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One summer night, Team RWBY, Pyrrha, and Nora snuck into a club and started to drink and dance with a much older crowd of people. Yang was flirting with a wealthy hunter on the dance floor, Ruby and Blake were sitting to the side having a conversation, and Nora and Pyrrha, who both left their teammates to finish up Jaune's project, were dancing the night away. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Well, everyone except one awkward heiress. Weiss, though usually a fairly confident girl, was more self conscious in this new setting. She wasn't with her peers; she was with adults. Attractive ones, too. She was never a dancer, and she never could hold her liquor very well, so she decided it was best to just sit on the side, not embarrass herself, and watch everyone else have fun.

Nora and Pyrrha got off the dance floor, tired as all hell.

"Wow, Nora, you're quite the dancer!" Pyrrha said, going towards Blake and Ruby.

"Hey, for someone that doesn't go to clubs, you weren't bad yourself!" Nora laughed, moving towards the bar for a drink. She turned back to her red haired friend, asking, "What do you want to drink?"

"Oh, I'm not much of a drinker," Pyrrha replied.

"Alright, but if you change your mind, let me know!" As she turned back to the bar, she noticed Weiss sitting there, just looking on at the dance floor. It was a sad scene: a lonely girl surrounded by people with no one to talk to. Nora slowly approached the white haired teen.

"You come here often?" Nora teased.

Weiss, somewhat startled by her new company, let out a quick, "Eep!" before realizing who she was talking to, and replying with a quick, "Hey."

"So are you just sitting here, all lonely and shit?" Nora asked.

Weiss sighed. "Yeah. I'm not used to this kinda atmosphere."

"Hey, it's not that bad. You just gotta loosen up a little bit, you know?"

"Did you forget who you're talking to?" Weiss playfully replied.

Nora paused. "How about I take you out of here, and we can do something else?"

Weiss, surprised by the offer, attempted to decline, saying, "Oh no, you're enjoying yourself. I'll just wait until we leave."

Nora refused to take no for an answer. "I do this all the time, but I rarely see you step off school grounds. Come on, I wanna make sure you enjoy tonight!"

Weiss, shocked that anyone would be willing to do this for her, finally accepted, nervously teasing, "I-if you insist."

As the pair went to the door, they saw a man and Pyrrha run out the door, with an exhausted Yang trying to keep up with them. "YOU TOOK MY MAN!" she shouted.

"What the hell happened, Yang?" Nora asked.

"I was dancing with that hunter, and just as I was about to seal the deal, he saw Pyrrha, and he started hitting on her, and he's taking her back to his place instead of ME."

Weiss was confused. "Are you trying to tell us that Pyrrha just agreed to a one night stand?"

"Yes!" Yang replied, frustrated.

Nora laughed. "Pyrrha is attractive, but she is still a goody-two shoes. There is no WAY she would ever do that."


Pyrrha was lying in the hunter's bed, which laid in a beautiful bedroom in a gorgeous mansion. She wore nothing but her simple bra and panties, waiting for the hunter to return to her. Just as she was getting bored, the figure returned.

The man, who was now completely naked, oozed masculinity, with a pair of powerful biceps, thick, beautiful pecs, and a set of toned, chiseled, washboard abs, adding about six and a half feet tall. His legs looked like large pistons, ready to push and power his incredibly dense and powerful body. His face was also incredibly handsome as well; he wore a mask of chiseled masculine features with a powerful chin, covered in a light coat of stubble. His hair was a dark gray, indicating some age. The man had a dense layers hair that covered his legs, arms, and chest. Pyrrha thought the man had to be at least 40. maybe 50. Then Pyrrha noticed the man's cock.

It had a length of a massive 9 inches of rock hard masculinity, and Pyrrha thought the base of the penis had to be 2 inches at least. For only her first time, she realized she would experience quite the cock, as the hunter's manhood was pulsating with the fervent to dominate the young girl that laid in his bed.

Pyrrha removed her bra and panties. Her body was immaculate, without a single mistake. Her breasts, DD, were large and tender, yet perfectly shaped for her figure. Her core showed off an impressive set of toned yet slender muscles that accentuated her slim but strong physique. Her skin was creamy and soft, making her appearance almost divine as she stood in the light. Her legs were long and slender, leading to a beautifully round and innocent ass. Her pussy, dripping wet with anticipation, was enthralling, as its apparent softness and tender pink color simply glorified the girl's innocence. Her flowing, deep red hair only accentuated her immense beauty, which further enticed the hunter to step closer.

The man pulled Pyrrha into a deeply passionate kiss, as he prodded her sex his with his strong, coarse fingers. She began to whimper, and broke the kiss, but not before grabbing onto the hunter's throbbing cock. She teased him, playfully touching the head of the penis with one hand and juggling his rough balls with the other. The man uttered a small moan before releasing the girl's vagina, yet Pyrrha continued to play with his long, powerful shaft. She began to wrap her tender fingers around his manhood, and began to move her hand slowly up and down his shaft. The man's dick continued to harden in her heavenly grasp, as she spat in her other hand, and added it to the handjob, while also mixing in some twisting motions.

