"Alright here is the next scheduled Letter fic." Said Adrian, who is holding his hands in pain

"Where you sending me this time?" Asked Nate, "And what's wrong with your hands?"

"This time its one of your female versions going to one of the best/kinky comics I know. As for my hands they are shifting between human and Faunas right now. And for those of you wondering my hands look like Bookers in BioShock Infinite when he uses the Crow Vigor."


Tsunade Senju was laughing.

Why was she laughing you ask?

The Council in it infinite wisdom decided to recall her goddaughyer whom they banished ten years before.

Only thing was she was now happy... as a WOMAN'S sex pet.

She was laughing her ass off as she read the letter one more time.

To the morons of Konoha

My name is no longer Naruko Uzumaki, it is now Lisa.

I refuse to come back and be used as a baby factory for your fucking village just because you found out who my gather was.

I am currently in a happy relationship with a beautiful woman named Ally.

I am also a legal citizen of this country. And according to them you don't legally exist assholes. So you would be breaking international laws trying to get me. Register with the U.N. first then they again asswipes.


Lisa Sejic

Oh god do Tsunade want to laugh when she read that to the council.

What she didn't tell the council is that she got a private letter from her goddaughter and a pic of her and her new WIFE.

Dear Oba-chan

Hope you are well. Have been enjoying New York. Found out why my relationships didn't last. Am an out and proud lesbian. Tell Anko-neechan she won the bet.

I included a pic of me and Ally Cat for you.

We hope you will visit us soon.

We will try to keep the noise down this time.

And tell Ero-Baka if he shows up we ate calling the cops... again.

Bastard wanted to use us for that shit he calls a book.

Well hope you visit soon


Lisa and Ally

Tsunade was happy the girl had finally found where she belonged.

Now she just had to go castrate her wx husband for peeping on their god/granddaughter. And hope the go would forgive her for not letting her know that fact while she was in Konoha.


"There you go folks a Naruto Sunstone crossover. Hope one of you wants to try this" said Adrian

"Wait my counterpart is a submissive bitch?" Asked Nate

"Yes, yes she is"