The smell of liquor lingered in the air. The T.V. was left on showing the morning newscast. In the living room, on the couch slept a man and his wife, both in their late thirtes. Snores rang out from the man while his wife grunts in her sleep.

Staring at them was a young boy with green hair and brown eyes, traits he received from his parents. He emotionally stared at his parents before clicking his tongue with annoyence and walking away to grab his backpack from the door.

He puts on his backpack and opens the door. The morning light sweeped through the crack of the door, across the doorway and to the living room. His parents shifted a bit from their sleep and continued to rest.

"I'm off." He says to no one in particular. He knew his parents wouldn't care less that he was leaving to school. It was a waste of his time telling them goodbye.

He closes the door behind him and walks off to school.

The class was running a little late then usual and the students wandered around the classroom, loudly talking to one other and laughing.

Sakuya sat quietly in his seat, staring out at the window and watching the clouds float across the sky. He sighs in boredom and wondered to himself when class was about to begin.

Then, right on time, the teacher walks in.

"Alright class." She spoke as she made her way to her desk. "Take your seats and quick. I have an announcement to make."

Everyone ran to their desks in a hurry. Their teacher, although nice, was stern and took her job very serious.

Once everyone took their seats, the teacher clears her throat and speaks; "Good. Now, today we're having a new student transfer here from another school so please welcome her with open arms and try to be nice to her, alright?"

At the mention that the new student was a 'she', everyone in class broke into quiet whispers. Sakuya however was to bored to care about the new girl. He wasn't sure why it was a big deal that a new student was joining their class. It happens all the time - heck, the last student to transfer to the class was three months ago, so this wasn't anything new.

Oh well, the faster the new girl introduced herself, the faster it'll be till lunch.

Walking inside the class, everyone watched as the new student made her way to the teachers desk.

With a bounce on her step, her pig tails bouncing with every step she took and a sparkle in her eyes, the new student stood there with excitement.

"Hello!" She spoke cheerfully. She bows. "My name is Tohru Honda. It's a pleasure to meet all of you. I hope we can all be friends!"

A few students laughed while some smiled. Although a bit too cheerful, Tohru made quite a nice impression on her new classmates.

"Thank you Tohru, that was great. Now I want you to take a seat by Sakuya Watanuki. Watanuki-san, raise your hand so Tohru can see you."

With a sigh, Sakuya raises his hand up. With a nod, the teacher motions for Tohru to take her seat. With a nod back, Tohru walks to her assigned seat.

Once she made it to her seat, she hangs her backpack on the back of her chair and sits down. She looks at Sakuya and with her hand held out to him says, "Hi! My name is Tohru! I hope we can become friends."

Sakuya looks at her and her outstretched hand in confusion. Well, that came out of nowhere. Sakuya 'pffs' and stares at out the window again.

"I'd rather be friends with a pig then with you."

Harsh but it was better than getting close to anyone. Making friends with someone was bound to end anyways so there was no point making one now.

Besides, people always leave in the end

AN: Now, I have a reason why Sakuya is acting this way. He's not acting like a jerk for nothing.