monster that hates noise and places a spell over the entire town. Now nothing can be heard.

Episode Nine – Shadow of Light: On the orders of the Twins, Will Cipher approaches Ben with a deal.

Episode Ten – Merging of Space: Time Baby is dead and it's all Gideon and Pacifica's fault! Last appearance of Time Baby.

Episode Eleven – Much Ado About Mazes: A new attraction crops up in Reverse Falls that threatens the Mystery Shack. A maze filled with odds and ends, and now thanks to Gideon, the group [twins included] are lost and separated in the maze itself! Salem and Dipper are trapped inside of the maze with no way out. To make matters worse, creatures of all categories are inside with them!

Episode Twelve – Vampire Creeper: Rumors of a vampire stalking Reverse Falls make their way to the trio's ears. Meanwhile Dipper blackmails Salem into going to the movies with him, unfortunately the vampire that is mentioned in the rumors falls for Salem. And he won't stop until he makes her his undead queen. First and only appearance of Count von Bloodmeer.

Episode Thirteen – Werewolf Central: A strange new family moves to Reverse Falls, reports of werewolves in the forest spark the trio's interest. With the oldest son of the new family 'claims' her as his, Salem is in for a rough week. A power struggle erupts between the son and Dipper, with the winner becoming Salem's husband! First appearance of Xavier Shadows and his family.

Episode Fourteen – Plot Twisters: Tornadoes are reported in Oregon, and Reverse Falls is right in the middle of Tornado Alley.

Episode Fifteen – Happiness is for Losers: A mysterious force steals all the happiness from Reverse Falls except for the twins and Salem who were out of state for Salem to meet her 'in-laws'.

Episode Sixteen – Fate is Cruel: The cruelness of Fate is legendary, but this is a whole new level.

Episode Seventeen – Us or Them: The twins hold Salem hostage until she chooses between them and her friends.

Episode Eighteen – Going Back Home: Salem returns to New Orleans for a mini-vacation with her family. With Salem gone, chaos is erupting in Reverse Falls without her Guidance.

Episode Nineteen – Travel Plans: Gideon, Pacifica, and Salem go on a road trip across the state, with the twins following them.

Episode Twenty – There's No Creature Like Slim Creeper: Salem celebrates her seventeenth birthday. First and only appearance of the Slim Creeper.

Season Six

Episode One – TK Problems: Pacifica finds a book about getting the ability of telekinesis and decides to try it with dangerous results.

Episode Two – Bear of a Time: The bears from Reverse Falls Woods are migrating into the town, and nobody knows why.

Episode Three – Fear the Thing: A monster is terrorizing the town and it is up to Dipper and Mabel to stop it when the monster puts Salem in the hospital that has the twins out for blood. First and only appearance of the Beast.

Episode Four – Swamp Menaces: The swamp hidden inside of Reverse Falls Woods is legendary. And so is its monster. First and only appearance of the Swamp Monster.

Episode Five – The Sky is Falling: A crack appears in the sky over Reverse Falls.

Episode Six – Slime-Tastic: A mysterious substance is appearing throughout the town.

Episode Seven – Deep Dark Trouble: The trio spends a relaxing day at Reverse Falls Beach, until the twins show up that is. But then some swimmers report a sea monster is hidden deep within the ocean.

Episode Eight – Shape Shifting Nightmare: Ben's experiment with the Shape Shifter has gotten loose.

Episode Nine – Vanishment is Certain: Groups of people keep disappearing and the trio try to find out what's causing it before they to disappear.

Episode Ten – Sandman Take Me Away: Citizens of Reverse Falls report of a monster in their dreams that cause some of them not to wake up.

Episode Eleven – Boxes of Nothing: A mysterious box shows up in front of the Tent of Telepathy with nobody knowing what it is.

Episode Twelve – Shrieks of Horror: A haunting voice echoes throughout Reverse Falls that seems to put all the males in town into a trance. It is now up to the remaining females to figure out what is going on before all the males get killed.

Episode Thirteen – Christmas Come Back: During a Christmas Party, disaster strikes the town when things start to happen.

