Love Conquers All

Maggie Sullivan was sitting in the living room of her house reading the local newspaper when the phone rang, so she picked up the phone after two rings.

"This is Dr. Sullivan."

"Hello Maggie, it's Dr. Taylor. I've got your test results."

"Well Ed, are you going to tell me, make me wait here in suspense or absorb them through osmosis over the phone?" Maggie said excitedly.

"Your tests came back positive, Maggie, so you're about five to six weeks pregnant if you're right about the date of your last period. Maggie, I hate to pry into your personal business, but I need to ask since you're not married and a good friend of mine, who's the father?"

"Ed, you're right it's personal and none of your business."

"Maggie, I've known you for a long time, and you're my friend. Heck, we went to medical school and the hellhole of Vietnam together. I just want to make sure that this guy, whoever he is will do what's right."

"Don't worry Ed; he will. I know he will because he's that type of standup guy and about as honor-bound as you can get. He went through the hellhole of Vietnam as well Ed, but in the mud as a green beret." Maggie said. Now I just have to get a hold of him to tell him, she thought.

"He's a Vietnam vet and a green beret to boot. If you say so, I sure hope he'll do the right thing. OK, Maggie. I want to see you again in about a month for a check-up, say around the 23rd at 9 a.m."

"Thanks for caring, Ed and pencil me in for the date because I'll be there, so see you on the 23rd."

"Goodbye, Maggie. Take good care of yourself. Normally after giving someone the news about having a baby I go over the dos and don'ts, but I won't give you that boring lecture because you already know what you have to do. You give the exact same lecture to your own patients, so I won't bore you with it or run up my telephone bill with stupid details. So, I'll just leave it at that, Maggie."

"Goodbye Ed."

Maggie hung up the phone and dialed the number Hannibal had last given her as an emergency contact number. After about the tenth ring, she hung up the phone wondering where he might be. Guess he's not there, she thought. First Maggie dialed the mobile phone in the van and got an operator message they couldn't connect with the number because of interference in the lines. So out of options, Maggie started to worry a little bit, but it wasn't unusual in these mountains for signals not to get through, so she'd just have to try again later.

As Maggie started heading into the kitchen to fix herself a small dinner, she heard a violent and rapid knocking coming from her front door, and when no entered, since she knew the door was unlocked she rushed to the door. When she pulled it open, Maggie saw Face standing there, holding Hannibal up beside him and went immediately into doctor mode after seeing Hannibal's left shoulder covered in blood with a large hole in front of his blood-covered jacket. Maggie looked him up and down, before pulling the door open wider so the men could get inside. Hannibal looked around, and even though he was pale and barely conscious, he was still on his feet and aware of his surroundings.

"Hi ya Maggie, mind if we drop in?" Hannibal drawled, pain filling his voice.

"What in the hell happened to you? Like I can't already tell you did it again. Where are the other two? Are they ok?" Maggie asked as she sidestepped to let them through the door.

"Yeah Maggie, they're okay. They had to take care of a couple of things, you know to make sure the bad guys stay secure until the cops can pick them up, so I brought Hannibal to you. It took us so long to get here; he's already lost a lot of blood. Do you have his type on hand?" Face asked.

"Help him in to the surgery, Face and lay him down on the table. I'll give the local hospital a call and have a couple of units sent over by courier to expedite things since I know his blood type from so much practice. At least he has a more common blood type than BA, and I don't have to pull teeth to get it. You'd think I'd get used to this since he shows up on a regular basis hurt in one way or another." Guess I'll have to wait for a while to tell him the news, Maggie thought. He's not in any kind of shape to take on that little bit of information. Right now I have to save his life and take care of him until he gets back on his feet.

"Right doc." Face said as Hannibal leaned on him heavily for support as his legs visibly shook underneath him from shock as they made their way slowly to the clinic and it wasn't going to be too much longer before his legs gave out completely. Fortunately Face managed to get there in time because when he leaned his friend against the table, Hannibal started sliding down to the floor. So, Face caught him and laid him down on the table as Maggie followed them into the room.

