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Chapter Twelve -
Those Three Little Kittens

Tranquility. That's all Jack could feel at this moment. The dark limbo of sleep was intoxicating. So intoxicating in fact, that Jack never wanted to leave. But when you're in a house with three young girls, it was inevitable that you would have to.

He was jerked awake by the feeling of someone jumping onto his chest. It startled him a little and his eyes darted open to investigate for danger. He relaxed, but got a little frustrated, when he saw that it was Agnes.

"Jack!" She yelled jubilantly, shaking him as she did so. "Wake up!"

"Ugh..." Jack moaned, rubbing his eyes and looking over to the alarm clock. It read 7:59 am. "One more hour..."

"But your waffle will go cold..." Agnes replied as she dropped her head slightly, making Jack look at her with a small warm smile. Jack had been trained to handle all kinds of manipulation techniques, but trying to argue against Agnes's cute little voice was impossible. "Plus I wanna watch some cartoons and you're taking up the whole sofa."

Jack sighed before sitting up to make some room for Agnes. She cheered as she jumped into the free spot and clicked a button on the remote control. The TV came to life and began displaying a sickly sweet cartoon.

It was about a multicolored unicorn doing something in some pink castle in some world made of candy...or something. Jack didn't really care about the storyline, he just wanted to get away from it.

He scoffed before getting up and trudging slowly out of the living room. His mind still hadn't woken up completely, and he avoided walking head first into the side of the door by only a few millimeters.

Upon reaching the hallway, the smell of a cooking waffle made him hungry. He slowly made his way to the kitchen, where he saw Gru staring down at the waffle iron, looking like he was lost in thought. He didn't notice Jack as he walked in, up until he spoke.

"Morning." He said, making Gru jump in shock.

"Oh! Uh..." He replied sheepishly, going a little red with embarrasment as Jack gave him a funny smirk. "Morning."

"You okay?" Jack asked, as he made his way over to the kitchen table and took a seat.

"Yeah, yeah. Just theenkeeng." Gru replied, rubbing his head.

"What about?"

"Oh...don't worry about eet." Gru spoke, his voice slightly hindered by the sound of the waffle iron dinging. "Oh! I almost forgot, your bed ees being delivered today."

"Bed?" Jack replied, looking a little surprised and confused.

"Mm-hmm," Gru responded, putting the waffle onto the plate. "Eef yoo're gonna leeve here, we can't have yoo sleeping on de sofa every day, can we."

"Oh, I guess not." Jack mumbled sadly, looking down to the table. Gru heard the strange tone of his voice and perked his head up questioningly.

"Yoo do...want to leeve here right?"

"Yeah, yeah! Definitely!" Jack replied quickly, lifting his head back up to look at Gru. "I guess the IVB boss has just put some thoughts in my head."

"What do yoo mean by dat?" Gru replied, as he walked over and placed the waffle in front of Jack.

"Well...before we started fighting we had a little chat." Jack replied, looking away from him awkwardly. "He was saying about how you don't really care about me...and how you're just manipulating me with love so that I won't hurt you. I didn't really believe him, but I guess it's just lingering at the back of my mind."

"Oh." Gru replied, looking away with a slightly saddened expression. Jack noticed this and his face dropped a little in worry.

"It's not true..." He said, narrowing his eyes slightly at him. "Right?"

"Look, I'm gonna level weeth yoo Jack." Gru began, sitting down opposite him and giving him a strong stare. Jack returned his gaze profusely, hoping beyond belief that he didn't say something that would hurt him deeply. "I never thought dat Edith would believe dat yoo were her brother, and deep down, I really deedn't want her to."

"What!?" Jack exclaimed, leaning in aggressively. Gru flinched and stuttered in panic.

"W-w-wait! Yoo deedn't let me fineesh." He said, putting his arms up in self-defence. "After she deed, and after seeing how happy she was weeth yoo, I eenvited yoo to stay for deener to keep her happy."

Jack calmed down slightly after Gru said that, but still looked very offended. Does Gru only want him here so that Edith remains happy? Does Gru actually not like him and would rather he was gone? He wanted to question it, but he decided to let him finish before doing so.

