AN: Hi, it's been forever since I ever came on here. Now I return and back with a spooky holiday story that I believe we all love and adore. Also since so many loves Undertale well... two favorite fandoms are place into one story. Also nobody ever did a Hocus Pocus and Undertale crossover story. So I'm the first to start. LOL!

Anyways I hope you enjoy this story and... please don't judge on how I would see things from the Undertale characters. I'm changing the characters looks since it's Halloween. So don't judge or say something is not right it's just part of the story! Okay so... hope you all would fall in love and get into a spooky scary time of this crossover.

A legend that proves of pure evil in the world.

A legend that shows that monsters, witches, and other creepy creatures do exist in the world.

A legend that was so long ago is still told today.

And now the legend of the three Sanderson witches who like to feed on human children so they can stay young forever coming true once more.

The witches had once came back by a virgin who lit the candle on Halloween Night! With this virgin's curiosity and his disbelief of the legend has almost caused his and those he cares lives.

A black cat is known as Thackery Binx who was cursed by the witches' spell had helped the Virgin to stop the witches. As well protect the Virgin's sister who reminded Thackery of his own sister Emily Blink.

With the sacrifice of the Virgin saving the sister he loves and his bravery. He had won and the witches turned into dust. Thackery was finally free and reunite with his sister and family.

The story ended there.

But... The legend is repeating itself as the Sanderson Sisters has mysteriously returned to the world. Only this time in a brand new place.

In the Cemetary...

"Sister, we have returned to life," said the witch with long blonde shaggy hair wearing her long pink dress and a black cape.

This witch with the blonde hair is known to be the most beautiful witches of the Sanderson.

The second witch with the black hair that sticks up in the air wearing a red and yellowish dress looks around saying, "how did we come back?"

The third and the leader of the three with her red curly hair, her two buck teeth hang out from her mouth, wearing her green and blue dress said, "we are indeed back! But how and whom brought us here?"

"Maybe we brought ourselves back" smiles the black haired witch.

The red haired witch slap her sister in the face, "honestly!"

"Wini! We'll back and we can have all the children of the world!"

Wini looks at her sister with the blonde hair smiles, "Oh Sarah, you're so brilliant! We only have this one Halloween night before we turn into dust!"

The black hair witch gulps, "just like before..."

Wini put her hands up yelling, "Mary, how could you remind us of that!"

Sarah patted her sister as she hisses at Mary. Making Mary back up fiddling with her hands.

"It's okay Wini, we have a second chance now. With so many children around we will be young forever!"

Wini wipes her tears as she nods, "yes and this time nobody can stop us!"

Mary gulps asks, "Uh, sisters?"

"What is it?!"

Mary answers looking around, "I do not believe we're in the same place or even close to home."

Both Wini and Sarah looks around to see that Mary is right. They didn't recognize the cemetery.

"You're right," said Wini, "where are we?"

Sarah smiles, "at least we can find some children here."

Wini shrugs as she and her two sisters walk forward sway their bodies from side to side before they saw the road leading towards the city.

"Wini," said Mary seeing the city so big, "why is there so big buildings in that village there?"

Wini put her finger under her chin as she began to think, "it has been very long time since we were gone. I believe many things has change since we have been gone."

Sarah smiles, "hmm... I wonder if there are any cute boys around."


Sarah could see Wini looking at her with anger as she quickly said smiling, "nothing, sister."

Wini snarls as she led her two sisters into the city.

This was going to be all new to the Sanderson sisters. Especially in a big city of Ebott City.