"Face, help me get his jacket and shirt off, will you?" Maggie said as she put the oxygen mask over Hannibal's nose and mouth to support his breathing as he looked up at her weakly and flashed his famous lopsided grin at her. So trying to give him a little comfort and strength, Maggie smiled at him as she pushed the hair out of his eyes.

"Sure, doc. I'll do anything you need me to do to help." Face said as took the scissors from her and cut Hannibal's shirt and jacket off.

"Has he been unconscious for any length of time Face?"

"NO. He stayed on his feet and kept shooting during the firefight until it was over. We didn't even know he'd been shot until after the situation calmed down and we saw all the blood. He kept yelling orders at us over the mayhem. Hannibal's going to be alright, isn't he Maggie?"

"Yeah, Face. I think you got him here in time. Why don't you go in the other room and wait? I'll call you if I need you." Maggie said as she took Hannibal's blood pressure and started a wide open I.V. in his right arm to get fluids into him in a hurry to boost his blood pressure before giving him a sedative/painkiller to dull the pain and sedate him for surgery. After a quick call to the hospital, Maggie started another I.V. line for a plasma infusion until the blood arrived to raise his blood pressure and stabilize Hannibal's vital signs before she removed the bullet from his shoulder.

After waiting several minutes, Maggie checked Hannibal's sensory threshold and found him in a deep sleep, so after one more check of his blood pressure and finding it stable she got to work. Thus, the first order of business was to clamp off the bleeders to get the profuse bleeding stopped, and with accomplished, Maggie probed the wound, found the large slug and removed it. Once she closed and stitched up the large, jagged wound, Maggie inserted a drain tube between the sutures and finally placed a heavy bandage over the wound before immobilizing Hannibal's arm to his waist in a sling. When the courier arrived from the hospital, Maggie signed for the package and replaced the plasma infusion with a unit of whole blood. And after checking Hannibal's vital signs one more time and finding them somewhat stable, Maggie headed for the living room to give Face the good news that Hannibal was out of danger for the time being.

When Maggie entered the front room of her house, three extremely concerned faces turned in her direction and met her eyes. Since she'd been so intent on saving Hannibal's life, Maggie didn't realize that BA and Murdock came into the house because she didn't feel the small earthquake she always felt when the front door was opened and closed because the house had a crawlspace under the floor.

"How is the colonel, doc?" Murdock asked, his concern evident on his face.

"He's asleep right now, Murdock. He's going to be fine, this time and he's going to have to take it easy for awhile."

"Thanks, Maggie. Anything we can do to help?" Face asked.

"Yes Face, there is. You can help me move him into the bedroom in a little while, so I can make him more comfortable. Then you guys need to get some rest yourselves because you won't do him or me any favors by getting underfoot. I only need one patient to take care of right now. Okay? I know you guys are worried about Hannibal, but he needs peace and quiet for a few days, just like every other time he's been in that bedroom hurt."

"Okay, Maggie. You've got yourself a deal." Murdock said tiredly.

"I'm going to stay with him in the surgery for a little while longer to make sure he stays stable enough to move. I'll come in and let you guys know when it's ok, so why don't you flake out for a while and relax. I think that's how Hannibal puts it, isn't it?"

"Yep doc that's exactly how he puts it." Face said, smiling. Boy, he thought she sure is getting to know Hannibal pretty good in a lot of ways.

"After we get him situated and comfortable I need for you guys to get some rest, that's an order."

"Yes, ma'am," Murdock said, giving her a mock salute as she left the room headed towards her clinic, once there she looked at Hannibal's pale and ashen face and noted tired and drawn look to his features as she traced her finger along his jawline. There were dark circles under his eyes from not enough sleep and a lot of worries. So going through her checklist, Maggie picked up his right wrist to check his pulse and found it steady, but weaker than normal and continued by checking the drip on both IV's. And after checking his blood pressure and the rest of his vital signs, Maggie watched Hannibal breathe for a few moments to make sure his breathing wasn't labored as she thought to herself about the recent phone call from her friend and fellow doctor. She moved closer to the table and brushed a lock of silver hair from Hannibal's eyes and picked up his limp hand squeezing it gently and whispering to him softly, "Gee Hannibal, what are we going to do now? You can't keep this up dear, attracting bullets the way you do, you're going to kill yourself one of these days, and you're going to be a father soon, you big oaf. You need to slow down a little bit, so you'll live longer.

