Soon after returning from a mission. Kallo inform Ryder that there's a problem with the Angara.

What's going on, Kallo?

I think it's best if you ask Liam. what's going on. He's the one that has seemed to have created the problem with the Agrarians. It seems that he thinks the Agrarians should stop treating use as aliens and be nicer. It turns out he got arrested by them. Efra isn't happy with this.

After hearing about this situation. That Liam made. Ryder Head back down to Angara to find out. What mess he needed to fix this time Liam created.

Dam it, Liam. I told y to be nice and now look what you have done. You create a mess again. That i have to bail you out of and fix. I'm starting to think you don't cate about anything. But your dam self. I that you only want to create messes and problems fir me.

He went to talk to Efra about why Liam did. Finding out more about the mess that he had to fix.

Dam it, Liam. I'm getting tired of fixing messes you create. It seem to be the only thing your good at. I'm trying to make Allies and Alliance between different species. You on the other hand just mess everything I work so hard to put together. Why is this. Ryder just kept right on talking about what Liam did wrong in from of the Agrarians now caring if everyone heard. Ryder walking in to the cell then he just layed a punch right in to Liam. This is going to be what happens to you every time you mess up something I do. I know that you can't seem to do anything better.

Aww, Liam said. What the hell was that for. Ryder.

Maybe this will shut you up and let you know that I'm not going to let you keep messing everything I work hard to create. Get messed up by you. Yes your just a secure up and that's all your good at. Just as Ryder walked out of the Agrarians jail. He say Cora and the others standing that in shock. Let me guess you heard all that. Next your going to tell me that I shouldn't of hit him. I should be more nicer to him. IS that what you was going to tell me Cora. Because if that's what you was going to say don't. I'M tired of cleaning up after Liam and fixing the problems that he makes. He's been do this sense we left the Nexus and so far he hasn't change one bit.

He walked off leaving, Cora speechless.

She couldn't believe that he just said all this in from of her. She new that Liam had been doing this. The fact that Ryder was so made and angry didn't affect her. It had the opposite on her. She agreed with him about Liam.

Wait Ryder. I wasn't going to say anything wrong. I was in fact going to agree with you. I know that you are trying to set up outpost and make Alliances with other races. I know that you are doing your best to make to everything right. As well dealing with the fallout from the Nexus leadership to. I was going to tell you that I support what you did and in fact everyone else does to.

What your all not upset with me for. What i just did?

Well we are a little, Cora said. But the fact of the matter is Liam had it coming.

Finally Kallo said something. Listen Ryder. Dealing with up and are problems isn't easy to say the least and deal with the Nexus leadership is told different. But what Liam did wasn't right. You worked hard to gain the true of the Agrarians and Liam messed it all up in one minute here.

Soon after hearing this. Ryder walked back in to the cell area where Liam was.

Well you sure messed up Liam.

What do you mean by that Pathfinder?

Everyone on the Tempest thinks you messed up big time and there not happy with you either. IN fact Cora thinks I did the right thing by hitting you. Kallo thinks you should be reassigned and he may be right.

Wait they all agree that sense we left the Nexus. I have done nothing. But mess everything up then?

Yes that's what they think.

Wow that's mean of them. I mean there right. Every were we go we are treated like the Alien's and I'm getting tired of it.

Well Liam I'm getting tired of fixing your messes and cleaning up after you. In fact If I don't have Cora to help me out. I would of had Draak shove you out the air lock in space by now. That's how pissed off I am with you.

Soon after the talk. Ryder called Draak's and Efra. and Addison, Tann on the vid call.

What the hell Ryder. Addison said. Did you do to to mess up the Alliance with the Agrarian's now?

IT wasn't me that messed it up. It was Liam. He got in to a fight with Agrarians soldiers and Efra had him jailed.

HE did what Tann, Asked. Addison then said he messed up the work you did. Not you.

Yes that's right. IN fact the whole Tempest is getting tired of me fixing and cleaning up after him. Lt. Harper thinks i spend more time fixing the stuff he does that do the right things for are people. So I'm asking the all of you to please let me reassigned him or something. I can't work like this with him on the crew. He even said that he does this because of being called alien's every time.

Soon after hearing this. Addison, Asked? What would you have me do.

Well I don't know. IF you want me to keep working to put outpost and build Alliances. I need someone or some more crew. To help, In fact My second Lt. Harper. Has a few ideas for the crew upgrade and ship upgrades as well to.

As Tann, Addison looked over the crew list and upgrade list. Harper sent to them. Tann only had one thing to say. Approved Pathfinder. I know that you are going to say. What do you mean Approved. Addison agreed as well. Your ship can't take many hits in a fire fight and that's not good.

Well if you all had done something sooner in the milky way galaxy. This wouldn't be a problem at all. But all you cared about was launching the Arks and nothing else. I should you this, Because I have heard the messages and voice recording from my Father. IF you all had told him sooner and help him out when he asked for it with my mother. I wouldn't be turning against you all now Ryder said.

Wait what do you mean this is are fault and what voice recordings and messages Addison asked?

