Salem rolled over on her king-sized bed, until…BANG!

Salem groaned slightly realizing that she fell off her bed, for the third time this week. She has officially been in Reverse Falls for a month, and she enjoys it. She begrudgingly picked herself up from her floor and made her way towards her en-suite bathroom. Later a long hot shower later and falling/slipping twice, she made her way downstairs and bit back a yawn.

Salem made her way to a large table fit for over two-hundred people and noticed half of her family was already enjoying their breakfast. Rolling her eyes, she made her way to the chair near one of the ends and sat down. Aiden soon came to her with a breakfast menu and waited patiently for her order.

"Good morning Miss Salvatore." Aiden's deep voice rumbled slightly with his hands behind his back.

Salem smiled slightly, "And good morning to you to Aiden. I think I'll have a full country breakfast with chocolate milk please." She stated and sat her menu down, which Aiden quickly snatched up, nodding his head slightly he made his way to the kitchen and told the chefs of her order.

Salem noticed a magazine that must've come in the mail today and set to beginning to read it.

Gas prices were once again going up, damn economy. She continued to read the article until she came upon an ad about human-sized hamster balls, raising an eyebrow slightly as she imagined Pacifica having the time of her life in one of them. She next noticed another ad about a monster photo contest, Salem frowns slightly as she remembered the episode with the Gnomes and bit back a repulsed shiver.

Aiden soon came back with her breakfast and sat it all down in front of her, the smell made her mouth water and she dug into her eggs. She soon took a bite of her crispy [almost burnt, just the way she likes it] bacon and continued to read the rest of the magazine. She soon finished her breakfast and the magazine, when her cellphone vibrated in her skirt pocket.

Reading the text, she just got from Pacifica about Gideon's great-uncle was taking him to Lake Reverse Falls to go family-bonding. Raising an eyebrow at the emoticons on it, she could tell Gideon, really didn't want to go. It then said about how Gideon wanted to go out and find some monsters so they could win the prize in a magazine ad.

Salem quickly replied that she would meet them at the shack in thirty minutes. She soon got up from her seat, pushed her chair in and made her way towards her room. She soon started to pack some beach essentials, she took off her clothes and put on her bathing suit and put on her clothes again.

She once more made her way down the winding staircase with her skateboard in her hands and told Aiden that she was going to spend the rest of the day with friends. She soon made her way outside the mansion and rode her skateboard into town. She was going at leisurely pace until she came to the Mystery Shack, stopping she clicked her skateboard and grabbed it in midair.

Her flip-flops clicking slightly as she made her way towards the front door and knocked. Yelling could be heard inside and Salem cocked an eyebrow at some of the unsavory things that she could make out. Pacifica was the one who opened the door and before she could get a word of edgewise she grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled her inside and slammed the door.

"Oh, thank god you're here Salem! I don't think I was gonna last much longer, Bud and Gideon have been going at it since nine. I don't think I could handle them any longer." Pacifica looked like hell, her usual ponytail was gone and her hair was in a large mess, her jacket was missing a sleeve and she had no shoes.

"What's going on Pazzy?" Salem demanded as the sound of glass breaking caused Pacifica to wince sharply as Gideon's bellow echoed later.

"Gid-Gid refuses to put on the blindfold, Bud told us to." Was all the explanation the blonde gave her, raising an eyebrow slightly, she replied, "Blindfold?"

Pacifica nodded, "Blindfold".

Salem gave an exasperated sigh and rolled up her sleeves and marched into the battle zone, Pacifica just stared wide-eyed as loud crashes soon followed. Yelling of Bud and Gideon soon followed that and Salem came back out dusting off her hands with an annoyed look on her face. Pacifica just blinked in confusion as both Gideon and Bud came out grumbling about Salem almost breaking their arms.

"Well, are we gonna go, or aren't we?" Salem sounded extremely agitated by the tightening around her eyes were any indication.

