Welp. Here it is. Language happens in here.

Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Yamato and Sai walked carefully through the underground fortress, keeping their eyes peeled for any traps. Small ink rats scurried a little bit ahead of them but Sai kept them from going too far and alerting any sentries that may have escaped their notice. They moved in a tightly knit formation with Naruto and Sasuke in the back, Yamato and Sai in the middle and Kakashi leading point.

"Do you think we can stop the war if we take out this bastard, Kaka-sensei?" Naruto's voice was like an explosion in the quiet, despite his efforts to lower his volume.

"There's a big chance that it can happen, Naruto. It'll definitely help with the constant attacks." Yamato answered softly. Quiet reigned as they all focused on their footsteps.

"Idiot." A single word burst out of the quiet after a couple of minutes.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?! I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS AS SOON AS WE GET OUT OF HERE, BASTARD!" All pretense of being quiet stealthy ninjas was lost as Naruto burst out in anger as Sasuke riled him up.

"Naruto-" Whatever reprimand Kakashi was going to throw at him was cut off as the tunnels started shaking violently. The group started sprinting, uncaring if any traps were tripped or if anyone saw them. When they burst through an opening in the hall, they found themselves in a wide open almost arena-like area.

"Kukukukuku, welcome to my dear home," Orochimaru, Kabuto and a small obscured figure stepped out from the shadows. "I hope you didn't find it too unpleasant to navigate around."

"You're going down you snake bastard, with all your henchmen too, believe it!" Despite Naruto's burst, the tension remained.

"Oh, is that so? Well, try and stop me the; if you think you can."

With those words, movement exploded from both sides as they all picked a target. Yamato and Kakashi teamed up against Orochimaru, throwing whatever they had against each other. Sasuke and Sai teamed up against Kabuto, swords and knives clashing as they tried to behead each other. The third figure didn't move from their spot however.

Naruto lunged at this third figure, aiming to end the fight quickly as to join up with his friends. He was surprised when the figure did bare minimum dodging, just enough to keep his hands or feet from getting tangled in the thick heavy robes and revealing who it was.

"Stop moving!" Naruto grew more and more frustrated as the minimal dodging continued on with no sign of counterattack. Their arms weren't even up, just hanging limply at their sides.

Naruto got lucky though. He had been steering his foe towards Sai and Sasukes' fight; and the hood of the robe was unlucky enough to be nicked by a sword just enough that it fell off. Then time seemed to stand still.

"Sakura?" Naruto's voice was small but apparently loud enough for Sasuke to overhear, stop and turn around. The battle around them didn't seem to matter as they stared at their teammate.

She looked older which was impossible for dead people. Her face was gaunt, her eyes hollow, and her hair limp.

"Saku-" As Naruto reached for her, he was suddenly tackled backwards by Sasuke. When the dust cleared, Kabuto and Orochimaru stood in front of her almost protectively. Kakashi, Yamato and Sai stood in front of the two, weapons drawn and chakra thrumming.

"Seems they discovered our little pet, haven't they. Now why did you go spoiling the surprise, hmm? She's a pretty one isn't she? So soft and delicate and yet, so deadly. It's amazing you let this one go when she has so much potential."

"Potential? How is being dead, potential?" Sasuke's voice cut through the air.

"Dead? Who said anything about being dead? She is fully alive, heart and all. You would have seen how we did it Sasuke, if you had decided to join us instead of being weak."

"Sasuke's not weak, you're just a really bad deal maker and a bad liar. Sakura died. I checked everything and she was dead." Kakashi's eye swirled and tried to see any fake chakra signatures indicating she was a Zetsu or clone of some sort; but she stayed the same.

"The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves, Ka-ka-shi. She was dead, but only for a little while. I brought her back to life and gave her a new purpose."

"And what purpose is that?" Yamato's fingers and chakra were ready to pounce any minute.

