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Ryoga sees hell for real

Ranma walking to the Tendo Dojo hears Ryoga's costumary greetings "Ranma prepare to die, because of you I've seen hell" just before Ryoga attacks. As the fight passes by the ladle lady Ryoga is spalshed and transformed to his cursed form which Ranma grabs.

Ranma getting a mischievious glint in his eyes says to Ryoga "I recently meet some one who might find it amusing to help make it true that you have seen hell because of me."

Ranma carrying Ryoga enters an office building with a lavish office with the name in gold lettering "Hild" on it speaks to a beautiful sliver haired tanned women " Hild-san I was wondering if you could help me and get some amusement at the sametime?"

Hild seeing Ranma and Ryoga ask " would it have to do with the pig cursed person you are holding?"

"yes," replies Ranma " when he attacks he keeps telling me because of me he's seen hell and just once I would like it to be true just an hour visit of so and maybe a fix for his challenged sense of direction."

AN: please be kind first fanfiction I've written and it's short and to the point. I've enjoyed the Omg and Ranma crossover where Hild takes an intrest in Ranma but always wished to see one where he actually makes sure Ryoga sees hell.