was good, every one and a while. You feel so relaxed during the day you compel to close your eyes and sleep.

Sakuya, however, always took the opportunity to sleep whenever he had a moment's peace to himself. Because of his parents late-night gambling, not to mention the many times they return home intoxicated, Sakuya could never find the time to sleep peacefully because of his parents.

It's why he always slept in class whenever the teacher had her back turned or when it was recess and no one was around to bother him. To Sakuya, rest was something he had to find time to do before going home and endure another sleepless night.

Sakuya laid on a empty field. He just finished eating his lunch and he relaxed in the early summer breeze. His eyes were closed and his hands were laid on his chest, his green hair blowing in the light fresh air.

He took a deep breath and breathed out through his nose, waiting for sleep to overcome him. While he laid there, Sakuya hears a shocked gasp. He opens one eye and peeks at whoever disturbed him.

"Sakuya-kun! Sakuya-kun, are you alright?!" Sakuya grimaced when he heard Tohru's concerned voice calling out to him as she ran towards him.

He closed his eye and sighs.

"Sakuya-kun, why are you on the floor?! Are you hurt!?" Tohru asked him in worry.

Sakuya opens his eyes and stares up at her with an unhappy glare. She loomed over him, her shadow casted over him and her ponytails hanging over her shoulder.

"Of course I'm alright." He tells her as he turned to his right side. "I was just resting that's all."

"Oh, I see. How come?" She asks with a tilt of her head.

Sakuya sighs exasperated. Great, now she's going to ask him questions. As if he hasn't had enough of those coming from her every day. Honestly why does she bother talking to him? None of the other kids bothered speaking to him so why couldn't she do the same and leave him alone?

"Because I'm tired." He answers hostile. "So can you leave me alone?" Sakuya closes his eyes and when he hears the grass russle, he figured Tohru listened to him (for once) and left. He almost sighed in relief when he hears a giggle and feels something warm next to him. Sakuya turns his head around and sees Tohru on the floor, laying behind him with a bright smile on her face.

Flustered, Sakuya asks her, "What are you doing?! I told you to leave me alone!"

"But I want to stay with Sakkun!" Sakuya blushed at the nickname Tohru had given him around the time she recently transferred to their school. Sakuya wasn't sure where she got the name and why she insisted calling him that but he never stopped her either. Deep down, it was actually flattering that someone would go out of their way to give him a nickname. It was something friends do right? Did he consider Tohru a friend?

Sakuya looks at her. Tohru was smiling with a huge, dopy, grin on her face. She was giggling and if it was possible, small pink flowers floated around her.

Tohru was odd, he'll admit that, but, she wasn't bad. She was nice to everyone even if they weren't nice to her back. She was naive that's for sure and oblivious, especially when some of the other kids bullied her, but other than that, she was nice.

Sakuya wasn't sure how someone like Tohru could be nice when the world was so cruel to others. Wasn't she aware things weren't sunshine and rainbows? Was she aware that life wasn't full of smiles and giggles? Honestly, Tohru confused him to the point he wondered if she was from another planet.

"Today is so nice!" Tohru exclaims out loud. Sakuya looks up at the sky. There was no cloud in sight and the sun was shining bright. He smiled fondly.

" is..."

AN: This one-shot takes place a couple years before the events of my other Fruits Basket/Servamp crossover. I'll be sure to upload my story here.

I'm thinking about making this a full-length story showing their relationship before the other story but, eh, I'll see. If I do end up continuing this, I might have to change the title and the summary.