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"Anywhere in time and space. Your call!" the pinstriped Doctor said with a big grin on his face.

Hope's smile faltered. Indeed, the Doctor and Hope have been traveling to every planet they (or at least, the Doctor) could think of. Each planet had their own customs, such as Animax where each humanoid-dog owned a cat they would hunt with, and their own religions, such as one that Hope couldn't remember the name of, but the people there believe the universe was sneezed out of their deity's nose. Hope wrinkled her nose at the memory. It was disgusting. She brought her Bible along with her, but the planet already had their own version of the Bible. To be honest, though, their Bible was pretty convincing too.

Hope took a deep breath. "Um…" she closed her eyes to stop a stray tear. "I…I…" She tried again. "How about Israel, Earth, 32 AD?"

A shadow passed over the Doctor's face before he spoke nonchalantly, "Oh you don't want to go there! It's hot and humid and women your age weren't treated well! Why don't I take you to Cleopatronis! On that planet, women own everything from the throne to little shops. The women are even the ones who get to propose to their boyfriends. No more waiting on the guys and their cold feet! Mind you, the men get vicious if you don't propose in a timely manner."

Hope looked at the Doctor suspiciously while a bit heartbroken. What is wrong with 32 AD? She itched to open her Bible right now, but it was in her room of the TARDIS. Did she have the time right?

She tried to keep her voice level as she said, "Israel, Earth, 32 AD. You said it was my call. This is where I want to go."

The Doctor sort of deflated as he walked to the console and began to roll wheels, pull levers, and check his screen. The TARDIS wheezed to life as it crashed through the time vortex. The Doctor and Hope had to hold onto the metal bars to avoid falling to the floor.

Then all at once, the crashing halted. The Doctor checked the screen, then walked to the doors. He wore a stern look on his face as he opened the door for Hope. "Israel, Earth, 32 AD. Hope, welcome to the Bible lands."

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