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Chapter One

Tracy One soared through the blue sky towards Los Angelas. Scott could fly his father's plane with his eyes shut and he enjoyed the smooth flight across the ocean. His chronometer chimed and John's hologram appeared in front of him.

"Hey John, what's up?" Scott greeted closest sibling. "Any situations I should be aware of?"

John's eyes automatically scanned his holo-view of Earth and shook his head, "Negative Scott. I'm just checking in. All quiet planet side and looks like you've got no turbulence ahead."

"FAB. You will keep me posted if anything comes up won't you?" Scott asked "I'm hoping to wrap this up quickly and get back by tonight. My ETA is 45 minutes. Can you call ahead to the chauffeur and let him know I'll be going straight to the Ritz. I just want to get this over with."

"FAB Scott." Was Johns prompt reply, before pausing and gently adding "You know you could stay the night and have a bit of a break for once. Father wouldn't mind really, no matter what he says. Think of it as a mini vacation."

"No way! Give me a cool beer and a white sandy beach – preferably somewhere called Tracy Island – and I'll be a happy man…" Scott was interrupted by John.

"I went ahead and booked you a Suit anyway. At least have a couple of hours rest before you fly home, ok?" Scott raised his eyebrows inquisitively as John continued, "After the meeting go to the bar, chat with the ladies and switch off for a bit, then come home. That's all I'm saying Scotty. We've had back to back rescues for the last few weeks and we need everyone on top form. If a few more hours away from home will help you relax, then it's worth it Scott. Don't throw an opportunity like this away."

Scott rolled his eyes to the sky "John…" he warned "Don't. I know you are trying to help, but you don't need to worry about me. I'm fine. Gordon was the one who was injured and he should be cleared for duty in the next couple of days… I'll take a break then."

"No you won't." John broke in again before Scott could finish his sentence "Scott, don't just brush this off. Take the break. If you decide after the meeting you want to come straight home, then contact me and fine, that's your decision. But, if you fancy staying a bit longer, then go for it and just let me know when you are leaving. I'll just tell Father the meeting is still in progress if he asks and he'll be none the wiser."

Scott sighed slightly annoyed, but inwardly pleased at his brothers' thoughtfulness. "Fine. If I decided to stay afterwards you won't hear from me until I'm ready to leave. Got it."

John grinned encouragingly "I hear Virgil had no need to encourage the ladies last year! Have fun Scott. Thunderbird 5 out."

As John signed off Scott checked his heading and laughed quietly to himself. John may be 'smother brother' number 2, but he was certainly getting good at keeping track of them all and their health and stress levels.

Scott thought briefly that he may take John up on his offer, depending on how long the meeting lasted.

Scott made contact with the Airport control tower as he made the preparations to land.

Flying into LAX was all down to timing, and Scott gently lowered the sleek plane onto the runway. As the tyres hit the tarmac, Scott let out a breath he didn't even realise he had been holding. After hundreds of rescues, meeting people as Scott Tracy made him nervous. He was sure one of these days he would be recognised as one of the IR team.

Scott taxied the small aircraft to the allotted space and quickly did his checks and shut the plane down. Glancing out of his window, he saw the promised car pull up alongside the wing.

Swinging around in his chair, Scott released his belt and picked up his bag before opening the door and climbing down the steps the ground crew had prepared for him.

"Thanks guys. Take care of her will you?" He slipped a few hundred dollars into the man's hand and made his way to the waiting car.

The aroma of freshly made pancakes and muffins wafted down to the bedrooms on Tracy Island. Grandma Tracy's cooking was legendary. If there was one thing to motivate the Tracy boys, it was Grandma Tracy's cooking!

Gordon was the first one to appear at the kitchen door, arm still in a sling but alert and ready to eat. "Good morning Grandma, what's cooking?"

The old lady smiled at her cheekiest grandson "As if you didn't know young man! Now sit down like a good boy and wait for your brothers." She looked knowingly at the door, and just as Gordon took his seat, Alan appeared followed by Virgil.

"Good morning boys. I've cooked up a feast for you today, seeing how you all missed breakfast for the last two days. Tuck in and enjoy."

As one, the three International Rescue hero's did just that. "Wow Grandma, this is amazing!" Alan complimented her "Shame Scott and John have to miss this." Despite being the youngest, Alan was well aware how much his brothers looked out for him, though it often annoyed him, he always returned the favour.

"Don't worry about Scott, he'll be helping himself to the buffet at the hotel in LA before the meeting." Gordon told him "That's what I would do!"

Virgil shook his head in disagreement. "No he won't. Scott is all business and can be quite scary at those meetings. He won't eat until he gets back."

"Well never you mind about Scott. I'll sort that boy out when he gets home." Grandma Tracy told them. The brothers smirked knowing Scott would be fed no matter what time it was when he got back home.

At the hotel, Scott had dropped his bag off in the room John had booked for him, before going to find the conference room. He showed his pass and was let into the private room.

He wasn't the first one there.

"Good morning. You must be Scott Tracy." The smartly dressed woman held out her hand. "My name is Patricia Campbell- Watts. I am Mr Corner's secretary. Please do take your seat. Would you like a drink?"

Scott shook her hand. "Nice to meet you Ms Campbell-Watts." He glanced at the long table set up in the centre of the room and saw his name on one of the cards. "I guess that's me over there. Yes please, I would love a water, thank you."

Patricia smiled at him and nodded. "The others won't be long."

