The world is a strange, strange place. I can guarantee that you've never seen all of it. It's impossible to have seen every single square inch of the planet. Every inch of grass, ocean, mountain, desert...there's nobody who has seen it all. Your time is limited by the money you have and the people you've met. Never in my life would I have believed you if you even told me I would ever date D. Va, never. It's strange how the world, as broad and less travelled as some of it may be, can lead to two people to meet. I don't usually believe in fate or destiny or any of those overblown, grandiose concepts but, meeting the idol of my hobby and somehow managing to end up sleeping with her is something else entirely. I wish I could go back, with what I know about her now, with everything I've learned from Vaswani and the experiences we have had in Tokyo and Busan and make something workable from this. Make something I can be a part of again.'s too late. I can't love her anymore. Her viciousness tremendously overpowers the kind, calm, cute Hana that wandered into that classroom. The one that looked me in the eyes as she walked by me on her first day, and asked to sit beside us at lunch.

"T-tears…" I whimper as I feel them find their way down my face, unable to wipe them. My heart had a weird fuzzy feeling, like I was longing for something. Like I was missing something.

I knew what I missed. I missed Hana's genuine happiness. I missed her real smile, her real awkward quirks...I miss that girl who walked over to us that day at lunch.

I just wanted everything in the world to stop. I really did lemme tell you. But apparently, my life was only just beginning. The pain from Hana's cuts had stopped, dry blood all over my skin, the word barely visible over my chest. I hope this won't scar. I really hope so.

"What a mess this is…"

And then, I heard what sounded like the front door being kicked down.


"ZIEGLER, I'M KICKIN' DOWN THE DOOR!" screamed McCree from outside, readying his boot for the force needed to wipe the door clean from its hinges.

"HURRY, PLEASE!" Angela screamed from inside, Hana drawing even closer to her, a psychotic smile plastered on her face, drooling in anticipation. She was so close to her goal of a peaceful life alone with Jonathan, she just needed to get rid of two more tiny little obstacles.

Unfortunately for her, Jesse McCree was no 'small obstacle'. With a hard swing of his right leg, the door was - as he expected - taken cleanly off its hinges. Job well done, he thought, although this was only the beginning of the real struggle.

"Y'know Song, when I read the educational boards report on ye, you didn't strike me as one of them outlawish kind of types. Sure, I could've looked a bit deeper into it, but I ain't that kinda man. Now look at ye, you've drawn the dead man's hand against the pale rider."

"Cut the crap, cowboy" Hana spat in a vicious tone, steering her gaze away from Angela and onto the 10-Gallon Hat topped man, his imposing frame consumed almost the entirety of the doorframe. Reaching his hand to his right side, he unholstered the Peacekeeper, a gun with nothing but bad memories attached to it. He grimaced at the touch, but he wouldn't need to hold it for long. He held it at arm's length, aiming it right at Hana. His face was full of regret, but he was doing what he had to do.

"It doesn't have to be this way, Song", the words he once said to his former partner, Elizabeth Ashe, echoed in his ears. In a weird twist of fate, Hana's echoed hers.

"Apparently, it is, heheh" she says with a venomous chuckle. The American Gunslinger winced slightly, but quickly regained his composure. He knew what he had to do.

But he couldn't shoot Hana, his student. He couldn't shoot this young lady. It was against his code as a respecting gentleman, or so he thought he was anyways. With a quick motion, he tossed the Peacekeeper at Angela's feet, nodding at her.

"Keep it, I don't need it anymore" he turned back to Hana. "Now yer coming with me, and yer gonna let Bigshot go. Got it?"

"You'd have to kill me first, pale rider!" she said in a tone mocking the Gunslinger.

"Now listen here missy, yer gonna come with m-" before he could even finish, Hana had leapt on top of him, trying to crush his throat with his hands. McCree, although caught off guard, wasn't gonna lose to this girl here. He made a promise to Jonathan's mom, to Lena, to Hanzo and to himself to protect his students no matter what the cost was. With a forceful shove, McCree got Hana up off him. He could barely catch his breath as she swiped at him again, but this time, McCree was ready, dodging just in time to grab her right arm.

"ZIEGLER, CALL VASWANI NOW!" he said in an authoritative shout. Without even thinking, Angela had her phone out and ran out the door to call Dr. Vaswani.

"Hehe, you think that quack of a doctor's gonna do anything to me?" seethed Hana, leaning in to bite McCree's arm, catching him by surprise. He winced from the pain, but he didn't let go. She drove her teeth in harder, deeper, cutting through his tough, almost leather like skin. Blood poured from the wound, the crimson waterfall rushing out.

