Back in Yen Sid's castle, Hyacinth, Ben Ali, and Rachel were awaiting for what Mickey would do next. Mickey was staring at the chain of magical jewels and mumbling to himself. After what felt like hours, he finally turned to the others and said "Let's try this one!" He waved his hand above a diamond and said "intra lapis" and in a flash of light they were gone.

When they opened their eyes, they were in a lush countryside. Off in the distance was a large mountain. "This might be it, fellas," said Mickey. The four of them started walking along when a winged horse flew out of the sky and landed in a lake in front of them.

"I never knew The Spring Sprite was a horse," Hyacinth remarked.

"That's not her," said Mickey. "I think we are in the wrong world, again. Let's go."

"Hey! Look at that," Rachel said as she pointed at a herd of centaurs running. Nobody paid any attention to her.

"Exitus lapis!" Mickey shouted as he waved his hands above the diamond. They reappeared in Yen Sid's castle. Mickey studied the chain, deciding on which jewel to enter next. "Well I know this amber leads the world of the dinosaurs," he said to himself.

He was interrupted by a scream. "AAAAAHHH!" It was Hyacinth.

"Relax, my love. We are not going there," Ben Ali said, trying to comfort her.

"It's not that!" she cried out. "Rachel's gone!" Mickey and Ben Ali both recoiled with fear.

"Intra lapis!" Mickey shouted as they all went back into the diamond.

Meanwhile back at Mount Olympus, a herd of male centaurs was running through the fields. Rachel was riding on the back of a red centaur. "Where are you going again?" she asked.

"We are going to pick grapes," answered a purple centaur that was running along the left side of them. The centaur she was riding on starting running faster and it caused her hat to blow off.

A little while later, Mickey, Hyacinth, and Ben Ali appeared again in the countryside. "This place is huge!" Hyacinth exclaimed. "She could be anywhere."

They saw a faun sitting on a boulder playing a pan pipe. "Did you see a girl walk past here?" Mickey asked.

The faun put down his pipes. "All the girls I know are getting ready for the Bacchanal tonight," he said before he quickly resumed playing.

"Where are they getting ready at?" Mickey asked.

The faun sighed and put down his pipes. Under his breath he muttered, "you guys aren't from around here, aren't you". He turned to them and said "At the pond at the end of the stream".

"Thank you," Mickey said as the three of them ran off. They came across a stream. "This must be the stream he was talking about" Mickey said.

"I think it would be quicker if we swim down," said Ben Ali as he jumped into the stream. Hyacinth joined him.

"But I can't swim," said Mickey.

Hyacinth grabbed Mickey and put him on her back. "You can just ride on me," she said. Ben Ali led them as they went down the stream. They went over a small waterfall and landed in a pond.

Several female centaurs were doing their hair and make up off in the distance. A pink one turned around at the sound of a splash and saw Ben Ali. "AAAAHHH! It's a crocodile!" she screamed. The other Centaurettes started to panic.

"Have you seen a girl around here?" Mickey asked a yellow Centaurette. She shrieked as she grabbed a vine of flowers to cover up bare chest. She slapped Mickey across the face. "Sorry about that, miss" Mickey said, embarrassed.

All of the Centaurettes panicked and ran off leaving Mickey, Ben Ali, and Hyacinth confused. "Now what do we do?" asked Hyacinth.

On the other side of Mount Olympus, the centaurs came running in holding barrels of grapes. They poured all the grapes into a vat and fauns started to stomp on them. Rachel, who was now riding on the back of a blue centaur, asked, "what are we doing now?"

"We have to wait for our girlfriends and Bacchus to show up," a yellow centaur answered. He put his hand to his forehead and gazed off in the distance. "And it looks like the girls are coming now!" The Centaurettes came running in. They were obviously upset about something.

"What happened to you guys?" a red centaur asked.

"There was a crocodile that was going to eat us!" cried out the pink Centaurette.

"And he had this little guy with him that was peeping at us," added the yellow Centaurette.

"And there was a random hippo," said a blue Centaurette.

Rachel thought about what she heard. "Hey those sound like my friends!" she exclaimed. None of the centaurs paid any attention to her.

"Hey look! Here comes Bacchus," shouted a blue centaur.

A chubby man came riding in through a set of arches on a tiny donkey with a unicorn horn. "Hey Jacchus," he slurred. "You look better in this party hat." He pulled Rachel's hat from behind his back and put it on the donkey's head.

"I neveh felt so pwetty in my wife," said Jacchus, clearly intoxicated. "Wet's get dis pawty stawted!"

"Hey that's my hat!" Rachel shouted.

"I'm sorry, madam, but you are mistaken," Bacchus said in a faux regal accent. "Besides what are you even doing here? This party is for ma-tour adults only."

Just then Mickey, Hyacinth, and Ben Ali came running up. "Rachel! We finally found you! Now we can get out of here!" Mickey shouted.

"Why would you want to get out of here? We have tons of wine," said Bacchus.

"Thanks, but we really need to go," said Mickey.

"He won't give me my hat back," Rachel cried out.

"Telw us whewe you awe going fist and maybe I wilw give you the hat back," said Jacchus.

"We are trying to find the Spring Sprite," said Rachel.

Bacchus starting clapping his hands and bouncing on Jacchus. "I know exactly where she lives!"

"Really?" said Hyacinth.

"I guess you two can come along," sighed Mickey. He looked at the diamond on his chain of jewels. "Exitus lapis!" he said and the six of them appeared in Yen Sid's castle.