Before she finished her sentence, the door opened and in walked a couple more people. They saw Scott, who had moved towards the table and the young lady who entered, her eyes widened in appreciation and the taller man at her side raised his eyebrows.

"Wow – Scott Tracy, are you a sight for sore eyes! Great to finally meet you." The man walked forward, eager to introduce himself "Names James Corner, Junior. But you can call me Jay." He held Scott's hand lightly and for longer than Scott was comfortable with, but he didn't miss a beat.

"Likewise. Who is your companion?" Scott took the attention away from himself.

"Oh that's my cousin, Eleonore. She just sits in on these things. Don't you darling." Jay winked at her so Scott couldn't see.

"Jay, stop it!" Eleonore laughed lightly and swatted him on the arm playfully "Scott I heard so much about you from Virgil, I couldn't wait to meet you in person." She nudged Jay out of the way "Call me Ellie. I'm just here to learn. Family business and finding my way in the world."

Jay coughed lightly into his hand "Husband finding" and winked at Scott this time, to which Scott went bright red.

Patricia returned to the table and poured water into the glasses of the people in the room. "Please do sit down everyone. Mr Corner and his guest will be here any minute."

They took their seats and Jay chatted causally to Scott about his father's latest plans for the business. Ellie took her seat right next to Scott, and just as Virgil had warned him, she sat exceedingly close to him and her hand rested next to his on the table.

Once again the door opened and in walked a gentleman about the same age as Scott's father, he was followed by a slightly younger looking man who had a frown on his face.

"Mr Corner, Lord Montague." Patricia introduced them to Scott. "Gentleman, this is the elusive Scott Tracy, finally!"

There were looks of amusement from most of the occupants, an embarrassed look from Scott and a scowl on the face of Lord Montague.

"Well, it's about damn blasted time you made the effort to come and see us Mr Tracy." Growled Lord Montague as he strode over to where Scott now stood from the table.

Scott could already feel the light hearted tone of the room drop and knew it would be downhill from there. "Lord Montague, a pleasure to finally have the opportunity to be here." They shook hands and Scott knew it was one of those 'who can squeeze the hardest was the over-dog'. Lord Montague scowled as Scott just gave a small smile as the older man had to release in defeat. Scott had been trained by his father and he'd learnt a few handy things from being in the air force. Male ego was one of them.

Clearing his throat, Mr Corner moved over to greet Scott. "Welcome Scott. How is your father? You are both hard men to get hold of. Both of you seem to be buried so deep in Tracy Industries I'm sure there are secrets you are all hiding!" Though it was said in jest, Scott had an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach.

Laughing lightly to hide his uncomfortableness, he replied "We are very busy and we are so involved with the test flights and simulations ourselves, we tend to get carried away." He felt a small hand run lightly down his back, and he turned to find Ellie smiling at him before she return to her seat.

Trying not to look startled at such a bold move, Scott wondered how long he would last as he looked around the room of people.

"Right, let's get down to business then." Announced Mr Corner "Seeing as we have you here now Scott, let's make the most of it shall we? Maybe we should keep you here and not let you go!"

Scott laughed at the attempt to lighten the mood, but he really wanted out of this room now. Then he felt Ellie's hand rest on his lower back. Swallowing hard, Scott replied "Yes. Down to business. What is it that has you so desperate to speak to me about Mr Corner?"

Jay bit his lip in amusement, as he could see what his cousin was up to. He knew there was nothing he could do about it and had seen her effect the toughest of businessmen in her active search for the perfect husband. He wondered how much Scott could put up with.

Lord Montague replied to Scott's question with one of his own. "What do you know of the International Rescue machines?"

Scott felt his jaw drop as his mouth opened in surprise and then clamped shut again, his mind whirling. "Um, what do you mean?" he managed to get out.

Up in Thunderbird 5, John Tracy was floating towards the control room when one of the alarms went off.

"What now?" he murmured to himself as he made it into the room and brought up the red alert up so he could find out the problem.

"This is International Rescue. Please state your emergency."

"Oh thank god! This is Space Flight 760 on route to restock the settlers on Mars. But our engines have all just died. No idea why and we can't get them back online. Any chance of a tow? We are drifting and we seem to be heading for the GDF Satellite – don't think they'll be too happy if we bump into it."

"FAB. Space Flight 760 I'll send someone up to give you a tow and then get help to fix your engines. Hang tight, International Rescue out."

Beep. Beep. Beep.

"This is Thunderbird 5 calling Tracy Island."

Jeff appeared on the hologram, "It seems we have a situation father."

Within 20 minutes, Thunderbird 3 streaked up through the sky and into space with Alan and Kayo along for the ride.

"Any news from Scott yet, John?" Jeff enquired after the emergency recovery was on its way.

"Not yet father. I'll let you know as soon as he is on his way back."

"Thank you, Son. I hope he has an easier time than Virgil had last year." John grinned, they had all heard about Virgil's meeting.

"Scott can handle it, Father. Besides, I booked him a room."

Jeff nearly spluttered out his coffee over the desk. "You did what? Your brother is there for a serious meeting and to keep people from asking questions, not to have a fling with one of our business rivals niece!"

John blushed and quickly realised his words had been misinterpreted, "Not for something like that Father! So Scott can take a short break before flying home. I also thought it would be good if he needed to take cover and hide for a short while."

Jeff felt himself relax as he straight away saw John's logic. "Good thinking, son, as usual. There is something about this meeting that has me on edge though. I just can't put my finger on it."

"He'll be fine, Father." John reassured him. "As soon as I hear anything, I'll let you know. Thunderbird 5 out."