Later that afternoon….

Weiss was incredibly tired from an exhaustingly long day of physical training and academic studying. After taking a long, hot shower in the locker room, Weiss made her way to her dorm room in a simple pair of sweatpants and a loose t-shirt. When she arrived, she realized she was by herself, as Ruby had taken Blake to a bakery, and Yang had a "date," which was the polite way of the heiress saying "meet up and fuck." Pleased by this unexpected peace, Weiss decided that she would take a nap. She undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor, pulled down her baggy pants, and climbed into her bed. In just her white lace panties and a slightly oversized t-shirt, the heiress fell asleep.

Yang was also tired, but for a different reason; the dick that she acquired from Ruby was incredibly distracting. She found that the penis, measuring roughly 11 inches, was constantly hard, and she couldn't control it. Blake bent over in front of her today, and it took so much effort to not shove her entire cock into her friend at that moment. Later, Ruby brushed up against it in the hallway, and it took even more strength for her to not rail her younger sister in front of her classmates. It got so bad that Yang didn't train that day, but, instead came to her dorm early to hopefully jerk off alone.

When she walked in, she immediately tore off all of her clothes, got on her bed, laid down,and started to masturbate furiously on the bed. She grabbed her left tit and lightly massaged her nipple, sending a small wave of pleasure throughout her body, as she firmly grasped her dick and worked the entirety of its massive length. Her tender hand tenderly massaged her tightened, throbbing cock, whilst also moving it incredibly fast. Yang felt an orgasm approaching quickly, so she flipped onto her knees, releasing her breasts and clutching her twitching penis with her other hand. She spat on her cock and began to twist her hands as she continued to pump herself. Finally, with a powerful thrust, her dick exploded into ropes of cum, shooting hard against the wall, her pillow, and onto her mattress. Pleasure shot throughout her body in a magnificent wave of ecstasy and sexual relief, rendering her silent. Thick white streaks lined her bed, to Yang's slight annoyance.

She was more displeased with the fact that, despite her incredible orgasm, she was still ridiculously hard. She sighed, and then noticed the sound of someone breathing. She turned to see Weiss, asleep in her bunk. This gave Yang an idea.

She walked over to the heiress, jumped into her bed and under the covers, and whispered, "Weiss."

The white haired beauty slowly opened her eyes. "Hey."

She then realized that Yang was in bed with her, naked, and she screamed.

Yang put her hand over her mouth. "No, relax for fuck's sake."

Weiss, thoroughly alarmed, spat out, "What?"

Yang smiled, laughed, and asked, "Can you fuck me right now?"

Weiss shook her head in confusion. Yang continued, "I'm just so hard right now," as she lifted the blankets to reveal her pulsing dick, "and I just need some help."

Weiss would have been mad if it was not for that beautiful, large, sexy cock. Her mouth watered with anticipation as she eyed it in all of its majesty.

"Let's film it," Weiss said. Yang laughed and nodded.

She quickly got up, grabbed her camera, positioned it accordingly, looked into the lens, and said, "Part two, daddy!"

Weiss walked over to Yang's throbbing length, grabbed it, lunged down, and took the dick in her mouth. She spat on it, and whatever she couldn't suck, she pumped with her other two, tender, twisting hands. She bobbed her head up and down on the blonde's massive penis, earning her a rewarding and encouraging moan. Weiss then removed her hands from the dick and pushed herself to take the entire cock down her throat. Yang helped her by grabbing her silky, long, soft white hair, and pushing her farther down on her massive cock. Weiss choked as Yang began to take control of her head, thrusting deep and hard down the heiress' throat. Weiss' eyes rolled backwards due to a lack of oxygen, but, despite her partner on the edge of passing out, Yang continued her breakneck pace as she pushed her cock past her soft, tender, pink lips, deep into her throat.

Yang then pulled out and threw Weiss face down onto the bed. She hopped above her white haired friend, slightly pulled down her white panties covering her booty, and thrusted deep into the heiress' tight, white ass. Weiss let out a scream of pain and pleasure as she felt the immense size of Yang's dick split her small ass into two.


"Shit, Weiss, you're so fucking tight," Yanged grunted back. Her pace increased as she felt the pressure in her cock rise, her orgasm steadily approaching. She continued to push deep into the girl, as her asshole gripped her throbbing dick.

Yang then ripped off Weiss' panties and shirt, flipped her onto her back, spread her legs wide, and pushing her immense cock into the girl. Weiss moaned again, though with much more pleasure than before. The heiress flipped Yang onto her back and began to ride her.

"Who likes this big cock?" Yang demanded.

"Me!" Weiss replied.

"You like taking this big cock?"

"Yea-uh!" Weiss moaned as her tits bounced.

"Now turn and shake that ass," commanded Yang.

Weiss reversed herself and began twerking on Yang's cock, bouncing her small, beautiful ass on the blonde's huge penis, continually impaling her pussy on that gorgeous cock. Her ass shook with each clap of the ass. The blonde then pushed herself up and hilted herself in the heiress' tight cunt as she proceeded to fuck her from behind.

