Hello everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus. College auditions for acting schools have been a bitch. This chapter is a little shorter and rushed, as I was trying to finish it for you guys ASAP. Here you go!

Cardin silently walked through the locker room in nothing but his towel. His dick, a solid 5 inches, was fully erect with desperate need as he looked in each shower stall. He was looking for his favorite couple to watch them have sex. Suddenly, he heard a shower head turn on, spurring him to excitedly run towards the stall. He stopped short of the door which, to his excitement, was left conveniently open. He peeked inside and smiled as he saw his two favorite girls.

Velvet and Coco were passionately engaged in an emotional kiss. They were naked, rubbing their hands all over each other's bodies, lathering each other up with body wash. Coco then brought Velvet closer in their embrace, her tongue taking dominance over her lover's mouth. She continued to move on the rabbit Faunus, and, in a clear act of pleasure, she pushed the girl against the wall. Velvet then brought her left leg up around her girlfriend, as her teammate brought her hand under her slender, creamy thigh. Coco then turned so that her back was against the wall, as she released her girl's leg, broke the kiss, and pushed her not the ground. Cardin's dick hardened when Velvet get on her knees, as he finally got a glimpse of the CFVY team leader's thick, pulsing, 11 inch, beautiful cock. The red headed boy couldn't resist his enticing erection any longer, and he dropped his towel and wrapped his hand around his penis. He slightly bent over and put his fingers in his ass, trying to hit his G spot as he pumped himself, watching his two crushes fuck each other.

Coco grabbed the Faunus's head and forced her huge cock down her throat, making the girl gag immediately. Velvet's head was at the base of her lover's dick, and, despite not being able to breathe, she began to rub her clit with her left hand, as this brutal treatment turned her on. Coco then grabbed the rabbit girl's ears and began to pump herself down her girl's throat, quickly speeding up her thrusts to reach as deep as possible. Tears of pain ran down Velvet's tender face as she continued to take her lover's long dick. Despite being on the brink of passing out, she continued to swallow Coco's tremendous cock as it throbbed with need inside her. This brutal throat fucking continued for ten minutes, as Velvet simply swallowed and slobbered on her girlfriend's huge dick. Tears had thoroughly wet her face, and her left hand was properly soaked from the two orgasms she received from the blowjob. Her right hand began to lightly caress and massage Coco's balls, bringing the brunette futa babe extremely close to climax. Finally, with a powerful thrus, the team leader came hard down her teammate's threat. Ropes of heavy, thick semen were fired into the rabbit girl's mouth.

Velvet then collapsed in front of Coco with her ass slightly elevated. The fashionable babe made her way to the girl's ass, placed it behind her asshole, and forcefully thrust himself deep into her girlfriend. Velvet let out a powerful cry of pleasure and pain as she felt the huge cock tear through her small, perky ass. Coco immediately hilted herself in the smaller girl and continued his powerful thrusts deep into her. Tears began to stream down Velvet's face again as she began to cry out in immense pleasure and pain. Coco began to powerfully thrust deep into the girl, grabbing her ears as she dominated the Faunus. Her cock, pulsing with desire, pounded her virgin asshole. She then pushed the girl onto the ground and continued to fuck Velvet, slowly increasing her pace in the teen. Finally, after an hour of hard anal fucking and Velvet crying, Coco came hard into the girl beneath her, shooting thick strands of cum into her tight asshole.

Cardin was overwhelmed from this scene, and stuck two fingers up his ass as he continued to jerk off. He felt his fingers glaze against his G spot pretty quickly, and, combined with the scene he was watching and imagining the scene of being fucked in his head, he shouted, "FUCK ME, COCO!" and came all over the floor in front of him.

Coco turned to see the male student, and smiled. She sauntered over to the redhead, seductively asking, "So, you want me to fuck you, hmm?" Cardin stuttered for a moment before the girl of his dreams forced him onto his knees and shoved her cock in his mouth. Coco moaned as her penis pushed past her lips and down his throat.

Cardin gagged and coughed onto his crush's cock, tearing up as it pushed deeper. Coco then grabbed his bright red hair with two hands, and began to thrust herself into his wide open mouth. Cardin, incredibly aroused and surprised by the turn of events, brought his right hand down to his hardened five inch cock and began to stroke himself. He moaned into the blowjob as he pumped his dick, loving his rough treatment. He liked to be dominated, and was hoping that this treatment continued. Coco slowed her pumping out of exhaustion, but she was surprised to see Cardin begin to work her cock as well as he could. He firmly grasped her sex with his lips and began to work his head in slightly twisting motions, while licking the tip and underside with his tongue. He brought up his left hand to tenderly pump what he couldn't fit down his throat. Coco let out a powerful moan as she felt Cardin continue to consensually and emphatically massage her long, beautiful, throbbing penis. She pulled out of his mouth, bent Cardin over, and began to assfuck the boy. Cardin began to moan as pleasure shot through his cock, as his G spot was being hit by Coco in her series of intense thrusts. The two, desperately searching for their orgasm, felt it approach as Covo continued to pound the redhead. She began to stroke Cardin, hoping it helped him arrive faster. Finally, Coco came hard in the hunter's ass, shoving her entire length into the boy as she emptied her heavy load into her submissive partner. Cardin's cock exploded into ropes of cum that burst out from the tip of his penis onto the floor.

The three students laid there for a few hours, until they eventually woke up and left the stall they were in.

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