Episode Fourteen – Druids Pay Out: During a lumberjack job, one of them accidentally release an ancient Druid that had been sealed away inside of an ancient tree in the woods, and now plans to take his revenge on the town.

Episode Fifteen – Witch Way is Out: A powerful magical-witch comes to town that Salem seems to know. First and only appearance of Lucinda de Foy.

Episode Sixteen – Underground Troubles: Gideon discovers a secret passageway into Olde Town Reverse that had been buried after the Great Flood of 1863 had occurred. Meanwhile Salem is on a shopping spree with Mabel Gleeful and Pacifica.

Episode Seventeen – Necklaces Are Not Safe: An ancient talisman has been passed down for generations around the world, and it has made its appearance in Reverse Falls.

Episode Eighteen – Danger at Reverse Falls: The sap that held the dinosaurs in the abandon mines have broken free [only one]. And as luck would have it is the T-Rex.

Episode Nineteen – Darkness Against Light: An epic showdown between Salem and Will's counterpart Bill occurs when the latter challenges her to a game. If she loses, then the entire town becomes Bill's slave and she becomes his wife and queen [which pisses off Dipper] but she wins than he must return to the Nightmare Dimension and stay there until she dies from old age [the kicker is that she is immortal to begin with, but he doesn't know that, now does he?]

Episode Twenty – Fighting from Within: Salem must choose between her family and friends safety when she goes up against Bill. Bill's been cheating during their match, and Salem is becoming frustrated. So, she concludes that is the rules don't recognize Bill's magic than her's wouldn't be recognized either!

Season Seven

Episode One – Iceland Badlands: Winter Wonderland has taken refuge in Reverse Falls, along with it a mischievous group of ice pixies.

Episode Two – Doppelgangers Are Out of Style: A woman comes to town after fleeing from her rampaging doppelganger that she had forcibly removed from herself. And now it is attacking anybody that looks remotely like the woman. First and only appearance of Sarah Montague and the Doppelganger.

Episode Three – Ancient Problems: The town next to Reverse Falls had unearthed something they shouldn't have, and now it is after the most powerful magic users that is closest to it.

Episode Four – Return of the Butterwoman: After the dealings with the Butterwoman the first time, she has now somehow escaped her prison and is seeking revenge against the one's that put her there.

Episode Five – Visitors Are Not Welcome: An uninvited guest crashes the Salvatore's dinner party.

Episode Six – Science Projects War: The science fair is happening at Reverse Falls High and Gideon wants to win the blue ribbon even if it means stealing his Uncle Ben's gadgets.

Episode Seven – Shrieks of Nature: Ungodly sounds are heard from the forest.

Episode Eight – Bacteria Vs. Technology: An oxygen-stealing bacterium from prehistoric times have reappeared, now it is up to the trio and the twins to beat it before it spreads throughout the earth.

Episode Nine – Animation Rules: Pacifica enters an art fair. The only problem is that her art is coming to life!

Episode Ten – Flight from Space: A UFO crash lands in lake Reverse Falls.

Episode Eleven – Slimy Crawlers: Man-eating giant worms have escaped from their prison from the earth's core.

Episode Twelve – Voodoo Vermin: A man comes to Reverse Falls that Salem recognizes. A power struggle soon erupts between Salem, the twins, and the man. First appearance of Herman T. Beaumont.

Episode Thirteen – Undead Resort: A weird mountain resort opens on the mountain.

Episode Fourteen – Tribal Secrets: Ben talks about how he first got interested in Reverse Falls secrets. First and only appearance of Gideon's great-grandparents.

Episode Fifteen – Movie Mayhem: Characters from TV and movies are coming alive in Reverse Falls.

Episode Sixteen – Eyes Have It: People are reporting large bat-like flying eyeballs attacking them.

Episode Seventeen – Swapping Party: An accident occurs between the twins and the trio, which results in everybody swapping bodies.

Episode Eighteen – Nightmare Realm: Gideon ends up inside the Nightmare Realm with no way out. And it is now up to Pacifica to save him when Salem is forced by Mabel to go on a shopping spree.