"Who's your daddy?!" Yang yelled. Weiss stuttered and mumbled.

"WHO?!" Yang repeated.

"YOU ARE!" she shouted.

"And what do you want daddy to do?!" the blonde asked.

"CUM IN ME, DADDY!" Weiss yelled.

Yang flipped Weiss onto her back, leaned in, and looked into her eyes as she continued to thrust into the heiress. Their heads hung only a few short inches from each other, salivating for each other, as their tits were pressed together. As they continued to fuck, the heiress wrapped her legs around Yang, pulling her closer.

"Cum in your soft, white ice bitch, daddy!" she whispered.

Yang then leaned forward into a passionate kiss, as she finally climaxed in Weiss, forcing them both to moan in their kiss out of pleasure. Her cock shot heavy ropes of cum into her soft, nubile pussy, before eventually Yang pulled out.

The two laid there in each other's arms for hours, before Weiss eventually got up and hit the "End Recording" button on her camera. Weiss then got back in bed with the bombshell who fucked her, and fell asleep.

The Same Afternoon…

Naruto was struggling with his new life at this school, as Sakura had been pimping him as a male whore. Anyone who wanted to shove something in the boy had to only pay a small fee to do so. As a result, he had been fucked by countless guys and a few women with cocks. His asshole was bruised, his lips were raw, and he was now forced to love being dominated.

At this point in time, he was naked, kneeling in the middle of the courtyard on a leash that Sakura, also naked, held tight. They were waiting for Jaune and Ren, who they arranged a meeting with. The first person they saw, however, was none other than Glynda Goodwitch, who walked over with a strong sense of purpose. She grabbed Sakura and began to pull her to her office.

When they arrived, she sat the two ninjas down in front of her. Glynda then sat on her desk and began speaking. "So," she started, "you've been trading sex for money at Beacon Academy?"

Sakura tried to stutter out a response, worried that she was found out, but the professor continued. "Not only is this an affront to this school and what we stand for, but you are not even students here. I have no idea who you kiss are. This means I can't expel you, because you would probably just come back." She then gave a small, sly smile, and leaned in, "That being said," she continued, "it does mean I can punish you any way I see fit."

Glynda dropped her skirt from around her waist. Revealing the top of two stocking-clad legs and a massive penis of about 14 inches. She then slowly undid her shirt, only opening it to reveal her large breasts, held firm in place by her black, strapless bra. She reached behind her back and undid the strap, allowing it to fall off her body and onto the floor. Glynda then slowly reached up, lightly picked up her glasses, and gracefully moved them to the far left corner of the desk. She moved first to Naruto, pulling him upwards into a deep kiss, her tongue pushing into his mouth and playing with his. She then placed her left hand on his cock and began to slowly tug at his length. With her right hand, she skillfully undid her bun, allowing her golden locks to fall down her bare body.

Glynda then broke the kiss, stopped her handjob, and slowly pushed Naruto onto his knees, who looked up innocently with his large blue eyes. She positioned her cock at his mouth, placed her hand on the back of his head, and pushed herself slightly into his inviting mouth. His lips, tightly gripped on her penis, dragged across her skin as she pushed further into the blonde's wet mouth. His tongue lapped itself along the underside of his throbbing penis, only making Glynda harder as she continued to push herself deeper into him. She then grabbed his head with her other hand and forced him to her pelvis, shoving her entire 14 inches down his throat. Naruto's eyes shot open as tears ran down his face from the pain of swallowing an entire dick.

Glynda then began to thrust into the blonde boy's mouth and down his throat, forcing him to gag and leaving him unable to breathe. He was defenseless as Goodwitch pumped her cock with his face, trying to cum down his throat. Her body tenses up as she began to fuck the boy's throat even harder, which aroused him as much as it hurt him. Naruto's cock stood fully erect in arousal, while he jerked himself off with his right hand; he fingered his asshole with his left hand.

Just as Glynda was about to cum, she pulled out, stood the boy up, and bent him over her desk, his cute ass sticking out. With a single thrust, she pushed her entire length deep into his asshole, forcing him to let out a powerful, "Ahhhh!" Glynda let out a moan as well, as she felt her cock gripped tightly by his tight ass as it bounced against his cute ass. She wrapped her soft hands around his 7 inches and began to jerk him off. Naruto moaned as Glynda approached his G spot and rubbed his cock, as he felt himself on the edge of orgasm. With a final thrust, the professor hit his spot and pumped his cock a final time. She then held herself in that position and played with the tip of his penis. Naruto, in this place if pleasure, finally came, shooting his load all in front of the professor's desk. Glynda then came too, shooting ropes of semen into the boy's ass.

Glynda pulled out, turned, and yelled, "Alright, you can take the blonde one now!"

In stepped Jaune and Ren, both naked and fully erect. They approached Naruto and began to caress and lightly touch his body, even going as far to grab his dick and playfully tug at it. Ren then shoved Naruto onto his knees, forcing him to look up at the two dominant boys as they positioned their penises near his mouth.

"Suck one, jerk the other," Jaune commanded.

