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Chapter 3: Reclaimer

Location: Cave system.

Time: 15:15

The sleek silver door opens for the strange duo, making both jump in surprise. They look at one another for a brief moment, before staring away in embarrassment. The hallway inside is pristine, and was dimly lit. Athena immediately turns her lights off, to remain as energy efficient as possible. She cautiously steps in first, using two fingers to beckon Khyla in as well. The Sangheili nods, carefully joining her side. When poth parties are inside, the door shuts behind them violently; causing the pair to practically fall over in fright. They carefully study the environment, eventually loosening up as they deem it safe, for now at least. With cautious deliberate steps, they move through the facility. Khyla's eyes immediately focuses on subtly glowing arrows on the floor, as if to guide them through the crypt.

"Athena." He says quietly, curiosity lining his deep voice as he eyes the strange arrow in front of an oddly shaped doorway. The Spartan freezes, turning her head towards his voice.

"What is it?"

"Look at this; on the floor. Do the lords guide us even in death?" He kneels down, glazing over the light with a bare reptilian palm, enjoying the cold feeling of the metal floor. He hears heavy metal footsteps approach. From the corner of his vision, he sees an all to familiar shade of blue.

"Maybe. Or; It could be a trap of some kind." She peers down at the light too, slightly hunching to look at it. "I don't trust it." She shakes her head. Khyla sneers at her, looking to his side.

"What do you trust?"

Athena shakes her head sombrely. "Not much these days." She stares back at him. "I trust my commanding officer, my own intuition. And I trust that you won't stab me given the opportunity."

Khyla rolls his eyes in annoyance to her sarcasm "I'm glad to see you have not misplaced your trust." he mutters, standing at full height as he begins to follow the lights instruction. Athena rushs to the Elite, quickly grabbing his shoulder, completely stopping him in his tracks.

"The fuck are you doing? weren't you listening to a word I said?!" She scolds him.

He scowls at her words. "You almost sound concerned for my well-being."

Athena stumbles on her words. "Wha-No! I don't want you triggering some god-forsaken trap, killing me in the process!" She argues. Khyla, with one swift arm movement, removes her hand from his shoulder, proceeding through the door. He takes a step inwards, looking around the similar hallway, before turning around on his heels to look at Athena.

"Nothing, see?" He gazes around the hall. Athena grumbles to herself, following the Sangheili through the door, a smug demeanour radiating from Khyla.

After minuets of walking through the Forerunner structure, the duo come across a massive spherical chamber of sorts, with a large glass ring acting as the floor. In the centre of the ring, is a hologram of the planet, slowly rotating. The two make their way to a central terminal, with much text displayed on the red screen. They observe the display, unsure how to decipher it. Athena cautiously places her hand on the display, making way for a surge of energy, knocking her back. On all screens, a red eye is displayed, even in front of the planet. It ominously peers down at the Spartan/Elite team: Who step back with drawn weapons. The computer's deep voice fills the chamber. "Do not fret, Reclaimer. We do not wish to harm you." It calmly states. "We are here to aid you." It scans Athena up and down.

Athena sputters out "We...?" She looks for any other body.

The shimmering sound of a Monitor fills the area "Indeed, We." The strange grey and green orb floats around the two. "I am 214: Spirit of Curiosity. I oversee this installation."

Khyla looks to the Spirit, to Athena "I do not understand their language..." he whispers to her.

"To be honest, I don't have a damn clue what they are saying either."

"Reclaimer," 214 comments "It would be in your interest to teach your pet to speak your language." Athena snickers at 214's comment.

Khyla sneers at her. "What did it say?!"

"Nothing of importance, Khyla." She lies, holding back a laugh.

The great eye doesn't seem to be amused at this waist of time. "Enough Idle chatter! There's work to be done!" It loudly states. "We have waited many generations for the arrival of another Reclaimer. I presume you have many questions."

Athena looks up at the peering eye "What the hell are you?!"

"I am the Cerebral Oculus. The brain of Installation Theta, If you will." It calmly states. "But, this is not important. What is, though, is the current state of our Installation."

"What...is wrong with this...Installation...?" She inquisitively asks, scanning the eye, taking a step forward.

Spirit flies in front of her "Our defence platforms are unfortunately offline. Without them, I'm afraid the large warship in orbit will annihilate us."

"And that's my problem...why?" She asks, tapping her foot at the floating orb.

"It means we cannot defend from those aliens invading:" It's green eye shimmers lightly "Meaning, you cannot fulfill your purpose."

"Which is?" She impatiently asks.

The Occular replies "Reactivating this station's factories; which produce planetary defence mechanisms."

Athena ponders for a moment "Defence mechanisms...you mean weapons...right?"

"Correct." Says 214.

Athena nods "We'll reactivate your weapon platforms; on one condition."

The occular seems sceptical "What is your 'Condition'"

"We get to keep a few of these weapons, for defence of our planet." She bargains

The Occular is quiet for a moment, eventually coming to a conclusion "Very well, Reclaimer. I shall uphold my end of this deal. As long as you uphold your end of it."

Athena nods "Deal."

"Excellent. It is up to you and...that...to activate the four nodes. They will activate the nova cannons, so we can eradicate the enemy warship overhead. I shall transport you to the nearest node..." The Occular ominously states as a blue aura surrounds Khyla and Athena.

"What is this-" Khyla says, before both of their forms dissipate into energy.

214 speaks up "Are you sure they can activate all the nodes?"

"They can. And they will. I don't often neglect my intuition."

"I hope you don't..." the monitor grumbles, floating away...

Location: Mountain near node A

Time: 15:19

The light dissipates as both Khyla and Athena appear on a snowy field, landing on everything but their feet, leaving an impact crater where they landed, Khyla is the first on his feet, scanning the environment for a moment, before scowling at a now standing Athena.

"What just happened?! What did the computer say?!" He demands to his smaller companion.

"We need to activate four...node things..." she explains, scanning the environment closely.

Khyla is silent for a moment, his eye twitching "What...? What?! For what reason do we need to activate these so called 'nodes?!'" He marches towards her, towering the Spartan.

She notices the Sangheili's attempts of intimidation "Back of, buddy!" She points her finger out at him "If we do, we can fuck over the Covenant! Don't you want that too?"

Khyla freezes in consideration. His silver eyes scan Athena up and down slightly. He thinks about possible outcomes and explanations, before bringing the topic up "How could we do that...?"

"That computer eye has promised us weapons! Which we could put on our ships, and to defend against Covie bastards!" She laughs, rubbing her hands together.

"And what of me?"


"I know you don't trust me. Would you not turn on me the second you got these weapons?" Khyla taps a hoof on the ground.

Athena stutters "Wha-?! No! You've been useful. Damn good fighter. You could help humanity against the Prophets!" She argues.

"Will your kind even accept me?" He quietly states.

Athena rubs her chin thoughtfully "Humanity likes me. I'm a war hero. If they see I trust you, hopefully; they'll see you as an ally."

"Do you think so?"

"Probably. Anyway, we gotta move, there's a tower over there," she points over to a distant glacier "that's probably the first node...We should move out." Khyla nods in agreement.

"my poor hooves..." he jokes quietly, but Athena picks up on the joke, chuckling slightly. Khyla's face turns purple "I-I uh...that was..." he stumbles on his words.

"It's just a joke, you're allowed to do that."

His eyes widen "It does not offend you?"

Athena shakes her head "No, I love a good laugh."

"Oh...I see..." he mentally notes, as they start to descend the tall mountain...

End of Chapter 4

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