Maggie pulled up a comfortable chair and sat down while holding Hannibal's right hand, wishing things were different so they could have a semi-normal life together, but taking into account his need for action, smart mouth, the penchant for finding trouble anywhere and tweaking the nose of the enemy. After thirty minutes, Maggie returned to the front room, "OK guys, let's move him to the bedroom very carefully."

Without needing another prompting, BA and Murdock got up and helped Maggie transport the unconscious Hannibal into the spare bedroom, while Face turned down the bed and after getting him covered and comfortable, Maggie turned and faced the rest of the team.

"OK, you guys find someplace around the house and crash." Maggie said as she glanced the tired and worried looks on the faces of the three men, "I'll stay with him for awhile. I need to monitor him to keep an eye on his blood pressure and breathing."

"Sure you don't want a break, doc?" Murdock asked, concerned. "One of us can watch the colonel for you."

"No, that's ok Murdock. I think I've had more rest lately than you guys and all of you look like you could use some sleep." Maggie said and then added. "When was the last time any of you slept? Hannibal looks like he hasn't slept in days with the dark circles under his eyes and he looks like he's lost quite a bit of weight since I saw him a couple of weeks ago because his ribs are showing."

"Hannibal hasn't slept in several days, Maggie. He's been up at least three days straight on this mission and on the set of his last movie for several days before that. They didn't finish shooting until 2-3 in the morning, and he had to be back on the set in costume at 6 am, so he didn't get a whole lot of rest if any before set call. And in that monster suit, he can't eat, so I doubt he ate much either. The director and the producer were in a rush to get this movie in the can on time and under budget, and you know how those vultures in Hollywood are. Those two ran everyone in the cast and crew into the ground, including Hannibal." Face replied.

"No wonder he looks so tired and worn out, Face and lost so much weight. I bet he didn't have the time to eat much on this mission or the movie set, did he?" Maggie asked.

"I don't know about on the movie set, Maggie, but probably not much since they have to take the suit off for him to eat or use the bathroom and since they were in such a rush, the director probably didn't even give him a break to pee. I bet he had to hold it all day until they pried him out of the suit. As for with us, all I remember him doing is drinking coffee; I never saw him eat anything the entire three days." Face turned to BA and Murdock, "Did you see Hannibal eat anything?" And both men shook their heads no.

"There's your answer, Maggie."

"They didn't let him pee all day. Assholes. I'm glad he doesn't have a bladder or kidney infection on top of being shot. Okay, guys. OUT. He needs to sleep and so do you, so out." Maggie stated.

"I think we'll head out and get some rooms at the motel, Maggie. So we'll be out of your way." Face said.

"Why? I have plenty of room here. You guys don't have to leave." Maggie stated.

"I think it would be better for you and Hannibal if we stayed somewhere else and kept it quiet around here." Face said, eyeing Murdock and BA. "It's just in case the Army gets word that we're here, so we can keep them away from Hannibal until he's better. It's just a precaution, Maggie."

"Okay, Face. Make sure you guys get some rest too, he's sedated at the moment and won't wake up until tomorrow."

"Then we'll be back in the morning, Maggie. You get some rest yourself."

"Don't worry about me, Face. I will." Even if I have to sleep next to Hannibal's bed in a chair like I always do, Maggie thought.

So after giving Maggie a quick hug, Face left the house with Murdock and BA following close behind him, and as they passed under the window, the doctor heard Murdock say something about Billy getting hungry and saw BA scowl at Murdock in the distance. Maggie smiled at the interplay between the two friends and thought some things never change as she chuckled to herself and went back to Hannibal's bedside.

The next morning Maggie awoke as she predicted in the chair next to Hannibal's bedside, her head lying in the crook of her arm next to his right shoulder. She got up and stretched, checked Hannibal's vital signs and found them stronger than the night before, so she changed his IV bag and satisfied at his progress and improvement; she decided to take a shower before the rest of the team arrived at the house.