"Uck, tastes like a washed up old man, shouldn't be surprised by that!" said the Korean manaically.

But McCree would not falter.

However, the pain was getting worse and worse by the millisecond. He needed to act quickly, or else he'd risk passing out and losing everything and everyone he promised to protect. He used his free arm to hold Hana in a chokehold, thinking that knocking her out at the very least would buy Vaswani enough time to come over and assess the situation safely.

"KKhhhK, it ain't gonna be so EASY YOU FUCKER!" screamed Hana viciously, desperately trying to hurt McCree to his breaking point.

But it would take a lot to hurt a man like Jesse McCree, a man who'd lived through so much pain, hurt, torture and regret…

...he wasn't going to let this psycho kid get what she wanted.

"You got it all wrong Song, this is exactly how it's gonna be, because you only think you know what you want and think you know what you live for...but you ain't seen nothing yet. You've only just begun to see what the real world is like after lockin' yerself up for so long. Call me surprised, you acted pretty convincingly in class. You don't deserve Bigshot, he's too kind for someone like you"

"...shutup…..shutup….SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP!" Hana began ferociously digging her elbows into McCree's stomach, catching him off gaurd and making him lose his grip on Hana's neck.

"Damnit…" he said, wincing and gasping for air.

"YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME YOU STUPID FUCKING MONGREL!" Hana picked up a wire from her consoles and wrapped it around McCree's neck, tightly. McCree gasped for air, starting to panic. This was not a good situation to be in.

"Z-ie-gler….achk…" he coughed out, trying to shout out for Angela's help, but it was no use, his voice crackled and spurted, but he couldn't do anything as he struggled to catch any semblance of air.

He began to lose his vision, his last ray of life slowly dwindling.

"So this is how it all ends, huh" he thought to himself. "Sure wasn't how I expected to ride into the sunset, that's fer' sure". He chuckled slightly, ignoring anything Hana said to provoke him. His mind was occupied with other things.

Twelve Years Ago - New Mexico

"Hey Jesse…" Elizabeth called over to her lover and fellow teacher, McCree. "What do you think will happen with this whole "Talon" thing?" she asked curiously as McCree read the paper, with a headline saying "TALON STRIKES AGAIN - MOIRA O'DEORAIN KIDNAPPED"

"I dunno, Ashe, but I don't like 'em. They ain't just. You know how I like things. They've tried contactin' us both, and everytime we turn 'em over to the sheriff. I ain't joinin' 'em." Said the New Mexican native. His morals were aligned with those of justice, and while Ashe was more morally questionable, McCree knew her to be a good person at heart, hence why he stuck with her these past four years. They'd met in college, and finally started dating about three years ago after everyone thought they'd get together. He'd planned on marrying her. He wanted nothing but a life with her, despite her flaws. Undoubtedly, McCree held her deeply in his heart…

...but shortly after this day, Elizabeth Ashe had betrayed him and joined Talon. McCree and Hanzo were part of an undercover guerilla anti-terrorist group at the time, Genji was with the Japanese Government so they couldn't rely on his help. It was only a matter of time before they crossed paths with Ashe. It was a terrorist attack in Albuquerque, bank robbery. The perfect crime for a sheriff like McCree to deal with. And then, he saw who it was who carried out the attack.

After a harsh battle, they were face to face. Gunslinger vs Gunslinger. Viper vs Peacekeeper. They held each other at gunpoint, staring each other dead in the eye, unwavering.

"It doesn't always have to be this way Ashe…"McCree said with a hint of sadness in his voice, a small well forming in his left eye. He didn't want to hold the person he held so close to his heart at Gunpoint, nobody would. But the safety of hundreds was at stake, and McCree knew that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

" does" she said, her voice echoing McCree's, a glint of a tear forming in her right eye. The room fell silent, minus the ticking of the clock in the background of the church they stood in.






The Peacekeeper fired, and the werewolf howled at the loss of its companion.

Picking up her weapon and hat as a memoir, the Gunslinger left the Church a man more hollow than the one who entered it.

Present Day

"'s about that time…" said McCree, catching a quick glance at the clock despite his struggling. His breath became haggard and ragged, his movements losing more ferocity by the second.

"I'm Sor...ry….Cuj..oh…." he gasped as his consciousness faded.

But these wouldn't be Jesse McCree's final words. At the very last second, Angela and Satya burst through into the room.