"I'll be completely honest, I really deedn't want yoo to stay! I mean, yoo keednapped me and threatened to kill me only de day before! Eet scared me dat I would have yoo een my house, talkeeng weeth my daughters. I was afraid yoo were goeeng to hurt dem!"

"I could never hurt my own sister!" Jack blurted, trying to keep his voice down so that he wouldn't wake up the people who were still asleep in the house.

"I know dat now..." Gru replied, dipping his head. "But at de time, I wasn't sure. Yoo said all dese nice theengs to her, and eet seemed like yoo loved her, but I steel had doubts. Dat was, unteel yoo saved her life. Twice! And saved Dru's as well. Dat's when I realized...yoo could be of use to dis family."

"Of use?" Jack replied, getting even more offended. "So that's all I am, a tool to keep you protected?"

"No, no! Again, yoo're not letting me fineesh." Gru replied quickly. "I realized, yoo could be of use because...

"I've always wanted a son."

Jack's aggressive demeanor disappeared in almost an instant. His face softened into a deeply shocked, but entirely touched, expression. He looked to the ground and smiled massively. He could be someone's 'son'? He had never truly been a 'son' before...

Yes, he did have his former parents. But they never really considered him a son. They considered him as more of a mistake that they were forced to give a home. Chances are, after he got old enough, he would've been kicked out of the house and he never would've seen his sister again. The thought of that was sickening enough.

But now was the chance to have loving parents, a cool uncle, and three adorable little sisters. How could Jack argue with that?

"And I've always wanted a dad..." Jack replied, lifting his head up. Gru was saddened by his depressing response, but felt mostly touched to be the dad he needed. After a second of comforting silence, they both stood up and hugged each other.

Deep down inside, it still didn't feel right. It still felt like they were two strangers hugging each other. But Gru remembered going through the same thing with his daughters. It took a whole month before he could hug and kiss them comfortably. He knew that, in time, he would take to calling Jack his son.

Jack didn't know that he would eventually feel okay about it, and so instead felt guilty that it still felt a little wrong. But in that moment, he couldn't care less.

He finally had parents. Real parents.

"But dere's one condition..." Gru said with a playful grin, pulling out of the hug quickly. "Yoo gotta promise me dat yoo won't be as annoying as your seester."

Jack chuckled before responding.

"I can't make that promise..."

The rest of the day was absoluetely brilliant for the family. If you were an outsider looking in, you would think nothing special of what was happening inside. But for them, that day was the definition of 'special'.

The whole day consisted of small activities around the house. Watching TV, playing with toys, having tea parties, running in the backyard. Those sorts of things. But that's not what mattered. What mattered is that they got to do it together.

Margo also got to see Dr. Nefario's new invention, even though she had no recollection of it. Thankfully, the doctor had designed it in a way that allowed you to snip out specific memories, so Margo remembered most of what had happened over the past few days. Everything except for what she saw outside and the memory erasing procedure itself. It was a lot easier that way.

They had just finished eating dinner as the evening came to a close. Dru, Jack, Edith, and Agnes were doing the washing up. Or, they were supposed to be doing it, but instead they were laughing and mucking around the entire time, not paying the dirty plates much attention.

Gru, Lucy and Margo were sitting at the table, conversing. Gru was finding it quite hard to talk however, as his demanding thoughts were still well in control. His wife had noticed the unease in his expression several times throughout that day, and in this occurrence, she decided to question it.

"You feeling okay, Gru?" She asked, putting her hand on her husband's.

"Huh?" Gru asked, a little startled by her sudden question. "Oh. Yeah, I'm fine. Why do yoo ask?"

"You look like you're a million miles away, honey." She replied, giving him a small smile.

"Do I?" He questioned, pretending to seem confused. "Well...I'm right here!"

"I can see that." Lucy responded with a chuckle, before talking a little more seriously. "Come on Gru. I'm your wife! You can tell me what's wrong."

"Notheeng's wrong. Eet's just..." Gru replied, shifting in his seat with unease. "I've been theenkeeng about a few theengs."