Naruto looked up, and took Jaune's cock into his mouth as he reached over and slowly clasped his hand around Ren's engorged cock. He began to pump his head down to Jaune's pelvis, as he was forced to take Glynda's penis down his throats and was now used to taking long cock. His hand thrusted and twisted along Ren's penis, which only hardened and pulsed in the boy's hand.

Naruto's throbbing penis yearned to be touched there, for, through his exploitation, he found that he was incredibly hard. He just wanted the slight push to help him finally push himself over the edge. He was then pushed onto the floor, where Ren forcefully spread his legs, and shoved his fat dick into him. He began to passionately fuck the poor ninja, who moaned for release and out of sheer pain. Ren leaned down and pulled Naruto into a reluctant kiss, pushing his tongue into mouth as he fucked the boy's loosening ass. His legs wrapped around the dark haired boy as Jaune came from the other side and shoved his penis into his mouth. Jaune and Ren held on as they fucked away Naruto's pride and honor. Tears streamed down his face as the two came deep inside of his body, semen splattering his chiseled frame and filling his asshole, but ascending him, too, to a new level of pleasure. His cock erupted in ropes of cum which covered mostly his own body. Jaune and Ren, however, continued their sexual dominance over his body, as their thrusting persisted.

Goodwitch then turned to Sakura, grabbed her pink hair, and shoved her head onto her throbbing cock. She looked down at the ninja and couldn't help but hold her dick down her throat. Sakura gagged as Glynda held her head in that position, being forced to holster the teacher's enormous cock in her gentle throat. The professor interlaced her fingers in the pink hair and began to pump her cock into her motionless head. Sakura felt tears fall down her face as the pain of being orally penetrated increased. Glynda threw her head back in pure ecstasy as she began to rapidly increase her pace, her dick pushing down the girl's throat. She let out a powerful, "Ahhhh!" as her pumps continued. Looking down, she saw Sakura, wearing a white button-down shirt and her dark blue shorts. Her shirt revealed just enough of her breasts that Glynda hardened looking at them. She reached down and ripped the shirt off her body, revealing a pair of large, bouncing tits, freed from their shirt. Glynda then pulled her cock out of Sakura's mouth and put it between her massive breasts. She urged the teen below her to wrap her boobs around the pulsing penis, and, when Sakura did so, began to thrust upwards. Her tits felt so soft and inviting to the touch, and with each thrust Glynda felt only closer to another orgasm, moaning the ninja's name as she felt her dick on the edge of orgasm. Finally, with a final pump, Glynda exploded onto Sakura's vulnerable face, shooting a thick load of semen directly onto her neck, chest, and tits.

Glynda then removed the shorts from the teen, called over Jaune and Ren, who left Naruto drooling and dripping fun, and, with the boys, proceeded to position themselves for the girl. Jaune was underneath the pink haired beauty, his dick placed next to her asshole. Glynda positioned herself right in front of Sakura's spread legs, putting her cock right beneath the ninja's, where she had a vagina. Ren then placed his cock at the teen's soft, bright pink lips.

The three thrusted together into the nubile body of Sakura. Her eyes shot open in both extreme pain and pleasure as she felt three penises enter her body. She could barely breath, as Ren just thrusted deep and hard into the poor girl's throat. Jaune continued to pound her fat ass, craving the sound of his pelvis hitting her from the back and the tight grip on his throbbing dick. He only increased his pace, trying to hit as deep as he possibly could into the teen's ass. Glynda continued to fuck the girl's cunt, her dick almost immediately hitting her G spot. Her dick pushed into the teen, filling her with immense pleasure, as each thrust pushed her body closer and closer to climax. Each time she felt the dicks thrust inward, she felt waves of pleasure shot throughout her body. As Glynda aggressively fucked Sakura's tight, dripping wet pussy, she also grabbed the girl's flailing cock and jerked her off as she was dominated. Sakura moaned into Ren's own throbbing cock as Goodwitch gave her what she needed, and she exploded into ropes of thick, creamy semen. Her dick exploded a five times, leaving body glistening with her own cum, and her pussy even came twice, which tighten up the experience for the professor. Finally, after an hour of ruthlessly pounding this girl, Sakura came for a final time, as her cock exploded onto her body, and the dicks fucking her came as well. Ren shot his entire load down her throat while Jaune deposited the load in her ass. Glynda then also came inside the teen, her twitching cock firing a load of heavy, white cum into her pussy.

Glynda, Ren, and Jaune all pulled out and stood over the crumpled teen, cum still leaking out. They jerked off over her body, coating her in another layer of jizz. They suddenly heard a light fapping noise, only to turn around and see Naruto jerking off. Ren then turned, pushed Naruto onto his back, and fucked his asshole missionary style for a few minutes before both of the boys came again. The blonde passed out, but the Asian boy continued to fuck his tight ass.

Glynda leaned down to Sakura. "I expect regular visits if you want to keep pimping on school grounds, young lady. Now," turning to Ren and Jaune, "take these two away and fuck them however much you want." The two boys grinned at each, picked them up, and brought them back to their dorms, where they fucked the two ninjas for hours, screaming in pleasure and pain.

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