"To serve me and mine. She kills so beautifully, so skillfully, it's hard to believe that she didn't do so when you had her as a teammate and student. I've grown so much as a Kunoichi without you, it's hard to believe I needed you guys at all."

"What do you mean you've grown as a Kunoichi?" Sai seemed to be the only one to notice this weird slip up.

"I meant she has grown so much as a Kunoichi without you and your team, it's hard to believe she needed you at all." Orochimaru tried to fix his mistake but the rest of the team was too suspicious now.

"You aren't Orochimaru, are you?" Sasuke quipped. Instead of replying, Kabuto and Orochimaru were back on the attack.

As they were fighting, Sasuke noticed something odd attached to the two. Thin strands of blue chakra were controlling their moves. Puppet mastery, Sasuke realized. There was only one other person there that could be controlling them. He shot a fireball directly at Sakura.

The bodies collapsed in a heap as she had to leap to dodge. Naruto had been sitting in shock after the attack but when he saw the fireball, he stood up in anger.

"What the hell Sasuke! You could've killed her!"

"That's the point idiot. She's the one who's been raising all the bodies and she was controlling Orochimaru and Kabuto. She's the one we have to kill." Silence once again reigned in the courtyard as they all took in this change of events.

Sakura jumped from where she had been perched and stood on the ground with them.

"He's right you know. You're going to have to kill me if you want your precious villages to be saved." She sneered at the end of the word precious as if it were dirty to her.

"But..but why Sakura. Why do this? Why not just come home and be part of the team again?" Naruto begged and tears formed in his eyes.

"Why? Why? WHY? Because Kakashi fucking Hatake declared me dead after looking at my body for two fucking seconds instead of checking my neck, or I don't know, seeing if the blade had hit my heart at all. Because Kakashi fucking Hatake didn't check on the body that came out of the hospital to see if it was really me. Because..because..BECAUSE YOU TWO FUCKING LEFT ME BEHIND AND REPLACED ME. I got to hear from Kabuto as he was slicing my guts open how wonderful your new team was and how much stronger I had to get to be equal to you two. I killed Orochimaru and Kabuto and used their bodies like puppets. Guess who's stronger now." Tears were flowing down her cheeks but her eyes remained cold.

Naruto stood up and calmly walked over to her. She watched him, waiting for him to pull a weapon or move his chakra or anything that indicated he was going to attack. Instead he just kept walking to her. When he reached her, he opened his arms and hugged her.

"I'm sorry Sakura. I'm sorry!" Tears now poured down his cheeks and dripped onto her head.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, and would have stayed longer if Naruto hadn't felt movement towards a weapon. He leaped back and drew his own. But it wasn't a weapon she had gotten. It was a small book, tiny enough to fit comfortably in a weapons pouch. She tossed the book towards him.

"Give this to my dad. He'll know what it means."

"Give it to him yourself! You can stop this! Just come back to us and we can get you a pardon!" She just shook her head.

"You know they won't give her one. They'll kill her anyways." Sasuke spoke up, the chilling look in his eyes amplifying the more he stared at her. A lot of his kin had been brought back from the dead. It had been hard to see the family killed again.

"He's right, Naruto. We..we have to do this. No matter how much we hate it." Yamato, while not feeling generous towards someone who committed all those atrocities, also recognized the fact that she had been with Orochimaru for years. One can only guess the horrors she's seen.

"It's okay Naruto, I can be-" Kakashi was going to offer to be the one to do it but he was interrupted.

"No, I'll do it."

Naruto steeled himself up and drew his weapon. While making eye contact, he stabbed harshly into her heart. She coughed once, twice, smiled at him and then poofed into nothingness.

Nothing was said for a minute or two as they stared in shock at where her corpse should have been.

"Wha-What do we do now Kaka-sensei?"

"Well, at least we still have some bodies to bring back to Tsunade."

Sakura shed a few tears as the memories of her clone came to her. She did what she had set out to do. Now, she could truly live.