Episode Nineteen – Gateway is Two Doors Down Part 1: The Gate of Avalon is hidden in Reverse Falls.

Episode Twenty – Gateway is Two Doors Down Part 2: The Gate of Avalon has been opened in Reverse Falls.

Season Eight

Episode One – Through the Glass: Salem is transported into the book of Alicia in Wonderland.

Episode Two – Disappearing Adults: The adults in town are disappearing.

Episode Three – Clones are Together: Pacifica accidently clones herself with the copy machine. First and only appearance of the Pacifica Clones.

Episode Four – Spiders Are Back: The giant spiders are back, and they are hungry.

Episode Five – Gnomes Against the Town: The gnomes of the forest declare war upon Reverse Falls.

Episode Six – Mutation Flare: Somebody has dumped toxic waste in a land fill in the forest, and now mutant animals are appearing.

Episode Seven – Who is Who: Everybody seems to have swapped lives with another.

Episode Eight – Earthquakes Are Not Cool: Earthquakes are shaking the earth, and they all point to Reverse Falls.

Episode Nine – Magic Sucks: Salem gets sick and the twins decide to take care of her, the only trouble is when Salem gets sick her powers start to act up.

Episode Ten – Imagination is the Key: People's imaginations are going wild, literally.

Episode Eleven – Scary Crow: A weird scarecrow is appearing everywhere Gideon is at.

Episode Twelve – Zombie Problems: The government gets wind of the happenings of Reverse Falls. First appearance of the FBI Paranormal Agency.

Episode Thirteen – Labyrinths and Mazes: Pacifica and Gideon find a hidden entrance into the mythical labyrinth.

Episode Fourteen – Disappearing Shadows: Everybody's shadows are disappearing.

Episode Fifteen – Types of Writers: A magic typewriter comes into Gideon's possession.

Episode Sixteen – Elves Are Not Seasonal: A diabolical elf causes destruction on Christmas Eve.

Episode Seventeen – Loves Are War: Salem goes on a date with Dipper, willingly.

Episode Eighteen – Terrorland: A new amusement park opens in Reverse Falls.

Episode Nineteen – Voice from Beyond: Strange sounds and voices are being heard throughout the town, and it is up to an unlikely trio to find out what it is. First and only appearance of the Siren.

Episode Twenty – Flies Can Be Dangerous: Reports of giant flies are cropping up all over town, along with reports of several people missing.

Season Nine

Episode One – Piracy of Doom: A new attraction has come to Reverse Falls, and along with it comes trouble in the shape of a 500-year-old curse.

Episode Two – Gold is Great: Miners are reporting that gold is appearing in the abandoned mines, unfortunately something else has come along with it.

Episode Three – Year of the Dragon: Its New Year's Eve, and the town is ready to kick off the new year with a tremendous firework display. But, when a traveling merchant comes and sells something that is later found out to be cursed and has brought disaster along with for over 5000 years, the fireworks are not the only things heating up. First and only appearance of Chen Li-Song.

Episode Four – Egyptian Love: The Tri-City Museum has a new exhibit: An Ancient Egyptian Mummy. When the trio's class go to the museum on a field trip [with the twins tagging going along as 'chaperones']; things start to happen. Like how Locusts suddenly appears out of nowhere and a sandstorm kicks up when the only sand is twenty miles away at the beach. Things take a turn for the creepy when an Egyptian slab illustrates the new mummy and his queen. Only one problem: she looks exactly like Salem! First appearance of Pharaoh Har-Uah-Ankh-Antef and only appearance of Queen Eboni.

Episode Five: Haunted Love – During a high school party at the local cemetery, the teens tell the legend of Adrian the Relentless. Unfortunately, one of the kids destroys the headstone of one Adrian de Fontaine, and horror soon erupts throughout the town. First and only appearance of Adrian de Fontaine.

Episode Six: Creep of Tails – Developers at a nearby dam construction site, uncover what appears to be a stone tablet in the middle of where the water valve is supposed to go. They soon remove it, and horror ensues.

