Walking as fast as she was able in her high heels Mal crossed the lobby of her beloved building happy to be closer to her home. To her joy, the elevator came quickly which only meant that this day was going to have an ending soon. However when the doors open she found herself face to face with a boy that was looking at his phone. Mal remembered seeing the boy a couple of times before in the lobby and once talking to one of the concierges when she was making her way out, at first she thought he was just visiting someone, most of the people that live in her building where older couples, he seemed to be her age which made her wonder what he did for a living. It wasn't typical for people as young as them to be able to afford a place in a luxury building like this in a city as expensive as New York.

"Are you getting in?" His voice startled her making her realize that this entire time she had been standing in the door. The only reason the door hadn't close on her was due to the boy pressing the open door button of the elevator. Mal apologized and took a step in making a point to press the number to her floor as quick as possible avoiding to look at the boy that was now smirking while looking at her. The doors of the elevator were finally closing when a hand appeared between the doors stopping them; Mal heard a sigh coming from the boy who she was sure just wanted to go on with his day.

"Ben! We thought we were late, but here you are." A handsome guy with tan skin and long hair smile at the boy and went straight to hug him, Ben, leaving behind a beautiful girl with Asians features. The girl laughed at how the boys were embracing each other until she realized Mal was there too and smile at her.

"Oh hello there, I'm sorry I didn't see you. Jay don't be rude you are ignoring Ben's friend." With that, the long hair boy let go of his friend and turned to Mal smiling at her and even though he seemed to be happy to see her she just wanted to disappear.

Mal opened her mouth to explain that she didn't know Ben, but before she got a word out, Jay was hugging her introducing himself and excusing his behavior. Her eyes settle on Ben who was smirking at her discomfort, and she mouthed to him to please help her and the look that he gave her made her knees buckle. Ben asked Jay to let go of her and Jay laughed telling his friend not to be jealous while taking the hand of the Asian girl that was now inside the elevator looking at Mal with a huge smile.

A second later Ben was standing next to Mal explaining to his friends that he didn't know her, making both of them looked embarrassed now, and Mal felt sorry for the misunderstanding.

"Well, this is awkward. You could have said something Ben I just launched myself over to the poor girl. I bet I freak her out." Jay started to go at Ben, and Ben tried to defend himself making the scene amusing for Mal. She just met Jay, but he seemed like such a lovable person that wore his heart on his sleeves which was refreshing in a place like this. Someone cleared her throat behind Mal, and she remembered the girl that had arrived with Jay. Behind her stood the beautiful girl that now looked embarrassed. "I'm sorry for what happened. I saw you there, and I thought you were with Ben so of course, I open my big mouth without even considering the possibility that you may not know each other."

"Is ok don't worry about it. These may sound weird but this was the highlight of a very crappy week so let's just forget about the awkward and move on. My name is Mal by the way".

"I'm Lonnie. Is nice to meet you. Now I know that this might sound like I'm intruding but are you ok?." Mal was taken aback by the concerned that showed all over the girls face; it was refreshing to see someone that seemed to be so caring. Since Evie had gone away six months ago to an internship abroad Mal had been feeling lonely. Sure, she had friends and people that would be glad to go out for drinks or clubbing with her if she asked, but she missed the way Evie was always available for a night in. The nights when they decided to stay home and watch something on tv or just talk were significant to Mal, and she missed them dearly, every time she had one of those with Evie she felt recharged and ready to take on the world.

"Nothing major just missing my best friend." Mal felt strangely close to Lonnie even though she just met her. The girl started talking to her about how she was homesick too; soon they were exchanging numbers and making plans to go out for lunch the next day. Lonnie started telling her a story about her coworkers when Jay came to stand by her side draping his arm around her shoulder and looking at her with a huge smile. Mal didn't need to ask them if they were a couple it was evident by the way they looked at each other that those two were in love.

Ben came to stand next to Mal giving her another smile, and she couldn't help the blush that started to appear on her cheeks, this boy was having a weird effect on her. The door opening was the signal that Mal had arrived at her floor, which made the conversation abruptly stop.

Lonnie hugged her goodbye once again promising to text her the next day; then Jay hugged her goodbye once again apologizing for how they had met. Mal walked out of the elevator when suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder that made her jump a little and turned. In front of her stood Ben looking a bit shy. "I didn't get to introduce myself, my name is Ben. I'm sorry for what happened just now, but mostly I'm glad that this gave me a chance to talk to you. We are neighbors so we should probably exchange numbers in case you need something, or you just want to hang out with someone. I know I would love to have a chance to talk to you more or at all."

The way he said it made Mal imagine scenarios of them getting to know each other more and she was more than excited about the prospect of that. The voice of Jay telling Ben to get a move on so they could go eat interrupted her thoughts making her laugh. Ben told Jay to calmed down and from where they stood Mal could hear Lonnie telling Jay to stop interrupting them which only made Mal laugh harder, and this time Ben joined her. "Look you should go. Lonnie has my number just asked her for it".