"Yeah, yeah, we're goin' come on little bastards." Bud grumbled slightly as he took the fishing rods and tacklebox in hand. Gideon grumbled darkly as he rubbed his arm to ease the pain, Pacifica just followed the two.

Rolling her eyes, she went after them and locked the door as they all made their way to Bud's old Ford Anglia that looked like it had seen better days.

The car ride itself was reminisced to that of a rollercoaster, Salem was glad she put on her seatbelt as she, Gideon, and Pacifica was swung around like bumper-cars at the carnival. Pacifica refused to let go of her arm, and Salem idly noticed that she was losing circulation in it from the blonde's grip. Gideon looked like he was about to barf by the greenness of his face was any indication to go by.

"You wouldn't happen to be wearing a blindfold, would you Bud?" Salem uttered as she closed her eyes tightly, she soon opened them for her question.

"[Scoff] no, but with these cataracts I might as well be." Was his explanation.

Salem swore that they ran over an old lady back there. She was also sure that they were driving on the wrong side of the road.

The car finally came to a screeching halt, it caused all three kids to jerk forward with it. Gideon soon unbuckled his seatbelt and made a dash out the door, he was bent over and taking in as much air as possible. Salem soon got out with Pacifica as she moved her fingers around. She finally felt the circulation in her arm again.

"Ta-Da! It's fishing season!" Bud exclaimed with his arms outwards. Salem began to take off her clothes she was in the process of taking off her shirt until Gideon began to choke slightly.

"Salem! What are you doin'?!" he screamed with his hands covering his eyes, Salem had a bemused look on her face at his actions.

Pacifica and Bud just starred as Salem continued to take off her clothes, revealing her black bikini underneath.

"Relax Gid-Gid, she's wearing a bathing suit." Pacifica stated as Gideon uncovered his eyes and looked at Salem's model-like body that caused him to sputter and blush darkly at the sight. Her hair was held in a high ponytail that brushed the sand. Salem folded her clothes and placed them in her satchel and put her shoes inside as well.

"Well, well. If isn't Pines and Southeast." Mabel's snarky voice caused all four to stiffen slightly. They all turned and saw the Gleeful twins in bathing suits, Mabel was wearing a dark blue and turquoise bikini with her hair in two twintails. Dipper was wearing matching swimming trunks, both Salem and Pacifica stared at Dipper's well-toned chest and Salem noticed the lines of an eight-pack, damn.

"Oh, great who let you two on the beach anyway?" Pacifica snapped out it and retorted.

Dipper was unashamedly starring at Salem with an unknown emotion in his cold blue eyes, his starring made her uncomfortable as she shifted slightly at his gaze.

"Hello, Salem. Want come and tan with me?" Mabel offered and completely ignored Pacifica who had a dark scowl on her face.

"Thanks for the offer Mabel, but I'm gonna hang out with Pacifica and Gideon instead." Salem answered, Mabel's face turned solemn and Dipper looked like someone killed his puppy.

"Well alright, but if you change your mind we'll just be over there." Mabel pointed towards Scuttlebutt Island. The twins walked off towards a large yacht and got on it. The yacht soon became a speck as it made its way towards the island. Suddenly a loud commotion was happening at the end of the dock where a large crowd was gathering.

Pacifica, Gideon, and Salem all looked towards one another in confusion as the four made their way over to it.

Turns out to be Old Man McGucket yelling about something.

"I SEEN IT! I SEEN IT AGAIN! The Reverse Falls Gobblewonker! Come quick before it scrabdoodles away!" he bellowed dancing whilst pointing at the water. Salem just blinked slightly as Gideon and Pacifica looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Bud just rolled his eyes, having become well aquatinted with McGucket's ramblings.

"Why is he doing a jig?" was Pacifica's question as she blinks.

"It's a jig of grave danger!" McGucket remarked back. A tall man soon comes with a spray bottle and sprays the old man with water.