Episode Seven: Mirror, Mirror – A new game has made its way to Reverse Falls, and with it a nightmare.

Episode Eight: Soul Mates – A demon searches for the woman he loves, that had been reincarnated several times throughout the millenniums. He soon finds his way to Reverse Falls, where he discovers her current incarnation: Salem! Now it is up to Dipper and Mabel to save her from becoming the King of Hell's Bride! First and only appearance of Tanelionoch.

Episode Nine: Hitchhiker 'R Us – Motorists are disappearing upon a rural stretch of highway near the Oregon and Idaho Borders.

Episode Ten: Demonic Interference – When the trio decide to investigate a weird cave, somebody or something will do anything to keep them away from it.

Episode Eleven: Monkeying Around – Something is changing everybody in town into monkeys. Now Dipper and Salem are the only two left.

Episode Twelve: Dinner for Two – Dipper invites Salem on a date at a new restaurant.

Episode Thirteen: Secrets of the Strange Kind – Ben has been keeping something very important from the others.

Episode Fourteen: You're Getting Warmer – A freak heatwave erupts throughout the town.

Episode Fifteen: Owl's for Thoughts – Reports of an Owlman as being sighted in the woods.

Episode Sixteen: Eternal Night – An unexpected Solar Eclipse encases the entire world into darkness. And with it, is the beginnings of an ancient prophecy coming to life.

Episode Seventeen: Underworld Firsts – With the eclipse still active, reports of demons attacking people around the world makes it way to Reverse Falls.

Episode Eighteen: Don't Go in the Water! – Something is in the water at Lake Reverse Falls, and with the eclipse still active. It's now hungry.

Episode Nineteen: Tigers are Kitties – Animals are now migrating into populated cities.

Episode Twenty: Guardian of Life and Death – Salem realizes that the eclipse is only the beginning of the end.

Season Eleven:

Episode One: It Came from the Caves! – After the events of the eclipse had finally been stopped, the group hopes to enjoy the peace. That is until a group of local teens start to explore the caves and have released something.

Episode Two: Nightmare Avenue – Peoples nightmares are coming to life in the real world.

Episode Three: For a Few Brains More – An alien [disguised as a little girl] attempts to steal the brains of its greatest people in the world. And as luck would have it, she comes to Reverse Falls first.

Episode Four: Pitiful Existence – Will recounts how he became enslaved to the Gleeful Clan.

Episode Five: Coven of Terror – A new tourist attraction opens in Reverse Falls. Mabel finds out that the owner is a dangerous witch that plans to kill Salem for her powers! First and only appearance of Amelia Dawlish.

Episode Six: Reaping Craziness – The Grim Reaper seems to finally have enough and decides to take a much-needed vacation, he decides to visit his good friend Salem. First appearance of the Grim Reaper/Thomas Ryan.

Episode Seven: Four Coffins and a Wedding – Salem is getting married! But not to Dipper, her parents had gotten her into a marriage contract. Gideon and Pacifica helps at the local Funeral Home and tries to help find out where four coffins went. First and only appearance of Gregory le Beau.

Episode Eight: Pacifica and Gideon's Marvelous Adventure – The trio heads to New Orleans with Salem to celebrate Mardi Gras. The twins also come along, meanwhile Gideon and Pacifica goes on a pure wacky adventure that can only happen to them.

Episode Nine: The Third Element – Ben discovers a new element! However, Salem vehemently disagrees with Ben's plans to take to the National Science Committee.

Episode Ten: Dream a Little Dream – Salem appears ready to keel over, which worries everyone. When she tells the others at how Bill refuses to leave her alone and haunts her dreams so the twins order Will to fight Bill to save Salem.

Episode Eleven: Doomsday is Calling – When some local amateur archaeologists discover a hidden tunnel that goes deep underneath Reverse Falls and comes to a door which says to not open until Doomsday. Too bad these guys didn't believe it, and now it is up to Dipper, Salem, and Mabel to close the door before the earth might never recover and be the same again.

Episode Twelve: Look a Likes – Portals are appearing all over Reverse Falls that spill out the counterparts of the residents at random.

