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Chapter One—A Long Day

"Huh…" I sighed as I walked through the town's park. It'd been quite the day I was having. I woke up late, poured coffee all over my favourite shirt and, to top it all off, I was 'let go' by my boss.

"He was a jerk anyway," I told myself, "I'll just find a better job."

I said that, but that didn't make it true. Just as I was about to take a seat upon the upcoming bench, my phone began to ring.

Pulling out my phone from the back pocket of my jeans, I took a seat and read the name on the screen. It was Mabel, my sister. And, with that thought, I answered the phone and held it to my ear.

"Yeah, what's up?" I asked, bluntly. She replied with a 'Hi!' and began telling me about her oh-so-amazing day; and her plans to visit her friends, Candy and Grenda, in Gravity Falls tomorrow.

Once she was finally done, Mabel asked me about my own day.

"Fine, I guess. Pretty, uhm," I paused for a moment to find the not-so-right word to use, "uneventful."

I could almost see her reaction, a shrug, as she replied with a 'Cool, later, then!' and hung up.

"Is that all she wanted to say?" I asked myself before shutting off my phone, and placing back in my pocket and standing up. With another, hopefully final, sigh, I had decided to head home. I yawned as I walked, and shivered slightly as the wind passed straight through the fabric of my clothing. 'Should've worn a jacket' I thought to myself. It was chillier out than it should've been, especially considering it's summer, and California.

I walked with my hands in the pockets of my jeans and my gaze focused on the sidewalk below me. 'Am I home yet?' I thought to myself as I looked up and around me. And that was when I thought out loud,

"Am I even going the right way..?" I asked myself nervously.

When I noticed I hadn't, I groaned and face-palmed. For a mere second, right then and there, I genuinely wanted to die.

As I was about to complain aloud once more, I was cut off by the voice of a girl—or more accurately, a woman.

"Excuse me." She spoke bluntly as she passed me by. I hadn't realized until now that I was standing right in the middle of the sidewalk.

"Uh, sorry..!" I spoke awkwardly as I moved to the right side of the path, watching as her long blonde hair went right passed me.

She seemed to have earbuds in, the cord of which leading down the pocket of her brown cardigan sweater—it looked fairly expensive.

She turned to face me, taking one bud out, "Hm?" She hummed as she began, "Did you say something?"

The wind came from behind her back and blew her hair in her face, resulting in her having to pull some of it back behind her ear. She looked up at me—I was only a little bit taller than her—with big and bright blue eyes that shined in the moonlight.

"Are you listening?" She asked, reminding me that she'd spoken.

"Sorry, I spaced out." I spoke, "Uhm, what was the question..?" I felt a bit of sweat drop down my forehead despite the cool wind blowing right into my face.

I could almost make out a chuckle from her pink lips, "I asked if you'd said something?" By then her ear buds had been removed from her ears and placed in her pocket, though I didn't see her take out her phone to pause the music I assumed she was listening to.

"Right, uh, no. Not really." I replied, inadvertently lying to her.

She nodded, and began to turn around without another word—That was until her phone began to ring. It sounded like the theme to anime Soos had practically forced me to watch a few months ago. And it must have been because as soon as it played she'd answered the phone with a tint on her cheeks.

"Forgot to change that" She mumbled under her breath as she listened to the gibberish, from my point of view, that came from the device. Her flustered apparel vanished almost immediately as she began to speak.

"Uh-" She looked over at me and then walked a couple feet away before speaking to the person.

I wonder who had called her.