"Like what?" Margo suddenly questioned, making Gru jump a little with the sound of her voice. For a second, he'd forgotten that she was sitting there.

"Oh! Uh...just theengs." Gru replied sadly, before moving his gaze away from his wife and eldest daughter. "Don't worry about eet."

"Gru..." Lucy muttered sternly, relaying the concern in her voice. "I'm not leaving you alone until you tell me what's wrong."

"Look, I'll tell yoo later." He replied sharply, before getting up out of his seat and muttering as he left the room. "I just need a few meenutes for myself."

Lucy looked to Margo in surprise and confusion, and her eldest daughter mirrored it back. They both weren't expecting that kind of response. After a few seconds of just looking at each other, Lucy turned towards the door and broke the silence with a worried tone.

"I'll go follow him." She said, before pointing to the sink where the rest of the family were and talking playfully. "Why don't you go sort them out?"

Margo looked over and saw a huge mess of soap, water and suds. Somehow, they had managed to get more water on themselves than they did on the plates. Each of them were hysterically laughing, most likely over something incredibly juvenile, and Margo wanted nothing more than to join in.

She jumped up from her seat and walked over to the sink, while Lucy made her way out into the hallway. She heard the back door slam shut as she stepped out. She was both afraid and reluctant to follow him, but she of all people knew that talking about your feelings will always improve them.

She slowly cracked the back door open and peeked outside. Gru was standing in the middle of the lawn, his gaze firmly locked onto the night sky. She couldn't see his face, but something told her that his expression was a little worse for wear.

She opened the door fully and proceeded to slowly walk to stand beside her husband. He didn't look over at her, instead electing to keep his eyes focused on the flickering of the stars. For a few seconds, she remained silent out of both confusion and worry. But eventually, she built the courage to speak.

"Nice night tonight, huh?" She said lightly.

"Yeah," Gru muttered, still not looking at her. "Eet's beautiful."

"It is." Lucy agreed, nodding her head as she too perked her head up to look into space. "Kinda makes all the bad thoughts go away, doesn't it."

"Mm-hmm." Gru murmured, nodding his head as well. Another few seconds of silence built up between the couple, before Lucy put her hand on his shoulder and spoke.

"Wanna tell me what bad thoughts you're tryna get rid of then?" She said, trying to add a sense of playfulness to her voice, but failing.

"I killed someone, Lucy." Gru replied, his tone of voice completely different to how it was only a few seconds ago. "I'm no better dan dat IVB boss. I took hees life."

"You had to, Gru." Lucy began, lightly shaking his shoulder. "If you hadn't, then things would've been a whole lot worse."

"But dere were lot's of better ways to stop heem." Gru said, finally taking his eyes off the sky and putting his head down to look at the floor. "Maybe I could've fought heem or froze heem or shrunk heem. Why deed I have to shoot heem!?"

"Because you were thinking of your family." Lucy stated. "At the end of the day Gru, family is what matters. And if you didn't do what you did, then your family could've been torn apart."

"Dat doesn't make eet right." Gru replied, turning his head to look at her.

"Well...maybe it does." Lucy replied, making Gru turn away again. "I know you're probably thinking about how that guy could've turned out like you and become a good person, but if you think about it, that guy was nothing like you."

"Notheeng like me!?" Gru responded in shock, turning his whole body to face her fully. "He was another villain! He was exactly like me! Or...exactly like de old me!"

"No he wasn't, Gru!" Lucy responded. "I never met the old you, but like you said in the living room a few days ago, you never killed anyone. Not even once! And when you finally did, you're reacting like this. Like a man filled with pure guilt. Do you know what that means?"

"What?" Gru whimpered after a second of reluctant silence.

"You've never been a villain." Lucy announced. "That's the only reason why you changed so much when you found those girls. If you really were a villain, you would never have kept them. You would've thrown them back in that orphanage the second the chance came up. But you didn't!"

"What's your point?" Gru asked, still sounding solemn.

"Remember when you said that, according to AVL protocols, you deserve to die because you used to be a villain?" Lucy said.

"Yeah." Gru replied, looking away from his wife.