Ben nodded and kissed her cheek slowly and giving her sly smile he started his way back to the elevator where the voices of Lonnie and Jay could be heard still discussing how hungry the boy was. When he was inside his head pop out one last time "I'll text you later Mal.

She couldn't help the huge smile that appeared on her face after his comment and when the door finally closed Mal chuckle at how insane the entire situation was. A couple of hours later she couldn't stop checking her phone every couple of minutes in case a text arrived for her. If she had asked for his phone she most likely would have texted him by now, so maybe it was good that she didn't. The night went on, and by the time Mal went to sleep she had abandoned the idea of Ben texting her, she reached for her phone to turn on her alarm when she noticed that there were notifications of 4 messages from an unknown number.

How was it possible that she hadn't heard the ding, the messages were from a couple of hours ago, and it was already two in the morning. Should she respond? Maybe she should just wait to respond in the morning, that would be the proper way to go about it. Mal didn't want to disturb the boy that was probably already sleeping, putting her phone on her side table she turned off the lights and snuggled in her bed, but an hour later with no hope of actually falling asleep Mal took her phone and wrote and rewrote a couple of message without sending any of them. What exactly did she want to say to him?

Settling for something simple she said hi and agree to go out with him, but told him that aside from the time she was going out with Lonnie the next day she was going to be very busy. Maybe she could make some time for Ben, but she wanted to make it clear that her life was hectic and if he was thinking to be a part of it he was going to adjust to her lifestyle.

After sending the text, Mal put the phone next to her pillow and smile at it while closing her eyes ready to rest. The screen coming alive made her open her eyes and soon she found herself engrossed in a text conversation with Ben, that boy was going to take over her thoughts even if she wasn't ready for it. For what felt like minutes but ended up being hours they talk until he asked her to come out so they could grab a quick bite before she needed to go to her job. Mal thought he was crazy until she noticed the time, she was still in shock that it was 5:30 am when another text from Ben this one with a pic of him pouting came, and she couldn't help it. Texting a quick yes with the number of her apartment she dropped the phone and started to change, what would be a good outfit for a breakfast date at this hour? Her doorbell rang, and Mal sent a quick text to Ben asking him to wait for a second. She put on her favorite pair of jeans and a comfy sweater, and combing her hair she walked to her door. Tossing her hairbrush to the side, she let out a deep breath and open the door with a big smile, the second Ben smiled back at her she knew that this was going to be a date to remember.

They walked to a nearby dinner while talking about nothing and everything at the same time, both of them feeling so comfortable with the other that it seemed unreal that they didn't know each other more than a couple of hours. Eating and talking Mal noticed how transparent Ben was about his life, he was born in a privileged family, but his parents had made him very aware that it was important for him to earn his way through life. Now he had successfully launched an online magazine that covered a variety of topics, and his entire focus was in making it grow as much as possible.

Mal smiled at his excitement when talking about his work; he found her staring at him and blush which only made her like him more if that was possible. Ben asked her about her job but before she could start talking her phone rang making her realized the time. The driver that picked her every morning was already waiting for her outside her building; they had been in the dinner for more than three hours. Mal's first instinct was to run towards her building, and she was about to do it when Ben grabbed her hand and asked her what was going on?

That was the first physical contact they had since the kiss on the cheek and Mal couldn't believe how she could feel like that; she felt calm and nervous at the same time. After she told him about the time he took some cash out of his wallet leaving it over the table and took her hand. Soon they were making their way to their building running while zig-zagging around the people that were obviously on their way to their jobs, laughing at how silly the entire situation was they managed to arrive at the apologized again to her driver and with Ben they run in to wait for the elevator but it was taking too long so they run up the stairs quietly thanking their exercise routines.

When they finally made it to Mal's floor the girl run to her door ready to get into her apartment just for Ben to stopped her again only that this time it was just to say a quick goodbye. For the first time in forever Mal wish that there was a way she didn't need to go to her office but her phone vibrating in her pants was a constant reminder that there were people that needed her to go to her office. With a quick kiss on her cheek, Ben went back to the stairs and up to his apartment happy to have had the chance to spend that time with Mal.

After he got out of the shower and change to go to his office he got into the elevator and started going through his phone just to found a text from Mal that made him smile. That girl was a constant in his mind since the first time he saw her in the lobby, he had tried to get some information about her from the concierges but understandably they weren't very chatty, aside from her name and that she didn't usually have many visitors he got nothing. To think that after all that time he had not only managed to meet her but to actually go on a date with her was crazy, he send a quick text to Lonnie asking her to please tell him where she was going to meet Mal for lunch assuring her that he was not going to crash her outing. When he arrived at his office he went into his computer and quickly arrange a surprise for Mal hoping that she would enjoy it, and also that it would help him win the opportunity to go out on another date soon, maybe even that same night.


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