In the bathroom, Maggie took a long, hot shower to relax her aching muscles from a long night of sleeping upright in a chair and changed into fresh clothes. She had a lot to talk to Hannibal about when he woke up, and she wasn't quite sure how to break the news that she was pregnant and he was going to be a father soon. Boy, she thought, the guys will give him a lot of extra ribbing for this little bit of news once they found out. Face especially, since Hannibal loves to climb all over him so much about his ever-changing love life. Now it's going to be Hannibal's turn in the crosshairs and Maggie smiled at the thought of her beloved taking the heat about their passion. But, Hannibal's going to have to start taking better care of himself, like eating regular meals and stopping the smoking if this child's going to have a father for a long time. I have to take it one step at a time because I have to tell him. First, Maggie thought.

After she got out of the shower and dressed, Maggie went to check on Hannibal and found his brilliant blue eyes open and watching her as she came into the room, "Morning, Maggie. I'm sorry about all this." Hannibal said quietly. "It's not quite what I had in mind about spending time in the bed the next time I saw you."

"That's ok, you big oaf. I'm just glad you lived those this one. You had me, and the guys worried sick about you. Hannibal, that was a large caliber slug I took out of you. It tore up your shoulder, and you lost a massive amount of blood since it clipped an artery, you're so lucky you didn't bleed to death. So you're going to be off your feet and taking it easy for a few weeks, but you're going to be fine thank goodness." Maggie said while checking his pulse and she bent down to kiss him on the forehead.

Hannibal looked up at her, smiled, took her hand in his right hand and kissed it. "Thanks, Maggie, for everything. What did I ever do to get someone as special as you?"

"Awwww, Hannibal. I'm nothing special." Maggie said blushing.

"You are to me, little lady."

Maggie thought for a minute since she wasn't going to be little for very much longer. Now was a good a time as any since Hannibal gave her a good lead-in, "Hannibal, I've got something we need to talk about, but as your doctor, I don't think you're strong enough to hear what I have to say." Maggie said seriously.

Hannibal saw her serious look and got concerned, "Maggie, I feel fine. What is it? Is there something wrong, honey?"

Seeing Hannibal getting worked up and considering his medical condition he didn't need any excitement at the moment, "No Hannibal, nothing's wrong." Maggie soothed, taking his hand. "I just need to tell you something. Are you sure you feel up to it? It's not the way I wanted to tell you with you flat out on your back. It will change your life."

"Change my life? How? Maggie, what is it? Tell me!" Hannibal exclaimed as his heart beat faster and worked himself up despite Maggie's reassurances nothing was wrong.

Maggie felt his pulse speed up under her fingertips, so she knew she needed to calm him down before the excitement sent his medical condition into a downhill spiral, so she scooted her chair up as close she could, took his right hand in hers and gazed into his intense blue eyes. "Hannibal. I'm pregnant. You're going to be a father, honey."

At first, Hannibal looked at her, dumbfounded and at a loss for words for the first time in his entire life and couldn't find his voice as he looked from her face to her belly and the back again. It took several seconds for him to return to reality and find his voice when her words finally sunk into his medicated mind, "You're pregnant!"

Maggie nodded.

"I'm going to be a father."

Maggie nodded again.

"When did you find out? How far along are you?"

"I found out yesterday, right before you showed up at my front door all shot up. I tried to call you, but for some reason, the phone in the van wasn't receiving a signal. And to answer your question, I'm about five to six weeks along, and that should give you a pretty good guess on when you knocked me up, Hannibal."

"Five or six weeks. That would be around the time of my birthday party on December 7th." Hannibal said.

"Yep. That's my guess too. You sure you feel okay, Hannibal? You're still weak from the blood loss, and it is a bit of a shock." Maggie asked.

"Yeah, Maggie. I feel great, well as great as one can feel with a huge hole in my shoulder, I'm going to be a father." Hannibal said, forgetting his pain and beaming from ear to ear. "Now, if we could just get the military off my back, everything would be fantastic."