"Hey, hey! Now what did I tell you about scaring my customers? This is your last warning, Dad!" the man yelled as he glared angrily at the wet old man in disgust.

Salem felt sorry for the man, to be treated like that and by his own son to boot.

McGucket raises his fist and says, "But, I got proof this time goddarn it!" he points to a random boat and bellows, "BEHOLD! It's the Gobble-dy-wonker what done did it! It had a long neck like a gee-raffe! And wrinkly skin this gentleman right here!" he then points to Bud.

Bud just blinks in confusion. McGucket continued, "It chawed my boat up to smitheroons, and shim-shammed over to Scuttlebutt Island! YOU GOTTA BELIEVE ME!" he pleaded.

Sherriff Durland soon got on his radio and stated they had a crazy old man on the premises. Everyone but the four and the son of McGucket laughed and pointed. The son just shakes his head in disgust and walks away.

"Hey, dudes!" a large Hispanic male shouted and waved from a large boat. A red-head was leaning against the railings listening to her SPod.

"Ah, kids I want you to meet some Mystery Shack employees. This here is Soos." Bud points to man.

"Sup, dude and dudettes." Was his reply.

"And, Wendy." Bud points to the girl.

"Hello" Wendy raises her hand in greeting. Introductions soon commenced as the group started to converse.

Gideon soon pulled her and Pacifica over to the side and whispered about getting pictures of the monster and winning the prize money.

"Hey, Grunkle Bud. Me and the girls are planning to go to Scuttlebutt Island to get some pictures of that monster. We'll be going with Soos, bye." Gideon stated as he, Pacifica and Salem all rushed towards Soos' boat with Wendy. Bud just blinked slightly in confusion not having realized what Gideon has just said. Before he got a coherent thought, the boat was already making headway to the island. Bud just slumped over depressed and made his way towards his poor excuse for a boat.

The boat soon began to cruise towards the island, Gideon soon said, "Alright. If we wanna win this contest, we've gotta do it right! Think. What's the number one problem with most monster hunts?" he asked.

"Running out of film." Salem stated as she leaned against the rails of the portside, the sea breeze making her long hair flow around her with the wind.

"Correct." Gideon smiled as Soos continued to guide his boat towards the island, Wendy was with Salem also leaning against the railings and was discussing random things.

"That's why I bought twenty-five disposable cameras!" he exclaimed, Salem and Wendy just stare as Pacifica stifles her laughter behind her hand. Gideon soon lists them off, "Four on my ankles, three in my jacket, four for each of you, three extras in this bag, and one... under my hat! There's no way we're gonna miss this." Salem placed her's in her satchel, Wendy asked she could put hers in as well. Salem gave her consent and Wendy placed her own cameras carefully inside the black satchel.

They all soon came upon the port on Scuttlebutt Island, ironically, they were parked right beside the Gleeful's yacht. Salem had the presence of mind to notice that it was one of those upper-class yachts that her own family have and use. Salem idly wondered, just how rich the Gleeful's were, she knew that these boats went up to close to fifty grand a piece for the cheaper models. This one looked like it just came off the assembly line though.

The group soon made their way onto the island, Salem looked around in interest. That was until she spotted Mabel Gleeful sunbathing on a beach towel several meters away. She soon began to look around for Mabel's twin, Dipper until she felt two muscled arms wrap around her waist.

"I knew you would want to come spend time with us instead of these losers." Dipper's hot breathed in her ear, Salem shivered slightly as his grip tightened slightly. Salem managed to get herself out of his grip and turn towards the man that was a good foot and a half taller than her short five foot three frame. Damn it, she hated being short!

Salem just coughed awkwardly and noticed her group had disappeared, most likely for the search of the Gobblewonker.