"Well...does that apply when you were never even a villain?" Lucy said. "You never killed anyone, you saved three girls from a horrible life at the orphanage, you saved me from a lonely life in a small apartment and you saved Jack from a loveless life without a family. That doesn't sound like the sort of things that a villain does. You seriously think that, just because you saved Jack's life from a man who deserves to die, that YOU deserve to die! Gru, you're smarter than that."

Gru wasn't expecting it, but Lucy had actually made him feel better. She was right. People who are born bad, don't just stop being bad. They're bad forever. That shows that Gru was never actually a bad person in the first place, but more a good person who fell into the wrong profession. And it took love and family for him to realize it. Kind of like Jack...

The IVB boss and Fierce do not fall into the same category however. They were never going to develop into good people. The fact that they had killed young children, and planned to kill more, automatically makes them bad. Gru and Jack did the right thing. They deserved to die!

Without responding, he pulled his wife in for a big kiss. Obviously, she didn't protest. The small shine of the moon's light and the slight brush of the breeze in the air made that kiss extra special. The two could've remained kissing forever, but an awful reminder pulled Gru out of it.

"But wait..." He said, giving his wife a distressed expression. "What am I gonna do for work now!?"

" you said," Lucy replied, trying hard to reassure her husband, but feeling just as doubtful deep down. "I'm sure something will come up."

At that very second, Gru's mobile phone began to vibrate. Gru pulled it out of his pocket and read the caller ID. It read 'Unknown Number'. Gru looked at it in confusion, slightly reluctant to answer it, before pressing the 'accept call' button.

"Hello? Yes, dis ees Felonious Gru." He said. The sound of a very professional voice spoke on the other end. Lucy tried her hardest to pick up what the person was saying, but it just wasn't loud enough. After a few seconds, Gru's face began to beam with a glorified smile.

"Are yoo serious!? No way!" He exclaimed, jumping up and down in excitement. "And dis eesn't a wind up, right?"

Lucy watched as her husband calmed himself down and straightened his excited smile.

", sorry about dat. Tomorrow? No, dat eesn't a problem weeth me. Thank yoo very much!"

He hung up the phone and then squealed with excitement, just like a little kid. Lucy was shaking her head in bewilderment as she watched her husband jump around giddily.

"What!?" She exclaimed, chuckling a little as she spoke. "What's going on!? Who was that!?"

"Oh, only de head office of de AVL." Gru said, giving his wife a very proud smirk. "Guess who's de new AVL director..."

Lucy's eyes widened and her mouth went agape before she pointed to him and gasped.

"No way..." She murmered, a massive smile beginning to break across her face.

"Yes way!" He exclaimed, leaping into the air excitedly.

"That's great Gru!" Lucy said as she jumped into her husband with a massive hug. "How, though?"

"Well, seence Valerie deedn't survive de beeg fight een de headquarters, dey needed a new director." Gru began, holding his wife tightly. "And because of my efforts een saveeng de ship from being blown up, and mainly because I'm so cool, dey chose ME!"

"I don't believe it..." Lucy said, squeezing her husband tightly back. She gave him a huge kiss on the lips before continuing. "I'm so proud of you!"

"Uhh...guys?" A male voice from behind questioned. Gru and Lucy broke out of the hug and turned to face the back door, where they saw Jack and the three girls. Margo and Agnes were watching with a warm smile, Edith with a disgusted frown, and Jack with slight confusion. "The girls want you to put them to bed, because for some reason, I'm not allowed to do it..."

Jack gave the three girls a playful frown as he spoke.

"Well, you can't fit your nose into the hole, can you!?" Edith exclaimed, holding her hands out as if Jack was being completely stupid.

"Wha...what does that even mean?" Jack questioned with a small chuckle.

"Daddy will show you!" Agnes yelled, before turning to face her father. "Can you read us One Big Unicorn?"

"Don't we usually save dat for a special occasion?" Gru questioned, walking over to the small girl and picking her up in his arms.

"This is a special occasion!" Margo stated, making Gru narrow his eyes at her.

"How so?" He questioned playfully, knowing full well that he was still going to read it to them, just because they were giving him that cute stare of theirs.

