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This is mainly a Danny centered story, but as I was writing, I found that Steve does get some time too, since really they are the only characters.

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The Notebook

One thing that most people would find surprising about Detective Danny Williams, is that he did not really enjoy large social gatherings. As talkative as he was, he preferred to stay within his small ,but growing ohana, instead of out at a party or a club. It was not that Danny was anti-social, it is just that he really had no desire to talk to other people. Okay, maybe he was a bit anti-social. It was just that, in all is years as a cop, he'd been trained to see the very worst in people, and that habit caused him to shy away from new friends.

That being said, when they were on a case, Danny was the most talkative person in the room. He once explained to Steve that when he was on a case, he was 'in his element' and way more comfortable with people. So every once and while, Danny would start talking to strangers. One thing that the people on cases first noticed about Danny was that he was not from Hawaii. For any Hawaiian native, he stuck out like a sore thumb. For anyone from the mainland, it was easy for them to recognize him as one of them. So that recognition inevitably led to the question of:

"How did a New Jersey cop end up in Oahu?"

To which came the explanation (including Rachel and Stan and Grace) followed by a nudge in the ribs and a:

"At least she chose Hawaii am I right? Not the worst place to get stuck."

And then that led to a rant from Danny about how Hawaii really was one of the worst places she could have gone. This generally was met with a shocked gasp, an 'oh really' face and then the other person demanding an explanation of why the pineapple infested island was such a bad place. Danny would respond with a laundry list of things wrong about the island, including but not limited to: pineapple pizza, water, sharks, the slow pace of everything, the inability of every restaurant serving seafood, no white Christmases, and so on and so forth.

Commander Steve McGarrett had witnessed what he called 'Danny's Hawaii Hate List Rant' numerous times. Too many to count, in fact. Over the years of knowing Danny, the list began to get a little less harsh. In fact, Steve noticed, the amount of hate displayed in 'Danny's Hawaii Hate List Rant' had begun to fade. By year six of being on the island, the rant had dissipated entirely. Danny simply shrugged and said,

"Eh. The place has its benefits."

Instead of listing the things he hates. .

The day the two of them had finally talked about it, neither of them expected the conversation to come up at all. Danny had been over at Steve's while his house had suffered minimal flooding: rain coming in from the walls. The contractor explained that because his house was not painted, there was not an extra layer of protection around the walls and the water had hit so hard, sideways, it had literally come in from the walls.

Overall it was a small fix, they just had to bring in this huge industrial equipment to dry up the place. Well, by hour six of listening to the machines, Danny decided he had had enough and asked Steve if he could hide out there for a while. That had been two days ago, and now round two of the storm hit- bad.

So Danny and Steve found themselves both hunkered down in the living room of the McGarrett house, covered in blankets, surrounded by candles and sitting in silence. Danny had decided he was going to go find himself and Steve a deck of cards to play with to keep boredom at bay while they waited for the storm to die down. Instead of cards however, Danny returned with a notebook. Danny came up in front of Steve and slammed the book down in front of him.

"Care to explain this, Steven?" He asked.

"Oh... that." Steve said as he picked up the book.

"Yes, that. Now please explain why you have titled it 'Danny's Hawaii Hate List' with a bunch of your illegible scribbles in it. Seriously, they should have taught you handwriting in the army."

"It is the Navy, Daniel. And why are you going through my stuff?"

"No, no, no. You don't get to change the subject SuperSEAL. Now, what's this about hating Hawaii."

Steve sighed and opened up the book. "Well Danny since you must know, after a year or two of being your partner, I was still wondering why you hated Hawaii so much. So in the interest of trying to put my detective skills to use, I wrote down everything you said you hated about Hawaii and I've been trying to make you like each one. It was my own... mission of sorts." Steve explained.

Danny looked shocked. "You're telling me that for the past four years of our friendship you have been secretly trying to get me to like Hawaii. All this time, you've been brainwashing me?"

Steve had not expected Danny to look at it that way. He thought the man would be grateful that Steve would work so hard to please him. And it was this that he tried to explain to Danny.

Danny stared at him for a long time. "I get that babe, I do. But you can't change the way I am. Besides, most of the things I've listed I have reasons for. I'm not just a sour puss all the time, I am a rational person."

"Uh huh." Steve said. "I believe at one point you said," Steve flipped through the book, "You hated Hawaii's children's parks."

"I have a reason for that one." Said Danny. "In fact, let me see that notebook." Steve handed Danny the notebook and he read over it, mumbling as he did so. Eventually he got to the last page of Steve's writings and closed the book.

"Yup. Every single one of them has a reasonable justification."

"Really." Steve said smiling.

"Really." Danny replied.

"You wanna prove it?" Steve asked.

"We gonna do this?" Danny challenged back. "We could be here a while."

"Storms not going anywhere, Daniel. I say we start with the first one and move down the list."

Danny crossed his arms. "Fine. The first one is... pineapple."

Preview of 'Chapter One: The Williams versus The Pineapples' :

"Steven, the hatred of pineapples has been ingrained in the Williams family for years." Danny said moving his hands animatedly to prove his point.

"What?" Steve asked.

"Oh I assure you it is true. For four generations the pineapple has had it against the men of the Williams clan."

"A piece of fruit is not out to destroy your family, Danny." Steve said, slightly intrigued by the story, but also slightly annoyed.

"Oh yeah?" Danny questioned, now standing up. "The year is 1885...

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