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In all creation there is hierarchy, you start at the bottom with the weaker less powerful people or animals, then we go higher up the food chain to the intermediaries that eat and or kill the weaker prey for survival or just to show that they are stronger, when we move even higher up we get the dominators that no one messes with, unless they have a death wish.

Savages, animals even people know who is the boss and who they shouldn't mess with or death is certain, a ant does not complain to a human that has the power to step on it and so a mortal would not dare disrespect a God, history has shown that if you bite off more than you can chew there are consequences.

A prime example of this would be in the Naxus prime galaxy in universe 6.

"My lord" Said a king as he bowed down low to a God. "Please reconsider my lord, surely the God of Destruction can find a woman far more fine than my wife and daughter? I have millions of women that would love nothing more than to lay with you" Said the King as he felt tears start to well up in his eyes, what had he done to deserve such treatmeant from the God of Destruction.

"You see I have a problem with that Zurkses, I want your wife and daughter, especially that daughter of yours...she is so beautiful, I just must experience her" Said the God.

The king just slowly nodded, what else could he do? There were millions of families that he had to consider, destroying so many lives along with his own is something his daughter would not want, even if it meant she had to give away her innocence to the God that demanded her purity.

"It's good you understand, I would really hate it if this planet along with its beautiful woman disappear" Said the God as his Angel watched, his Angel was never a fan of his master but he had no business in stopping him.

Zurkses felt helpless, he was the king of the most powerful and influential planet in 40% of the universe, he basically owned the southern hemisphere of the universe and was known for being a good man that no one messed with or either his army or his allies would make you make sorry you ever tried to trick him or kill him, he was one of the most powerful men in the universe, politically of course, his legacy was secure, he rose from nothing and led his Kingdom in times of trouble, now the people trusted him with there lives, the kingdom fluorished and was unmatched in military might.

That was until he heard of the God of Destruction, none of his allies wanted to help him in this predicament though, they all just said give the God anything and everything he wanted or him and his kingdom wouldn't last.

Zurkses being king felt that he didn't need to worry about this so called God until it was too late, he disrespected this God and because of it a small portion of his planet was reduced to nothing but space dust and that was the God being lenient, his allies had warned him to just give in, the God was the ruler of the universe and he could just as easily make Zurkses and his planet a memory.

Zurkses turned and looked to his daughter who gave him a sad but understanding smile, she was overwhelmed with sadness but couldn't let her father see that or he might do something stupid.

"Come on Zurkses I'm talking to you don't look away" Said the God.

"My apologies Lord Hyperion, I didn't mean to-" Said Zurkses but was silenced by a raised hand, the guards were all livid with anger but they all knew better than to try and defend the royal family.

"Talia Crin...come here" Said Hyperion. "Where are your chambers?" Asked Hyperion with a sick smile on his face, Zurkses silently sobbed, if only he wasn't so foolish in the beginning, his daughter wouldn't need to save the people of the planet with her body.

"Lord Hyperion, take me instead" Said Akali, Talia's mother, she hated this just as much as her husband but the God was just to overwhelming for them to do anything, they just wanted to keep their daughter away from this, Hyperion looked to her before a idea popped into his head.

"Fine" Said Hyperion, Akali felt relief flood her, her daughter would remain a virgin and be able to one day give it to her husband but that relief quickly turned to dread. "Come with, with both of you it will be even better"

"Please I beg you to reconsider" Said Zurkses as Hyperion looked to Zurkses and his eyes glowed dark blue. "Say another word and I will destroy your planet and take your wife and daughter with me" Said Hyperion as Zurkses just kept sobbing in misery.

Hyperion smirked before looking to Talia and Akali. "It's this way my Lord" Said Talia as she looked to her father on his knees, she could see he wanted to do something, anything but could do nothing, a tear slid down her face before she quickly wiped it away.

"OK I think I have watched enough of this" Said a guard as the King and Queen's eyes widened at the guard, what the hell was he doing? Did he want to be responsible for the planet's destruction.

