7:00 AM - My House.

I jolt awake in a cold sweat, panting cold heavy breaths out of my mouth. I look over to my desk, and pick up my Android. It's not an iPhone I know, but I got it for a hundred bucks, it does the job. It's about two minutes before my alarm is set to go off which is what should have woken me up this morning. I sigh and disable the alarm. I get out of bed and walk over to the wardrobe to put on my clothes for today. It's the first day of school for this academic year, and for once, I was kinda non-chalant about it. My best friend, Jack, had moved away in the summer, only a week ago in fact. Despite the fact that we message frequently on Facebook, PSN and Snapchat, it's not the same without him really being here. I get on well with everyone else in my class, but today that's gonna change.

Because today's the day the new girl arrives.

7:30 AM - Downstairs

As I got my breakfast, I saw all the buzz about her on my Facebook News Feed. Everyone in class is anxious to see just who she really is. Gabriel wonders if she's some hot Amazonian babe wonder from Brazil, Angela wonders if another European such as herself could be joining us (she has a fondness of people from her own continent, that Swiss girl) and Lena just hopes it's someone famous. I laugh off Lena's suggestion as my mom snaps me out of my Facebook induced trance.

"You okay son?" she asks, showing off her warm, motherly smile.

"Yeah, it's just the new girl's coming today. Everyone's making assumptions about what kind of person she is and whatnot. Some of these predictions are hilarious." I say as I pick up my bag before heading off. My mom and I exchange our farewells as I begin the short walk to school. I put my earphones in and logged onto Twitch in eager anticipation to see if my favourite streamer, the one and only was online. is a goddess among gamers, yet her identity remains a mystery. She's kept a pretty fuckin' tight wrap on her personal life, with the only real thing people know about her is that she's about the same age as me. Nobody knew where she was from (as her high-pitched voice was hard to put an accent on. It was somewhere between American and Asian) or what her real name was. Everyone just knew , as .

But she wasn't online right now. Bummer.

As I sighed in defeat of not being able to listen to the (admittedly cute) voice of my favourite streamer, I turned around the corner and looked up to see my school, the Royal Winstonian Academy, at the end of the street. Now, despite its fancy name, it's not a "place for posh wankers", as Lena would politely put it. It's a public school with only a small admissions fee. Because of that, it's a highly populated school. As I walk towards the immense building, I hear a distinctly British voice calling from behind me.

"Well well, it's been a while Mr. "I'm too anti-social to hang out!" says Lena, with a mocking tone. I retort back with "Geez, the cavalry's here already huh?" which makes Lena stick her tongue out at me, knowing that I'm mocking her intros for when she does her Livestreams. Lena does livestreams under the Alias 'Tracer'. Whilst she's nowhere near the level of , Lena is pretty good in her own right, though, since I have to look at her every day, I cringe at some of the acting she performs online.

"Who dya think the new lassie in our class is gonna be? I hope she's a world-famous actress or somethin'!" exclaims Lena in glee, as we walk into class for first period, awaiting for it to begin.

"Your guess is as good as mine Lena, though I feel as though she probably won't be someone quite that famous.." I feel a buzz go off in my pocket, obviously coming from my phone. I take a quick peek at my notifications.


Hey, best of luck today. Let me know about that new kid!"

I smiled a bit as I put my phone away. The teacher walks in and everyone, even Gabriel who while still wearing that black hood of his, managed to be highly attentive for this. You see, new kids in pre-established classes a very rare here at the Winstonian. Despite the easy admission process, very few people transfer here from other schools. It's quite the event to see someone new come into a class. Mr. McCree walks in holding a bunch of papers in his hand, and after removing his ridiculous cowboy hat (the guy has a massive hard on for Clint Eastwood I tell you. The man started reading JoJo's Bizarre Adventure because of it.) he begins to speak.

"Now as I'm sure y'all are aware that there be a new student joinin' yer ranks today. She's from some place called Boosawn in South Korea, or somethin' like that." I cringed at his terrible pronunciation of Busan. "Now don't y'all worry, this little lady can speak plenty English, so y'all don't need to go out and buy Korean dictionaries. Come on in young lady. Show 'em that you're not just here to play games with their expectations." I was a bit confused as what he meant by that, but my confusion was put to one side once I heard that girls voice.

"Are you sure life isn't a game, Mr. McCree?"

The girls accent was unmistakably Korean, but her English pronunciation was impeccable. I had expected her to slur some letters and sounds but she said that as if she were a pro. As she stepped in, the class looked at her in awe. In the corner of my right eye, I saw Lena making a wow motion with her mouth, and in front of me I saw Angela hastily scribbling some notes down in her copybook.

Lena was right to wow. She was a remarkable sight. While she definitely was an Asian, her pale skin and more rounded eyes made her look as though she was more 65/70% Asian and 30/35% Caucasian. Her figure was petite, she didn't look to be more than 5'5, 5'6 at best and her curves weren't as voluptuous as some of the other male students had imagined her being, probably a C Cup at a push. There was something off about her atmosphere though. She seemed sort of, nervous, even more than new students are. She gave off a vibe that she didn't really wanna be around people. She was wearing a plain white cardigan with blue denim jeans, and a black schoolbag with an instantly recognisable keychain attached to its zipper.

A smirking white Bunny with pink decals. The logo of . Lena and I quickly looked at each other, knowing that we had instantly made a new friend out of just seeing her little keychain, her social awkwardness be damned.

"Now what do ya mean by that missy?" asked the rather puzzled looking McCree. The girl responded back with a simple "I think that life is just one silly game we all play. It's fuckin' pathetic if you ask me" she shrugs. Damn, she even knows the swear words too. This girl's smart.

"Riiiiiigggghhhhttt….." McCree continues his rather puzzled look for another few seconds before telling us more about the girl standing beside him. "Her name is Hana Song, and according to her profile here it says her birthday is in October, just like yours Bisghot" he points his finger (in a gun pose, of course) at me. Bigshot is his nickname for me, I have no idea why he calls me that but he just does. I don't mind it. Hana's eyes lock with mine for a moment before I look away back at McCree. I swear I could still feel her eyes on me though.

"Now then Ms. Song, you can go take a seat right there beside Bigshot" McCree pointed over to the chair in my direction. Hana bowed her head slightly, and began walking over to the seat just to the left of mine, with the whole class's gaze fixed upon her.

And thus began Hana Song's first day at the Winstonian.