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It was a late summer night at the JNPR dorm room. While Pyrrha and Nora were out having fun with their friends on Team RWBY, Ren stayed home with Jaune, helping him with a research paper that was due tomorrow. Although he missed the chance to be with friends, he was excited to finally spend time with his secret crush. Ren was staring at Jaune's golden hair, his slender but muscular figure, his deep blue eyes, his tender face, and his bulging penis, which was apparent even with the loose sweat pants the blonde was wearing. His striking appearance began clouding Ren's mind.

"Ren. Ren!" Jaune yelled, trying to get his friend's attention. The black haired teen awoke from his daze.

"Yes, Jaune?"

"How should I finish the conclusion? Should I just sum up my findings?"

"No, you run the risk of sounding repetitive," Ren advised. "Try stating what this paper means for Dust companies in the coming future. You'll give your project more meaning that way."

"Ok, sounds good," Jaune replied. He paused, then stuttered out another sentence. "Th-thanks for your help today, Ren!"

Ren was dumbstruck, and fumbled to reply. "Uhh-uh, yeah, d-don't mention it."

Ren checked the time. 11:15. "What time are the girls coming back?" Ren asked Jaune.

"I don't know, sometime tomorrow night."

Ren was overcome with tremendous excitement and anxiety. He had a whole night with Jaune! That meant he had a lot of time to do something great or fuck up dramatically. The pressure started to get to him, and Ren began hyperventilating.

As Ren had a mini panic attack, he heard Jaune say something. "Boy, is it hot in here. I feel all sweaty."

"Oh no," Ren thought to himself as his pants began to rise.

Jaune peeled off his t-shirt, revealing a toned, slim torso glistening in sweat.

"Oh no!" Ren thought to himself as his dick got harder.

Jaune slowly bent over and pulled his pants down, showing off his sexy legs and a cute bubble butt, clad in some tight underwear.

"OH NO!" Ren thought to himself as he felt his cock on the edge of eruption.



"I'm gonna go to sleep. G'night!"

"N-night, Jaune!"

Ren turned off the light, and got under the covers, but he couldn't sleep. His penis was too hard from thinking about Jaune. His smooth, slender figure, his gorgeous face, his golden mane, his cute, enticing, firm, tight ass, and that long, thick, powerful, juicy, 8 inch cock.

"Fuck," Ren thought. He needed release. He began stripping himself down to his skin, so that only his strong, naked physique was under the covers. He wrapped hand around his pulsating dick, and began to masturbate.

He imagined he was in the locker room alone with his crush. Jaune, in his uniform, gave Ren a desperate look of intense yearning, as he removed his clothes. He bent over, with his ass facing his dark haired friend, and began to unbuckle his khakis. He removed his pants slowly, teasing Ren with a look at his Jaune completely naked, kneeling in front of him. The blonde looked up at his friend innocently as his left hand wrapped around his own, hardening cock. He slowly moved his hand up his shaft, and then slid it down. He did this until his cock was as long and hard as it was going to be.

The blonde teen then unbuckled Ren's pants, and slowly pulled them to the floor. He pulled his friend's erect dick and began to slowly stroke it up and down. He added twisting motions to make it more satisfying. Imaginary Jaune then started to tease his friend by licking Ren's thick, meaty cock. At first, he used his tongue to play with the top of his penis, but he began to run it along the underside of his friend's dick. He licked from the base of the juicy cock, all the way to the then began to take Ren into his mouth.

He first started to suck on only the top of his penis, but as Jaune continued, he started to take more dick in his mouth. Eventually it started to go down the blonde's tigh throat. With this image in mind, Ren began to increase his stroking pace. His fist was holding his dick as tightly as possible and pumping his manhood with great power, as he pictured himself throat fucking his crush. He felt the blonde gag on his throbbing member as he desperately jacked off. He began to whimper, "Ohhhh...Jaune...suck me..." as he began to shake the bed with his powerful desire to cum. Then, as Ren pictured himself cumming all over the Blonde's face, he unleashed a powerful torrent of cum. The sperm shot straight upwards, into his blanket, and back down unto his dick. As his spurts became less powerful, his dick became drenched in his own thick semen.

As he was preparing to go to sleep, Ren felt a hand clasp onto his softening member. The hand started to slowly stroke Ren's cock back to a full erection. Another hand joined in tandem and began to massage Ren's balls, coaxing a moan from the Asian teen. The hands started to increase their pace and add motions to further stimulate Ren's cock. The black-haired teen was on the brink of another orgasm when the hands stopped. Ren turned to see who was teasing him so, and, to his pleasant surprise, it was Jaune.