"Actually, I'm here with my friends in search of the so-called Gobblewonker of Reverse Falls. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that by any chance, would you?" she inquired as her eyes hardened slightly as she met Dipper's cold blue gaze. Dipper smirked slightly at her reasoning for being here, that story might've fooled these other plebeian's but not him. He knew that she wanted to hang with him and Mabel, Dipper's smirk soon got bigger as Salem watched nervously as he slipped his right arm around her shoulders and steered her towards where Mabel and his family was at.

Salem soon became nervous as they continued to walk towards Mabel. Mabel soon noticed her brother walking over towards her with a very welcoming sight of Salem in his arms. It won't be long until Salem becomes her best friend and Dipper's girlfriend and then her sister-in-law. Mabel couldn't wait, but both she and Dipper would have to be patient, but that's okay. They could do patient.

"Salem here has decided to hang with us-…" Dipper started until Salem cut him off.

"That was not what I said you asshat, I'm here with my friends to search for the Gobblewonker, nothing more nothing less. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go find THEM~" Salem's rant started until the end where the shaking of the island caused her to lose her balance. She almost went to the ground until Dipper caught her. She glared at him as he smirked slightly as she saw Wendy and Pacifica come out of the wooded area screaming loudly. Salem blinked in confusion as the rumbling became louder, Soos was carrying Gideon by his shirt collar as he continued to snap pictures at whatever was chasing them.

A loud roar ripped through the area, Salem immediately slapped her hands over her ears as she watched wide-eyed as a monster that was at least as big as her house came roaring after her friends. The twins and herself just starred in shock until Salem got into action, jumping out of Dipper's arms she started to chase after her friends. All of them had made it to the boat with Salem coming at the last minute. Soos started the boat as it took off from the docks with the monster dead set on having them for lunch.

Meanwhile back on the island the twins just starred at the scene that just happened. Dipper wasn't so happy about Salem running away to help her so-called friends from a mess they got themselves in. Mabel came up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder she said, "Don't worry brother. You'll get your chance later." She said as she glared at the dot that held her soon-to-be best friend away.

Salem ran full speed towards the shore and managed to jump into Soos' boat as they tear from the shore. The monster jumping into the water after them. Salem, Wendy, and Pacifica all began to throw anything that wasn't nailed down at the monster.

"BEAVERS!" Gideon bellowed as they crashed through the structure of the beavers.

A loud crash ensued with beavers raining down on them, Salem covered herself as best she could. Soos was trying to get one of the mad beavers from his face and was too preoccupied from driving the boat. Salem ran over and managed to gain control before they capsized from both the beavers and the monster.

Beavers are biting Gideon's hat. Pacifica shakes a beaver off her arm, and a beaver lunges at Soos, who stumbles away from the wheel. Gideon tries to dislodge a beaver from the side of the boat while Soos runs in circles crying in pain from the beaver still on his face. Gideon throws beavers towards the Gobblewonker who dives and continues to chase them under the water. The S.S. Cool Dude drives through a place with people fishing, who are overturned by the Gobblewonker behind them.

Salem put the knots into the highest they probably weren't meant to go, rushing past several bystanders in their owns boats. She could have sworn she just saw Bud back there, but that was for another time, because right now she's having trouble controlling the boat!

Wendy looked slightly green as she and Pacifica held onto each other for dear life, Soos finally managed to get the angry beaver off him. Damnit! Salem barely managed to duck in time to avoid having her ripped off as the control cabin was torn from the boat.

"Watch out!" Pacifica manages to scream as she points ahead to two men doing something, Salem wasn't sure and she really didn't care by this point.

Salem managed to steer the boat in between the two men, thinking they were some sort of act or something. That was until the sound of glass breaking and man yelling angrily about his glass.

"Sorry! I'll put it on my tab!" Salem bellowed as she steered it into a narrow stretch of the lake, the Gobblewonker still on their tails. Salem managed to look up and spot a narrow pathway, hoping it would lead to another part of the lake. Her hope was cut short when she took note that she is driving into a dead end!

