The sun was starting to rise, filling Duke Alvise's palace with warm light. Just about everyone was in the back garden for the wedding of Hyacinth and Ben Ali. All of the hippos were on one side of the aisle and the alligators were on the other. Ben Ali stood at the alter with Madame Upanova, who was performing the marriage.

Hyacinth was inside the palace, putting the finishing touches on her make up. "You look so beautiful," said one of the ostriches that was helping her.

"Thanks," Hyacinth said with a smile. She peeked out the window at the wedding guests. "Everything is going so perfect."

Back outside, several elephants came skipping down the aisle tossing flower petals. Everyone was applauding, when all of a sudden a large shadow loomed over them. Their nostrils filled with the stench of smoke, as a shadowy figure glided across the sky. Everyone gasped.

As the figure flew, ash rained down making all of the wedding guests cough. His body blocked out the sun causing a reddish shadow. He laughed evilly and in a wheezy voice said, "After the sun sets tonight, you will never see it again!" The creature flew away out of sight. The normal sunlight returned, but it was hazy from smoke.

Hyacinth ran out of the palace. "What is going on out here?" she cried. She was so hysterical she didn't care if Ben Ali saw her before she walked down the aisle.

"There was a giant eagle made out of fire," said Ben Ali.

"What are we going to do?" asked Madam Upanova.

"The only person I know of who is strong enough to go up against such a creature is Yen Sid. I don't know him personally, but I know that Mickey is working with him as his apprentice," said Ben Ali.

"We must find Yen Sid," said Hyacinth in a panicky voice.

"Come, my love, this wedding has to wait. We must stop this creature!" said Ben Ali heroically. He grabbed Hyacinth by the arm and they ran in the direction of Yen Sid's castle. Everyone else went inside of the palace just in case the creature returned.

"I hope they find Yen Sid in time," remarked Madam Upanova as she watched the two run away.

Meanwhile on Bald Mountain, the creature came in for a landing. Chernabog was shrouded in his wings because he could not come out during the day. "I did exactly what you wanted me to, Master," the creature hissed.

"Excellent," said Chernabog with his face still covered. "Now continue to fly around. You must make enough ash to block out the sun, forever." The creature took off as Chernabog laughed evilly.