"We'll deal with that later, Colonel John Smith. Do you want to tell the guys or have me tell them?"

"How about we both tell them, Maggie. It's going to be quite a shock to them."

"I think your reputation is shot, colonel dear."

"I can live with that."

Tell us what, Hannibal?" Face asked as he peeked in the bedroom door after hearing Hannibal's voice.

Murdock pushed past Face into the room, "Good to see you awake, colonel."

"Thanks, Murdock," Hannibal said, still smiling from ear to ear, but still didn't know how to tell the guys that he was going to be a father very soon. When he did, he knew about the extra ribbing the guys would give him since he had the first-born child of The A-Team.

"Now Hannibal, what do you need to tell us?" Murdock asked as BA came over to stand beside Murdock.

"Well, guys. I guess I'd better come straight out since I just found out myself a few minutes ago. Maggie's pregnant. I'm going to be a father." Hannibal stated proudly.

"Gee Hannibal, that's great," Murdock said, stepping forward with a flourish as he grabbed Hannibal's right hand and pumped it up and down vigorously.

"Easy Murdock. Easy with him. He's still weak and bedridden." Maggie said.

"Sorry, Hannibal."

"That's okay, Murdock. I understand. You just got a little excited about the news, but just be careful with him, okay?" Maggie said smiling as Murdock turned around and gave her a big hug.

"Thanks, Murdock."

"Gee whiz, Hannibal's going to be a father the poor kid." Face said with the biggest grin on his handsome face. "The firstborn child of The A-Team."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Face. I seem to have done a pretty good job with you once I had a hold of you." Hannibal said as Face hugged Maggie, then turned and winked at Hannibal. "You know what, Hannibal. You'll be a great father, but what are you going to do about the Army or any missions? Maggie can't raise this child all by herself; you'll have to stay here most of the time to help her."

"I don't know yet, Face. We have to take this one step at a time and cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now, I have to get back on my feet first."

"Well, Hannibal. That's going to take a few days if not a few weeks since you need to get some rest first. You ran yourself into the ground before you got shot, so it's bed rest for you for the next few days, Colonel Smith." Maggie ordered as she stood there, hands on her hips, dark eyes staring at his blue ones just daring him to say otherwise. "If you try to get up, I'll have BA sit on you and tie you to your bed and then I'll sedate you to keep you there."

Since he knew Maggie wasn't going to back down, given his medical condition Hannibal consigned himself to spend at least the next day in bed. He was exhausted and sleep with some time alone to think sounded like a good enough plan to him for the time being. "Okay, Maggie. Okay." Hannibal said, raising his right hand above his head. "I give up. I'll stay right here as long as you stay with me, little girl."

"Now Hannibal, behave yourself will you. I do have other patients."

"What other patients?" Hannibal said, needling her on since he knew how to push her buttons.

"You know what I mean, Hannibal."

"Yeah, honey. I do." Hannibal said with exhaustion in his voice as he turned to the rest of the team. "Guys, why don't you take off and head back to LA. I guess I'll be sticking around here for the next few days." Hannibal said, eyeing Maggie. "I'll call you when I'm up and around."

"Okay colonel." Face said. "We'll head on back, take Murdock to the VA, and I'll call you later."

"Thanks, Face."

Murdock patted Hannibal on his right shoulder. "Get some sleep, colonel, because you're going to need it because in a few months you won't be getting any at all, so take care of yourself, please."

"I will, Murdock. I'm sure Maggie will make sure of that." Hannibal said, winking at Murdock and wondering when Face was going to start in on him about being a father. Guess he's going to wait till I'm up and around, he thought.

As the guys left the room, Hannibal heard a small snort from Face, along with a snide comment. "Hannibal's going to be a dad, gee whiz what fun he's going to have with changing the dirty diapers and the midnight feedings. He doesn't know what he's getting into and if Maggie thinks he's not getting enough sleep now, wait until their kid is born. Gee, think of it a little Hannibal and if Maggie thinks it's a challenge putting up with one, wait until she has two to deal with, one big and one little and neither one of them grown up. I wonder if she's up to the challenge."