Hyperion just grinned at the fool. "Well I guess this planet will be space rubble as he looked to Zurkses before smirking. "Learn to keep a hold on your guard" Said Hyperion as he grabbed both the Queen and Princess, he held up his hand to start gathering energy but stopped when a hand grabbed his arm, he looked up to see his Angel holding his arm and stopping him.

"Meex what do you want" Said the God rudely but never got a response. "Explain yourself!" Said the God.

"Hyperion Lax you have committed a class-S felony according to the law set by the Supreme God Dante La Cura, divine retribution by the most high God will be dealt to you" Said the guard as the King and Queen looked confused at the statement before looking to Hyperion who had a shocked expression on his face before one of fear came over his face.

The guard removed his helmet before revealing a small man with blue skin. "Grest Priest!?" Said Hyperion as he zipped at full speed across the room and fell to his feet before bowing.

"Hyperion what do you have to say in your defense" Said the Great Priest as he just kept quiet, there wasn't much to say, the Great Priest saw the whole scene, he had been doing this to every planet he could find with beautiful woman on, he was a God so enslaving a couple was ok but becoming a dictator to the universe he was supposed to keep balance in was a class-S crime, the Gods are meant to keep balance and not rule.

The King and Queen were confused beyond belief on what was happening? Why the heck was Hyperion scared of this short blue person, clearly the short blue person knew Hyperion enough to talk to him on a personal level, but when Hyperion was instantly in front of him and bowed so low it made Zurkses look like he was standing up right.

The Great Priest looked to Zurkses before motioning for him to stand and come over. Zurkses stood up and slowly walked to the two along with his wife and daughter.

"King Zurkses Crin, Queen Akali Crin and Talia Crin of planet Folia, residents of Universe 6 Naxus Prime Galaxy sector 2457, along with-" Said the Great Priest as he clicked his fingers and a bunch of other aliens appeared, some looked fine while others looked like they have lost the light in their eyes but they were all shocked to be there, all had a fear etched face when they saw Hyperion, some looked angry.

"Kings and Queens, Ministers, Dukes, Leaders of the far spread out universe, I the Great Priest am here to rectify this situation, it has come to my attention that one of the Gods of Destruction is breaking Class-S laws" Said the Great Priest as the people looked confused.

"OK this is a Class-A secret so I will need all non rulers to leave" Said the Great Priest, once it was only the important people in the room the Great Priest started his explanation. "There is a series of 20 universes and 20 Gods of Destruction, they are meant to keep balance in the multi-verse along with the Supreme Kai or as your legends call them Gods of Creation" Said the Great Priest as some of the eyes in the room widened.

"He will arrive shortly but for now I need to find out as the ruling judge if Hyperion Lax the current God of Destruction of universe 6 is abusing his power" Said the Great Priest. "Now if Hyperion Lax has enslaved your planet please raise your hand" Said the Great Priest as only three person raised their hands, which so happened to be the royal family of planet Folia.

Everyone looked nervously to them, everyone was scared of raising their hands in fear of destruction, which the Great Priest could sense.

"Please no need to be alarmed, Hyperion would not dare threaten you now...if he knows what's good for him" Said the Great Priest as Hyperion spoke.

"Of course Great Priest" He was sweating, he knew if these people spoke up he would be in deep trouble. "W-well I'm j-just a little girl but I've s-seen...seen-" Said a little princess but was silenced by her father who slowly shook his head, the last time he made the mistake of being on Hyperion's bad side his planet was nearly destroyed, he lost a chunk of it though.

"Please let the little Princess speak, it is vital for the judgement to pass on Hyperion" Said the Great Priest but when Hyperion and the King of that planet made eye contact the king knew he had to silence his daughter.

"Great...Priest my daughter is young and doesn't know what she speaks of" Said the King as Zurkses looked to his friend in shock.

"Blay speak the truth, we might be able to free ourselves from this torment" Said Zurkses, he felt Hyperion's eyes on him but if Hyperion couldn't attack him now then he was willing to take the chance, clearly Hyperion was scared of this Great Priest.

"Come on all of you! Speak up! Hyperions boss is here and he needs to know what Hyperion is doing to us" Said Zurkses as people looked unsure.