Episode Thirteen: Through the Passage of Time – Salem and Dipper are hit by a wayward spell that Pacifica was trying to use it to clean her room. And now, the spell doesn't exactly do what it was supposed to and now both Dipper and Salem are travelling randomly through time with no apparent stopping point.

Episode Fourteen: World of Darkness – The power and electricity in the entire town refuses to turn on.

Episode Fifteen: What's with Them? – Bud and Ben are acting strangely and everyone wants to know why.

Episode Sixteen: Obsolete – GIFfany and GIFfery return and they want Soos and Salem. Now a battle is going down between the GIFs and Soos girlfriend and Dipper. It is when Dipper had took her out to eat that GIFfery struck.

Episode Seventeen: Gravewalkers – Local teens discover a new trend, gravewalking. In other words, dancing upon the graves of the deceased. And now, the entire town must pay the price for their foolishness.

Episode Eighteen: Passengers Beside You – Salem is roped into going with Dipper and Mabel to California. Meanwhile Gideon and Pacifica go and investigate the rumors of a vanishing hitchhiker on the local highway.

Episode Nineteen: Where's the Exit? – Salem is lost in the woods, with creatures trying to kill her. It is up to her own luck to get out alive, meanwhile Dipper and Mabel go and look for her when she didn't show up for her and Mabel's shopping trip.

Episode Twenty: Dead Men Can Sing Too – A haunting song seems to entrance the residents and the only ones not affected by it are the twins and Salem.

Season Twelve:

Episode One: Once Upon a Time – Stories are coming alive in Reverse Falls, and everyone is finding themselves in several different roles in multiple different stories. Both Salem and Dipper find themselves trapped inside of several "romance"-like stories, and Salem is not happy.

Episode Two: Dummies and a Matchstick – Wendy's friends have got into some serious trouble when a fire demon challenges them to a game, and the price of losing…is their souls.

Episode Three: A Parallel Existence – A portal has opened over Reverse Falls, inside of it, shows another dimension where everything is the opposite. The twins are good, Pacifica and Gideon are evil, and Salem is just confused.

Episode Four: 20,000 Feet and Screaming – To get Bud over his fear of heights, the group tricks Bud onto an airplane trip to San Francisco when the plane experiences technical problems, and we learn that Dipper is a certified pilot.

Episode Five: Uncle Joes Comes to Town – Pacifica's Uncle Joe on her mother's side comes to visit. What ensues is oddly parallel to the movie Uncle Buck.

Episode Six: Live Dolly – Salem's fear of dolls comes to light when Pacifica buys an old doll from an antique shop while on vacation. It soon becomes apparent that the dolly is hardly innocent as odd and weird things begin to happen.

Episode Seven: Your Call – An Urban Legend has circulated throughout Reverse Falls, and both Gideon and Pacifica wants to know if it's true. The group soon finds out that the stories are true, and with deadly consequences.

Episode Eight: The Man Without a Face – A faceless man has been sighted throughout Reverse Falls. And each time the man is spotted, disaster strikes.

Episode Nine: Guess Who We Are Having for Dinner? – A new strange family moves into town, and when Salem, her family and the twins and their family are invited for dinner. Salem and the twins soon discover that the new family's diet is not normal. And that they and their family are on the main menu.

Episode Ten: Hindsight is 20/20 – People in town are suddenly losing their sight, and when Salem is stricken with the same illness. The twins along with Gideon and Pacifica must band together to find out what was causing it.

Episode Eleven: Art of Horror – An art exhibit comes to Reverse Falls and along with it several strange incidents that draws the group into the mix.

Episode Twelve: A Game of Cat and Mouse – Something makes Dipper become even more possessive than normal, and it's becoming a severe problem. Now a game ensues between Salem and Dipper, with the loser becomes the winner's wife/husband immediately.

Episode Thirteen: Call Me Bill – With the events of the chase between Salem and Dipper occurred, it is revealed that Bill is back. And that he was the reason for it.