"Fuck, where do I go! Where do I go!" Salem shouted as she began to panic, the monster wasn't helping with it either. Gideon manages to take out his Journal and began to flip through some pages.

"Salem, there should be an opening behind the falls, go there!" Gideon yelled over the noise.

"SHOULD BE?!" Salem's eyes widen at his suggestion, and realized that she didn't have a damn choice.

Everyone screams and the boat goes through the waterfall and into cave behind it. Their boat crashes, sending them all into the dirt. They all stand up, and turn around to see the Gobblewonker swim in after them and get stuck in the cave entrance.

Salem collapses into the ground and noted her bag was only a few feet away from her and crawled towards it. Her joints ached and her back was killing her, damn what a rush.

Gideon was basically in a right state as he searched for a camera before Salem tossed him one from her bag.

"Thanks, Sol!" Gideon smiled brightly as he turned and started to rapidly fire off pictures. The beast screamed loudly and made Salem's ears twitch slightly as she recognized the sound of an engine.

Salem became immediately suspicious of this so-called monster, as she very slowly got up from her position and limped over towards the beast. This action confused the others greatly as Salem hoisted herself up on top of the monster. Salem soon felt the "skin" and noted that it was just rubber material and knocked on it. When she knocked a metallic sound came with it.

Salem turned towards the others with a solemn expression, Wendy shrugged her shoulders and Pacifica just looked confused.

She then ripped off the canvas material revealing a trapdoor underneath. Soon everyone is where Salem is at as they looked at the door, Salem soon moves to unlatch it which releases steam.

Everyone soon cleared the smoke away and look down into the area of the door, they soon see, much to their shock was Old Man McGucket trying the release the monster.

Old Man McGucket turns and looks at them and slumps in defeat at being caught, "Ah, banjo polish."

"Wait a minute. You? You're the one who made this-this thing? Why?" Pacifica exclaimed in shock. Salem would've asked the old man herself, but she was just too exhausted to care.

"Well, I-I-I just wanted attention…" McGucket stated quietly hanging his head in shame. Salem raised her left eyebrow at his response, makes sense to her, not all people respect the elderly after all.

"I still don't understand…" Gideon began until McGucket interrupted him.

"Well, first I just hootenannied up a biomechanical brain wave generator, and then I learned to operate a stick-shift with ma beard!" he explained and demonstrated how he worked it. It was Wendy who asked the next question.

"Yes, but why?" she inquired in curiosity.

"Well, when you get to be an old fella like me, nobody pays any attention to you anymore. My own son hasn't visited me in months! So, I figured maybe I'd catch his fancy with a fifteen-ton aquatic robut! In retrospect, it seems a bit contrived. You just don't know the length us old-timers go through for a little quality time with our family." He explained, Salem felt horrified at the way the man had been treated, and by own family no less!

"Did you ever think to talk to your son about your own feelings?" Pacifica asked as she wiped some tears from her eyes. Looks like Salem wasn't the only one feeling for the man.

No, sir, I got to work straight on the robut!" A projector shows blueprints for the Gobblewonker on the trapdoor.

"I made lots of robuts in my day!" he boasted with pride.

Pushes button and projectors shows a newspaper with a robot pterodactyl breathing fire on a town and the word "chaos"

"Like when my wife left me and I created a homicidal pterodactyl-tron, or when my pal Ernie didn't come to my retirement party and I constructed an eighty-ton SHAME BOT THAT EXPLODED THE ENTIRE DOWNTOWN AREA! Well, time to get back to work on my death ray!" okay this made Salem feel concerned about the being of the man's mental state, but heh we're not all perfect. Old Man McGucket soon ducks into the Gobblewonker and construction noises can be heard from inside. Raises hand in a grabbing motion

"Any of you kids got a screwdriver?" he questioned innocently.

Well that happened, Salem mused as she wondered what would be coming next in this crazy town…