All of you come with me to the Sam node. I will show you.

As Addison, Tann and Kandra's followed Ryder to the Sam node. Sam played the Recording of Garrus's father talking about Shepard being right about the Reaper's and then played the recording of the Turning fleet saying under attack for enemy know as Reaper's. That Commander Shepard was talking about.

Dam it. Addison said. So are you telling me that this was set up by this Benefactor just so that not all of use would die in the Milky way Galaxy?

Yes that's right. My father and Jinn both new all about this and to make sure that none of you new about this she was killed by someone wrong for this guy. The group is called Cerberus and Shepard has fought them mean time and I have as well here in this Galaxy. I bet that spender was working for him as well and that's the reason the Krogan were outed by you all.

As Addison and the others looked shocked by this news. They looked at the next recording who was from Dr. Liara T'soni.

Who is this Dr. Liara T'soni that is talking Addison Asked?

This Dr. Liara T'soni is part of the SVR -2 Normandy crew right now fighting the Reaper's in the Milky way Galaxy. Every other race that is there is following his commands and orders. Turians Asari, Batarians, Quarian's, Geth, Salarian's and others are fighting together.

As Tann was about to speak. Ryder played other recording.

This is Jinn I don't want to tell others. But I'm out of money. I got a called from. This Benefactor that was willing to get a lot of use to be on these arks and send use to the Andromeda Galaxy. This Benefactor new this war was coming and didn't say anything.

So now you all know what is going on and why I have been putting money that I get in to helping build this station up and its defense well. I intend to take this fleet and fly back to the Milky way after everything is done here to help in the fight. With the Technologic that I use and learn from here. I could build a unstoppable fleet of warships that could destroy anything in its path. I could save lives.

What's this got to do with use and the Krogan, Agrarians, Exiles, Outcasts, and the Remnant here in this Galaxy Addison asked?

Well its going to give use weapons that would make anyone think twice before messing with the Milky way galaxy again. So if you are all wondering, what I play on doing. I gave you my answer to it.

But what's this got to do with Lt. Cora Harper on the Tempest.

Dam it. She that daughter of the Illusive man. Who is in charge of this Cerberus that I have told you about. The thing is we still don't know if she was sent to spy on use of stop use from trying to go back or stop use here with the other spies. That's the big question now?

I think its time we detain her I mean now and start to ask the hard questions to her.

Part 2 Questioning Lt. Cora Harper about why she's here

Day later Kandra's and a security force with Ryder boarded the Tempest and arrest Harper.

As she woke up later in her cell. She looked around starting to release were she was. She dammed to see Ryder and Nexus leadership.

I'm right here. Cora or should I say daughter of Illusive man. Who runs Cerberus?

Look at Ryder, I see you know who my father is and I bet you all think I'm here to stop you or stop you all from making it in the Andromeda Galaxy?

Yes that's right. We know about the Reaper's from my Father's video and voice recordings I found in Sam. What we don't know is why you are hear. To help use because you feel like it or to make sure we never made it and don't work together?

Well the true is Cora said. Yes I'm his daughter, To the second part of weather or not I was sent to stop you from working together or stop you from going back no on that. To the third part you asked Ryder. As to weather or not I should be trust. Well I'll just let you decade this. But yes my father new about the Reaper's and he is your mystery's benefactor that Jinn met with after she ran out of money.

Dam it Tann said. So Ryder you was right. Jinn was murdered by someone who worked for this group and was on the Nexus. She never died when the station hit the Scourge then. But why was it covered up so well. That's the fact we don't know.

Well I bet that I can explain that part to you Cora said?

I'm betting my father found out that Jinn Told Alec Ryder everything and didn't want to risk you all turning around and heading back to the Milky way to fight with Shepard in the war against the Reaper's. I also bet that as long as his spies could keep making you all mistrust each other and do work things. You all would forget about the Reaper's and the war Shepard was fighting. But Ryder what I still don't understand is why wait this long to have me put in this cell now.

Well I can tell you that. I wanted you to believe that I was doing business as usually and keep you close to me until the time was right to strike. Plus If I fell in love with you and made you think this. You let your guard down and you did Ryder Said.

So do you really love me Ryder or was I just a means to get info you needed here? Cora asked.

Well I do love you, but after finding out what I know i have a hard time trying to finger out my feeling now. If you love me back Cora and are truly on are side and want to help say so and I'll release you?

Yes I do love you Scott, Cora said. More then anything here. I was sent to do all you said. But after falling in love with you. I can't go through with what i was asked to do now. It would mean hurting you and I can't do this to you.

So Cora. Next question is, I bet you know what I'm going to ask you?

You want to know who the spies are that my father send here with use and will I help you stop them for good so you can build your fleet of warships and help Shepard in the Milky Way Galaxy is that about it. Cora asked?

Yes will you help use stop them. As well make sure with set up outpost and base here. Also build the fleet and the Space station to and a fleet orbital space station heavily armed? Will you join use and help two Galaxies for the great good Ryder asked?

Yes Ryder, I will for you. I will do this Cora told him.

Okay let her go Kandra's she's going to help use o everything?