"Fine I will be the first to say that Zurkses has enslaved my people and wants to take my wife and daughter for his own...needs" Hissed Zurkses. "If this is the only chance I hare of getting rid of him, I will, I need to free my people!" Said Zurkses as he stood and yelled.

The Great Priest looked to Hyperion and clicked his fingers and he was bond to the wall. "From that one statement Hyperion Lax will be imprisoned for a million years" Said the Great Priest

Hyperion looked up in shock. "Great Priest please reconsider" Said Hyperion before he felt the back of a hand go through his face, he was dazed by the hit and felt a warm liquid fill his mouth...was that blood? As he spat it out and felt shackles appear on his arms and legs which forced him to his knees.

"If I ask for your opinion than you may talk but until then it would be much appreciated if you keep your mouth shut" Said the Great Priest as Hyperion just nodded.

The people were shocked at what just happened, a being that even their most advanced technology couldn't scratch was just backhanded and told to keep quiet and he listened.

Many started raising their hands once they saw that. The little girl looked to her father who nodded. "He molested me a couple months ago" Said the girl everyone in the room looked in shock and empathy because they knew the king couldn't do anything and a couple other Queens and Princesses confessed too.

The Great Priest felt a tug at his heart. "It saddens me to hear this, but unfortunately for Hyperion he broke a Class-S crimes along with a dozen Class-A crimes and according to law only the Supreme God can pass judgement on him for his Class-S crime"

Great Priest looked to them before smiling lightly. "None of you have to worry about Hyperion again, I am the witness to the crimes he committed he shall be put to death" Hyperion looked up. Everyone was quiet watching it happen, others mainly the women were in tears of joy as Hyperion was told he was gonna be put to death. "Do it now" Said a Queen in tears.

"I do not have the power to exact the right death, Hyperion's power would fight against mine making his death less painful, I create things but he destroys, the Supreme God will exact Judgement" Said the Great Priest as some people looked sad, they wanted to see him die now.

"I am not going to sit still and let you kill me" Said Hyperion as he charged to full power and pushed at full strength and shattered the shackles holding him before charging towards Zurkses's daughter but before Hyperion could reach her his hand was stopped by someone.

He looked up paled in complexion as a red trench coat flicked in existence before deep crimson eyes stared down at Hyperion. He had red skin with a demonic face that was oozing power.

Hyperion jumped back as the Great Priest bowed down and so did Hyperion's Angel. Everyone in the room was yet again confused and very much scared at the being that looked so evil.

The Great Priest turned to them. "Everyone this is Dante La Cura the Supreme God of creation and destruction" Said Great Priest.

As everyone realized this was the boss and they all bowed before Dante looked to Hyperion. "I was sleeping or trying to at least take a nap for a couple million years and was woken up because some snot nosed brat of a God decides to go power hungry and break a Class-S law" Said Dante in his demonic voice that shook the walls as he spoke, Hyperion was frozen in fear.

There was nothing he could do, Dante was like a God to him, he felt very mortal around him, many of the other Gods of Destruction felt the same way when in the presence of Dante.

"M-my Lord..." Said Hyperion as he made a beeline for the exit but suddenly couldn't move. He looked back to see Dante slowly walking towards him before he felt like a ragdoll being pulled back by a much stronger force he was thrown against a wall, he couldn't move, he looked up and saw he was in front of everyone.

"OK everyone" Said Dante, the hall was quiet nobody dared interrupt the person who stopped Hyperion with his mind.

"I know what happened, everyone who says Hyperion Lax is guilty for crimes against his universe and king raise your hands" Said Dante with a no nonsense tone.

Everyone in the hall raised their hands as Dante looked to Hyperion who's eyes were wide in fear, Dante raised his right hand as Hyperion flared his aura to try and break free from the hold Dante had on him. "The people have spoken, Hyperion Lax by my order and power I sentence you to death by my hand you will turn to dust, no soul shall remain you will cease to exist entirely, your counter half which is a Supreme Kai will be separated from you" As he started chanting in a ancient language before Hyperion felt a pull on his stomach before a piercing pain in his stomach. "I broke the link that you have with this universe's Supreme Kai"

"Destroy" Said Dante as Hyperion started screaming in pain as his atoms started to separate slowly and painfully as Dante started ripping the God apart slowly.

