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There's something to be said about the tranquility of a frosted forest.


It's also worth noting how easily the sound of distant gunfire disturbs that tranquility.

"Not one step closer!" Came a voice. It's exact origin was unknown, but it clearly came from a male human, or faunus, in the wreckage.

Oizpin's response was to obey this voice and put his hands up in a non hostile gesture. Avoiding conflict with a mysterious and, evidently, fierce entity seemed like a good idea.

"We are not here to pick a fight. We only wish to speak with you." He responded, having to raise his voice more than he was used to do to the distance between him and the wreck.

"Then talk." The voice replied back without hesitation.

Ozpin lowered his hands and was about to continue walking towards the wreckage when the voice called out again.

"Stop! Do not come any closer!"

Oizpin's hand quickly returned to their previous positions and froze in place. "You said we could talk."

"We all hear each other clearly. No need to get any closer than this."

It was at this point that Glynda decided to add her own voice to the conversation. "That may be true, but I personally find yelling to be quite tiresome."

"Likewise, Miss." Came the quick response.

"As do I." Ozpin added. "So why don't you let us come closer and we can have this civilized discussion face-to-face."

"Negative, Mister."

Glynda watched as Ozpin's attitude visibly dropped before he replied. "And why not? We all came to the same conclusion."

There was a slight pause from the voice, almost as if he too was getting frustrated. But from what, she couldn't say.

"Because I don't trust you." Was the rather blunt response.

Glynda and Ozpin exchanged glances for a moment, as if they were communicating telepathically. Ozpin then turned his attention back to the wreck. "Perhaps introductions are in order." He said, lowering his arms again. "I'm Professor Ozpin, and this Professor Goodwitch."

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance Sir; Ma'am."

The two professors took quick notice of the word change. Mister and miss became sir and ma'am. Rather peculiar. Thought Ozpin. I wonder if it has to do with our titles. They both also noticed he didn't respond to them lowering their hands.

A few seconds past without any more comments between the two groups. After a few more, Glynda's patience started to wear thin. A few seconds more, and she crossed her arms and released her frustration in a carful vent. "What's your name? Or do you not have one, and you're just unintentionally being rude."


"Classified?" She snapped back. "By whom?"


Glynda huffed in frustration. This conversation was dying fast, and was quickly retuning the situation to square one. "Well we have to call you something."

There was a short period of silence while the man probably contemplated this remark before responding. "Well, okay umm... Mr. Smith- wait! No, no, uh, John, John Doe. Call me John Doe."

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Doe." Said Ozpin. "If you don't mind me asking, why can't you tell us your real name?"

"Standard procedure in case of non hostile contact with enemy forces. Minimize information that could potentially be used against the Frontier Militia."

The way he said it, along with what he said, reviled something significant about the man. Addressing his military standing can happen at a later time. Thought Ozpin. For now, let's defuse this 'enemy forces' remark.

"Ah, yes. The General informed us of the unfortunate circumstances leading up to our arrival."

"Then you should be aware that as of six hours ago, we are now in a state of hostilities."

"And that is precisely why we came here."

Another silence fell over the area. Glynda's hand tightened around her riding crop as she anticipated John's response. Even if John was incredibly stubborn, and didn't always seem to make sense (what is the Frontier and why does it need a Militia?), he clearly had displayed considerable intelligence. He seemed to analyze every exchange while also considering his own rules of conduct. Also, on a personal note, Glynda was just as curious as Ozpin to understand what was actually going on.

"So are you..." John finally responded after several minutes. "Are you proposing a... ceasefire?"

Ozpin smiled. A glimmer of hope and resolution to this misunderstanding. "More than that, Mr. Doe. I am offering a truce."

"Whoa, whoa, wait!" Came the disappointing response. "What do you want?"

Now they were both confused. Hadn't they just asked for a truce? Hadn't they made it clear what they wanted?

"We want a truce." Glynda repeated for Ozpin.

"Yes. You said that. What else? You want our technology or information or something?"

"That was never part of the discussion." Ozpin said after a quick glance at Glynda.

"It never is until it is."

"What makes you think we want your technology anyway?" Challenged Glynda.

"You have explosive propelled ballistic weapons and sophisticated aerial transportation. You could have bombed me out, but you haven't. Which means you need all this intact."

Ozpin flinched in surprise. I can't believe he let that slip. He said 'me' as opposed to 'us'. "We can discuss the finer points of the negotiations after we bring a cease to hostilities."

Whoever this man was, he certainly put a lot of thought into his responses. Another long moment of silence filled the area.

"Alright, agreed." John finally responded. "Both of you take 50 paces forward and hold position until I arrive."

Ozpin gave a quick glance to Glynda, who in turn, gave a look of major confusion, with a hint of frustration. The duo began slowly walking towards the wreck, counting their steps as they went. As he continued counting his steps (seventeen, eighteen, nineteen), he began contemplating the events that led up to this moment.


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