"Duh..." Edith said, rolling her eyes. "It's Jack's first official day as a Gru!"

Jack smiled warmly as those words penetrated the air. He looked up at Gru and shrugged his shoulders. Gru grinned back before looking around at the three girls and responding.

"Good point." He said, a large cheer thundering the air after speaking his next sentence. "Let's go."

The girls were readied for bed, however, they looked far from tired. They were all sat up and staring at Gru in pure excitement as he took the book down from the shelf.

"So...uh...what's so special about this book, then?" Jack questioned, as he stood beside Edith's bed, looking around at the girls. Edith and Agnes were both hyperventilating, as if this book carried the meaning to life itself.

"Yoo'll see." Gru replied, strolling over to sit on a small white stool placed in the middle of all three beds.

"Don't forget to-" Agnes yelled as she stood up in her bed, before being interrupted by Gru.

"Yes, yes. I won't." He replied. He propped the book into the air before putting his nose through the hole in the cover. The girls all laughed, while Jack looked at him in confusion. He didn't find it very funny, instead, he found it kind of embarrassing to watch. But after seeing how much his sister seemed to like it, he pretended to laugh in order to not offend her.

"So that's why you won't let me read it." Jack said as he chuckled.

"That's not the only reason why." Margo replied, saying something serious but still retaining a beaming smile. Jack was confused and wanted to question her, but something more interesting caught his eye.

"Wait...did you write that?" He asked, pointing at the words 'By Gru' that were written on the cover.

"Yoo bet." He replied, as he took his nose out of the hole and gave him a grin.

"And it's the best book ever!" Agnes proclaimed as she stood up in pure excitement again. Jack chuckled before sitting down against the side of his sister's bomb bed.

"Okay. I'm excited!" He proclaimed, turning his full attention to Gru.

"Yes, well, ees everyone ready?" Gru asked, looking around at his three daughters.

"We've been ready for the past twenty minutes!" Edith exclaimed, scoffing with exasperation. "Just read!"

"Okay, okay." Gru said, laughing a little as he opened the book. "Here we go den."


Jack was beyond confused as Gru read. He glanced at his sister, who was so entranced by the book, that she didn't even notice him look at her. What was so great about it? It was just about some stupid unicorn. It's cool that Gru wrote it, but...


Jack took a closer look at the page as Gru read. It showed the unicorn being frozen by some little kittens who were all coloured differently. If that was it, then Jack would've got even more confused. But he noticed that the kittens looked a lot like the three girls. One with a pink hat, one with glasses and one with a tuft of black hair. Suddenly, things were becoming a bit clearer...


Jack inspected the page that was presented as Gru turned it over. The unicorn and the three little kittens were riding a rollercoaster. It took until this long for Jack to notice that the unicorn had Gru's scarf on...


And with those words, Jack felt his heart soften up and melt in his chest. The way that Gru said it sounded so...regretful. Edith had told him all about the whole adoption fiasco, so he didn't need the connection to be explained.


Jack had nothing to say. He had never felt so touched in his whole life. He now understood why Gru was the only one allowed to read the book. Jack actually felt a little stupid for suggesting that he should read it.

Without realizing, he had been staring profusely at Gru and the book the entire time, just like his sister had been. He turned to look at Edith, who's eyes were only half open. She laid on the bed, peering back at him tiredly. There were too many things that Jack was finding heartwarming, and even though he never wanted to leave, he had to before he started crying like a little girl.

"You're too cute, you know that?" Jack said quietly with a smile, as he gave his sister a small kiss on the cheek.

"I'm not cute!" Edith proclaimed, her eyes opening fully as she glared at her brother fiercely. "I'm cool."

"Yeah, you keep telling yourself that!" Jack replied, winking at her.

"Jack!" Edith replied, crossing her arms and seeming genuinely offended.

"I'm only joking!" Jack said, chuckling and pulling his sister in for a hug. "You're the coolest person I know."

"I know I am." Edith replied, smirking and shuffling in her bed to get comfy. "Love you."

"Love you too." Jack replied, before he proceeded to move to Agnes's bed. He wasn't sure if he should hug her, since he didn't know if she considered him her brother yet, but that uncertainty didn't last long.