Episode Fourteen: Luck of the Irish – Gideon's family descendants have a strong connection to Ireland along with a curse that has been passed down from generations. A showdown between an evil leprechaun and the group ensues.

Episode Fifteen: Beacon of the Falls – A story has been passed down through the generations in the town of Reverse Falls. A story about the waterfall and buried treasure.

Episode Sixteen: Never Steal from a Dead Man – The second part of the episode Beacon of the Falls. The group finds a map that details lost treasure of the Natives that once occupied the surrounding area and the treasure that once belonged to Quentin Shakers. However, they soon discover that some things are better left buried.

Episode Seventeen: Legend Trippers – The third part of the episode Never Steal from a Dead Man. After discovering an insanely large treasure trove of gold, pottery, and others the group decide that it should be kept between them. However, the Government seems to be in the search of it as well.

Episode Eighteen: Shh! – The Government becomes interested in Reverse Falls once more, but much to the agent's annoyance, nobody is cooperating with them and they appear to go to any lengths to get what they want.

Episode Nineteen: Devil in the Church – There's an old abandoned church in the old part of Reverse Falls and the Mayor plans of demolishing it for a new shopping mall. However, it seems as if something doesn't won't let them.

Episode Twenty: Room 1122 – There is a large hotel that was built in the mid-1800s and the legend of 1122 proceed with it.

Season Thirteen:

Episode One: Jeopardy Thy Name is Gideon – Gideon becomes addicted to a game called Jeopardy. However, the real problems begin when Bill challenges Gideon to the game for all or nothing. And if Gideon loses, Bill will take his friends souls.

Episode Two: Friendships That Last Forever – A time portal unexpectedly has opened in Reverse Falls Forest. The group manages to fall into the portal and end up twenty-five years into the future. The group soon meets their future selves, which amazingly none them have seemed to age past their twenty-fifth birthdays.

Episode Three: Dead Beat Bud – Pacifica, finally fed up with Bud's attitude enlists the help of some of Ben's inventions [without his knowledge].

Episode Four: Don't Look Under the Bed – The children of Reverse Falls are being terrorized by a monster that lurks underneath their beds. It is up to Salem and the twins to put a stop to it when Salem's younger siblings fall prey to it.

Episode Five: Elevator to Nowhere – Mabel drags Salem to Portland for a week of non-stop shopping. While there, they learn of a legend about an elevator in one of the abandoned buildings working by itself and that whoever enters it is never seen again.

Episode Six: Calling Card – A thief is plaguing the pacific northwest and has set his sights on Reverse Falls. Too bad he picked the wrong house to rob, especially when the person there is having a birthday party.

Episode Seven: Call of the Wolf – Howls are heard in the forest of Reverse Falls and Salem is worried that it is that annoying werewolf family again. However, they all soon learn that it's not them, but another wolf. And he has caught the scent of Salem, and wants her as his mate.

Episode Eight: Route 13 – The highway that connects Reverse Falls to the outside road has been host to many Urban Legends. And now the group is about to discover that they are most defiantly truer than they hoped.

Episode Nine: Walls of Silence – Salem has suddenly lost her voice and now an epidemic has spread throughout the time with others losing their voices as well.

Episode Ten: A Little Piece of Heaven – It is said that everyone has angels watching over them. But what happens when a person does not have one in the first place?

Episode Eleven: This is My House – It's Halloween and everyone is excited when the town opens the house that has been abandoned for years is reopened for the annual haunted house attraction. But, when things start to happen, things that are deemed impossible. It is up to the group to find out what is going on.

Episode Twelve: Translation Please – A team of researchers have come from California to translate the ruins of Reverse Falls. But when one of the members reads aloud a curse, all hell breaks loose upon the town and its inhabitants.

Episode Thirteen: Roses are Red – The legend of the Red Rose has been passed down from generation to generation of the Southeast family and now Pacifica wants to share with her friends [with the twins tagging along].

Episode Fourteen: Dr. Howards and Mr. Johnson – A weird man that claims to be a scientist moves to Reverse Falls. And afterwards, reports of a monster attacking people has made its way to the group. It has attacked Salem and places her into a coma, and now everyone wants to kill the thing.

