Blair looked at her surroundings. It seemed so fake to her, but she didn't want to ruin her time here worrying about how unreal this was. The sky were cloudy, her favorite. It's just so calmly of how it storms and lightning, but she'll doubt it'll do that. All of the times Blair wanted it to storm away, it wouldn't. Most likely since she lives in the most sunniest place on the planet, though. She then realized that somebody was talking to her. It was a boy, around her age. He had piercing blue eyes, and blond hair that fell over his face. He had a sheepish smile on his face. Bair looked behind her to make sure he knew he was talking to. She never seen him before, and shes sure he'd never talk to somebody like her.

"You've been out of it, are you alright?" He said putting his hand on her shoulder, yet she couldn't feel his touch, but nodded anyway. Who is this guy? Should she know him? Blair looked to her side, and saw four other teenagers get out of a bright red jeep without a scratch on it. A girl with curly red hair hugged her, and stood by Blairs side. We looked at the woods in front of us with a old baseball field covered with mold.

"This place was at cooler in my head," the redhead sighed. Blair shrugged.

"It'd be a cool place to play a ouija board," Blair said. She beamed at Blair. She knew that she should at least remember her, since the redhead seemed so laid back with her. As Blair walked ahead, the blonde guys expression changed into a frown.

"Can't we just tell her? I-I miss her too much, and she never remembers her dreams anyway," the blonde guy whined. The red head girl slapped him on the arm, and shushed him. The teenagers behind them were all staring at Blair with a sad expression, but everytime she'd turn around they would change expressions into a happy one. They practiced that every time she'd come. Blair stood at the edge of the forest, and waiting for the others to catch up. The blonde haired boy ran to Blairs side.

"Of course you ladies would like a buff guy to lead you through," the blonde guy laughed. The red head rolled her eyes, but Blair hugged his arm. She never liked the dark, regardless of loving storms. The forest wasn't so deep as it was intended to, thanks to the kids behind them traveling them further without Blair knowing. They always tried to make the best out of her dreams before she woke up and lived her terrible life. She daydreams constantly trying to go back to her dreams. She loved them too much. Blair hid her face in the blonde guys shirt, but they were already there. She looked up, and it was a fenced farm with barbed wire. Blair back up instinctively, but the blonde haired boy already went through the small hole in the fence. Blair started to get down, but the redhead stopped her.

"He uhm...just wants to make out with us, let's go," the redhead pulled Blair away from the fence. The kids behind them gave the redhead a disapproving look. Right at that second, Blair collapsed on the ground. The blonde was still having a rampage on the farm throwing a metal box on the ground repeatedly. That was Blairs memories. Pictures. Paintings. Books. Everything related to Blair while she was here. Here. Not quite heaven, not quite reality. The dream world. Containing these five kids who visited Blair every night in her dreams. Influencing her, and making dreaming a get away from her abusive life in reality.