The blonde whispered seductively in his ear, "Get to the wall and bend over, baby." Ren's heart jumped with excitement, as he got up from the bed and spread his asshole for his teammate. The blonde spat in his hand, rubbed his cocked, and positioned himself by Ren's asshole. Without warning, he pushedhimself inside his lover's body, as he began a series of smaller, softer thrusts into his friend. Jaune wanted this to be a very sensual experience for the two, so he made sure to make it enjoyable for Ren. He wrapped his large, soft hands around his friend's cock, and began to pump him, continuing for where they left off in the bed.

Ren was in state of bliss. As Jaune jerked him off, he was also being fucked in his ass. He moaned, "Faster, Jaune..." and his partner obliged. Jaune began to steadily increase his pace of his thrusts into Ren, and hastened the speed at which he pumped his friend's cock. Jaune began pushing the entirety of his 8 inches into his friend's asshole, pushing the pair closer to orgasm. Suddenly, Ren let out an erotic, "AAAAAOOOOOOHHHHHHH!" as Jaune hit his friend's G-Spot. The sudden surprise of this trigger, as well as the force of Jaune's movements made Ren cum all over the wall in front of him, tightening his asshole, which, in turn, made Jaune instantly cum, releasing a heavy load of semen into his lover.

Ren turned. "Can I...fuck...you?" he asked. Jaune smiled and nodded.

Ren laid Jaune missionary in front of him, with his right hand wrapped around the blonde's 8 inch cock. He prodded his lover's asshole with his monstrous 10 inch dick. "Are you sure about this?" Ren asked. Jaune smiled, looked into his eyes, and whispered the words, "Fuck me."

Ren replied to this taunt by hilting all of his 10 inches into the blonde's tight ass. Jaune let out a passionate moan as he felt Ren's tremendous length inside of him. Ren began thrusting hard into the nubile teen, while also giving him a passionate handjob. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he huffed as he aggressively pounded away Jaune's anal virginity into oblivion, tearing up the boy's cute little ass.

Jaune was completely lost in a world of pleasure and pain, as he felt Ren relentlessly pound his ass. He began screaming, "Oh Ren! You're so...fucking...BIG!" and, "Fuck my fucking ass!" He felt his asshole begin to stretch to fit the entirety of Jaune's huge, throbbing cock. Ren lifted Jaune, turned him over, and began to fuck the shit outta Jaune. He stopped caring about Jaune's pleasure, and just focused on his own. Jaune realized this, and tried to masturbate while he was getting fucked, but it proved to be too difficult for the teen as Jaune was completely dominating his friend's asshole. He grabbed the boy's blonde mane and began to shout, "Who's your daddy, bitch?" as he pushed the teen's body into the wall behind the bed. Jaune grabbed onto the bedposts as Ren continued his relentless pounding. Sweat glistened off their bodies as Ren pushed the pair of lovers to orgasm. Jaune, in pure pleasure, started to shout, "AAAAIIEEE! AAIIIEE! FUCK ME HARDER!" Ren did not hesitate to respond to his friend's cries, and pushed his body even harder as he continued to increase his pace.

He kept increasing his rhythm as he pounded that tight virgin ass. Ren was fucking so hard that everyone down the hall could hear the bed bang against the wall, as well as Jaune's cries of pleasurable pain.

"What was that?" Velvet said as she began to undress Coco, hearing the banging several rooms over.

"I'm sure it's nothing. Let's just fuck before Goodwitch catches us."

"Faster! Fuck me FASTER!" Jaune yelled. Ren pounded until he hit Jaune's G Spot. "OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK ME DADDY!" Ren continued his pace, steadily increasing until Jaune shouted, "I'M COMING!" Ren hilted himself as far as he could possibly reach as Jaune reached his climax, releasing a torrent of cum onto the mattress under him. Jaune's asshole tightened, and pushed Ren over the edge, as he came hard into his friend's ass. He held Jaune in that hilted position for a minute before letting go. Semen dripped down out Jaune's ass, over Jaune's balls, and down Jaune's legs. Ren, despite the ordeal, was still hard.

"Get on your knees bitch," Ren commanded, using his newfound confidence.

Jaune did as he told, waiting for Ren's massive cock. Ren put his huge, throbbing dick into his partner's mouth, grabbed his golden hair, and began to throat fuck him. Ren fucked his mouth harder than he had Jaune's ass, shouting, "Suck this fucking dick!" as he desperately yearned for release. Jaune was tearing up from the incredible pain of Ren's massive, throbbing cock in his throat and his complete inability to breath. Just when Jaune thought he would pass out, Ren came hard down his throat, spraying ropes of thick, creamy cum into the blonde. Jaune tried to swallow all of these rich, delicious fluids, but some of the semen began coming out his mouth and nose.

Releasing his head, Ren quickly began to apologize; "Sorry. I didn't know I could be so controlling during sex," panicking as he realized how he treted Jaune during the affair.

Jaune coughed a little, then showed a bright, sticky smile as he said, "That's fine. I actually liked it." He paused. "Let's do this again sometime!" Ren's heart skipped a beat.

"Ok!" he replied.

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