Episode Fifteen: Stuck in Limbo – After the events of the previous episode has concluded, Salem is still stuck in a coma. However, unknown to everyone she is currently trapped within the in-between of life and death, otherwise known as Limbo. After leaving several messages through her powers in astral form, it is now up to Will to save Salem when the Grim Reaper comes to collect her soul.

Episode Sixteen: The Slaughter of 1855 – When in the library, Gideon comes across an article portraying to the mass slaughter of three-hundred and fifty-nine settlers in 1855. He soon comes across a photograph of the list of victims and makes a shocking discovery.

Episode Seventeen: Guilty Pleasures – Salem and Dipper continue their secret affair in the dream world.

Episode Eighteen: Seeing is Believing – When the happenings of the town become international news, skeptics and non-believers abound descend upon the town. And it is slowly driving the three magic users mad with being called frauds.

Episode Nineteen: Policy of Silence – Sound has disappeared from Reverse Falls. And nobody knows what to do anymore!

Episode Twenty: Digging It – Some students from the local college have decided to excavate Reverse Falls and find something very interesting that causes trouble for everyone.

Season Fourteen:

Episode One: Cats Out of the Bag – A weird mist settles over the skyline of Reverse Falls and now everyone in town are all blurting out their secrets to anyone they encounter!

Episode Two: Skeletons in the Closet – A secret about the local power plant has been exposed.

Episode Three: Birds of Prey – Reports of people being attacked by giant birds have been coming in for the past two weeks, and when both Salem and Pacifica fall prey to it. It is up to the twins and Gideon to make it pay dearly.

Episode Four: Windows to the Other Side – Some of the kids in town have decided to mess around with a Ouija Board. They soon learn that you should never mess with things you don't understand.

Episode Five: Odds and Ends – Salem talks about her past to the group after they are snowed in.

Episode Six: Stubbornness is a Fools Run – Salem is still being stubborn about her relationship with Dipper. And the others are becoming annoyed with it, when she refuses to admit that she is attracted to him.

Episode Seven: Strange Love – A bright flash of light shines in the forest of Reverse Falls. The next day, the annual town festival is in full swing. And after being talked into dressing up in period costume, Salem manages to catch the attention of a new resident, who is not what he seems to be.

Episode Eight: Don't Say Goodbye – Salem had been accepted in the University in Oxford in England. Now she must make a difficult choice, to pursue her acceptance letter or to stay in the place she has finally fit into.

Episode Nine: Arrow Through the Heart – The Love God visits Reverse Falls again after being contacted by Pacifica in helping Salem come to terms about her love for Dipper.

Episode Ten: A Haunting We Shall Go – Salem and the twins had been roped into setting up the annual haunted house for Halloween.

Episode Eleven: The Ghost Writer – Someone has been publishing the stories that takes place in Reverse Falls, and Salem wants to know who it is.

Episode Twelve: Ringleading Circus – The circus has come to Reverse Falls; however, something doesn't seem right about the ringmaster to Salem.

Episode Thirteen: Games of Souls – Bill is back, he is furious about Salem beating him at his own games. So, he decided to take drastic measures to ensure that she won't interfere with his next scheme. Too bad he didn't count on the resourcefulness of the group.

Episode Fourteen: No Strings Attached – Some of the people in town have gone missing, and left in their place is a puppet.

Episode Fifteen: Overdue Payments – The Tax Collector has finally caught up to Bud, and Salem decides to fix the problem once and for all.

Episode Sixteen: Switchers Never Lie – Everyone has switched bodies! Again…

Episode Seventeen: Night of the Comet – Once every two-hundred year a comet orbits the Earth.

Episode Eighteen: Lovers of Time – Gideon finds an old spellbooks at a store in Portland, he and Pacifica recite a spell that makes lovers go through their past lives up until the present incarnations. It just so happens that Dipper and Salem are walking by when the spell works.

Episode Nineteen: Cannon Fodder – The event of the previous episode is continuing and the others are wondering just how many lives have Salem and Dipper lived through?!

