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This chapter is loosely based on Matt. 15:21 and Mark 7:24. I did my research on the area so these events are plausible. I own copies of the Doctor Who DVDs and the Bible, but that's it.

Hope woke up from a restful night on the floor. The floor was more forgiving than the rocky terrain, but it was hard nonetheless. Mostly, Hope was thankful for a roof over her head and walls around her to block out the wind and other elements.

Still part of her missed her bed on the TARDIS. It was a special type of memory foam mattress that never became stiff after awhile. The blankets, too, were a Poosh version of fleece that kept her warm without her waking up in sweat. All of these were in Hope's favorite shade of blue. The TARDIS knew exactly what Hope needed.
Though a little uncomfortable, Hope still had what she needed for a restful sleep.

Around her, the disciples were slow in getting up. Abner had given them cloths that could pass for quilts as beds. Jesus had declined, as there were not enough quilts for everyone.

Abner was busy with preparing the table with what looked to be porridge. The disciples made their way to the table. After Jesus blessed the food, they ate.

"Thank you for the puls!" shouted Peter as Abner walked away. "Is this goat cheese you added?"

"It is! Thank you for noticing!" Abner shouted back.

A small bowl of what Hope learned was puls sat on the floor. This should be interesting. Hope took a bite. Okay. This is salted wheat grains with goat cheese melted and mixed in. Not a bad combo, really.

As soon as everyone finished breakfast, they thanked Abner, left him the basket of scraps, and left.

Now that Hope could see the town in daylight, she realized it was a coastal town. In between buildings, she caught a glimpse of the sea with ships of various sizes. The smell of fish wafted to her both from the coast and the market that was coming alive today.

The group walked through the market. The merchants cried out, "Bronze tableware for sale! Bronze tools! Maybe you would be more interested in bronze idols? Bronze and silver replicas of the ones in the temples!" Most of the group ignored him, although one or two looked at the merchants in disgust. Is this a pagan city?

Other stalls had grains and fish. Peter and three others looked at the fish longingly, then the sea. They were fishermen right? They must miss fishing.

They did not linger in the market, but made their way out of the city. Now Hope could see the sea properly. This is the Mediterranean, right? I've never been here before. It's beautiful!

They stayed off the sand until about lunchtime. Then they went down to the beach where Peter asked a fisherman, "May we borrow your boat to fish? We will pay you with half of our catch."

The fisherman agreed, "You may."

Peter turned around and called out, "Andrew! James! John! Do you want to help me catch lunch?"

The other three came running. Hope eased herself onto the sand and watched the disciples row out, cast a net into the sea, and pull out a school of tiny fish. The rest of the group on the beach cheered as the fishermen brought back their catch. The four fishers dumped half of the fish on the sand next to the rest of the group.

Peter returned to the fisherman, "Thank you for letting us use your boat. Here is your payment." He handed him the net with the rest of the fish.

The fisherman looked at Peter wide-eyed as he walked away.

Hope scooted away from the group as they built a fire to cook the fish. She laid down on the sand and simply relaxed. I could get used to this: the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the feel of the soft sand under me, the smell of the fish cooking over the fireā€¦not to mention the rest my foot is getting.

Indeed, many of the other lounged about on the beach during lunch. After Jesus blessed the food, cooked sardines were handed out. There were enough for 5 fish per person, plus some left over for their continued journey. Even Hope was able to sneak a few fish.

With a full belly and a comfortable environment, Hope fell asleep on the sand.

It was hours later when Hope woke up, and she only woke up because the tide had reached her feet. The sun was low over the Mediterranean. Blurry eyed, she looked around. Where is everybody? WHERE IS EVERYBODY? She spotted the remains of a fire and footprints heading down the beach. I OVERSLEPT!

Hope used her walking stick to pull herself up. Her legs felt stiff, but a little careful stretching made her walkable.

Okay. I can follow the footprints, but the tide is coming in. I better hurry.

She hobbled off in the direction the footprints were heading. The tide never fully washed away the footprints, so Hope was able to follow them for several hours. She reached the next town just as the last light disappeared over the sea.

This town was deserted as everyone was indoors. Hope had little choice but to sleep outside tonight. I would look like a beggar if I wasn't wearing the perception filter. At least I know no one will attack me. Should I wait outside the city or go to the city center?

Wanting to give her foot some rest, she opted to lean against one of the buildings on the edge of the city. I'll look for them in the morning...

The sound of a crowd forming is what woke Hope up. The crowd was fairly close, too. Hope crawled around to the front of the building and saw the Phoenician woman from the other day leading a crowd to the building Hope spent the night against.

"The Son of David cured my daughter. Just wait until you meet Him! He came into this house last night."

The crowd followed her, some blurry-eyed, some excited. When they reached the house, the Phoenician woman knocked on the door.

"My Lord, we wish to see you!"

Someone Hope didn't recognize opened the door. "My guests are not ready to receive visitors. Please come back later."

Just when an argument between the host and the crowd was about to break out, Jesus asked the host to step aside so He may exit and address the crowd. He asked, "What do you wish to say?"

The Phoenician woman went wide-eyed and bowed to the Lord. "My Lord, thank You for curing my daughter! I am indebted to You. These men and women you see here wish to meet You and hear Your words. Please teach us, Lord!"

Hope looked at Jesus who had a smile on His face. He spent the rest of the day teaching the crowd the way of the Lord.

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Research notes:

Puls is a breakfast dish in Tyre and Sidon. It was a porridge made of cereal and, if you were lucky, had goat cheese, honey, eggs, or vegetables. Although, as I type this, I can't find that source website I found this on...

Tyre is a coastal city that was originally an island until Alexander the Great built a causeway linking it to the mainland. This is a Roman city about 20 miles south of Sidon full of pagan temples. The artisans made bronze, silver, and other artistic wares, along with purple dye.

Sidon is also a beautiful and bountiful Roman city of healing. Although this was a wicked city, there was a spiritual hunger here, as many people from here travel to Galilee to see Jesus at some point. The Phoenician woman who showed her faith in the previous chapter lives here.

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