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5BBY, Corellia, Abandoned Warehouse, Rebel Defection and Information exchange...

At this point everyone knew of Shadow.

He is famous for accompanying Darth Vader everywhere he goes, being Commander of Shadow Squad which is a fighter and land based squad, and for being Vader's assassin.

Entire rebel cells surrender when they see him coming.

Shadow walked beside Vader but slightly behind.

The entire Shadow Squad was tailing them.

"Shadow-2 through Shadow-9 Search the area while me and Shadow-10 go with Vader" Said Shadow to Shadow Squad.

"Yes sir" "Copy that" "Of course sir" Said Shadow Squad.

As they entered the Abandoned Warehouse and Shadow looked around.

The place was worn down, lights barley working, a sort of area above them with a fence there to keep people from falling, and there where serval deserters littered around the ware house.

Shadow tensed up.

'There where supposed to be only 10 defectors not what is it,12 no 15 no but 20!?' Shadow thought screaming.

"4 go upstairs scout it out this entire thing is...fishy"

"Yes Sir"

4 POV...

I walked up stairs as the terms of the defection are being discussed, I sweat slightly as I walk I see a lot of weapons mostly snipers.

Suddenly I hear voices and I duck for cover behind a nearby wall.

"This is the day we can kill The Emperor's enforcer and Vader's enforcer" said one rebel.

"Yeah FINALLY their reign on the underworld is at an end" said the other.

4 was concerned by the revelation.

The rebels set them up to assassinate Shadow and Vader.

"1 come in 1" said 4.

"1 here" said Shadow.

"This entire thing was a set up to kill you and Vader!"

Normal POV...

As we were negotiating the defection and info he saw a sniper aiming at Vader's head.

And he waited.

For a few more seconds he waited.

He then out of nowhere Vader whipped out his Lightsabere and sliced the sniper in the face.

"Squad kill them" Shadow said simply.

The rebels knew that they were screwed.

The rebels were cut down faster then you can say"R2".

The remaining 5 rebels ran to a dead end room.

They sealed the door and prepared for a last stand.

But then they heard something in the vents like a CLAANG noise like something metal hitting metal.

Suddenly a bagful -10- of imploders landed at their feet.

You don't need to be a genius to find out what happened next.

Our view cuts to the entire Shadow squad standing near a vent that is open.

Nobody needed to look to know that Shadow has a big grin on his face.

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