Maggie looked at Hannibal, who smiled and called out the door. "I heard that Lieutenant, and it sounds like insubordination."

"Well Hannibal, it looks like we're both in for it now," Maggie said.

"Yeah, it does, doesn't it? It's going to be fun figuring it all out. Now, I just have to figure out what to do about the Army."

"Let's think about it later, Hannibal. Why don't you take a nap? Do you feel like eating anything, if so I'll go fix us some breakfast?"

"Thanks, Maggie. That sounds like a plan to me because I'm a little hungry. Just wake me when it's ready, but I really hate for you to wait on me hand and foot."

"Don't worry about it, Hannibal. It's my job because you're my patient at the moment. But you just wait; your turn will come colonel dear, believe me. Two in the morning runs because of my cravings for pickles and ice cream and things like that."

Hannibal looked at her in disbelief, "Pregnant women really crave that? I thought that was just an old wives tale. It's not just something they tell everybody?"

"Yes Hannibal, they do and a lot of other weird combinations as well and pregnant women are really grouchy and hard to live with when they don't get what they want."

"Oh boy. I guess I'm in for it, huh."

"For the long haul, colonel dear," Maggie said, kissing his cheek. "Now, get some sleep, and I'll be back in a little bit with breakfast."

"Thanks, Maggie. I love you." Hannibal said as he settled down to take a short nap.

"I love you too, Hannibal," Maggie said as she watched as his eyes closed and breathing become slow and steady, so she knew he was sound asleep.

After breakfast, Maggie went to take care of the dishes while Hannibal sat up in his bed, propped up by pillows while flipping channels on the TV with the remote and bored out of his mind. As he tried to arrange his scattered thoughts into a logical procession, he was still a fugitive from the army, but he was also about to become a father, and those two items just don't go together. So, for once Hannibal didn't have a plan on what to do about it since he couldn't take care of Maggie and the baby while on the run from the Army and he wanted dearly to take care of them. Moreover, he wanted to marry Maggie and give her and their child a stable, loving home like his parents gave him he as a child and it still broke his heart when he thought about losing them in Korea. With Hannibal's father a US Marine, his mother a US Army nurse and his brother a US Navy Seal, service in the military was a Smith family tradition, and Hannibal smiled at the thought of his child being a military brat, just like he was on US Marine Corps bases all over the country. The cost of serving the country they loved came at a high price to him and his brother when their parents died serving the country they loved, so with only each other to turn to, the two young men threw themselves into their careers, and ultimately James Smith Jr gave his life in defense of the nation.

Jennifer Smith raised her two boys as independent thinkers, so John Joseph 'Hannibal' Smith wanted to obtain his recommendation appointment to West Point on his own merits and not use the automatic appointment afforded to the children of Medal of Honor recipients like his father. So he enlisted in the US Army right after high school when he was only 17 years old, and due to his bravery and tactical brilliance during the Korean War, he received his appointment to West Point in 1953 after serving with honor in the historic 101st Airborne division. During the war, the young Army corporal obtained the attention and admiration of his superior officers due to his leadership and ability to think outside the box after Hannibal took command of his platoon at only 17 years old during heavy combat after the officers and higher ranking enlisted men were killed or wounded. Under Corporal Smith's leadership, the platoon pushed back the enemy advance with half as many men with their detachment decimated by the first attack. The division commanding officer recommended the young man for the Army Distinguished Service Medal and Purple Heart for his bravery and leadership in the midst of his first battle and a Silver Star for capturing two North Korean officers single-handed. It seemed only fitting that Hannibal's birthday landed on Pearl Harbor day, 12/07/34.

Of course, being a military brat, Hannibal joined the US Army because he wanted to carry on the military history of the Smith family and honor his father, who was his idol and hero. So, after receiving his appointment to West Point through the recommendations of the division commander and the commanding general of the 101st Airborne, Hannibal had already risen to the rank of sergeant at only 18 years old, so he was an experienced battle-hardened soldier when he arrived at West Point in July 1953.