He turned around before looking to the Great Priest. "I was watching this the entire time and I believe we need a new God of Destruction for this universe...one that won't go around abusing their power, I have been having bad luck with each destroyer God that is put in this universe, I will personally make the decision now" Said Dante, the hall was shaking slightly and everyone was quiet in fear but it was clear to them that he wasn't here to attack them or kill them, all of them were so happy as they watched Hyperion suffer as he was slowly dying by the power of the Supreme God.

A short green guy with a Mohawk appeared before looking to Hyperion, he slightly started to panic but realized he wasn't dying and realized that the Supreme God destroyed Hyperion's link to him, he slowly walked to Dante and bowed. "My lord I am here" Said the Kai.

Dante turned to him before looking to the crowd. "You!" Said Dante as everyone was scared, Dante pointed to someone in the crowd, everyone followed his finger and it was Talia Crin.

"M-me?" Asked Talia. "Yes, come here" Said Dante as Talia glanced to her father who just nodded, the person in front of them was someone that no one wanted to anger.

"Hurry up or must I vaporize this damn universe and just start over" Said Dante as Talia's eyes widened before she quickly moved to him.

Dante moved his hand and tapped her chest. "You are the next Goddess of Destruction" Said Dante as power flooded her system as Dante raised her strength to a God's level she immediately could feel his power more in depth and fell to her knees in shock and fear. "Stand Destroyer, this is barely one percent of my full power" As Talia turned blue in the face, if this wasn't even one percent...how powerful was this God? She slowly made it too her feet.

"All male destroyer Gods in this universe keep going power hungry, I hope you will follow a different path or I will reset this universe...completely" Said Dante, everyone knew what he meant.

Talia was completely overwhelmed, the last thing she was expecting was to be thrown into a position of power, everyone was to shocked and scared to say anything. "W-why me? " Questioned Talia. "Because I saw how you handled the situation with Hyperion, I believe you have what it takes to be a true Goddess of Destruction, if you keep talking and questioning everything I say then I can just start the reset now" Said Dante before Talia shook her head.

"No I'm sorry my Lord I will do my best" Said Talia as Dante nodded. "As Goddess of Destruction you will be required to go and learn about all creation, there is much you don't know, but let me warn you now, as Goddess of Destruction you need to keep BALANCE, nothing more nothing less, and let me find out you use Deity privileges on your home world, I will personally vaporize it along with you" Said Dante as he looked to her. "I made you much weaker than Hyperion if you wish to get stronger to protect your universe you will train with your new assistant" Said Dante as Hyperion's Angel stepped forward, Talia's head was spinning

"My lord...can I have another...assistant" Asked Talia slowly. "Why?" Questioned Dante. "Because in my mind he was working with Hyperion and I can't imagine myself working with him" Said Talia as Dante just sighed.

"Fine I will get you another Angel, he or she will come in a couple months and prepare you" Said Dante as Talia bowed. "Thank you my lord" Said Talia.

"I will try and keep this universe alive but that is up to you, I will come check up on you randomly as soon as the God power in you stabilizes your appearance might change, but minor changes such as hair color or eye color along with your height, you might get shorter or taller" Said Dante as he vanished in a blink and a deep pressure disappeared that no one noticed appeared until he disappeared.

The Great Priest looked to Hyperion who was still screaming in pain as his feet disappeared, he grabbed Hyperion before looking to everyone. "You are all free to return but the Class-A secret will remain with only you, no one must know of the existence of other universes or of the existence of the Supreme God" As everyone nodded before he disappeared with the ex God in his hand.

Talia fell over unconscious as she finally overloaded and couldn't keep her head level, all this information was overwhelming her, the King and Queen rushed to her before calling for the guards, all the guests were talking like they had just learned they had the ability to communicate.

Many were shocked about what just happened but others felt overwhelming joy because Hyperion was gone.

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