The name that struck fear into the hearts of rebels.

But everything and everyone has a beginning.

Corellia, Forest, 10 BBY...

Darth Vader walked through a bush as he thought of his mission.

A large group of rebels were seen with a small group of Jedi.

Darth Vader and his Fist went to the location of the sighting.

Then lasers came out of the bushes, Darth blocked them with his lightsaber but his troopers were not as lucky.

The blaster fire tore through the Stormtroopers armor.

Vader had only brought a company and in a matter of minutes they were all dead.

The rebels surrounded Vader as they shot him.

Vader could only block some of the blaster fire.

The blaster fire stopped then 6 Jedi stepped out of the shadows.

Vader was wounded he could not move his right leg.

All the Jedi ignited their lightsabers and pointed them at Vader's neck.

Vader put his head down knowing he failed his master and his empire.

Suddenly a thermal Imploder landed in the middle of a big rebel group.

All the rebels in the group was sucked in and then thrown away almost immediately.

The remaining rebels and Jedi looked to where the grenade came from.

A lone Stormtrooper was standing holding his E-11 blaster.

The rebels opened fire.

They missed as the Trooper activated his Jump jet and landed next to the rebels.

Seeing this 3 Jedi went to kill the Trooper.

The only thing was is that the Trooper had dropped another imploder and he jumped out of there as the 3 Jedi and the rest of the rebel force was caught in the blast.

1 Jedi went to kill the Trooper.

The Jedi was cut down as he rushed to kill the Trooper.

The other two Jedi knowing that Vader was crippled went to kill the Trooper but kept their distance.

The Trooper Jumped behind them next to Vader and threw a bacta grenade on the ground for himself and Vader.

He then ran towards the Jedi and knocked one on the head and then shot the Jedi.

That's when the Troopers luck ran out.

The last Jedi sliced the Troopers chest sending the Trooper spinning for a few seconds.

When the Trooper landed he grabbed a lightsaber off the ground and blocked the almost killing blow to him.

The Trooper struggled with the duel that was happening if you can call it that.

As the clash of lightsaber vs lightsaber was all was heard in the forest a lightsaber clashing with flesh replaced it.

A red blade went through the Jedi's chest Vader behind him.

The Jedi collapsed and the Trooper then went limp.

Vader looked at the trooper.

He then lifted the Trooper up Bridal style and walked back to the transport ship.

The Imperial officer was walking by the transport, he looked to the forest expecting to see a company come out.

Not Darth Vader carrying a wounded Stormtrooper.

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