The Korean War was also where Corporal John Smith obtained his now famous nickname of 'Hannibal.' The surviving men of his platoon in the 101st Airborne started calling him the name after that first battle once he was discharged from the hospital and returned to duty. Of course, the name stuck to him like glue, and he continued using it for the rest of his life because he felt honored when the brave men he served with in the Korean War gave him the nickname.

Even with having genius level intelligence, Hannibal never regretted joining the US Army because it was the best place for him and his tactical abilities and the Special Forces even more so and it was a life he missed dearly. So, what am I going to do now, Hannibal though, How am I going to get the Army off my back and take care of Maggie and our baby?

After hearing a blurb about an upcoming news report concerning a current investigation by the Army Judge Advocate General's office, Hannibal glanced up at the television to see a news reporter interviewing theJudge Advocate General of the United States Army Brigadier General Paul Charles Weaver about a general charged with sexual harassment. The interview caught Hannibal'sattention, and at that moment he came up with a plan, well at least a small one as he decided to visit General Weaver privately and request a chance at a fair hearing, unlike what they'd given at Ft. Bragg, which was no hearing at all. But how am I going to get away from Maggie and get to Washington though, he thought because she'll be watching me like a hawk, knowing I'll push myself to get out of bed early and she just might follow through with her promise to sedate me.

At that moment, Maggie walked into the room, startling him out of his thoughts. "Anything wrong, Hannibal?" Maggie asked.

"Just thinking, sweetheart. I'm just trying to decide what to do about everything." Hannibal stated.

"Hannibal, just get some rest for now. Don't worry about anything right at this moment. It'll work out because you'll come up with something, you always do." Maggie stated.

"Yeah, I guess Maggie. When are you going to take this dang IV out?" Hannibal asked as he looked at his arm and the annoying tube running into it. But before she could answer, the phone rang, and Maggie picked it up while holding up her finger to him to be quiet while she was on the phone, which annoyed him for a second and he started laughing at his sudden reaction.

"Doctor Sullivan." She said, and after a couple of minutes she hung up the phone. "I need to go over to the Johnson's place for a little while; Jimmy fell off his bike. I shouldn't be very long. Such is the life of a GP in a small town."

"No problem Maggie. I'll see ya when you get back. Be careful." Hannibal stated to her.

"I will. Don't worry. You just stay in bed and get some rest. Doctor's orders. And look who's telling who to be careful, you're the trouble magnet, dear."

"Okay, doc. Hannibal said as he smirked because she was right, he was a trouble magnet."

"As for the IV line, I'll check you over when I get back and see about taking it out, but you'd better behave yourself and stay in bed until I get back." She ordered Hannibal.

"I will; I promise Maggie."

So after giving Hannibal a quick kiss, Maggie she left the room, and as Hannibal watched her go, he wondered how he got so lucky to have someone as beautiful as Maggie Sullivan in his life, and he loved her more than life itself. So, Hannibal waited for ten minutes to make sure she didn't walk in on him and picked up the phone to make a plane reservation for a flight to Washington DC the next day. He was going to go alone because he didn't want the rest of the team involved, in case he was caught and arrested on the spot at General Weaver's house before he had a chance to plead his case. Once Hannibal got the reservation on the books for the 'red eye'leaving LAX late the next evening, he thought about the long flight and knew he shouldn't get out of bed so soon after being shot. And once Maggie discovered he was gone, Hannibal knew would be in for an ear chewing from her when he got back if he got back. So, once he got the opportunity to leave tomorrow, he would leave her a note about where he was going and why just in case he got arrested. Under the circumstances, at least to Hannibal, he didn't have any other choice because becoming a father and having a family changed everything about his life and his reason for living since the JAZZ wasn't a good enough reason any longer.

As he continued to hash out the plan in his mind, Hannibal knew just getting to LAX and on the plane would tire him out, not counting the long flight out there and back, but he couldn't come up with another way of remedying his current situation with the Army. His final goal was to marry Maggie and love her with everything he had, and he sure wanted to be with her while she was pregnant with his child. Once Hannibal finished up with his planning, he settled down in his bed to get some sleep because he knew he would need all of his strength to travel to Washington DC and hopefully changed his future.