Agnes jumped into Jack the second he got close enough, catching him off guard and startling him slightly.

"I love you, Jack." Agnes said, grabbing onto his leg. Jack smiled with a mix of awe and delight, before putting his arm around her back.

"I love you too." He mumbled. The real doubt now sprung into his mind. Would Margo hug him? He seriously doubted it, since he could tell that she had trust issues. As Agnes let go, he turned to see Margo stirring awkwardly in bed. He didn't want to push her, so he elected to go with a less affectionate goodnight.

"Night Margo." He said, giving her a beaming smile. As he began walking towards the door, he almost fell to the floor as Margo jumped from her bed and gave him a hug in his side. Jack jumped out of his skin, and after realizing what was going on, looked down at her with his mouth agape.

"Thanks for saving my life, Jack." She spoke, her eyes closed as she clutched onto his thigh. She seemed more comfortable with him, especially since her memory of what she saw had been cleared. To her, Jack was just another Edith who risked his own life to save her's and her sister's. She was confused as to why she didn't hug him after he did...

"Don't sweat it." Jack replied warmly, putting an arm around her. "Thanks for saving mine."

"What?" Margo replied, letting go and looking up at him with a humerous grin. "I never saved your life."

"Oh, you did." Jack replied as he made his way out of the room. "You all did. You just don't know it yet."

Margo was confused as to what he meant, but decided not to question it. She shrugged before climbing back into her bed. Jack walked past Gru as he stood beside the door, looking back at him with a touched smile, before moving over to the three girls and giving them an individual goodnight kiss, hug and 'I love you'.

After Gru switched off the bedroom light and proceeded to quietly leave the room, he met back up with Jack in the hallway, who looked at him with a tired smile.

"I know..." Gru began, holding his hand up to stop him from saying what he knew he was about to say. "De book was a beet cheesy, but-"

"Cheesy?" Jack replied, laughing a little. "That book was awesome! Maybe the whole nose-horn thing was a bit stupid, but...that doesn't matter. You really are an amazing father."

"Thanks, Jack." Gru replied sheepishly, looking away with slight embarrasment.

"Anyways," Jack said, looking down at his watch and yawning. "I'm gonna hit the hay. Night."

Jack gave him a small, awkward hug, before proceeding to make his way towards the bathroom.

"Goodnight, Jack." Gru replied, walking down towards the living room, where his wife was waiting to watch a movie.

After getting ready for bed, Jack made his way into the study, where his newly-delivered bed had been placed temporarily. The minions were starting construction on a permanent bedroom for him tomorrow. Jack had argued, saying that they really didn't need to go to any trouble. But all of his arguments were rebuffed by the fact that the minions REALLY like building things, and wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

Jack laid down on the bed and snuggled under the covers. Since it was brand new, it felt very comfortable. Or maybe that was because Jack wasn't used to normal beds, since the ones in the IVB dorms felt like sleeping on bricks.

As he laid there, thoughts began spinning in his head. The whole day replayed itself, and Jack found himself unconsciously smiling. It was crazy how his entire life went from almost unbearable to absolutely perfect in a matter of a few days.

Before, Jack had nobody who loved him, a sister who didn't even know he existed, a job that made him do bad things and a boss who was a complete psychopath.

Now, Jack had more than a few people who loved him, three sisters who were beyond perfect, a mind of his own and the knowledge that no psychopath boss was coming to ruin it all.

Thinking about the transition made Jack feel eternally grateful. Before the events of the past few days unfolded, life had been pretty harsh on Jack. But now, life was finally giving him a break. A chance to be happy. Beyond happy. And that's how he felt at this very moment. Beyond happy.

The last thought that went through his head before he was overcome by sleep, was the dreadful reminder of what he almost did. How he almost shot himself in Darren's apartment. Jack scolded himself for almost doing something so stupid.

But even though the memory was painful like acid, Jack felt a sense of comfort from it. The fact that he didn't say goodbye to life, and to his new family, was a relieving thought. For now, he knows he could never part, from those three little kittens...

...that changed his heart.


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