Episode Twenty: Vampiric Love – The vampire is back, he won't let anyone get in his way of making Salem his wife. Meanwhile, Salem and Dipper are sorting through their own memories of their past lives.

Season Fifteen:

Episode One: Mating Season – Mating Season has come to Reverse Falls, and the strongest species [i.e. vampires, werewolves, etc.] come to the town to try to mate with Salem.

Episode Two: It Will Kill You – Salem and Dipper recount their past lives to the others and what they had both been through for their love for one another.

Episode Three: Undertaking Problems – The local mortuary needs a new undertaker, and the person they've hired gives Salem some very creepy vibes.

Episode Four: Lonely Hearts – Salem and Dipper try to get the others to find their life partners [which they knew from their own pasts].

Episode Five: New Arrivals – A new family has arrived in Reverse Falls, and the oldest son has set his eyes on Salem.

Episode Six: Wolf at Heart – An old friend of Salem's comes from New Orleans in need of help.

Episode Seven: The Green Dress – When Pacifica orders a new dress from the web, Salem is skeptical after sensing something dark and evil emitting from the dress.

Episode Eight: Last Flight Out – During a camping trip, Bud and Ben talk about the disappearance of a plane over Reverse Falls that went missing along with all the passengers and crew on board.

Episode Nine: In Sickness and in Health – Dipper proposes to Salem, and she says yes!

Episode Ten: The Scarecrow – When Bud buys a scarecrow at a garage sale, Pacifica takes an instant dislike towards it.

Episode Eleven: Stage Fright – When the townspeople decide to reopen the old playhouse in town for a play they are doing, the dark secrets of the past is revealed.

Episode Twelve: College Days – Ben reflects on his days in college with the group.

Episode Thirteen: Imaginary Fiend – When one of Salem's younger siblings behavior changes drastically after their imaginary friend is introduced.

Episode Fourteen: Love is Strange – Dipper and Salem decide to take a week-long vacation away from Reverse Falls. However, now that Salem is away; some of the things that have been pushed back from her powers have decided to strike.

Episode Fifteen: This Old House – On their vacation, Salem takes Dipper to her hometown in New Orleans and to her old house.

Episode Sixteen: Backwards Time – Ben has been working on this invention for months, and Gideon breaks it after he just finished it! Now the group finds themselves thrown through various parts in time where they take the roles of their past lives.

Episode Seventeen: Time is But a Window Part 1: While the group is travelling through time, it is now up to Ben and Bud to try to get them back to their original time with the help of Will.

Episode Eighteen: Time is But a Window Part 2 – The group is still trapped and the unlikely of trios have still haven't found a way to get them back. However, the answer comes in a most unlikely of things.

Episode Nineteen: You'll Always Be Mine – After finally getting back to their own time [with some extra baggage, see clothes and jewelry] the group finds themselves up against an evil spirit that has been awakened from their adventure.

Episode Twenty: Debts of Time – Help comes in the most unlikely of things, and having your future child come back in time to help their parents, will probably do the trick alright.

Season Sixteen:



Christmas: Christmas Don't Go Home – Everybody is excited for Christmas, but something big is happening at the North Pole and it's not Santa Claus either.

Halloween: Hallows of Darkness – Halloween has finally come and the people of Reverse Falls is getting ready. Including an evil sorceress bent upon revenge by any means necessary.

Fourth of July: The Past Should Stay – A time hole opens over Reverse Falls, and it is spitting out figures from history, some good, some downright evil.

Valentine's Day: Love Me Like I Love You – Dipper has gotten tired of Salem's refusal of his love, so he decides to make her love him.

Election Day: Golden Speech – Its election time for Reverse Falls to choose a new mayor.

Sports: Play Ball! – It's the annual Sports Day in Reverse Falls, and everyone is ready to play. Including a long dead team that comes back for one final game.

History: Living with the Past – Take a trip through history, from when the aliens crashed where Reverse Falls was to be founded to Quentin Shakers founded Reverse Falls to when Bud and Ben Pines were children. See it all!