Pyrrha began to lower herself onto her knees, continuing to rub her hands along his manhood. She began to increase her pace, prompting the hunter to utter another guttural moan of pleasure. In response to this sign of instinctive approval, she licked the precum off the tip of the hunter. As she continued to pump the older man, she started to kiss and lick his sex, earning her grunts of approval. Pyrrha then opened her mouth and began to take the man's cock into her mouth. She could only fit a few inches of his dick in her mouth, so she stroked what she could not fit. At first she started slow, attempting to take precautions so she didn't hurt herself. As she got used to it, she began to speed up. She ran her succulent lips up and down the man's cock, and lapped the underside of the shaft with her tongue. She kept one hand on his cock to pump what her mouth could not suck.

The hunter, however, wanted to go faster, so he grabbed the teen's head and shoved her into his pelvis, impaling her on his tremendous cock. Pyrrha was shocked as she suddenly realized the man and forced his dick down her throat. The man began to powerfully thrust himself in and out of the poor girl, who was all but subject to his will. Pyrrha began to tear up from the pain of this huge cock down her throat, blocking her ability to breath. The man didn't care at all for her pain, as he continued throat fucking her even as tears rolled down her cheeks. He increased his pace, as his long dick slid up and down the redhead's throat faster and faster. Pyrrha looked up at the man with her beautiful, big, green eyes and continued to deepthroat her partner.

After several minutes of mouth fucking the teen, the man pulled out of her mouth, picked the girl up, and placed her doggystyle on his as Pyrrha was recovering from the assault on her throat, the hunter shoved all 9 inches into the girl's tight pussy. Feeling an ecstatic mix of purely pleasure and pain, Pyrrha began to utter a passionate, feminine cry of her own as her eyes rolled back out of sure bliss. The man was roughly fucking the nubile girl's tender pussy, eradicating her innocence and widening her pussy. He pushed in with such tremendous force that it sent Pyrrha into another world of pleasure. She was surprised that the bed didn't break with a man this powerful using it to fuck other young virgins like herself.

He picked Pyrrha up from the bed, only to pin her against the wall, continuing to fuck her. He grunted in her ear, "Who's your daddy, bitch?"

"...y-you areā€¦" she whimpered back.


"YOU'RE MY DADDY!" she screamed back.

"And what do you want me to do?!"


The hunter threw Pyrrha back onto the bed, and laid her spread eagle as he reentered the girl and continued to pound her, only this time, his dick was harder, and he was pounding her even faster.


"Who's my bitch?" the man moaned.


The hunter, feeling challenged by Pyrrha's taunts, began to rapidly increase his already breakneck speed as he thrust in and out of Pyrrha with an un-paralled pelvic force. His cock, throbbing with a deep desire to explode inside the young girl's sex, began pounding against Pyrrha's G Spot. Pyrrha, in pure ecstasy, uttered a sexually charging moan, "AAAAHHHHHEEEEE!" which only encouraged her dominant partner to fuck the girl even harder. He silenced her with his mouth, with their tongues engaging in a sexual battle for dominance.

The hunter then withdrew from Pyrrha, as he pulled out and stopped kissing her. He then positioned her face down on the floor with her ass up, and shoved all of his rock hard 9 inches into her fat, beautiful, tight ass. The Spartan girl's eyes widened as she let out a scream of pleasure and pain as the hunter began to thrust into the babe's ass with his throbbing erection. His dick pushed in and out of the teen's rear, as she squeezed down on the man's thick cock. Pyrrha tried to scream again, but her mind was so clouded that she just held her mouth wide open. The man pushed her head into the floor as he began to rapidly increase his pace, pushing the both of them into another world of pleasure.

The hunter then picked his bitch up again, and threw her onto the center of the bed, laying face up. Pyrrha spread eagled, and her partner got on top of her, and reentered her ass. He reassumed his previous pace as he pounded the girl's anal virginity into non-existence. She held down her tits as they jiggled from the man's harsh fucking as she let out another sexually charged moan. She shut up as her lips clashed with the hunter's in another kiss, though this did not hinder his thrusting at all.

The man then put his throbbing cock into the teen's cunt, as she wrapped her long, smooth, athletic legs around him. He continued to powerfully thrust, as her tight sex pushed him closer to orgasm. With his cock coming closer and closer to climax, his pace started to increase. Pyrrha broke their smooching to yell to him, "CUUUUM IIIIN MEEEE!" He reassumed their kiss as his shoved engorged dick as far as he could push it as it finally exploded into Pyrrha's tight, dripping pussy. The sudden sensation of being filled with the hunter's powerful manhood and his thick, white cum made Pyrrha let out another enticing moan of passion, muffled by the man's presence in her own mouth, as she came hard onto her partner's throbbing sex.

Pyrrha, exhausted from this incredible fuck, just laid there, as cum slowly dripped out of her. The man, equally tired from his incredible sexual effort, laid his Herculean body next to his gorgeous sexual partner, eventually falling asleep.

When he awoke, he realized that Pyrrha was gone. She had left without leaving the faintest trace of her existence, quietly, leaving without saying goodbye. The hunter was pleasantly surprised, as he had hoped the girl was smart enough to not become attached to him. Tired of laying down and doing nothing, he picked himself up, out of his bed, and went to make himself some breakfast.

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