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Hope stepped out into the bright light reflecting on the sand. Sand stretched out for about a mile in every direction. Hope scanned the horizon and saw a grove nearby. Hope marveled at the scenery before her. "Where are we in Israel?" she asked, looking back at the Doctor.

The Doctor went to check his monitor. "We are in the region of Galilee, and that little grove over there is Bethsaida. Though 'grove' wouldn't be the right word. It's more of a town really…"

Hope shook her head humorously at the Doctor's ramblings and snuck out the door. She slowly closed the door behind her before running at full speed to Bethsaida. Running through the desert was tiresome, but Hope wore a light t-shirt that reflected heat and some capris. Unfortunately, her running shoes were starting to collect sand, so she had to stop every so often to empty them.

Eventually, after 12 minutes of running (why didn't the Doctor park closer?), Hope reached the outskirts of town. She rested in a shaded alleyway to catch her breath. She gave herself a minute before stepping out into the brightly-lit street.

The people walked about in what Hope could only describe as robes with sandals. Hope saw vendor after vendor selling pots and cloths. The people bought, sold, and bartered. On every side, Hope could hear the sounds of trade from the men and gossip from the women.

Hope was so absorbed in the atmosphere that she almost didn't hear someone yell, "Harlot!" She turned around and realized a man in what would be called "designer" robes today was pointing at her! She wondered why the man had said that until she looked down at her own clothes. Her t-shirt, capris, and shoes made her look naked compared to everyone here.

She didn't waste another moment. She took off down the street with the man in designer robes and a few of his friends chasing after her. She dodged people, carts, stands, even upsetting a few before a something yanked her arm into a new alleyway. Hope was so startled that she let out a scream. Another hand covered her mouth. Overcome with fear, Hope fainted.

"…period clothes. We can go back to the TARDIS later, but for now, we will wear these." Hope felt something slip around her neck as she came to.

She and the Doctor were still in the alleyway she fainted in. She shook her head trying to remember. "There were some people after me, then someone dragged me to this alleyway," she spoke groggily.

"Right. Sorry, that was me," the Doctor quipped. Hope turned around and looked at the Doctor a bit bewildered. "Hello!" he said with a smile and a wave. "I believe the man that was after you is what people call a scribe."

Hope chuckled and shook her head at the Doctor's antics before looking down at the new necklace she wore. It seemed to be a key with a small motherboard on it. "What is this?"

"Ah. That is a perception filter. You see, the key is actually a TARDIS key. As you know, the TARDIS has a Chameleon Circuit which helps it blend in-"

"No it doesn't!" said Hope with a little sneer.

"Well it did," the Doctor continued. "That little bit of circuitry attached to the key will allow us to harness the Chameleon Circuit so we can blend in. So long as we don't draw attention to ourselves, of course."

Hope looked apprehensive, but allowed the Doctor to pull her up to her feet. Together, they walked back out to the busy street. They walked past some of the carts she tipped over during her escape. She longed to help them, but, of course, did her best not to draw attention to herself. She was in enough trouble already.

Most of the men were still trading and most of the women were still gossiping. One conversation in particular caught Hope's attention.

"My brother, Benjamin, from across the sea has gone mad! He told me he saw a prophet go into the desert many furlongs south from here. He is going to follow Him, the poor soul."

"I heard that He made a blind man see and a dumb man talk near Capernaum! I think He may be more than a prophet if He can do that. Where did you say your brother will see Him?"

"Oh no not you too! Well, I suppose someone better keep an eye on Benjamin. He went 80 furlongs into the desert south of here."

The women parted ways with one of them heading south with a determined look on her face. The other woman looked like her feathers were ruffled as she went to talk to another ready ear.

Hope stopped the Doctor in his tracks and whispered, "How long is a furlong?"

The Doctor whispered, "One fifth of a kilometer or one eight of a mile, if you'd prefer."

Hope thought for a moment. "So that is sixteen kilometers or ten miles. It looks to still be morning. We can make it!"

The Doctor's eyes went wide. "No. No no no no no!" His protests fell on deaf ears as Hope pulled the Doctor south out of Bethsaida and back into the desert.

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