"How unsightly!" exclaimed Vaswani, her surprise at Hana's rather unruly form and actions being apparent. The two women managed to get Hana off the American, choking and coughing, desperately trying to get any kind of air back into his lungs. After quickly regaining his composure, the Gunslinger locked eyes with Hana Song once again.

"Looks like I've finally met the Grim Reaper...but I ain't dyin' today" he spat, adjusting his belt buckle. "Ye've got nowhere to run Song, now, we gonna do this the easy way, or the hard way?"

"Like you're going to fucking do anything!" she scrawled at him, venom coating every syllable.

"Well then, looks like it's gotta be the hard way…" said McCree, upset at Song's decision. He slowly walked over to her, before stopping right in front, mere inches away from her face.

"You can't do shit old ma-"

With a swift motion, he knocked the Korean girl out cold. Not dead, but certainly out for a while.

"Damn...she was a wild pony, that's fer sure" said McCree, readjusting his ever present hat. "You two take care of her, make sure she gets the help she needs...and don't mention anything to the cops. I'll talk with Hanzo about it. You got it?"

The two women nodded in agreement (although Vaswani certainly questioned the legality of how the situation was handled) and put Hana in the back of Vaswani's car, driving off towards her clinic to get treatment immediately started. McCree headed upstairs, and into the only room he could see a light coming from.

"Sweet holy mother…." he almost vomited at the sight in front of him. Jonathan Cujoh was passed out in front of him, covered in blood, candle wax was everywhere, the room stank of blood. It was almost akin to something from the apocalypse, but McCree soldiered on. He freed Cujoh's body from its bed-bound prison, and carried him downstairs.

"Can't let his mother see him like this…" he mumbled. Putting him into his car, McCree drove him back to his home, finally breathing a sigh of relief.

The ordeal of the night was finally over.

Epilogue: One Year Later: Kayabacho, Tokyo, Japan.

It had been a year to the day since the events that took place at Hana's house. She was taken in by Satya Vaswani as an adopted child, who kept her under extreme supervision and therapy for six months. Apparently she went to university, but I was never told where by Angela, who stayed in America to study medicine in UCLA. Fareeha decided to go straight into employment, working as a receptionist at Vaswani's clinic with Brigitte. Meanwhile, I managed to somehow get accepted into Gakushuin University in Tokyo, by the skin of my teeth mind you. It was hard but getting here was so worth it. I never thought I'd even get to any university, let alone one of the most prestigious in Tokyo, studying translation and media.

Looking back on the events of those short few months, it was incredible how much bad shit happened as soon as Hana came into our lives. I should've seen it coming. Did I regret getting with her? In some ways, of course, but it was an experience I've learned from. I've moved on from her, even if the scars won't heal. My chest gets sore every now and then, stinging from where the knife had cut me all those moons ago, reminding me of the hard times. I'm stronger now though, and I'm sure if Jack hadn't have turned to the (ahem) dark side, he would have been proud to see me get through it all. McCree was right, I should just follow my heart.

That's why I've got a date tonight with one Aki Tokiwa, a fellow student from my course. She's cute but not crazy, I made sure of it after what happened last time (although I maaaay have possibly offended her). We're going to a ramen restaurant here in Kayabacho, apparently they've got some excellent fried chicken. The traffic was terrible, so taking the subway around was the best course of action.

As I began walking towards our meeting point near the station...that's when I saw her.

Standing there, looking at the sky in a daze...was Hana Song.

My first thought was OH SHIT. My second was what the fuck is she doing here? She couldn't have possibly known I was here, right? McCree made sure to keep it a secret! Before I could even react, she tilted her head in my direction and smiled at me. She was a good distance away, so I could barely make out what she was saying with her lips but I did see five words very clearly mouthed;

"I love you, Jonathan. Goodbye."

And with those words parting her lips, Hana Song walked out onto the road, taking her final step...

The End.

(A/N: Whew...this is finally over, eh? I never thought that it would be. When I started this story in September of 2017, so many things were different for me. I was in college, I had a girlfriend, and Overwatch only had 25 heroes!. Now, we have 29 of them, with Moira, Brigitte, Hammond and Ashe making their debuts. I've been honoured to see Overwatch grow into the game it is today and so happy to see its fanbase as thriving as ever, even if the competition is steep. I genuinely hope you enjoyed this finale to Trapped in the Heart of a Gamer. Please, consider leaving a review. I'll be back soon with another story based on Overwatch...and it's a spin-off/prequel to this story! As regards the ending of this story well, I wanted something dark even in the face of hope. Everything was going fine after McCree saved Jonathan but how about that suicide at the end? I hope it didn't seem tasteless, I've had it planned since the beginning. )