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This epilogue is really just a fluffy/funny gift to those who wanted a return of Danny 'Mad Skillz' Williams.Enough of me blabbering, enjoy!

Perhaps a miracle, or perhaps good planning, only one person died during the storm. Countless houses and businesses were damaged, but really none were completely leveled. Within two weeks, the island was more or less back to normal and accepting tourists in no time.

Things had also gone back to normal at the Five-0 offices. Well, almost normal.

Everyone on the team had noticed a slight shift in Danny and Steve's relationship. It was a good shift, and it seemed that the two of them fought less often than before. Almost as if they understood each other more. Kono, Chin, Lou, and Jerry could only assume it was the bonding time they had spent during the storm, however only Kono knew about what had happened with the notebook.

Or at least that was what Danny had originally thought. It was exactly two weeks after the storm had come through, and Danny was walking into the offices with his coffee in hand. He stopped however, when he noticed that no one was in the office and the lights were all off.

"Hello?" He asked. He looked at his watch and saw that it was indeed the right time, and called out again.

"Is anyone here?" He asked.

He quietly and quickly pulled out his gun when he heard a voice shout from the darkness.

"Ladies and gentlemen, from the New Jersey streets, Mister Mad Skillz!" Lou said as the lights suddenly turned on and the smart screen began playing 'Put Your Handz Up'. Steve, Kono, and Jerry were all wearing chains and backwards hats and Chin- God bless him- was just laughing from the doorway in his office.

Danny quickly put away his gun. "Son of a..." and then he looked at Steve.

It was a look none of the other Five-0 members had seen before. Kono paused the music and tentatively asked, "Danny?"

Chin laughed from his spot. "I told you guys not to do this." He said going back into his office.

Finally, Danny spoke. "Steven J. McGarrett. I'm am giving you a five second head start before I tackle you to the ground and give you a taste of 'New Jersey streets'."

Lou, Jerry and Kono all looked at Steve who stood there smug. "Uh... Commander?" Jerry said tapping Steve on the shoulder, "I would run."

"5...4..." Danny began but Steve had yet to move.

Steve didn't plan on running, but one look at his partner's murderous eyes, and Steve decided that he was not that suicidal. He took off at a run from the office as Lou, Kono, and Jerry laughed.

"One!" Danny shouted chasing after him.

"Not too hard on him!" Lou shouted.

They all laughed, knowing that if Danny did catch up to Steve, he was going to make him pay for revealing the Jersey detective's secret.

And that's all folks! I just posted the prologue for my new story, 'Knock on Wood' (shameless plug) . It will be about Danny (obviously) and his family back in Jersey. It will feature Danny, Steve, Stella, Bridgett, Ed, Clara and more!

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